5) Beautiful Book to Help Children Memorize Scripture

Lauren Minor recently published “My ABC Bible Verse Book.” Intended for use during family devotions, in homeschool or churches, these 26 “ABC” verses are easy to memorize for children and with beautiful watercolor illustrations by Beth Tillotson. Visit


to learn more and purchase a book for family, friends or supporters in the States. Both ladies raised children while serving cross culturally as reflected by the verses and art.


9) Understanding the Strength of "Family" in Islam

Some say the strength of family is a downer for those who want to follow Jesus as Lord. Why? Because members of one’s family can actually be the most severe in persecuting those who want to accept Christ. They reportedly persecute because they feel the renegade believer is going to bring shame on their family name. Still others advocate that if we were to be able to figure out how to reach whole families, the strength of their decision for Christ might help them be lock-solid in following Him. What’s your take. For background, pray through this video on family from Prayercast:


Please click comment to share your take. Thanks in advance for giving input.


10) Married in Mission: For Couples in Cross-Cultural Service

“Married in Mission” is a guide for couples called to the complex yet fulfilling world of cross-cultural humanitarian work. With a total of twenty-one interactive exercises concerning marriage and service, this handbook is a means for individuals to purposefully engage with their vocational roles as both spouses and missioners. Now you can get free shipping for this resource at…


9) New Bonk Book Explores Families in Missions —

family missions bookJonathan Bonk’s new book, “Family Accountability in Missions: Korean and Western Case Studies (2013: Editor: Jonathan J. Bonk; Associate Editors: Dwight P. Baker, J. Nelson Jennings, Jin Bong Kim, and Steve Sang-Cheol Moon), contains case studies regarding the nurture, care, and education of children, as well as MK identity issues, marriage, culture and language, education, roles, finances, resilience, corruption, retirement, and transcultural kids. Get the English paperback here…

Korean speakers will want to start here for the Korean version:

(Thanks to Kelly and Michèle O’Donnell for sending a heads-up about this new book. Learn more about their work at

3) Missions Moments For Families

Want easy ideas to help parents and children’s leaders teach a missional worldview? Missions Moments and Missions Moments 2 each include 52 weeks of missions learning activities designed for 5-minute children’s sermons, 15-minute hands-on missions learning activities, or 25-minute family devotions. To order, visit or call 1-800-968-7301 (USA callers can dial toll-free; others can call via Skype-out). Or email

for more information.

5) Global Recipes For Families

Stirring Up a World of Fun: International Recipes, Wacky Facts and Family Time Ideas contains 100 recipes compiled from all over the world. The introduction helps parents discuss kitchen safety, cooking terms and utensils, and measuring tips with their children. The recipes inside are organized by regions of the world. Each recipe includes an interesting cultural fact, a family-time activity, and a Scripture verse to discuss while cooking together.

To order, visit

or call 1-800-968-7301 (USA callers can dial toll-free; others can call via Skype-out). Or email
for more information.

10) Family Fun On The Mission Field

A Team Expansion missionary with two little boys (2 and 4-years old) is looking for great ideas for family fun. The country where he serves has some beautiful places but like many 3rd World Countries it doesn’t have many parks, playgrounds, etc. If you have an idea or have found great resources please share. He thanks you in advance! Just click “Comment” below the web version of this item.

1) For Men Only: Prayers For Your Wife

Andrew has just made available a helpful resource – a book of prayers for your wife – over 240 prayers where you can minister to your wife as never before. Consider this a loving investment in the length of your marriage, ministry and spiritual health of your wife. Andrew wrote, “I’ve been helped by the many ministry resources featured in Brigada and now I’d like to pass this help along to you.” The book title is: “Water of the Word – Intercession for Her.” (Andrew is a Third Culture Kid from Mexico.) Check it out on Amazon. Note that the link provided by Andrew ‘wrapped’ to multiple lines. We’ve collapsed it here so you can see his original URL when it forwards you to Amazon — or if you’re uncomfortable with that, just search for the title at

