4) Hope International University Offers “Open Class” on Evangelism

EvangelismJohn Hendee and Hope International University have teamed up now to bring you what they’re terming an “Open Class” (for just $50 — as opposed to the $300 price tag for undergrad credit) in personal evangelism. “It’s All About Relationships” just might be the vehicle YOU need to help you sail through some of the stigma you’ve had about sharing your faith. Learn more about the open class by emailing Phil at
pbtowneathiudotedu or contact John directly at…

1) Engaging Islam Intensive

EIGo deeper in your understanding of ministry to Muslims with these interactive and exciting week-long courses on Evangelism and Discipleship featuring material from Georges’ soon-to-be published book. Whether you are in full time ministry, or simply have a desire to learn more about ministry to Muslims, don’t miss out on these incredible training opportunities. But space is limited, so better register now at…


9) Infographic: 3 Revolutions Impacting Internet Evangelism

Global Mapping’s new series of mission-related infographics are very helpful. In their latest, they have summarized some vital trends and opportunities for digital evangelism in a ‘missiographic’ entitled 3 Revolutions Impacting Internet Evangelism. Missiographics can be widely shared and reused, terms shown on the GMI site.


4) Two New Mobile Apps For Evangelism And Discipleship

africaappThe Kola Africa app is a portal for video clips from the JESUS Film, audio clips and Bibles from Faith Comes By Hearing, all in multiple languages, plus text discipleship materials. The YesHEIs app accesses their click-to-share curated and categorized lists of video shorts in multiple languages and regions.

And it is not too late for your mission team to send a representative to the Mobile Ministry Consultation, Florida, 9-11 December, and take back valuable strategies to leverage mobile for your ministry.


6) A New Evangelist Tool For The Christmas Season

greatestgiftEarly in 2009, Reaching Beyond Borders, an organization which assists local churches in spreading the Gospel, partnered with Forgiven Films to bring a unique new evangelistic tool to life. Strictly adhering to Bible accounts of the prophecies, life, and the redemptive work of Christ, this 25 minute film reenacts Biblical scenes that tell the reason for the coming of our Savior. Follow His life from the miracles and the cross all the way to His ascension. Over 115 verses are quoted from the King James Bible as the true Christmas message is told. The movie can be viewed in its entirety or ordered on DVD at:




6) Library of Missions and Evangelism

The Library Missions and Evangelism brings together more than 100 items (magazines, books, brochures) on Missions and Evangelism, only material released by their authors, all in English. For samples, see…


Already Footpaths Library brings together more than 200 items (only in Portuguese) on the same topics:


The Library also keeps a library on Human Trafficking, with over 140 resources in English, Portuguese and Spanish:


There’s even a missionary blog (in Portuguese):


Valuable stuff.

8) Children in Mission to China

Some would say that culture and language are best learned through peer friendships, mission is best done through relationships, and children are a gift of God that He can uniquely use in his mission to lost and hurting people. In light of these truths, Friends4One offers an educational, missions engagement program that connects American Christian children with a child of the same age and gender in China. These 21st century pen pals use the internet to build a friendship and share Christ’s love. Check out…


to discover how you can connect more American children (12 and younger) in your family, church, Christian school or homeschool network with this unique opportunity to engage in relational, cross-cultural ministry. Write
infoatfriends4onedotorg if you are interested. (Word to the wise: In today’s environment, obviously, you’ll want to build in every safeguard imaginable so that these children aren’t misled.)

4) Your Thoughts on “Any-3: Anyone, Anywhere, Anytime”

Sometimes I feel like I’m the last to hear about this stuff. Can someone comment as to how effective (and sensitive) this book by Mike Shipman is? Suddenly, this week, I’m blitzed from 3 different directions about it. Apparently it has been quite effective with Muslims in Asia? Here’s a piece about it…


Anyone have any personal experience with this approach?

7) Do you want to be better at loving Muslims?

“Good News for Muslims” is A gathering Hosted by Carl and Chris Medearis. It’s all about loving Jesus and helping others love him too.  Anyone who serves Muslim friends, or is hoping to, is welcome.  Spend time with Carl and others to be encouraged and empowered to love openly. The dates are July 11-12 at MountainView Community Church in Highlands Ranch, CO. The space is limited. Registration and more information are at this link – pay through PayPal (which is your registration):



Registration is $100 per person or $150 for a married couple.  No childcare, so please no kids – unless they’re old enough to be involved.  This price includes one meal all together. The rest of our meals will be at nearby restaurants.

11)Seen any Icebreaker Videos that could be Saved on SD Cards?

Recently, we ran an article on developing Mobile Ministry Made Easy. Global Recordings Network is trying to expand their mobile ministry to reach the majority of people who only have access to the internet via their smart phones, iPhones or tablets. They’re searching for any web sites that provide 3-5 minute video or audio/visual clips that can be saved on a micro-SD card and inserted into a smart phone or tablet to engage people? The topics can be for initiating a conversation about religion, evangelism, discipleship, leadership development and “doing church.” From an icebreaker to a discipleship tool, mobiles are common and flexible enough to support a number of ministry approaches.

You can look at


for the GRN mobile website.

4) English Course as Evangelistic Tool —

123LearnIt.com is producing a high quality English Course in DVD for beginners, with others courses planned, for churches and missionaries to use for reaching others for Christ. The first ten lessons will be available on Youtube, with audio exercises and transcripts available at




The method is based on 1) Repeated watching and listening to fix in the mind, 2) Listen and repeat audio exercises 3) Read transcripts while listening to what one already understands to become comfortable reading. Watch the first lesson here:



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