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  1. $4000 RAISED, $11,530 TO GO

  1. $4000 RAISED, $11,530 TO GO — Our goal for 2003 was to figure out how to raise $15,600, enough to hire a Brigada Secretary for a full year. Thus far in 2003, we’ve raised just over $4000. And that’s great. I guess… we’ve still got a ways to go though. If you can help put us over the top by Dec. 31st, just click here to log on to PayPal and send a sponsorship gift of $25, $50, $100, or $1000… or more. Be sure to note how we can express our gratitude to you or your agency/church on our Sponsors page: Of course, checks are great too, made payable to: Team Expansion (Brigada secretary), 13711 Willow Reed Dr., Louisville, KY 40299. The really cool part is… according to our plan, once we reach our goal for any particular calendar year, we’ll not mention another word about sponsorships for the remainder of the whole calendar year! Yahooo! :-)

  2. 8th ANNUAL GLOBAL MISSIONS HEALTH CONFERENCE — This annual conference (first promoted right here via Brigada Today) has now become the largest medical mission conference in the nation and will draw over 1400-1500 medical professionals, students, and others to Southeast Christian Church in Louisville, Ky., Nov. 6-8 to learn more about impacting the world through the healing of Jesus Christ. More than 80 speakers and 100 exhibitors will be available at the conference. Opportunities for short-term medical trips as well as continuing education credit will be offered. Topics will be presented that include interests for all medical professions. A free housing option is available on the web site and tuition is nominal. The nine professional organizations that cosponsor the conference intend for this conference to change careers, to change lives, and to impact the world for Christ. For more information and for all the details on plenary and workshop speakers and their specific topics, check the Web site: or call 502-253-8069.

  3. HIV/AIDS PRECONFERENCE — The Global Missions Health Conference will host a preconference: The Church and the HIV/AIDS Crisis: Providing Leadership and Hope, to be held Thurs., Nov. 6, 2003. Two plenary sessions will be conducted: Dr. Dan Fountain, MD, MPH, will speak on “World View Problems Underlying the HIV/AIDS Epidemic”. Dr. Randall Hoag, PhD, will speak on “How to Increase Public Awareness for the Prevention of HIV/AIDS.” Participants will choose to attend two of three interactive workshops: “The Pervasive Consequences of the HIV/AIDS Crisis”; “The Biblically Based Resources on Sexuality and Marriage for the Prevention of HIV/AIDS”; and “The Christian Approach to Treating HIV/AIDS Patients”. Ken Casey, special representative to the President, will close the conference. The preconference will be held at Southeast Christian Church in Louisville, Ky. Registration for the preconference ONLY is limited to the first 400 people who register. For more information, check the Web site: or call 502-253-8069.

  4. WORSHIP, INTERCESSION, AND MORE AT YWAM LAS VEGAS — Get started on January 11, 2004. If you desire to sharpen your ministry skills in the areas of worship, intercession, spiritual warfare and evangelism in an urban setting with a focus on creative arts and you’ve completed a DTS then the WISE school will be a great opportunity for you! A three month, hands-on school plus optional outreach. Contact for details: infoatywamlasvegasdotorg, or log on at or call (702)658-5450 and ask for Sam Waddell.

