6) Good Soil Seminars: Training for Worldview-Relevant Evang/Disc —

We’re living in a time when people have little to no knowledge of the Bible and the Christian faith, whether they are from the other side of the world or the house next door. The next Good Soil Basic Seminar will be held Oct. 26 & 27, 2011 in Harrisburg, PA.  Here you will be equipped to share God’s story of redemption as it is revealed chronologically from Genesis to Revelation, so that people can clearly understand the Gospel, sincerely embrace the Gospel, and firmly hold on to the Gospel, no matter what their starting worldview is. For more info on GoodSoil E&D and this seminar, visit…




or email


9) Share Evangelistic Video Clips with One Click —

Looking for a way to share strategic and powerful new video clips with those who need to find Jesus? Easy.




It offers Christians a categorised range of third-party evangelistic video clips. It’s a one-stop source of approved conversation-starting video clips that Christians can easily share on Facebook (or other social media), embed in a blog, or download to a smartphone to share one-to-one.


(Awesome Tony; 3 winners in one week! Thanks!)

11) Open eyes…Open words…Open Word —

Here’s a Training Program for Literacy Evangelism, The Blind Spot in Christian missions, June 12 – July 16, 2011, Tulsa, USA Over 50% of the world’s population are blind to the written Word of God because they cannot read.  You can learn how to open people’s eyes to the words so that they may read The Word.  How? By attending the International Literacy Training Institute in Tulsa, Oklahoma, June 13 – July 17, 2010. Topics include Basic Literacy, developing Bible-content literacy materials in local languages, Evangelism through literacy, Discipleship through literacy, teaching English as a Second Language, how to train tutors, and how to run church-based literacy programs.  For more information, please visit


[Note: that URL will wrap. If you have trouble reassembling it, just log on the Brigada site and find this item (see the link below). We’ll make sure it works there.]

or email

href="http://wwwdotbrigadadotorg/wp-content/uploads/2010/12/iltiatliteracyinternationaldotnet_.bmp">title="iltiatliteracyinternationaldotnet" src="http://wwwdotbrigadadotorg/wp-content/uploads/2010/12/iltiatliteracyinternationaldotnet_.bmp" alt="" />

3) Online Introduction to Missions Course -–

Kingdom Expansion 101 is a convenient and inexpensive six-week online course about world evangelization. This fresh and comprehensive class provides an overview of global outreach and how churches and individuals are involved in the Great Commission. Missions team members, short-termers and church leaders have commented on the quality of the variety of articles, videos, PowerPoint presentations, and interaction among the participants. The next class begins July 14. For more information see


and feel free to write to

href="http://wwwdotbrigadadotorg/wp-content/uploads/2010/07/KE101atdualreachdotorg_.jpg">title="KE101atdualreachdotorg" src="http://wwwdotbrigadadotorg/wp-content/uploads/2010/07/KE101atdualreachdotorg_.jpg" alt="" width="165" height="20" />

with specific questions. Several agencies offer the course to their constituents. To learn how your mission organization can do this, write to the email address noted above.

3) New Report on Evangelicals in the U.S. and Canada

The study consists of both a large PowerPoint Presentation and a pdf article. This study includes: 1) Percentage of Evangelicals in each U.S. state; 2) Evangelical Church to Population ratio in each U.S. state; 3) A sampling of some U.S. counties with an evangelical population of less than or equal to 10% AND the evangelical church to population ratio in each of those counties; 4) A list of U.S. metro areas with less than 10% evangelical population; 5) A specific list of U.S. metro areas with less than 3% evangelical population; and 6) The number of evangelical churches and the evangelical church to population ratios in selected Canadian metro areas. The report and presentation may be found at:


or from the blog


Or go there directly by clicking here:


Note that this latter link will “wrap”. If you have any trouble at all, just go to brigada.org and find this item.

2) Mobile Media Evangelism tools

indigitechNow you can share your faith while traveling cross-culturally in the languages of unreached people groups. Create International has developed “Gospel Gadgets” with all of their evangelistic films loaded ready to be shown to the target groups that you or your teams are reaching. These “Godpods” are specially designed for today’s “Mobile Media Evangelists” equipped with video and audio playback, ebook software to share the Bible in different languages, voice recording, and many more features. The best part about it is that they are one tenth the price of an ipod. For those of you working where electricity is rare or non-existent they have the answer for you: their portable solar charging unit. Find all of their Gospel Gadgets at:


(Thanks again to Create Int’l for that $50 gift they sent, acknowledged in last week’s Brigada.)

3) Free Downloadable Evangelistic Films

indigitech2Create International’s resource website at:


is focused on resourcing Christians around the world with a variety of evangelistic tools. Aiming to enhance one’s personal witness and provide effective cross-cultural tools in multiple languages, this website tool box is full of options, with more than 10,000 external links to resources and informative articles for helping you be as effective as possible in your witness to people of other cultures and languages. They now have a searchable database of hundreds of people groups with links to audio, video, and literature tools for evangelism and mission mobilization. Create International has just completed a new section of “FREELY downloadable evangelistic films” for more than 45 of the largest and least reached people groups! They are available in both Apple and PC compatible formats which are playable on any desktop, laptop, or portable media player. Please visit their “Indigitech” website and get equipped to reach the nations!

5) Free Downloadable Hindu Evangelism Resource

southasianNow available in English, Bengali, French and Hindi Languages, these free print-ready tracts are designed for tri-fold use to print at your church or home computer. The tract is designed to make witnessing to Hindus simple. The Vedic Bridge and Truth that Triumphs are contextual Gospel tracts ready for you to download and print in PDF format And they are free to download and distribute


5) Evangelistic Tool for Ministry

j316The J316 soccer ball is being used by all different groups throughout the world with great effect to the glory of God. The J316 soccer ball comes in three sizes and is available in the USA and soon will be available in South Africa as well. This creative ministry tool is a great way to open up conversations about the Gospel amongst all age groups on and off the soccer field. Please check out the new website at…


7) Free Tract Explains Protestants to Eastern Europeans

Eastern_EuropeThe tract “Protestants: Who are they?” is available as a free download in Russian, English, Ukrainian, Georgian, Romanian, Macedonian or Bulgarian at the site: 


The non-denominational tract explains what evangelical Protestants believe, since they are often confused with non-Christian cults in Eastern Europe, or are accused of having departed from true Christianity (e.g. Eastern Orthodoxy or Catholicism). Versions are in both PDF and Word formats allowing you to modify the tract to meet your needs. Missionary author Kerby


only asks if you translate it into another language, that you send him a copy so he may provide it to others.  He’s especially looking for Serbo-Croatian, Czech and Polish next! (Thanks Kerby!)

2) Ministry Projects for Kids

Missions activities for any time, any place, and any season! Check out Zowie! 200+ Ministries Kids Can Do. Written with short-term, long-term, and one-time activities in mind, Zowie! includes encouraging testimonials and project ideas to help kids minister to the needs of their communities throughout the year. Reproducible appendixes carry Bible verse cards in English and Spanish, patterns, recipes, and contact information.

To order, visit


or call 1-800-968-7301 (USA callers can dial toll-free; others can call via Skype-out). Or email

for more information.

3) A Distance Learning Option that you can Join

Are you doing Business as Mission and want to earn additional income while reaching the best and brightest young people all over the world? Then join The Personal Learning Center International


and help recruit students. PLC/I provides English language instruction using the Rosetta Stone language learning program (they also offer 30 other languages) and provide skilled language tutors and give you credit towards your education if you need it. They offer middle school, high school, advanced placement, and vocational education courses over the internet that can lead to a US accredited high school diploma. Contact Philip

to learn more.
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