13) Zúme Online Web Training Will be in 40 Languages

It’s kind of amazing. By the time they’re done with phase 1, Zúme training (an online and in-life, web-driven experience designed to help a believer learn how to make and multiply disciples, leaders, churches, and movements) will be translated into Amharic, Arabic, Bengali, Bhojpuri, Burmese, Chinese (Mandarin), Chinese (Cantonese), Farsi, French, German, Gujarati, Hausa, Hindi, Indonesian, Italian, Japanese, Kannada, Korean, Kurdish, Lao, Maithili, Malayalam, Marathi, Oriya, Panjabi (Eastern), Panjabi (Western), Portuguese, Russian, Somali, Spanish, Swahili, Tamil, Telugu, Thai, Turkish, Urdu, Vietnamese, and Yoruba. You can always see the latest progress by visiting:


These 40 languages are the first languages of over 5 billion people. And guess what: All 40 languages are now funded, along with an app that will make it possible for you to show the video in any of those 40 languages on- and off-line! Learn more at…

14) The Last Bit: This DMM Manual in Spanish is Amazing

Suppose you’re making and multiplying disciples in Spanish and you’d love to do a live training. What do you use? Until now, maybe you just pulled together plenty of notes you’ve made of all your sessions. But why cobble something together when a team of DMM practitioners has done it for you already. Take a look at Jonathan Training in Spanish. It’s called “Entrenamiento Jonathán.” It’s all about Movilizando Movimientos: Discípulos Que Hacen Discípulos, Obreros Que Multiplican Obreros E Iglesias Que Multiplican Iglesias.” Find the student version here:


and the facilitator’s version here:


We’re DEEPLY indebted to men like Curtis Sergeant, Eric B., David L., as well as disciple-makers in Caracas, Venezuela (including Julio in particular) for creating this manual. The amazing thing is — they’re now sharing it with us for free! Mil gracias a todos!

2) Calling Any French Translators with Audio/Video Skills?

The Zúme Project has hit a wall on its 7th and 8th translations (French and Swahili). They need a team of French translators (minimum 2) as well as a couple of Swahili translators too, both of whom have video and audio skills. This translation team won’t get rich, but rest assured that this is a paid job. Native speakers are preferred. If you are French or native Swahili-speaking and you’d love to be paid for creating a quality translation for a VERY critical disciple-making movement (DMM) course, please contact

languageguyathushmaildotcom  (languageguyathushmaildotcom)  


with your name and location, along with email, a mobile phone number,

and a bit about how you learned about Zúme. In advance, thanks!


4) Here’s a Cool 30-minute Talk About Doing CPM in Urban Settings

At the 2018 Forum for the Global Alliance for Church Multiplication, Jeff Sundell shared lessons learned from his 10 years of experience in South Asia. Now you can hear the whole thing for free at…


(Thanks GACX!) By the way, the 2019 GACX is Sept. 24-27 in Dallas. Mark your calendars. More details will be released by GACX shortly.

14) The Last Bit: Special Request of our Canadian Readers – Please Help

Are you a Canadian participant in the whole Brigada experience? If so, could we please ask for your help? We’ve been asked to help coordinate the Canadian launch of a new web-driven training course called Zúme. Zúme is available online at…


You can start any time (i.e., you don’t have to wait until a certain cycle begins to sign up and get started). All you need is 4-12 people in a group and… bam… you too can learn how to become a disciple worth reproducing as well as how you can work within groups to multiply. Those groups will help you establish greater accountability, a deeper prayer life, more disciples, and much, much more. So the Canadian launch of Zúme is coming up April 7th and 8th. I (Doug) would love to learn how we might make this launch a genuinely Canadian experience. So I have to ask of you, Canadians — please, what are the typical things that annoy you about U.S. of Americans? What do we do that really cheeses you off? How can we keep from pride or jingoism? What might prompt you, as a Canadian, to consider implementing Zúme in your own church or group across the entire (giant) nation of Canada? The first piece of advice we received was to read, “Why We Act Like Canadians,” by Pierre Berton. But we want even more. Please click into the comment box of the web version of this item to let us know how we avoid bungling this. And if you’d like to help plan it, you’re invited. Just send us a note at:


Thanks in advance for any help you can give to help us redeem this.

12) How Would You Describe the Missionary Task?

The IMB described it this way:

a) Entry

b) Evangelism

c) Discipleship

d) Healthy Church Formation

e) Leadership Training

f) Partnership and exit


See the full out line in blog items like this one…


and zero in on particular items in articles like this one, on the disciple-making task, for example:


What’s YOUR take on this kind of component model of the missionary task? What do you feel the IMB has left out that should have been included? Please jot your answer in a Comment following the web version of this item. Thanks in advance for your opinion!


5) Catch a Debate With a Guy Who Thinks DMM isn’t Biblical

Ted Esler (Missio Nexus point man) does a fantastic job, if you ask us, presenting disciple-making movement (DMM) and church-planting movement (CPM) principles as simple, biblical truths. Frankly, after watching this debate, we can’t figure out how anyone would ever come away with any doubts about the way God is working through CPM/DMM throughout the world today. Bravo to Ted Esler for answering the guy’s questions humbly, yet powerfully.