  5. GREAT! A PLAXO-LOOK-ALIKE! THEY’RE MULTIPLYING! — Just when I think I’m starting to control my “urge to click” on a Plaxo email, along comes Now Gordon, a faithful Brigada participant, wrote to encourage us to promote this plan (Thanks Gordon, but please pardon my dense-ness.) If I understand the purpose correctly, “GoodContacts” purports to help you stay in touch by sending out an email to everybody in your Outlook or “Act” database. If a particular friend is still out there somewhere, he/she can just hit reply, and back comes the confirmation email into your Outlook or Act database. Instantly, you know the address is still good. And if they’re not there, back comes the bounce-a-gram to flag the bad contact. (Can’t *wait* to send bounce-a-grams to all these GoodContact emails! :-) ) Well… aside from helping arm people to do massive direct-email spam campaigns, I can’t figure for the life of me why this program matters. If they’re not there any more, then next time you write them, you’ll find that out anyway. If they’re still there, duh… you’ll learn that too — ’cause they’ll answer your *real* email, the one you could have sent that might have saved them from having one more additional “ping” in their email inbox. So what good is another bandwidth-waster to ping them crazy. Yikes. To me, this is over the top… out of control. Just what we need… another product to use up bandwidth, waste my eyeball time, and confirm that … I’m still here at the same address. I’ve got 15,442 people in my address book. The last thing I want to do is wake them all up, just to find out if they would have answered me if I were to have written them in the first place! Here I go to write up another spam filter. :-)

  6. PARADIGMS OF THE FUTURE, NOV 20-21, ATLANTA — Does world missions have any “theology of the future” other than pragmatism? Join the Christian Futures Network as its members explore paradigm change in theology, and how to shape a more biblical and forward view of ministry, accommodating change and complexity. Speakers include missions specialist Jay Gary, millennial historian Dr. Robert Clouse and futures theologian Dr. Ted Peters. To register call 719-636-2000, email <infoatchristianfuturesdotcom> or go online, </infoatchristianfuturesdotcom>

  7. CHURCH PLANTING CONFERENCE IN JAPAN — Last year the CPI Conference in Japan was the largest church planting conference in the history of Japan. Sponsored by the Japan Evangelical Missionary Association this movement includes over 90 mission agencies and denominations. This year the Japan 2003 CPI Conference will be held November 18-21 at Fuji- Hakone Land (about 3 hours from Tokyo). Featured speakers are Steven Childers (US Center for Church Planting), Dwight Smith (Saturation Church Planting International). Other Japanese speakers include Dr. Akira Izuta chairman of KDK a national church planting agency. There are 5 separate training tracks including a new one on Church Planting Movements in Japan. Again there will be over 40 electives on practically everything from evangelism, family ministry and leadership development. There is a Children’s Ministry Program and a Youth Ministry Program for children of participants. For more information: or write JMehnatcompuservedotcom

  8. YET ANOTHER SPAM SOLUTION — You can always tell a growing problem by the number of new software that emerges to combat it. Here’s another spam-killer, one which apparently recently won the Consumer Reports review. Looks like it works with Outlook, Eudora, and Netscape. The public beta version is free. (Thanks Ken!)

  9. WE GET MAIL — Thanks to David, from a short term missions organization, who recently wrote directly to one of our administrators at Team Expansion (the agency for which I’m employed) to say, “I just want to thank Doug Lucas for his vision for the whole Body of Christ and helping all mission groups and missions minded churches in staying current with missions resources! Few are the mission agencies that are capable of allowing a broad Kingdom vision to flourish beside the more limited agency vision. I left the agency I was with for 20 years because they couldn’t visualize helping ALL agencies get the word out about their short term mission opportunities. I have been reading Brigada Today for several years and knew your name but never realized you are part of a missionary sending agency until I was on your website today. May the good Lord multiply your tribe!” Thanks for the encouragement, David, and … true… thanks to Team Expansion for giving me the flexibility to be President there… and Editor of Brigada Today here! :-)

  10. FRIENDS OF BIHAR HOST A STRATEGY COORDINATOR’S CONFERENCE — The Friends of Bihar will be hosting Strategy Coordinator’s Conference from December 1-5 in Houston, Texas. Anyone interested is invited to attend. There will be 4 primary focuses for this conference:

    *** Teach the principles of Strategy Coordination
    *** Coordinate efforts and strategies for initiating Church Planting Movements
    *** Build a Network of Churches, Pastors, and Lay people committed to the evangelization of Bihar
    *** Focus on Un-reached peoples in Bihar and take definitive steps towards their evangelization

    For more info, contact Chad chadnangelaatcsdotcom or visit or call 713-498-7278 for more information.

