1) Don’t Forget Emmaus Encounter

We mentioned last week that Emmaus Encounter is a debriefing ministry located in Montana (near Glacier National Park) for those in Christian ministry including missionaries, pastors and lay-people. It is a 5-day program offering listening space, time, and exercises that help you see Jesus in your journey, in the midst of pain, loss, injustice, confusion, disappointments, transition and weariness. This is a private, personal and sacred time together with only you (couple/single) and the debriefers. Don’t forget to contact them soon regarding upcoming debriefings that you might be able to attend.

9) Emmaus Encounter: Missionary Individual/Couple Debriefing

Emmaus Encounter is a debriefing ministry located in Montana (near Glacier National Park) for those in Christian ministry including missionaries, pastors and lay-people. It is a 5-day program offering listening space, time, and exercises that help you see Jesus in your journey, in the midst of pain, loss, injustice, confusion, disappointments, transition and weariness. This is a private, personal and sacred time together with only you (couple/single) and the debriefers. 

4) Debrief and Prepare for Re-entry with TRAIN International

Take time to process and unpack your cross-cultural experience in a relaxed and refreshing environment. TRAIN International has two debriefings coming up, March 3-8 in Johnson City, TN, and March 31-April 5 in Joplin, MO, and spaces remain for both. Their ABIDE debriefing offers time and space Sunday through Friday for you to sort out your service in group and one-on-one debriefing. The Johnson City debriefing is for adults only, but for the Joplin debriefing, bring your whole family, as TRAIN offers both adult and TCK debriefing for ages 0-17. Gain perspective and get equipped to navigate the challenges of re-entry and to move forward in renewal toward your next season of ministry. Check out their website to learn more at:

1) Are you Returning to Your Home Culture for a Year or More?

RW_white_backgroundDo you want to return well? You can. Returning Well is a customizable resource designed with the transitioning servant in mind. It creatively leads you through the process of a debriefing that leads to renewal so that you may be fully released to uniquely and wholeheartedly love and serve your Creator in the season of life following re-entry. Find out more (including individual and bulk purchasing options) at

I just used this book this past week to plan reentry and debriefing for personnel returning from Bosnia. Good stuff.

6) Need Debriefing? International Care announces 2016 dates

Are you returning from a season of serving cross-culturally? Does someone you know need to get a full debriefing scheduled? International Care has just announced the dates for 2016 for their all-inclusive one-week long Debriefing & Revival events. Read more about it at

The dates are: February 7-13, April 10-16, June 5-11 and October 23-29. Whether single, married, or a family with children, this is a personalized program in which you will be revived, recharged and ready for a successful transition.

2) Curious as to a Debriefing Event for Your Life?

My experience is that most cross-cultural workers think they probably don’t need a debriefing event. I think this is probably because they’ve been conditioned to think they’re supposed to buck up and deal with it, you know? But my experience is that they often wonder if they’re wrong. The trouble is, they aren’t really sure. Well here’s an idea: Why not go to one of these debriefing events under the guise of saying that you’re attending so you’ll know how to debrief those around you? Then you can absorb the stuff for your own critical incidents in life too? If you’re able to square away some time in the eastern USA, this event might work for you. Paracletos will be hosting “Recalibrate!” this coming November for 8 families. Five days of group and personal debriefing, programs for children of all ages, and quality accommodations will make this a first-rate experience for those who wish to share their story with people who care. Details can be found at

6) Looking for a Good Debriefing and Reentry Experience in the Midwest?

We hear good things about the experience provided by TRAIN International. Their experience, “ABIDE,” is taken from the meaning of abide, “To continue without fading or being lost.” Their next ABIDE re-entry retreat and debriefing is October 11-16. They equip cross-cultural workers to process their experiences, navigate the challenges of re-entry and reverse culture shock and tell their story well. So now you can ensure that you or those serving with your agency “continue without fading or being lost.” For more info you can call TRAIN at 417.625.1400, or learn more online and register at:

10) Coaching and Debriefing during Re-entry

Helen provides understanding and accompaniment to those who have lived overseas and returned to their home country. She works with people who are trying to make sense of their overseas experience, their change in identity, the chaos of their transition and where they’re going next. She helps them bring closure to their time away, to take control of their life during their readjustment, and to move forward with a new sense of confidence in who they have become and what they offer to the world. To learn more, visit…

11) Missionary Training International Offers Help On the Return too

MTIBy now you have no doubt heard of the great pre-field orientation that MTI can offer you, but did you know they train your workers for the trip back home, too? Check out the Debriefing and Reentry (DAR) training at…

In fact, at CODAR, they’ll unselfishly even prepare YOU to lead the same training in your church or mission org.

In our org, we require virtually ALL our workers to do pre-field training at MTI, and we often recommend DAR in all the cases in which there are reentry issues (when AREN’T there, anyway?).

9) Abide Reentry and Renewal Retreat with TRAIN International —

Remaining Abide dates in 2011 are: August 1-5; October 17-21 in Joplin, MO. The cost is $395/adult (contact TRAIN for kids’ rates). If you have returned from overseas service to stay or for home service, you will benefit from this retreat. Abide gives you tools to process your experiences and incorporate lessons learned in appropriate ways so you can tell your story well and move forward with joy into your next season of ministry, whether at home or abroad. For more information, call Mark at 417-621-8962 or visit

5) Check out or Add to the Movies That Can be Used for Debriefing —

Our series on “movies that can be used to debrief missionaries” has attracted some major attention. Check it out at…


Be sure to offer any additional suggestions you’re using. (Disclaimer: If you suggest an R-rated film, please provide details about any raunchy stuff it includes. Best bet: leave off the R-rated stuff and keep it all family-safe.)

