Follow-up on Secure (on Not) Email

A few weeks ago, we asked which is the most secure email. See the original item here…


One reader felt that Hushmail was no longer any more secure than the rest of the pack. Is that your understanding? If so, what are our options these days? One reader, Ed, mentioned he was using an encryption tool with Gmail. But I would think that slows down the very reading/composing/sending process that has helped make Gmail so popular. Another reader felt we had been a bit biased when we used the phrase “made a deal with the devil.” If you felt the same, please forgive. We just wish/hope that some company can create truly secure communication. Do you know of one?

6) End-to-end Encryption For E-mail, Messaging, and File Sharing

peerioChris thinks he may have finally found a user-friendly tool for secure communications with colleagues in sensitive countries. Peerio is an app for sending encrypted e-mail, messages, and shared files. It runs on Windows, Mac, or as a Chrome App. Data is encrypted on the sender’s computer and decrypted on the receivers, so even if Peerio servers are ever breached, unencrypted data won’t be exposed. Peerio is open source and peer reviewed, and anyone who can find a hole in its security can claim a $1,000 bounty. The best thing is how simple Peerio is to use; he says it is just like using a text messaging app.


Watch a video about their services at…

Peerio – Solution from Vincent Drouin on Vimeo.

I tried Peerio myself and it looks great — but am I right… that it will only send messages to other Peerio addresses? So it would be limited only to the circle of users who take the plunge?

(Thanks Chris!)

9) To Encrypt your Drive

It’struecrypt one thing to use a secure email client. Another to use a VPN. But what if bad guys steal your machine. In that case, you’ll wish you had encrypted your drive. Granted, you’ll take a SLIGHT speed hit — but with today’s processors and today’s encryption routines, you might not even notice the nanosecond of delay — in return for good security. So what’s the best encryption software? Our I.T. guy, Greg, says that for Mac users, the built-in Mac option is good. For Windows users, he recommends TrueCrypt. Here’s where to get a clean copy:


10) What’s Your Favorite Encrypted Email Provider?

We keep coming back to this item… but we do so because, for Christian cross-cultural travelers, it’s one of the most-relied-upon tools… like a hammer or circular saw for a carpenter. So what’s your favorite? Are you simply a Gmail user, in spite of the ads and marketing? If so, learn more at…


Just click “Create an account” at the bottom of the page.

Have you taken it one step further in privacy and protection by setting up a Hushmail account? Learn more at…


They might not be the most innovative or nimble on their feet, but, it boils down to this: Hushmail just usually works. Maybe they don’t have all the bells and whistles. Maybe there’s no iphone app. But when it comes to the basics of privacy and price (free, as long as you remember to check your account at least once every 3 weeks), their model works.

There are other options. Some use




What’s your favorite solution?

8) VSee Premiers IOS Version, Upgrades

If you have used VSee in the past, you know it’s always focused on great encryption for text chatting, as well as voice and video conferencing as well. When it comes to computing resources, some say VSee is significantly less than similar services like Skype and ooVoo. Your mileage might vary, but my guess is… if you try it, you’ll like it. VSee has now added screen-sharing and a lot more, and there’s a great iPad version too. And, as always, you can rest comfortably, knowing that VSee refuses to sell off its proprietary encryption (along with your privacy).


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