20030216 Brigada Today

In this issue…


  1. STEER YOUR PC AWAY FROM WASTED WEBSITES — Don’t forget… if you’re looking for a way to steer your PC away from pornographic websites, be sure to check out: Just under 300 Brigada participants checked out this link in the past week. Join them to see why. Do it for your family, or for your kids, or for you. Set a hedge around your life so you won’t be tempted. What’s more, those who actually register to use the filter… or subscribe to Integrity Online through this link will be helping Brigada Today bring a secretary on board to handle troublesome subscribes and unsubscribes. So far, two people have purchased. :-( That generates a total of $10. Okay… so it’s a start. :-) We have one sponsor so far… see below.
  2. [Note: As of Dec., 2003, only six people had subscribed to Integrity Online. As of that date, that still wasn’t even enough to produce the first sponsorship check. :-( Not a very fruitful way to fund a Brigada secretary, unfortunately.]

  3. WANT TO HELP SPONSOR A FULL-TIME BRIGADA SECRETARY? — If you, your business or your church/mission would like to help sponsor a full-time Brigada secretary… to help with troublesome subscribes, unsubscribes, and other communication, please visit: to see how it might work. We can feature you for an entire year at that site, and continue to bring traffic to your doorstep. This week’s example from a Brigada Today participant: “I want to thank you for leading me to the Power Bible Cd – I ordered them for our Missionaries and know that it will really enhance their ministry. Thanks again, Mrs. RR, Missions Committee Chairperson”

  4. MORE TRAVEL/HEALTH ADVICE – Travel health is more than shots. Health Canada reports that only 4% of the problems actually experienced by travelers would have been prevented by shots. And yet 90% of the problems could have been prevented. This is why Travel Medicine has become a medical specialty. You can find a list of travel clinics around the world at the web site of the International Society of Travel Medicine . For more information, you can contact Dale at <travdocattravdocdotcom  (travdocattravdocdotcom)  > .

  5. MEDICAL ADVICE FOR REMOTE PEOPLE – An organization in the U.K. has put together a web site giving doctors and patients in remote areas a place to turn when they need medical advice. The folks at will direct your question to an appropriate specialist in either the U.K or the U.S. Consultation is free to remote physicians. For direct patient consultation there is sometimes a nominal fee. If you are unable to access the Web, a contact in the U.K. is <johnatteleservedotorg  (johnatteleservedotorg)  > and in the U.S. is <travdocattravdocdotcom> . </travdocattravdocdotcom>

  6. YWAM FRONTIER MISSIONS STRATEGY COORDINATORS SHORT COURSE 2003 — Act now to train to become a “strategy coordinator”, i.e., “a catalyst, a facilitator and a mobilizer, linking people who have knowledge, resources, personnel and expertise to take advantage of ministry opportunities amongst a people group.” The next Strategy Coordinators Short Course will run from Monday 30th June – Friday 1st August 2003. The location will be Bali, Indonesia. The cost will be £595 (UK pounds). Small grants are available for full time Christian volunteer workers. For more information or an application form for the 2003 course, please contact: Philippa <pnewisatovaldotcom  (pnewisatovaldotcom)  >, or call Tel: +44 1582 463269 Fax: +44 1582 463305 .

  7. CHECK FETCHBOOK FOR FUN — Here’s a guy from Israel that has hit on a good concept. His site will check some 62 online bookstores and report the best price back to you. Check him out at:

  8. LET SERVE HELP YOU CONNECT — If you want to spend your time in service to others but don’t know how to go about it, let SERVE help you connect. Individual volunteers — especially retired ones — are matched with mission needs and opportunities provided by approximately 65 mission agencies and organizations. First you submit an inquiry, provide your profile and wait for SERVE to match you up with an interested agency. There are at least 45 categories in the computer data base so the chances are good that you will find an opportunity that fits your skills and interests. Don’t wait; time is moving at the speed of light and there is much you can do for others. Don’t waste your time and talent. Contact Tom at <tlcatgatetekdotcom  (tlcatgatetekdotcom)  > or log on at .

