6) We Just Read "God’s Hostage" (Andrew Brunson); Couldn’t Stop

We couldn’t put it down. Once we began reading, it drew us in and we couldn’t stop. There are indeed some reality checks. Andrew openly reveals the challenges of living in a Turkish prison. We also fully capture his transparency as he dealt with the reality of questions about his faith. Why would God allow him to be captured and held like this? Why wasn’t God there to insure a quick release? If you’d like to catch all this and more, pick up God’s Hostage for a discount at…


1) If You Missed Missio Nexus "Future," At Least Watch This (for free)

If you missed last month’s Missio Nexus “Future” conference, at least watch this one message from Andrew Brunson. Hear the testimony of this worker who was held captive for nearly two years in a Turkish prison. Hear his heart. At the end of everything he experienced, hear him conclude that Jesus is worth it all. Hear him say — we have to take risks. Hear him say that “we have to be willing to die. You probably won’t [die]. But at least you’ll be ready.” Thanks to much to Ted Esler and the Missio Nexus family for releasing this main session video to YouTube for all the world to hear.


Read his story in Time Magazine…


You can learn more about Andrew Brunson via his new book, which we’ll review next week, “God’s Hostage.”


14) The BackPage: Faith Must be Action-Focused! —

faithWe read in Romans 1:5 that we have received grace and apostleship through Him to bring about the obedience of faith among all the nations, on behalf of His name. Here at Brigada, we’ve recently been tossing over the concept that the idea of “having faith,” though it might function like a possession in English, is actually more like an action verb in the original language. To make matters worse, faith is a word used in many contexts these days and, in fact, it seems to be used rather loosely. But the Greek for faith, pisteuo, is clearly “to have faith in, trust; particularly, to be firmly persuaded as to something.” A great example of faith in action is Hebrews 11. By faith:

• Noah built an ark;
• Abraham went out, not knowing where he was going;
• Abraham offered Isaac as a sacrifice;
• Isaac blessed Jacob and Esau
• The Israelites crossed the Red Sea.

In each of the instances above, a person’s faith leaped into action. This reminds us that faith, our belief in a God that is all powerful, demands behavior. It’s no longer ok for us just to sit in a pew (or an office chair). I must turn my own faith into action. True faith has to have an Action Focus!

So what kind of action focus will YOU tackle? If you have an opinion on faith (or any thought related to the above), just click “Comment” after the web version of this item. Thanks in advance for sharing your opinion!

(*Note: Some of the above ideas were spawned from “Word for the Day” by JD Watson. And thanks to the Brigada team for generating cool thoughts about faith in action!)

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