12) How Would You Describe the Missionary Task?

The IMB described it this way:

a) Entry

b) Evangelism

c) Discipleship

d) Healthy Church Formation

e) Leadership Training

f) Partnership and exit


See the full out line in blog items like this one…




and zero in on particular items in articles like this one, on the disciple-making task, for example:




What’s YOUR take on this kind of component model of the missionary task? What do you feel the IMB has left out that should have been included? Please jot your answer in a Comment following the web version of this item. Thanks in advance for your opinion!


7) Disciple-making & Church Multiplication Collectives

Collectives are focused learning communities applying best practices to make more & better disciples in the healthiest environments possible. Through them, you can ACTIVATE your vision through individualized coaching, ASSESS your framework to cultivate disciple-making & church multiplication movements by interacting with other members of the Collective, and APPLY principles in designing an action plan to implement in your context. They offer a 10% discount if you register by January 1, 2018. For more information, skype gary.reinecke or visit…


1) MoreDisciples.com to Feature Dr. George Patterson Webinar

patterson-smallOn April 27th, at noon Eastern Time (17:00 UTC), the website, MoreDisciples.com will feature Dr. George Patterson in an hour-long webinar entitled, “The Magic of Multiplication: How could our church make it happen?” Most churches grow by additions, if at all. In this webinar, explore the possibilities of growing your church, both internally and externally, through the magic of multiplication. Since the 1970’s, Dr. George Patterson has been multiplying groups in multiple countries. Now tap into his experience and wisdom to start multiplying groups in your own church today! To learn more and/or register, just go to…


2) Is This the Most Powerful 4-Minute Video You’ve Ever Seen?

That’s all I can say. How does a four-minute video pack so much emotion, so much power, and so much purpose? Somebody, somewhere, is a genius. How in the world.
If you’ve got four minutes to experience this power-packed video, then we have a feeling you’ll want to share it with someone else. Please do. If you don’t have four minutes, well, that’s just really… sad. : )


(FallingPlates.com is a tool that can be used to share the story of the gospel. See what you think. And Kyle, thanks for sharing this!)

4) Exactly what IS a “DBS” (Discovery Bible Study)?????????

Have you been wondering how to define a DBS? Have you heard the buzzword, but pondered exactly how it works? How does it impact lives? How is it best implemented? What kind of differences can we see when it is implemented well? We believe you’ll be thrilled when you hear these case studies and examples courtesy Engage Africa: Through disciple making movements, a video series produced by Tekmerion Productions, made possible by Final Command Ministries, in cooperation with CityTeam International. (Thanks to Jerry Trousdale for pointing us to this great resource.) Watch the entire 28-minute teaching video here:


Note that Final Command is still in talks with their production company, Tekmerion, about how to distribute this and other new films. As a result, we have to watch the video on the production website and, unfortunately, it could go away at any time. If you want to see it, better watch it soon.

14) The BackPage: How do they do it? People “before their time”

You’ve heard the phrase, I’m sure, “He was a man before his time.” This phrase usually refers to someone who was able to write or speak about topics that their contemporaries might not have valued, but that others, later, came to appreciate. One such example was Roland Allen. J.D. Payne wrote a great intro to Allen’s life. You can view or download it here (thanks for Dr. Payne’s willingness to share his research with the world).


As you’ll see in the article, Allen wrote documents in the 1920’s that weren’t greatly appreciated until the 1970’s. But the strange thing is, his concepts haven’t been largely put into practice until literally this decade, when kingdom movements are now springing up all over the globe — 100 years after his teachings. Buy a Kindle copy of his keystone book here…


Dr. George Patterson is another such visionary. He wrote “Obedience Oriented Education and Evangelism in 1974. It was privately published as a little green booklet. I remember reading it as a Bible college student in the late 1970’s, thinking — “what a simple, yet revolutionary principle.” Yet the truth is, his concepts weren’t largely put into practice until the last 10 years. Now, he seems like a genius. Then, his little booklet had to be privately published.

