4) Global City is Offering this Unique Opportunity in Dallas

Here’s a unique opportunity for a person with an interest in diaspora and immigrant populations in a place like Dallas/Fort Worth. Global City has teamed with a local church to offer a base salary and a particular approach with immigrants. If you might consider such an opportunity, write

jaredlooneyatglobalcitymissiondotorg  (jaredlooneyatglobalcitymissiondotorg)  

for a ministry description and more details. (Thanks Andrew!)

6) Pre-Field Training Among The Diaspora

Global Frontier Missions has missionary training programs every Jan and Aug in Atlanta, Houston, Richmond, and Sydney, Australia. They couple classroom learning using an engaging format (head) and discipleship/mentoring/community living (heart) along with on-the-job training (hands). Students live incarnationally and work with Muslims, Hindus, Buddhists, and Chinese in heavily concentrated refugee and immigrant apartment complexes which is great experience before people launch out overseas. Bible degrees are available as well. Learn more at…


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