  9. STILL WAITING ON THAT NEW CD TOOL — We’re still waiting on that new CD tool that will help you find maps and facts and more about people groups and countries around the world. (See Jan 17 and Jan. 24th Brigada Today for more info.). The moment it becomes available, Brigada readers will hear about it first because the suppliers have pledged that it will be announced here first. So stay tuned!

  10. SPYWARE PROTECTION YOU CAN USE — According to one Brigada participant, the spyware at this site… is among the best on the Net. The user (F.L., an IMB missionary to Colombia) attests that this is the best gear he’s seen for protecting your PC from those who would like to follow your tracks on the web.

  11. THE SOUL WINNER’S DEVOTIONAL — Things will try to crowd the heart and diminish a passion for souls. As a tire can get a slow leak, so a love for evangelism can experience passion leaks. The Soul Winner’s Devotional is a free, monthly, e-mail devotional with only one purpose: to help soul winner’s keep their passion. To subscribe, send an e-mail to <soulwinnersdevoatcsdotcom  (soulwinnersdevoatcsdotcom)  >.

  12. INDONESIANS CAN UNITE — If you can speak bahasa Indonesian, now you have a spot on the web. This page just might inspire you to try all kinds of new outreaches for the people of your chosen tongue/language. You can download sermons or illustrations, grab 300 Indonesian song text for OHP/Multimedia Projector (if you are using PC in your service), submit national/international events, find pastoral staff/musicians for your ministry, and even meet other single Indonesian Christian men/women. Log on to All Christian Media Network at or email Rudy at <rudyatallcmndotcom  (rudyatallcmndotcom)  > for more information.

  13. DEVELOPMENT INSTITUTE FOR CHRISTIANS — Want to learn more about microfinance and microenterprise development? Check out this and much more at the second annual Christian Economic Development Institute running from May 19-30, 2003, and sponsored by the Chalmers Center for Economic Development at Covenant College, Lookout Mountain, Georgia, USA (10 minutes from Chattanooga, TN). Recognized by many as the leading expert on urban missions, Dr. Ray Bakke, Executive Director of Urban International Associates, is the keynote speaker. For more information, please log on at or write <cediatcovenantdotedu  (cediatcovenantdotedu)  >, or call (706)419- 1805.

  14. FREE STREET CHILDREN MANUAL — $25 VALUE — Action International Ministries (ACTION) in corporation with Viva Network is offering a 154 page (8 ½ x 11) manual entitled Restoring Children Of The Streets (A Guide For Mobilizing And Equipping God’s People Around The World To Minister to Street and Underprivileged Children). Postage would be appreciated, but not requirement. Contact ACTION: <d_nicholsatearthlinkdotnet  (d_nicholsatearthlinkdotnet)  > or log on at .

  15. ACMI2003: REACHING INT’L STUDENTS — The 21st annual, national equipping and networking convention, May 29-June 1st, Wheaton College, near Chicago, features about 50 workshops and plenary themes on Hospitality, and ISMs Globally. Join 300 International student ministry(ISM) laborers from N.A. and many countries for training and fellowship. Details at: and click on the “brochure” link. Questions: <acmiatjunodotcom  (acmiatjunodotcom)  >

Gifts received in the last 12 months…

Note: If you’d prefer not to use an online payment service, you can also simply mail a check to: Team Expansion (Brigada), 13711 Willow Reed Dr., Louisville, KY 40299. If you’d like a tax-deductible receipt, please mail your check and make your check payable to “Team Expansion.”

Still needed in 2009 = $17,150 – $598 = $16,552 to go!

166 “True Fans” (each giving $100 or more) to go!