12) If You’re Still Interested In Background Material on Why DMM

We recently featured an article by a brother who basically tried to throw cold water on disciple-making movements (DMM) and church-planting movements (CPM) by asking if they were biblical. We’ve decided we’re no longer going to push more traffic his way by even referring to his article by link, however, we did see a thoughtful response by L.D. Waterman at…

So we at least thought we’d mention it here. : )

7) Free Shipping on a Sheep for Your Bathtub and other items

Save on a best-selling missionary story about the launching of a disciple-making movement (DMM) in Mongolia. “There’s a Sheep in my Bathtub: Birth of a Mongolian Church Planting Movement” has just been re-released in a “Tenth Anniversary Edition” — updating the story and new photographs. The discount code below gives you free shipping and handling (USA only) on this title and all other items (Books/DVDs,etc) purchased. The Discount Code at Checkout is: BRIGADA . Order here…

5) Anyone read “Pioneering Movements?” It Looks Good

pioneering_movementsHave you read Steve Addison’s “Pioneering Movements?” Would you have a moment to comment? It looks good. With the subtitle, “Leadership that Multiplies Disciples and Churches,” this book is, according to the author, meant for anyone who wants to “obey Jesus example and call to pioneer movements of disciples and churches throughout the world, until he returns.” With a Forward by David Garrison, Jerry Trousdale wrote, of Pioneering Movements, “Steve Addison’s third book on movements builds on his previous writings by inviting Christ Followers to become “movement pioneers” wherever they live. Pioneering Movements is filled with examples of such people from the early church, Christian history, and modern day movements. Steve makes a compelling case that God can use any Christ Followers to replicate disciple making, while also providing simple, practical steps to get started.” Order it at…

3) Learn Disciple Making Movement Principles a Chunk at a Time

The idea behind the 30-Day Challenge at…group-prayer

is that you’ll be able to pick up Disciple Making Movement principles and practices by investing just 5-15 minutes per day during a 30-day window. Once you’ve got them “down pat” for 30 days, you’ll find they’re like any new positive habit. Maybe Christmas break is the perfect time to launch a 30-Day Challenge. Try it. You can always unsubscribe at any time. Log on to MoreDisciples and sign up for the 30-Day Challenge today.

9) Who’s writing the best stuff on Disciple-making Movements NOW?

trousdaleAround six months ago, there was a flurry of momentum in preparing materials in disciple-making movements (DMM). But it looks like iDisciple (CityTeam’s website) has kind of floundered at…

Of course, rather than sitting behind computers doing office work, maybe everybody’s out making disciples. : ) But still… who’s writing. Their latest conference shows up as 2014…

But I thought for sure they had one in Mesa, AZ, in 2015. Trousdale’s book (Miraculous Movements) still seems to be gaining momentum, right?

And Harry Brown wrote, “The DMM Principles God has revealed to Cityteam are Simple, Sustainable and Scalable allowing movements to spread across the globe. Over the last 10 years we have seen the Lord raise up over 35,909 new churches with 1,086,406 new believers in 51 countries spread across 303 different people groups.” But, alas, it’s hard to find the state of the art. What are YOU seeing in DMM resource preparation? Where are the sites and training materials YOU are using?

2) How to Learn to Multiply Multiplying Disciples — Online!

gc-fulfilledAlmost sounds impossible, doesn’t it. But Curtis’ website at…

is seeking to enable an online training model for multiplying disciples who make disciples. While registering, you’re tempted to think there’s bound to be a ‘catch’ somewhere — and that surely there’s a charge. But, at least so far, there’s not. All the training is absolutely free. (Thank you for your fantastic attitude, Curtis — and the entire JP Exec team.) Better get this training today. If they’re successful, the world will be reached tomorrow, then Jesus will come, and you’ll miss out. :-)

14) The BackPage: Learn to Facilitate Discovery Bible Studies (DBSes) via Video

They’re all the craze now. And for good reason. Researchers are pointing to HUNDREDS of thousands of participants in a wave of new growth in churches and homes around the world. Now, use this set of videos to get a jump-start prior to diving into your first study. There are 16 videos in all, but none is longer than 5 minutes. Watching all 16 will take you less than 80 minutes, which is approximately the length of one Bible study. (So you could, in effect, think of these 16 videos as your intro session — then start the actual method in your next session.)

Disciple making Movements (CityTeam)

Miraculous Movements (7 videos)

Discovery Group Process (Dave Hunt, CityTeam)

Discovery Bible Study (“Mike,” at Bama Wesley)

The Bible Study Process Within a Discovery Group (CityTeam, Dave Hunt)

The Person of Peace (CityTeam, Dave Hunt)

The Characteristics of a Disciple Maker (Richard Williams, CityTeam)

Revealing Jesus without Revealing your culture (Richard Williams, CityTeam)

Converts of Disciples? Christians or Believers? (Richard Williams, CityTeam)

The Discovery Group Process (Trudy Read, CityTeam)

1) These “Miraculous Movement” Videos Will Teach Us How to Lead DMM’s

1) These “Miraculous Movement” Videos Will Teach Us How to Lead DMM’s
Disciple-Making Movements (DMM’s) are sweeping the globe. And now, you can learn how to implement them for your neighborhood by watching this series in YouTube. First, start with the opening video, which casts the vision…

Then watch these 7 videos (which explain the practical how-to’s.

6) Sharpen your Disciple Making Movement skills

dmmHow is it possible that three illiterate farmer’s wives have started a total of 40 discipleship groups and churches?! Has disciple making been made too complex? What can be learned from this and many other disciple-making movements around the world? And more importantly, how did Jesus make disciples? What can be learned from the Bible?

Act Beyond is hosting a special, three day, Disciple Making Movement training in Plano, TX, July 3-5. People new to Disciple Making Movements as well as those who have had some training before are welcome. Go to

to learn more and to register for this and other DMM trainings. Questions? Feel free to contact Pete at
pjeatbeyonddotorg or +1-469-814-8234

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