10) Eurasia Media & Distribution Consultation (EMDC 2013)

Register now until February 20 for normal pricing.  After that will be late registration until 20 March (close of registration). EMDC 2013 (08-11 April) will be in Chiang Mai, Thailand.  Organizers are expecting over 200 people from 70-80 organizations. The EMDC is designed to create partnerships, and advance your Scripture-based projects in the minority languages of Eurasia and Asia.  The conference will feature training in audio recording, editing, mixing, and radio program production. To learn more, visit

11) Eurasia Minority Language Media Consultation

The Eurasia Media & Distribution Consultation (EMDC) is a multi-agency consultation that now meets on an annual basis (one year in Asia, the next in Europe). Minority language workers, in the greater Eurasia region, meet with media specialists (radio, TV, internet, mobile, social media), IT technicians, recording specialists, graphic artists, digital publishers, and specialists in Ethnomusicology/ Ethno-Arts (arts, drama, dance). EMDC 2013 (in Asia, 08-11 April) expects around 250 people from 80 organizations and will feature over 40 workshops. Prior to EMDC are four additional (optional) days of pre-EMDC training in nine tracks: (Video 1 & 2, Audio 1 & 2, Website development, Orality/ Storying, EthnoArts, Mobile Production, Mobile Apps). For access to the conference’s password-protected website, write to


7) Interested in media or minority languages in the Eurasia region? —

Media, Communications, and IT experts, as well as linguists, translators, and ethnomusicologists, will meet near Frankfurt, Germany 19-22 March, 2012, for the Eurasia Media and Distribution Consultation (EMDC 2012). To gain access (web site and secure login), email


with a letter of introduction.

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