3) Military Outreach Christian Resources

We all know that many active military soldiers and support staff need to be reached with the gospel. Also, military personnel go through many physical, emotional, and spiritual challenges. For this reason, Military Outreach Christian Resources has resources for active-duty military. You may find on this website links to Bibles, articles, audio, dvds, tracts, discipleship, church planting, devotionals, mentoring, podcasts, evangelism, Bible studies, small groups, and more.

Please visit




to learn how you can help soldiers find a future in Christ.


2) Community Development Curriculum on DVD in 10 Languages

BOKSI’m holding a gorgeous curriculum in my hands. It’s from Nation-2-Nation Film studios and it focuses on community development. It’s available in at least 10 major languages. It combines the cumulative knowledge of doctors, agriculturalists, dentists, and veterinarian experts, who have worked among the world’s poor, and pools that information into a single, practical and easy-to-use curriculum. The series, known as “BOKS” (Building Other Through Knowledge and Service) is being used by missionaries and nationals in over 35 countries. It is currently available in: English, French, Creole, Spanish, Indonesian, Hindi, Cebauno, Tagalog, Mandarin, Swahili, and Hausa and costs $175. Learn more at…


There are 4 sessions on basic hygiene and health, 8 on Basic Medical Prevention and Care, 2 on Basic Dental Care, 5 on Family Health, 7 on Basic Ag. And Farming, 4 on Pregnancy and Childbirth, 4 on Child Development, and 2 more on the Female Reproductive Cycle. So with 36 sessions, this is a virtual introductory course on the entire community development foundation. Correct me if I’m wrong, but this just might be the most comprehensive distance learning curriculum available anywhere today in community health. 21 DVD’s — all for $175. That’s basically $8/DVD. I can’t imagine any better deal ANYWHERE that would so comprehensively give you so much of a body of knowledge at a distance. Plus, the videos are high quality. Yes, many are lecture-based, rather than the participatory style that CHE has made so famous. But if you have to learn this material through a distance learning course, you probably aren’t worried about using participatory instruction techniques (because you’re solo). If you can’t get to a CHE course in person, then this course is highly recommended. And if you CAN, then take CHE to acquire the training in participatory teaching, then use this course to expand your body of knowledge about the principles, techniques and the knowledge base of community health.

5) Give the gift of insight (The Future of the Global Church)

The Future of the Global Church Digital Collection from Patrick Johnstone is packed with powerful insights that visually show where the church has been and where we are headed. Recently, Global Mapping made available a free graphic as an encouragement for you to buy the Digital Collection for your missionary, church or pastor. Honestly, it’s great stuff — possibly the most in-depth research you’ll find anywhere worldwide. Learn more at the GMI link below, which gives you the graphic and refers you to the link for the Johnstone resource…


2) New Community Development Curriculum on DVD

Nation-2-Nation Film studios is pleased to announce that a new community development curriculum on DVD is now available in more than ten major languages.  This revolutionary curriculum is designed to help lift communities out of poverty and disease.  It combines the cumulative knowledge of doctors, agriculturalists, dentists, and veterinarian experts, who have worked among the world’s poor, and pools that information into a single, practical and easy-to-use curriculum.  The series, known as “BOKS” (Building Other Through Knowledge and Service) is being used by missionaries and nationals in over 35 countries.  It is currently available in:  English, French, Creole, Spanish, Indonesian, Hindi, Cebauno, Tagalog, Mandarin, Swahili, and Hausa and costs $175.  For 10% off all DVD products use the promotional code “promoboks10” at


(This offer is good for the next two weeks).

3) ILS Int’l Releases “Countries and Peoples of the World”

Think of it as a digital library for leaders with a global vision. Find the details at…


or get the whole fact sheet at…


With over 56,000 pages of information, you’ll find info on ministry strategies, poverty, hunger, HIV/AIDS, urbanization, sustainable development, literacy, world faiths, minorities, persecution, orality, the least reached, and much more. This library also includes the beginning of a Global Digital Atlas with over 160 high-resolution color maps. There’s even a mini-course to promote global awareness. This tool would also be great for a worker without fast internet, because it contains information on thousands of unreached peoples (the type you’d perhaps normally seek online). Either way, it’s a treasure chest worth grabbing.

