2) How Does Your Ministry Keep Up With Social Media Changes?

New apps and changes in Facebook come nearly daily. How do you keep up? If you can invest 3 hours a week for 5 weeks, you could learn the new media options and how to establish meaningful communication with your ministry audience. Mission Media U is an online mentored learning platform and their Foundations of New Media Strategy course starts May 2. For more information and to register:



14) The Last Bit: Brigada Through Email, Facebook, and Twitter

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5) Join a Conversation about Disciplemaking

DiscipleMaking in the Historic Church is a new Facebook page and blog to explore how the modern best practices of the “Disciple Making Movements” (think “Miraculous Movements”) and “Church Planting Movements” (think “T4T”) can be implemented in association with “historic” churches. Organizers hope to create a community of practitioners and invite you to join the conversation at…


1) What are we Learning about Facebooking Unreached Peoples?


I’m fascinated by Dan Scribner’s article about using Facebook ads to address (directly) unreached peoples. See his article, which was adapted from


with permission, by browsing here…


It’s a fascinating concept and one which deserves a lot more study. Have you seen anything written up on this before (exactly this approach)? If so, can you point us to any resources? If so, please use the comment box that follows the web version of this item at the link below. Thanks in advance for any help, and Dan, thanks for your vision!

5) Big News: Facebook Gets More Secure —

I know. You’re thinking — “How can you possibly use those two words in the same title???” But the truth is, it was prompted by Facebook’s own CEO getting hacked last month. They probably picked up his browsing via a public wi-fi hotspot. (What in the world? Mr. Zuckerberg presumably has, at his disposal, an army of I.T. professionals and he doesn’t use a VPN??? “Inconceivable!!!!”) Either way, I’m thrilled he was hacked, not because I like to see other people in pain, but rather, because of the action it prompted him to take. According to the New York Times, as observed by Lissa at our Uganda Desk, …


It prompted him to give all of us the ability to browse Facebook in SSL secure sockets mode. Gang, this is one of the simplest, easiest, quickest, and perhaps most effective steps one can take to make sure our own FB accounts aren’t someday hacked. I followed the simple directions in the NY Times article and was finished in 30 seconds. You can too. Highly recommended. And thanks, Lissa.

4) Can you Point my Buddy to anyone Using Facebook for Outreach? —

A buddy of mine working in a very sensitive field would like to know. He’ll use his VPN to watch this page directly. He wrote, “Two of the websites we made that got about 250K hits were recently blocked so we’re looking into alternatives.” Would you be able to direct him to any Facebook apps that would be useful in ministry? (Please… and this is Doug talking… no farms or any other sort of animal that you raise, no mass valentines to everyone in your address book, and especially no mafia wars.) :-) Just click into the Comment box below to give him ideas. Thanks in advance.

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