Engaging Islam

1) Are you Ready to Face the Challenge of Islam?

engaging islam“Islam is one of the toughest Challenges facing the church of Jesus Christ today!” says Georges Houssney, President and Founder of Horizons International. Yet more Muslims have come to Christ in the last four years than ever before! In just one or two weeks, Horizons International can help you get ready for the growing challenge of Islam both in America and the Muslim world. From July 13-18, 2015, study “Understanding and winning Muslims for Christ.” From July 20-25, 2015, you can study “Discipling and equipping converts.” Learn More and Register Today:


ENGAGE COURSE TRAILER – DEC 13 from Black Lake Studio & Press on Vimeo.

6) Is there a Course Like “Encountering the World of Hinduism?”

islam studyAn encouraging worker from Philippines contacted us this past week, mentioning that she had taken “Encountering the World of Islam,” and loved it — but she was wondering if such a course existed for Hinduism – and she’s especially interested in online options. We have published details about conferences offered by instructors at particular universities or conference centers, but as far as a “course in a box” and/or a course online, I was stumped. Are there any to which you could direct us? If so, just click “Comment” after the web version of this item and you’ll be helping all of us be more effective with the world’s Hindus. Thanks in advance for any help!

6) Prepare to Share with Muslims at Engaging Islam

engaging islamGo deeper in your understanding of ministry to Muslims with Engaging Islam Intensives Training – interactive and exciting week-long courses on Evangelism, July 7-11, and a new Discipleship course, July 14-18, in beautiful Boulder, Colorado. The Discipleship course features brand new material from Georges’ soon-to-be published book. Whether you are in full time ministry, or simply have a desire to learn more about ministry to Muslims-these courses are for you. Read more and register at…


10) Sharing Good News with Muslims the “EI” Way

Searching for a great way to share your Good News with a Muslim friend or acquaintance? Dan Ross (not his real name) wrote to Brigada this past week, “Having successfully completed both 9-months of TOAG and also the full program of Engaging Islam, now known as SIMS, … the EI/SIMS approach provides the hearer with a clear message of the Gospel. The Good News, as described plainly in the truth of God’s Word — the Bible — is very simple. It is helpful to understand the Qur’an, but only from the aspect of understanding the spiritual prison in which the Muslim lives. It is important for the Muslim to understand from the beginning that the ‘Isa al-masih character in the Qur’an is not the same person as Messiah Jesus in the Bible. Jesus, the Son of God, is the only one who deserves to be glorified, as He is the only Savior. Give no quarter to the enemy’s clever forgeries. Let us take seriously the command of 2 Corinthians 4:1-6, by setting forth the Truth plainly. Our jobs are to proclaim and make disciples. Allow the Holy Spirit to do His work in the heart and mind of the Muslim. Expect spiritual opposition when the Muslim’s heart is softening. But, we know that greater is He who is in us than he who is in the world.”

Learn more about Engaging Islam/SIMS at…


(Great stuff, Dan. Thanks for your recommendation.)

2) Let’s Revisit Guides for Sharing with Muslims

Some have pointed us to…


While others like the clarity and focus of the Camel Method…


Some prefer an in-person training program like Sahara challenge…


While others prefer a bolder approach like that used by Georges Housney, visible here…


The question is, which approach do you prefer for sharing hope and love with Muslim people? Please list just one URL in each comment box. Thanks.

12) Special Speaker at Horizons

Strategic Institute of Muslim Studies is pleased to announce that Jay is coming to Colorado this Summer to teach an apologetics course July 29 to August 2. Organizers invite you to register and learn from his many years of experience debating Muslim scholars around the world. See him in action here…


For more details visit


Scholarships are available. Leaders have said, “Do not let money stop you.”

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