2004 total = $9,384.79;
2005 total = $10,952.28;
2006 total = $15,096;
2007 total = $17,150;
2008 Total = $17,150

These funds go toward fuel for the Brigada missions fire, along with the costs of our website, secretarial help, and promoting missions. Each month, sponsors are given the opportunity to “renew.” Those who are unable to do so will then “scroll off” the end of this list. To become one of the 171 “True Fans” of Brigada, just send $100 via either of the links above (top left or top right)or mail a check for $100 to the address above. Now… to our sponsors:

01/25/2009 — WE GIVE THANKS… — … for a check from Insurance Services of America (ISA) for $63 as a result of insurance purchased by Wendy and Mary Lou. Thank you ladies… and thank you ISA. Find out more about the options they offer, which are many, at…

In short, you’ll find just about every kind of medical, travel, life, and medical insurance imaginable, including special policies specifically for missionaries. What’s more, they make a special gift to Brigada in your name when you purchase coverage from them. So thank *you* for checking them out.

We’re grateful to a new Brigada participant from Plainfield, IN, for sending a gift of $10 to help tide Brigada over into the new year. Thanks for your partnership!!!

Thanks, too, for a $100 “True Fan” gift from Evangelism Resources. Learn more about Evangelism Resources at…

See the entry above about their work… and thanks to the leadership at Evangelism Resources for partnering with Brigada!

01/18/2009 — This past week, we received encouraging help in the form of $200 from Asbury United Methodist Church, Tulsa, OK, with a note attached, “You are a constant source of great mission information!” Thank you Asbury!!! Another participant from Little Rock sent $25. We’re very grateful!!!

01/11/2009 — We’re grateful to the “True Fan” in Birmingham, AL who sent $100 this past week. He, in turn, was thankful for the Presbyterian Frontier Fellowship (PFF) and Perspectives. Learn more about PFF at

and, of course, read about Perspectives at

We’re also grateful for a $100-gift from “a friend in Savannah who realizes the ever increasing value of partnership with Team Expansion and Brigada.” He added, “Thanks for all you’re doing and for the way you resource and motivate me. Have a great day!” Praise God.

01/04/2009 — WE OWE A DEBT OF GRATITUDE… — To the folks at Missionary Resources Connection, who became a “True Fan” of Brigada by sending $100 this past week! Thank you MRC!!! Also becoming new “True Fans” were friends in Fresno, Phoenix and Bosnia, both of whom sent $100. Another friend from Oklahoma City sent a $50 gift (also much-appreciated). We’re so very thankful to finish 2008 in the black (first time since we started in 1995) and begin 2009 with a positive balance! Additional gifts came from new friends from Greer, SC ($50), a veteran of 36 years ministry with Wycliffe ($50 as well), and a great friend from Partners Int’l — who gave $200, become *2* True Fans in one!! (See the item about them above.) So we are amazed, sobered, encouraged, and pumped! Thank you!!! This maxes out the matching giving from the international church in the Middle East (Thank you!) and also starts us out on a great footing for 2009. Once again, this is the first time in Brigada’s 14-year history that we’ve been able to meet our financial needs. May God be praised for the faithfulness for all His people!

[Note: Gifts given on this date were counted toward the 2008 total.]

In short, you’ll find just about every kind of medical, travel, life, and medical insurance imaginable, including special policies specifically for missionaries. What’s more, they make a special gift to Brigada in your name when you purchase coverage from them. So thank *you* for checking them out.

Thanks, too, for a $100 “True Fan” gift from Evangelism Resources. See the entry above about their work… and thanks to the leadership at Evangelism Resources for partnering with Brigada!

