13) What’s Your Fave Note-taking "Grass-Catcher" App?

I (Doug) remember the first time I came across a computer application designed to help me remember all those loose items in life. “Who was the author of that book? What’s the name of that hotel in Paris that has a fantastic rate on an amazing room in the perfect location? Remind me which shuttle service we used in Bangkok. What are the names of all my neighbors?” I finally realized – this was the perfect reason that computers were invented: To help us search massive amounts of information and find knowledge. So when you think about all the applications you’ve ever seen that are perfect for that challenge, which one wins in your mind? I had been using Microsoft OneNote. But frankly, I’ve become interested again in Evernote lately. You might have another fave. Would you click comment and tell us briefly why?


Learn more about OneNote at…




Sadly, the OneNote we’ve all enjoyed (from Office 2016) is now being put out to pasture by Microsoft. Only this “app” in Windows 10 will survive. Rascals.


Learn more about Evernote at…




Both have free versions.

11) Fall in Love with Note taking

evernoteThis past week, Ed mentioned Notability…


With it, you can combine handwriting, photos, and typing to bring your projects to life. Explore ideas, finalize details, get perspective and put all your notes in one place. Now I have always liked Evernote…


But this Notability thing would certainly give Evernote a run for its money. What’s your favorite note-taking app? How do you prefer to communicate the notes you’ve taken? If you have an idea or an app for that, please click “Comment” following the web version of this item.

7) Cool Tools: How to Remember Every Random Fact You Ever Heard

evernoteYou only need one word to answer this item: Evernote. It’s fast, it’s synchronized (with every device you own), the notes are always available off-line, and it’s full-featured. Basically, think of it as a funnel into which you can throw all your ideas, goals, things to remember, notes, and everything else. On the other side, you can retrieve everything. It has been said that the spreadsheet application virtually CREATED the market single-handedly for the personal computer. Why? Because paper spreadsheets were made SO obsolete by computerized versions. To me, Evernote is another one of those apps.


3) Evernote Essentials

evernote-iconYou’re probably already a big fan of Evernote, the ‘grass-catcher’ digital note-making application for smartphones, tablets, and computers. I’m not sure there could be any better app for remembering and tracking loose bits of information. It works great as a solo app, but also works for teams as well — and there’s a version for practically every platform. To learn more, visit…


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