1) A New Community Development DVD Curriculum —

Here’s a new Community Development DVD study solution, available in multiple languages.  This is a revolutionary new curriculum designed to help lift communities out of poverty. Imagine taking the cumulative knowledge of doctors, nutritionists and agricultural experts, who have worked among the world’s poor, and pooling that information into a single, practical and easy-to-use video curriculum in numerous languages.  To purchase or learn more, see…




(Thanks to the folks at Win Ministries for supporting Brigada this past week with a nice gift! This bumped them up in the queue and also bumped them up in the table of contents!)

9) “The Waiting World,” = the Best New Missions DVD —

See if you agree: This DVD on the 10/40 Window and the major world religions are destined to become best sellers. I just hope they don’t sell out too soon. Just to get Israel Houghton’s “We Speak To Nations” would be well worth the $12.95. Shew. At that price, this DVD is a steal. Best thing since those Urbana videos from the turn of the new century. Finally, they’re refreshed. Yes!


1) Keys to Church Planting Movements: An Interactive DVD Workshop

keystochurchplantingYWAM’s Church Planting Coaches, Brian, Joe, and Kevin, bring a collective 65 years of church planting experience in the Muslim, Hindu, Buddhist, Urban, Tribal and Western Worlds to team teach this dynamic workshop designed to equip pioneer church planters. This 13 DVD set includes: 26 Keys taught in individual, non-sequential sessions. You get a Syllabus / note taking guide, 2 hours of learning activities per Key (skits, role plays, small group discussions, Bible studies), “Simple Church” experience, Practical tools for use on the field, and User Guide/Resource CD – all in a library case. It’s ideal for churches in any context, mission agencies, and church planters (pre-field orientation and on-field training). What’s more, here’s a Brigada Special Offer: Order now and you’ll receive two free books that enhance the training – “Keys to Church Planting Movements” by Kevin Sutter, and “There’s a Sheep in my Bathtub: Birth of a Mongolian Church Planting Movement” by Brian Hogan. Get it on NTSC format $250 on Amazon.com.  Find it at…


For PAL format DVDs, additional students copies of Keys/Sheep books, or other questions contact:



Also, thanks to Asteroidea Books for pitching in $100 for boosting the item above to the front of the queue. (The item arrived on the 2nd of July and is being featured in the headliner spot just 3 days later.)

9) New Video Series From Harvest North Africa

A DVD containing short (5-7 minute) prayer mobilization videos about each of the five nations of the North Africa arise_shine_morocco_logoPartnership (Libya, Tunisia, Algeria, Morocco, and Mauritania) is now available. Each DVD contains English, French, and Spanish versions all on the same single DVD and is available in either NTSC or PAL versions for US$10.00 including shipping within North America, or at a discount for bulk orders. It can be shipped internationally at slightly higher cost. For more information or to order a copy, please send an email to:


2) New Dvd Course For Magazine Publishers

Magazine Publishers has just released a 14-hour, seven disk DVD course for publishers of Christian magazines on the business of magazine publishing. The course, titled Managing the Magazine, is taught by two key publishing professionals and filmed before an international audience. For more information, check out their site…


Publishers of Christian magazines in the Developing World may contact them for a link to a special section of resources with vastly reduced prices. Contact

7) DVD series on missions

Is there a better way to do missions? In this dvd series, church leaders from around the world are asked, “If you had one piece of advice you could give the church in North America, what would it be?” Hosted by Steve Saint who intertwines stories from his experience in the Ecuadorian jungle, the series “Missions Dilemma” is designed to stimulate discussion among church leaders, missions committees, and those involved in missions. Check out the trailer at


Order the series at


and click on store. Or contact

2) Check Out The Glory Story

The Glory Story team have now launched The Chronological Bible academy, a three hour chronological Bible presentation. In the UK, on a Saturday between 11 am – 2.30 pm, they visit church groups and teach the whole Bible as one story! They use all of the books of the Bible in just three hours (plus a half hour break for lunch). Download the brochure for more information and a contact address:


7) Resource To Help Christians Connect With Muslims

The “Bridges Study” is a 6-session DVD Small Group Study helping Christians understand and connect with Muslims. Designed for communities of learners such as church small groups, Bridges clears up the confusion surrounding Islam and makes it easy to respond to Muslims in a way that honors Jesus. Bridges is based on this understanding: “Our job is not to make Muslims Christians. Our job is to show them the love of Christ.”
Go to the webite for more information and to watch a trailer:


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