11/16/2008 — Thanks today to the member of the Pittsburgh Network for the Great Commission

who sent in $25, with a note, “Can I recognize Doug Lucas for your faithfulness in sending us the Brigada Newsletter for many years?” This anonymous donor also gave thanks for the great worship at Zion Christian Church

and the fantastic outreach opportunities provided to him via Wycliffe Associates

11/09/2008 — Tonight we salute Mark in Nebraska, our newest “True Fan” of Brigada, having sent $100 this past week. Another True Fan this week: Corbie and the folks at Alaska Mission for Christ, who also sent $100. Click on “photos” there to see their slide show. Tim wrote a note that he was a True Fan “wannabe” :-), having sent $50. The truth is, we value any gift, regardless of size! Both of these guys can deduct this gift from their income tax. In fact, for those who send their gifts by check, we send out a tax-deductible receipt without you even having to request it. (Those giving through the online means get an email thank-you, and can request tax-deductibility if they desire it.)

The folks at LongviewNET, featured in last night’s Brigada, have already received interest and picked up new client work — so they sent an immediate gift of $20, saying, “Now we’re both blessed!” Don’t forget to check out their search engine service at:

— Would you please help us praise God for…
*** A friend from Charlottesville, who gave $10 after stopping by
and downloading free MP3 music
tracks we’ve created for those who give.

*** Judi, serving in Ukraine, who observed her own birthday by throwing a birthday party, of sorts, for Brigada! In observance of her special day, she sent $100 and became a “True Fan” of Brigada. Judi — you’re amazing. Thanks!

*** Bill, raising the flag for the Azerbaijani. In their name, he sent $100 to Brigada so we could keep raising the flag for the unreached. Keep up the great work, Bill! For more on the Azerbaijani and how you can be involved in reaching them, log on at…

*** Debbie, another “True Fan” of Brigada, is herself changing lives in Philippines. She sent $100 to underwrite lasting change around the world. Thanks Debbie!!!

*** Grant, serving with YWAM in Albania, who also is now a “True Fan” of Brigada, for the $100 gift!

*** Justin, the thinker who suggested the “True Fan of Brigada” concept, who himself sent $100 to put his own money where his email was. Thanks so much, Justin.

*** The anonymous missions pastor in Allentown, PA, who noted that he “has benefited from Brigada Today” for sending $50.

*** The anonymous Wycliffe Bible Translator who said he skipped 1 fast food meal a month for 3 years in an effort to save the money for Brigada. He send, just a few days ago, $180. Now *that* is a True Fan.

*** The folks at Creative Results Management
for the $100 “True Fan” Gift to Brigada.

*** The anonymous recruiter with MAF who wrote this past week to say, “Hey Doug, Just sent a “true fan” donation. I’m a long time (since 1995) reader). I like Volleyballs. Merry Christmas.” Hilarious! Well thanks to you… and to the persistence you’ve shown to stay with us all these years. As you know, 1995 was the year we *began*!!! I remember well that it was an MAF volunteer who originally helped us ramp up the web-page version of these newsletters. In his honor (he is now deceased) and in Brian’s honor, would you have a moment to stop at the site for MAF, winner of the 2008 ‘Passion Award’, given by Servant Christian Community Foundation “for MAF’s outstanding commitment to furthering the Gospel.”

You can even request a free copy of “Jungle Pilot” there.

10/26/2008 — Recently, we received $50 from missionaries
in Ukraine (Thank you!) and $30 from a great friend in Loomis, CA (We
appreciate you!). A doctor and his wife from Dallas sent $100. They’re
focused on unreached nomadic people groups, praise the Lord. Please join
me in giving thanks that they decided to become “True Fans” of Brigada.
Thanks, too, for the $20 cash we received from workers in Germany. (We
don’t necessarily recommend sending cash in the post, but it’s nice to
know that it can still make it safe and sound.) Please pray for the
prayer letter they write regularly to raise interest in unreached people
groups worldwide. They also drew our attention to

which is a wiki. It’s a great example of a fantastic deployment for
the sake of the unreached. Got to hand it to those clever Germans. They
also drew attention to Justin Long’s perceptive observations on Orissa