What makes a visionary? What goes into building a life like Allen or Patterson? In my opinion, there are several converging factors that have to be in place. First, the “man before his time” usually stumbles onto a series of approaches or tactics that start working well. In Patterson’s case, he managed to see a Kingdom movement develop in Honduras that went four generations deep and was four streams wide in just 3 years, between the years 1970 to 1973. During those 3 years, the movement he launched gained such momentum that there were 760 believers participating in 29 groups. Before the decade was out, God had raised up over 2000 new disciples in those 4 streams.

Next, a “man before his time” needs the courage to speak up. He becomes an evangelist for his ideas — and he’s not afraid to speak up about it. Even if people don’t listen, the “man before his time” doesn’t stop writing or testifying about “the better way” that he has discovered.

Lastly, to create a “man before his time,” the final ingredient is a passive, apathetic generation of “sheep” who won’t hear, refusing to consider new ideas. And because they don’t — or won’t — the “man before his time” is sometimes ignored for decades or more.

Thankfully, Patterson and others are now being heard. In fact, you can tune in to a webinar that will feature George Patterson on April 27th at noon Eastern Time. To learn more and/or register for this free webinar, just go to…


3) Learn Disciple Making Movement Principles a Chunk at a Time

The idea behind the 30-Day Challenge at…group-prayer


is that you’ll be able to pick up Disciple Making Movement principles and practices by investing just 5-15 minutes per day during a 30-day window. Once you’ve got them “down pat” for 30 days, you’ll find they’re like any new positive habit. Maybe Christmas break is the perfect time to launch a 30-Day Challenge. Try it. You can always unsubscribe at any time. Log on to MoreDisciples and sign up for the 30-Day Challenge today.

14) The BackPage: Please help us Make MoreDisciples.com

We’re in the middle of launching a new push for “more disciples” at this new website,30-day_challenge_dare-300


We’re asking folks to walk with us through a 30-day challenge, during which, we’ll be challenging the global church to be the church that Jesus Christ has asked for all along. This challenge can be fulfilled by any church member, anywhere in the world. It is NOT limited just to North America. The way it works is — you sign up and for 30 days, you receive an email each day, challenging you to get “out of the box” in a new push to fulfill the Great Commission globally. Before you know it, you’ll be praying, phoning, and discipling like never before. You’ll watch 3-minute videos, complete charts, and share the Good News… and throughout the whole deal, no one will ask you for any money (disclaimer: God might inspire you to HELP someone), no one will add you to any other list without your permission, and no one will release your personal information. Basically, this is an effort to FINISH Matthew 28:19-20. It’s free of charge, but it will probably prompt you to step out on faith like you never have before. Please sign up today.

14) The BackPage: Learn from David Watson, CPM/CMM/DMM Guru

Want to learn from a church-planting movement (CPM) guru? (By the way, CPM is only ONE of the ways to refer to the concept. You might also call it a church-multiplication movement (CMM), Disciple-making Movement (DMM), and a dozen other choices of alphabet soup. For a long time, our org had settled on CPM as our favorite acronym/moniker for this concept. However, there’s so much diversity among trainers these days, it sometimes boils down to which trainer has happened by most recently with the best stories! You’re always safe calling them CPM or CMM though.) ANYWAY, if you’d like to learn more, catch him on YouTube at…

or order the book, “Contagious Disciple Making: Leading Others on a Journey of Discovery,” on Amazon at…


The CPM/CMM/DMM concept is getting so much play these days that it’s hard to imagine ever going back (to the traditional church-planting model). If you haven’t given these principles a listen, at least get exposed to the general concepts. If you’ve already tried them, feel free to give your testimony (pro or con) by clicking “Comment” immediately following the web version of this item. And thank you, in advance, for taking time to respond.

5) Join a Conversation about Disciplemaking

DiscipleMaking in the Historic Church is a new Facebook page and blog to explore how the modern best practices of the “Disciple Making Movements” (think “Miraculous Movements”) and “Church Planting Movements” (think “T4T”) can be implemented in association with “historic” churches. Organizers hope to create a community of practitioners and invite you to join the conversation at…


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