5) Free Downloadable Hindu Evangelism Resource

southasianNow available in English, Bengali, French and Hindi Languages, these free print-ready tracts are designed for tri-fold use to print at your church or home computer. The tract is designed to make witnessing to Hindus simple. The Vedic Bridge and Truth that Triumphs are contextual Gospel tracts ready for you to download and print in PDF format And they are free to download and distribute


5) Evangelistic Tool for Ministry

j316The J316 soccer ball is being used by all different groups throughout the world with great effect to the glory of God. The J316 soccer ball comes in three sizes and is available in the USA and soon will be available in South Africa as well. This creative ministry tool is a great way to open up conversations about the Gospel amongst all age groups on and off the soccer field. Please check out the new website at…


7) Free Tract Explains Protestants to Eastern Europeans

Eastern_EuropeThe tract “Protestants: Who are they?” is available as a free download in Russian, English, Ukrainian, Georgian, Romanian, Macedonian or Bulgarian at the site: 


The non-denominational tract explains what evangelical Protestants believe, since they are often confused with non-Christian cults in Eastern Europe, or are accused of having departed from true Christianity (e.g. Eastern Orthodoxy or Catholicism). Versions are in both PDF and Word formats allowing you to modify the tract to meet your needs. Missionary author Kerby


only asks if you translate it into another language, that you send him a copy so he may provide it to others.  He’s especially looking for Serbo-Croatian, Czech and Polish next! (Thanks Kerby!)

2) Ministry Projects for Kids

Missions activities for any time, any place, and any season! Check out Zowie! 200+ Ministries Kids Can Do. Written with short-term, long-term, and one-time activities in mind, Zowie! includes encouraging testimonials and project ideas to help kids minister to the needs of their communities throughout the year. Reproducible appendixes carry Bible verse cards in English and Spanish, patterns, recipes, and contact information.

To order, visit


or call 1-800-968-7301 (USA callers can dial toll-free; others can call via Skype-out). Or email

for more information.

3) A Distance Learning Option that you can Join

Are you doing Business as Mission and want to earn additional income while reaching the best and brightest young people all over the world? Then join The Personal Learning Center International


and help recruit students. PLC/I provides English language instruction using the Rosetta Stone language learning program (they also offer 30 other languages) and provide skilled language tutors and give you credit towards your education if you need it. They offer middle school, high school, advanced placement, and vocational education courses over the internet that can lead to a US accredited high school diploma. Contact Philip

to learn more.

8) Free Leaflet Explains Digital Evangelism

A new leaflet has been published by Internet Evangelism Day, to explain the potential of digital evangelism. This two-page overview can be downloaded in Word or PDF formats, ready to print and use as a handout. Users have complete freedom to adapt it, or republish it (either extracts or in full) in print, web or email publications.

The PDF version is also an ideal addition to any website, providing a one-click introduction to web outreach. Webmasters can link directly to it, or add the file to their own server:

Word version:

PDF version:

(Thanks Tony!!!)

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12) New Evangelism Blog Launched

Digital Evangelism Issues (DEI) focuses on news and ideas for any type of digital outreach – web, mobile phone, video clip, social networking and more. It often looks at issues relating to cross-cultural mission opportunities. DEI is the blog associated with Internet Evangelism Day (IED), hence the mirror-image acronym! Classical language scholars and those with a Catholic background will notice a second reference: ‘dei’ is Latin for ‘belonging to God’.


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15) Training Program For Literacy Evangelism

The Blind Spot in Christian missions — Literacy and Evangelism International is hosting International Literacy Training Institutes in Ghana, Guatemala, the Ivory Coast, and USA. Topics include Basic Literacy, developing Bible-content literacy materials in local languages, Evangelism through literacy, Discipleship through literacy, teaching English as a Second Language, how to train tutors, and how to run church-based literacy programs. If you are interested in this training, please visit


for the dates and further information or email

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12) The Backpage: America Becoming Less Christian? … Or Not?

I read with interest the CNN story about the survey conducted (for the 3rd time in as many decades) regarding religious claimants in the USA. The title, “America becoming less Christian, survey finds,” is one of those comments that should give us pause. That all depends — on “which Christian” one is describing. While it’s true that the survey found that adherents to “mainline” congregations such as the Episcopal or Lutheran churches had fallen, the same survey also indicated that adherents to Roman Catholicism had remained stable and, surprisingly, members of “megachurches” had “skyrocketed from less than 200,000 in 1990 to more than 8 million in the latest survey” (conducted between Feb. and Nov. 2008). That change doesn’t sound quite like the summary CNN offered. A certain William Donohue, president of the Catholic League, was quoted as saying that he thinks “a radical shift towards individualism over the last quarter-century has a lot to do it.” Hmmm. It would seem to me that if a stream of Christianity grew from 200,000 to 8 million in the space of just 20 years, that works out to an average annual increase of more than 20% per *year*. I would have been thrilled if it were 10% growth per *decade*. What’s more, while it might be true that 1 in 5 now claims no religious identity, the truth is that 1 out of 3 claim to be an evangelical Christian, up from 1 out of 4 just 30 years ago.