8) Consultation On Debriefing And Renewal – April 24-29, 2011 —

The CODAR workshop trains member care and personnel professionals serving cross-cultural workers returning to their country of origin. CODAR has helped to shape the model of personal debriefing of many mission agencies. CODAR deepens and expands the understanding of the member care personnel caring for missionaries during their transition from over overseas assignments to their furlough months. While debriefing is often directed at those returning with extreme trauma, CODAR trains facilitators how to guide personal debriefing and renewal as a routine part of any missionary’s on-going development. Find out how you can attend the CODAR workshop in Colorado Springs at 800-896-3710 or

7) Movies For Missionary Debriefing —

One of the team leaders in our organization says that he’s found a couple of great movies that seem to help teammates, new and old, just start talking about the ups and downs of missionary life.  As you know, this kind of debriefing can be soooo helpful in keeping missionaries healthy.  If you know of a film that is great for this, please share! For example, some time ago, I happened to be watching an old Star Trek: Next Generation episode called “Inner Light” just as we were about to kick off a debrief. Picked up the DVD and tried it. Even the non-Trekkies saw all the parallels between Piccard’s compressed-time short-term trip on the long-ago-lost planet of Katahn. He gets to bring home his flute, which makes a great parallel to all the stories that we can bring home about the people we come to know. What other media have worked out well for you?

5) Reentry and Renewal Retreat for Cross-cultural Workers: Abide

Come home to this Reentry and Renewal Retreat by TRAIN International, August 2-6, 2010 in Joplin, MO. The cost is $395/adult (contact TRAIN for kids’ rates). This retreat is led by Donna Cole, who has been a pastoral care consultant for over 16 years. If you have returned permanently from overseas service or on home service, you will benefit from this retreat which gives you tools to process your experiences and incorporate lessons learned in appropriate ways so you can tell your story well and move forward with joy into your next season of ministry-at home or abroad. For more info, call 417-621-8962 or visit

6) MRC Re-Entry Retreat Contact Information

Trying to contact the Missionary Resources Connection (MRC) MK Re-Entry retreat? The dates are July 18-27 and August 5-13. Those interested may contact Melody Weaver at

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20010701 Brigada Today

In this issue….



ICTA logo Wherever you see something new, high tech, and missions oriented, it won’t be long before you learn that “ICTA”, headed up by Pete Holzmann, had some kind of input. Sure enough, they’re heavily involved in making inputs into the Joshua Project II operation. Dan Scribner wrote, ” ICTA has provided office space, office expenses and support assistance to the Joshua Project II effort for which we are most grateful.” Thanks Pete and the ICTA crew! Learn more about ICTA at:


graduation cap A Crossroads Discipleship Training School is being offered at YWAM Lebanon, PA USA October 24, 2001, to January 11, 2002. An eight week outreach will follow the lecture phase. For more information and costs, contact YWAM 1275 Birch Rd, Lebanon, PA USA or e-mail davidbbaumanatcsdotcom  (davidbbaumanatcsdotcom)  .


Hats off to Wycliffe Associates Easy English department, which has just put Luke’s Gospel at both lexicon levels (1200 and 2800 words) onto their website:


graduation cap YWAM Lebanon, PA is again offering a four week TESOL course beginning September 23 and ending October 19, 2001. The cost: $950.00 USD plus a $35.00 registration fee. For information on curriculum or an application contact YWAM 1275 Birch Rd, Lebanon, PA 17042 USA, or e-mail davidbbaumanatcsdotcom  (davidbbaumanatcsdotcom)  .


Former missionary Walter Sanchez has designed a questionnaire that home churches can use to interview and evaluate their missionaries when they return home. It is a useful tool to determine what type of care the missionary might need right away, and if further ministry should be recommended or delayed. What’s more… for the Brigada family, he’s agreed to make it available for free! To get your own peek at it, click on over to: And by the way, Walter has agreed in advance to let you adapt it for your own use. (Thanks Walter and crew!)


Sojourners Ministries is seeking training papers for its membership, both those who participate as Hospitality Partners and as English as a Second Language (ESL) mentors. The follow URL will help explain the project’s purpose, topics, and examples: If you have additional questions or would like to contribute training ideas/papers, please email David officeatsojournersdotcc  (officeatsojournersdotcc)  . He’s agreed to compile a full report for Brigada participants when he has compiled the input. (Thanks David!)


When I was in Taiwan last January, our missionary team kept talking about how much they were appreciating CostCo. I didn’t know the whole of it. Apparently it has opened up an entirely new conduit for certain previously-unavailable items. Those in the UK, USA, Canada, Mexico, Japan, and Korea have probably come to agree with those in Taiwan — it’s a great source for great stuff… and sometimes the price can be incredibly low. Twice this past week, their prices were literally half of the next-best local supplier (like Staples and Walmart). If you don’t happen to have one in your back yard, check their web store at: You’ll be glad you did! (And guess what… no referral fees on that one! Just “one beggar telling another beggar where to find bread!” :-) )


If you’re ever looking for conceptual topics, you should. Oingo relies on “an extensive ontology of millions of words, meanings, and their conceptual relationships to other meanings in a semantic network that is constantly changing to reflect the currency of everyday language. Once a query is submitted, their interpretive algorithm parses it and the output is filtered to derive the optimal result.” Okay … I can listen to all that… but all I know is that if I put in the word “futbol”, I get sites from all over the globe, many of which don’t even mention the term that I filled into the blank . . . because Oingo not only searches for what I said, it searches for what I meant to say. Try it… you’ll like it!


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