11) Devotional for Christians in the Workplace: Free Book

Hats off to author, Gary L. Selman, for making available his book, “Arise, Shine, Be Encouraged,” in audio format online for free for Christians who will use it to remain faithful while working in the marketplace. Access the book in audio form at…


or order it from Amazon at…


You can learn more about Gary at…


(Thanks to Allan and the service at for giving us the heads-up about this.)


11) Daily Devotionals You can Receive Via Email

daily-devotional_tPerhaps you’ve heard previously about “SOON,” a daily devotional resource available during email. We learned recently that that resource is slated to shut down this year. Thanks to Tony, who has produced it through the years. He recently began collecting sources which operated similar services (for those who might want to continue receiving something). So far, he has learned about:

He’s also collecting other resources in easy English which we’ll share at a later time, once he’s finished his collection. (Thanks Tony!)

3) More eBooks for Missionaries!

equipped_frontcover500-199x300Now you can download “EQUIPPED! Ready for Everyday Spiritual warfare” and “EDFIED!: 365 devotionals to stimulate personal worship and spark inner transformation.” Grab them at…

At Amazon, I could only find print editions. But at the EdifyingServices site, ebooks are an option for 1/3 the print price. Both are perfect for recruits — and… the profits all go to missions!

4) Do you Love Billy Graham? There’s an App for Him —

billygrahamDo you (or did you used to) enjoy the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association. Grab their free app to get a new Billy Graham Devotion every day in an easy-to-read, mobile-friendly format. Learn more at…

Watch and share some of our most-requested videos including their monthly TV specials and classic Billy Graham sermons. Listen to their latest radio programs including the weekly Hour of Decision featuring inspiring messages from Billy Graham and Franklin Graham – plus classic crusades and a live stream of 106.9 The Light. You’ll get the Bible in mobile-friendly reading and listen-aloud audio formats with a customized reading plan to bring God’s word alive in your daily life. The app also has spiritual help and evangelism tools to help you share Christ with others. (Thanks to Mobile Advance,, for letting us know about this find.)

1) Edifying Book

EdifiedCoverkindleHere’s a book with 365 devotions that will stimulate your personal worship and spark inner transformation. Reviewers say it should be helpful for member care and personal growth, as well as for ideas for sermons. Available in paperback at

and as a kindle download on Amazon (search “S. M. Wibberley”). Get one and be edified! Presently all profits from sales go to missions.




1) Short Term Missions Pre-Trip Devotional

Missionaries who host short-term teams, as well as ministries and pastors who send them, are finding the 40-day devotional, “Before You Go” a great investment in helping teams be most effective. Spending a few minutes a day with the Lord before the trip, to prepare hearts for cultural adjustments, attitudes towards hosts, humility, team unity, and faith and expectations, has proven a huge blessing for the leaders who take and host them. “Before You Go” is available from or in bulk from Xulon Press: 866-381-2665, ex. 1163. See 4 free samples of the devotionals at:

6) Brand New Devotional Bible study journals for team members

Here’s a series of books and resources that can help you remain faithful to the Lord in daily quiet-time.

30 day Helping Hands–Healing Hearts (3 part combo book) especially for medical personnel

28 day Live in The Light (3 part combo book)

14 day Live in The Light (On-Field only)

7 day Pre-Field Preparation (Book 2) follow up to book 1

14 day Returning Home (Book 3) Reentry devotion, follow up to reentry books 1 & 2

If you have used Deeper Roots materials in the past, check out these new offerings or both Long and Short-term Missions at

A free pdf sample toc & one devotional from Pre-Field Preparation, Walk as He Walked, & Coming Home is available from

href="http://wwwdotbrigadadotorg/wp-content/uploads/2010/06/DeeperRootsataoldotcom_.jpg">title="DeeperRootsataoldotcom" src="http://wwwdotbrigadadotorg/wp-content/uploads/2010/06/DeeperRootsataoldotcom_.jpg" alt="" width="165" height="20" />

10) The Backpage: 1st Chapter Of _Divine Conspiracy_

I’ve just finished reading the first chapter of _Divine Conspiracy_. It opens with the story of a fighter pilot who decided to ascend to a higher altitude… but when she pulled back on the stick (true story), she crashed straight into the ground.

She had been flying upside-down without even knowing it.

Throughout the first chapter, Willard refers back to the illustration again and again as he chronicles situations in which Christians are unknowingly becoming apathetic and complacent with their faith.