If I were to re-write the summary for CNN, the title I would propose would be, “America becoming more evangelical,” and the text would include some personal testimonies of adherents that have found peace in the midst of chaos and uncertainty. That peace and faith might go a long way toward giving the world some hope in today’s troubling economic times.

Find the original article by logging on at


then typing the following phrase, in quotes, in the search box:
“America becoming less Christian, survey finds”
It will be the first pick of the list.
Your comments on the growth of evangelicals in your own country? Your own thoughts on the “state of the evangelical church” in general? Any thoughts on how this impacts missionary sending? … or the theological underpinnings of missions in general? If so, just log on and click “Comment”

12) Evangelism Resource For Afghans In Dari And Pashto

The 10th annual Afghan Christian Calendar is available now. This year’s theme is “The Majesty of God (Azamat-e-Khoda).” All the beautiful calendar pictures and Bible verses proclaim the majesty and greatness of God. This is an eternal message of life and hope for a people who have experienced decades of war-torn tragedy. The calendar is an encouraging and low-threshold evangelism resource appreciated by Afghans. The Afghan New Year begins on the first day of spring, March 21. You can order this calendar for your Afghan friends and acquaintances.

For orders in North America, please go to:


For other orders, contact:

Discounts for orders of 10 or more.

3) Free Spanish Christian Videos For Use In Ministry

Here are hundreds of Spanish Christian videos (vhs only, no dvd’s) for use in ministry in Spanish speaking countries — and the best part is, they’re free! This offer is for Christians to use in Mexico or other Spanish speaking countries for ministry purposes only, not for personal use. There are around 50 children’s titles, 7 evangelistic titles and 15 Moody Science titles and some documentaries and biographies. They will be shipped for free to USA addresses. For more information, contact Brian at

7) Resource To Help Christians Connect With Muslims

The “Bridges Study” is a 6-session DVD Small Group Study helping Christians understand and connect with Muslims. Designed for communities of learners such as church small groups, Bridges clears up the confusion surrounding Islam and makes it easy to respond to Muslims in a way that honors Jesus. Bridges is based on this understanding: “Our job is not to make Muslims Christians. Our job is to show them the love of Christ.”
Go to the webite for more information and to watch a trailer:


5) Help Children Minister In Their Communities On Valentine’s Day

Invite children from your church and community to participate in the second annual Children’s Ministry Day on February 14, 2009. On this day, thousands of children’s groups will participate in ministry projects to show Christ’s love to their communities. This year’s emphasis is health-care ministry. To learn more about Children’s Ministry Day (CMD) and read stories from CMD 2008, visit


or email

5) Gaining Understanding And Building Relationships With Muslims

Muslims, Christians and Jesus is a readable, interesting guide to understanding Islam, its culture, and its followers from an Islamic expert who has lived in the Middle East for over 25 years. With practical information and fascinating stories, Carl Medearis shares culturally sensitive ways for Christians to get to know Muslims on a personal level. Rather than focusing initially on the differences between Islam and Christianity, Medearis shows how common ground is the best foundation for friendships and for hearts turning to Jesus. More information and an excerpt can be found at


To order, e-mail

or call 1-800-877-2665 or (616) 675-9185 (Baker ships internationally as well.)

7) Get Useful Ideas On Evangelism & Church Planting

Here’s a site where you can pick up useful ideas on what others are doing that maybe you can use or adapt to reach your world. It provides helpful links to resources, tools and information to assist in winning the world for Christ (mostly free or low cost). The Outreach Files is published by Beautiful Feet Task Force and edited by Australian pastor/evangelist Howard Sands. It provides sermon outlines, illustrations and quotes to assist preachers in raising their churches to the challenge of winning their world. It’s a must for every church and mission leader, evangelist and church planter. Archives and subscription at


For email subscription send an email to

Write “SUBSCRIBE” only in the email subject line (without the quotes)

5) Reaching The Deaf In The Majority World

A survey by the World Federation of Deaf in 1988 showed that 80 percent of deaf live in the so-called developing countries but only 1 percent of the children were enrolled in primary education. Twelve years ago Bob began asking God, “How is it possible to bring literacy to these folks using computer technology?” Today, Bob is sharing a new free Windows program that can help the deaf to learn to read any text oral language using any hand signs as meaning prompts. Could you volunteer to add your oral text or sign language hand signs to the His Hands Reader reading program?? Please comment below which language you would like to add and then contact Bob via the web site. It takes only one week to add your 1700 words or signs to the His Hands Reader multi-lingual lexicon. All languages are welcome… even right to left text or home or village hand signs.


Take a look at a video screen capture of a His Hands Reader primer being read on GoogleVideo. http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=305522946098254846&hl=en
And also on the Chinese site…

Reading primers can also be shown on TV where deaf do not have access to computers.

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