Tigard, Oregon! Thanks for sending $25 to enable Brigada’s servers to
serve the world! We appreciate you!!! Thanks to Blessed Hope for sending
$20.16 — a direct result of those who use their quality
telecommunications services. Learn more about them at:

Thanks also to San Luis Rey, California ($100) and, most amazing of

which sent a large share of the “true fan” commitment. Shew!
Remarkable! Amazing. With grateful hearts. Please, please visit their
website. At their request, we aren’t saying exactly the size of the
gift. Just suffice to say they are a big “True Fan” of Brigada, to use
Justin Long’s term. Their staff wrote this past week to explain, “WorldconneX
believes Brigada is a key missions connector, and we generously support
your efforts.” More about them next week. But for now, thanks again!

10/5/2008 — Here’s $50 from a Pioneers guy headed to
Central Asia to help locals write and translate materials in their own
language. Praise the Lord! Thanks, too, for the Brigada participant who
gave $10 in exchange for the music we’re making available for all
Brigada readers. Grab it for free at:

What’s more, the Glory Story folks pitched in $100 for Brigada this
week! Whoa. Please visit their website at

8/2008 — Thanks to the friend from Tulsa who gave $50
to Brigada recently. And hats off to the Brigada participants from way
up in Wisconsin and Alaska who each shared $100 respectively. We noted
that the donor from Wisconsin had a special burden for training up
mighty men of God. He had written, “According to David Murrow, only 39%
of people who show up in church anywhere in the world, are men. And the
men who show up are mostly just nice guys who sit still and be quiet.
Where are the mighty men?! My passion and project is to train them up.”
Learn more about his work at:

Sounds good to us here, brother! Thanks for your vision and action!

And hello Kansas… where another partner gave $100! This latter friend dared others to step up to the plate to match his $100. He wrote, “It is a small amount that will hopefully be put to good
use by God. Please put it towards the year-end total need you mentioned
in the latest digest. I am hopeful that many others will step up also to
contribute.” Thanks for setting the pace, Bill. Are there other
individuals and/or churches that would match his gift to get us closer
to our year-end need?

9/14/2008 — We’re giving thanks today for the participant
from Bishop, CA, who arranged with his bank to send $50 and is
considering setting a gift up on a monthly basis. May it be so! Thank
you Bishop, California!
9/7/2008 — THANKS FOR THOSE WHO EMPOWER US! — Thanks to
Talking Bibles Int’l (especially to Harvey) for the $25 gift to keep
Brigada going. Learn more about Talking Bibles Int’l at:

Maybe $25 wouldn’t matter that much to some. For us, this week, it
was the only gift that arrived.

8/31/2008 — This past week, a Team Expansion worker in
Northern Africa sent $100 for Brigada and its ministry. Team Expansion can
be found at

Another worker, this one from Interserve, sent $136.22. Interserve is on the
web at

Yet another worker, this one serving in Alaska, wrote, “I have been reading
Brigada for quite a while now and it has been a wealth of information to me.
… Your information has made a huge difference in our mission up here in
Alaska. .. We need to give outside of ourselves. No recognition is
necessary; just accept my thanks for the work you are doing.” This worker
from Alaska sent $175. Sobering, humbling, & inspiring.

Another worker from Canada wrote, “I am involved with a variety of
missionary efforts related to music and worship in various countries and
have found your mailing to be unique and invaluable. May the Lord bless the
ongoing ministry and your move to Emerald Hills.” What an encouragement!
This worker sent $100.

Thank you to all — Thank you!!!!

Thanks to those who choose to give Brigada a boost! This past week, got into the act again by sending a gift of $25. They
wrote, “We have had a lot of inquires regarding our Global SIM card product
since the article was featured in the recent Brigada Today. Several people
have already commented about what a blessing it has been to them. Thank you
again for allowing us to partner with Brigada and the wonderful work your
organization does for World Missions. We will send more donations as the
Lord blesses our business.” Amen! :-) Learn more about their money-saving
communication products at:

Thanks, too, to Dental Training for Missions, featured above. They sent
$50. Learn more about them at:

Finally, thanks to the anonymous donor in Montreal who sent $25! We
appreciate you!