My fear is — that missionaries are sometimes caught in the trap of becoming complacent too. Sure… those who support their work still put them on a pedestal and revere them highly. But deep down inside, I fear that many workers, though they be professional men and women “of the cloth”, are living more of the outside life than they are the inside core. So in the comments following this item, here’s your chance. You can write completely anonymously here. Nothing even grabs your IP address here. So in complete honesty, here’s your chance to tell the truth about your struggle and how you’re dealing with it. Who knows — maybe someone will give you a good word in answer. And if nothing else, you’ll inspire a lot of prayer. Give yourself a signature, please, so we’ll know how to pray. For example, “Signed, Discouraged.” And along with those anonymous thoughts and feelings, share your take on the first chapter of Divine Conspiracy. These are heartbeat items that real missionaries face. Just click “Comment” below to add a personal illustration, testimony, case study, or feedback on Willard’s Divine Conspiracy, Chapter 1.

15) The Backpage: Join Us In "The Divine Conspiracy"

I recently picked up a copy of “The Divine Conspiracy,” asking myself… what if we did a series of regular devotionals in Brigada. If you’ve seen “Conspiracy” before, you know that the tag line is, “Rediscovering our Hidden Life in God.” Chapters are,

“Entering the eternal kind of life now,”
“Gospels of sin management”
“What Jesus knew: Our God-bathed world”
“Who is really well off? — The Beatitudes”
“The rightness of the Kingdom heart: Beyond the goodness of scribes and pharisees”
“Investing in the Heavens: Escaping the deceptions of reputation and wealth”
“The community of prayerful love”
“On being a disciple, or student, of Jesus”
“A curriculum for Christlikeness”
“The restoration of all things”

To join us, just pick up a copy of “Conspiracy” at any bookstore or on Amazon. Note that we are intentionally *not* providing a link here … especially a link that provides a kickback to Brigada… in an attempt to avoid *any* appearance of conflict of interest. The purpose in proposing this series of regular devotionals is totally to bring us together in Christ, to become more like him. (Therefore it seemed awkward to provide any link that resulted in a financial gift to Brigada. You’re always welcome to do that in other ways, mind you; just not linked to this study. :-) )

So how do you get started? First, order the book. We’ll start the study next Brigada. But act now. Time’s a wastin’! :-)

“The Divine Conspiracy” is by Dallas Willard, published by HarperOne. It was originally copyrighted 1997. See HarperCollines at:
(By the way, if you go to Amazon, just copy and paste that ISBN number into the search box and you’ll instantly get the right result.)
Want to comment on this concept (doing a joint devotional together)? … or on Willard’s book? Just click “Comment” below.

1) For Men Only: Prayers For Your Wife

Andrew has just made available a helpful resource – a book of prayers for your wife – over 240 prayers where you can minister to your wife as never before. Consider this a loving investment in the length of your marriage, ministry and spiritual health of your wife. Andrew wrote, “I’ve been helped by the many ministry resources featured in Brigada and now I’d like to pass this help along to you.” The book title is: “Water of the Word – Intercession for Her.” (Andrew is a Third Culture Kid from Mexico.) Check it out on Amazon. Note that the link provided by Andrew ‘wrapped’ to multiple lines. We’ve collapsed it here so you can see his original URL when it forwards you to Amazon — or if you’re uncomfortable with that, just search for the title at

2) Free: 270-Page Pdf Book On Centrality Of Christ

A missionary in South America has compiled a great collection of quotes that seek to incite a conspiracy of single-minded focus on Christ. We sometimes forget that it’s all about *him*. If you would like to download a free copy, you can get it in either of two forms. First, directly from the author, he makes it available in zip form at his mediafire site — as a 1.7 meg file. (Note: With all due respect to the contributor, to make sure it wasn’t virus-laden, I scanned it first with my paid and up-to-date Norton Internet Security. It indicated no virus.) On top of the zip, his original file URL is so long, it “wraps”, so I’ve saved it here using tinyURL:

This relay address will take you to a mediafire site with a link that says, “Click here to download.” The whole thing might be a bit unnerving for some folks, so just in case, I’ve also placed it *unzipped* at my DivShare file storage site. Unzipped, however, it’ll be a 5-meg download… but if you have broadband and don’t care, you might prefer seeing what you’re downloading. In that case, just click here:

Or copy the above Divshare link to your browser’s URL address line.

You’ll see a prompt with the file name (ending in .PDF). Click “Save” to save the 5-meg PDF to your hard drive.
I think you’ll like this *free* resource to Brigada readers. It’s formatted in a very unique and lovely way… and filled with inspirational quotes that you’ll be able to use in countless sermons. (Thanks Jurgen! What a good sport — in the true spirit of Brigada!)

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