8/10/2008 — This week, we’re incredibly grateful to an
anonymous donor in Edmond, OK, for the $30 undergirding for Brigada. We also
appreciate First Evangelical Free, in Manchester, MO for the $50 they sent.
6/29/2008 — Thank the Lord for a $75 gift from “a fellow
kingdom worker in Taiwan that has often benefited from Brigada” (her quote,
not mine [blush]). Thank you Taiwan! Thanks, too, for the $100 gift from
another anonymous couple. The only thing I can tell you is that they are
very involved in prayer for unreached peoples. In every other way, they’ve
requested that we allow them to remain anonymous. But God knows — and we
pray he’ll bless you greatly!!!
6/22/2008 — Because of the way you have given, Brigada
can go forward. Just in hand — a check from Blessed Hope long distance for
$14.93. Learn more about their outstandingly competitive rates and customer
service by browsing to:

Our Sponsors…

The following partners have worked out a regular arrangement with Brigada to give on a regular basis. We highly recommend them to you as being among the best in their respective fields. We humbly ask that you utilize their services whenever possible… and we are grateful for their vision and partnership here at Brigada! Want to join them? Just click “Donate” at the top of this page.
Mark and his friends at Missionary Health (Insurance Services of America) can set you up with international health, life and/or travel insurance needs for both short-term as well as long-term stays. If you’re a missionary . . . or if you know one . . . Mark can probably save you — and him/her — some money. Meanwhile, you’ll be helping Brigada too!
Jeff and Doug at Good Neighbor Insurance can get quotes from eight different international health insurance companies for international health and life insurance, short-term, long-term and short-term team mission trips. Get group insurance quotes for small and large groups, plans for non-Americans coming to the USA and Americans living in most USA states.

Communications is run by a missionary family and offers a worldwide, international phone service with the cheapest country-to-country international long distance rates I’ve seen. If you are living overseas or call people living abroad then visit this site.

CommunicationsBlessed Hope
Blessed Hope is a Christian owned US long distance service with cheap rates for people living in the USA. Get 4.9 cents per minute interstate rates with no monthly or hidden fees. If you are paying higher rates, then visit this site.

CollaborationCentral Desktop
Central Desktop provides a great batch of services for the team or organization wanting to collaborate on goal-setting, milestone-tracking, group-calendaring, and joint task-listing. This is the service that Brigada & Team Expansion use throughout the year. Give them a try. Even if all you do is register for a free trial, Brigada still gets a $2 gift for your efforts — and it really is truly the service Team Expansion & Brigada are using at this time. Also get web-conferencing and voice conferencing for 10 people, built into the service!

Communications – Global Airtime –

This is a great service for anyone wanting to keep in touch while traveling abroad. They provide a Global SIM card that can be used with any GSM Tri or Quad band phone to travel just about anywhere in the world. You will save as much as 90% or more on cellular calls while traveling abroad. BEST OF ALL they will assign you a local U.S. number to take with you so that friends and family here in the U.S. can easily keep in touch with you without making an International Long Distance call. Find out more by visiting their website

TravelMission Travel — Christian owned and operated travel agency exists to save missions time and money through discounted international airfare. Supporting missionaries, churches and mission organizations, focuses on the Great Commission and helps those serving around the world. Dedicated to supporting global missions, qualifying groups of 10 or more may also be eligible to receive contributions from owners. Also email

or call 1-888-849-8850 in the USA.

Books — William Carey Library – — This book source, which has been publishing missions books since the 1960s, seems to keep the best books of all. All the hard-to-find stuff as well as the hot-off-the-presses stuff… it’s mostly all right here.


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In addition, you can click here to see those who have given so far this year.

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