3) Form A Family Tree — So Your ‘mk’ Will Know…

Do you have a “third-culture kid?” … an “MK” (“missionary kid”)? If so, at least one anonymous worker in North Africa thinks you might enjoy

It’s a site where you can “narrow the gap between grandparents and grandkids, homeland and continents.” Simple and easy to use, you just log on and start building your family tree. Only members of your family can “talk” to you (though outsiders can “see” that you’re a part of a family chain). The service pledges that your email address is a safe secret. (“never spammed, never shared”: I like it.) The best part of all? It’s completely free — and highly recommended by Time Magazine, PC Magazine, and CNET.

1) Calling All Parents (That Have Had To Choose Schools)

If you know of a parent that has had to make a school choice, please refer them here. Two families in North Africa have asked for help. So — have you ever tried homeschooling, international school, boarding school, or a national school? Would you mind sharing, …. Which turned out to be best for your family — and why? If you had it to do over again, which approach would you recommend to others? What are the pro’s and con’s? If you wouldn’t mind, just tell your story! These two families (and many other) will soak in all the knowledge and experience! Just click “Comment” below to tell your story or share your resource.

20020915 Brigada Today

In this issue…


  1. SOURCE FOR THAT STORYING CD — Looking for the source on the storying CD we mentioned last week? (Item #8, “BIBLICAL STORYING CD- ROM”) Sorry about that. It should have been included as:

  2. GREAT STARTER PAGE FOR NEWS — Thanks to the anonymous tipster who pointed us to a new experimental news page… It even beats CNN! It lists and compiles fast-breaking news as “old” as 5 minutes, simultaneously tracking hundreds of other news source web pages from all over the world! It’s a great “one-stop shop”!

  3. MICHIGAN LIBRARY SITE BEATS ‘EM ALL — But the page that beats ’em all for researchers has got to be Michigan’s new “eLibrary” site: Whew! They’ve set a new standard for “comprehensive”.

  4. CLEAN UP YOUR INTERNET EXPLORER “RIGHT-CLICK” MENU — Okay… so maybe this is just a hobby horse of mine, but I don’t like it when plug-ins and installers alter my desktop without my permission. That includes my browsers “right-click” context menu. Is yours littered lately? Just hit your “Start” button, click on “Run”, then type in “Regedit”, choose “File|Export” and make a backup of your registry, then navigate to this key (watch the wrapping line): HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\MenuExt. Each subkey of this key represents one menu item on your right-click menu. Highlight the key you want to vanquish, then choose “Export” from the Registry menu and export it to a file of its own, just to be safe. Then delete the key. Easy! (Thanks to Neil Rubenking of _PC Magazine_’s staff, for the tip.)

  5. GET POWERBIBLE FOR FREE — Need some good Bible software? Rumor has it (now this is a rumor, mind you) that the publishers of PowerBible are willing to send you a copy for free, if you’ll just log on at… or email them at <bibleatmaildotcom>. When you write them, include your name, mailing address, field of service, mission sending agency, and that you heard of them through the Brigada newsletter. Maybe shipping might be your only charge. Contact them directly to find out. (Thanks Ken!) </bibleatmaildotcom>

  6. SAVE YOUR WEB PAGES, NOT JUST THE ADDRESSES — It can be expensive to download web pages and then have to download them again when you want to use the information. SurfSaver is a free program which saves web pages in user-defined folders as completely searchable files which can be shared with others. The free version works great and can be downloaded at although a PRO version is available for $29.95. (Thanks Harold!) I’m partial to the Adobe Acrobat capability. For example, last night I saved an 850-page website to my hard-drive (in pdf format, retaining links to the web) in about 5 minutes via my cable modem. Then, when I went on the road, I took all 850 pages with me for reference or demonstration. For Adobe Acrobat, see your nearest COMPUSA or similar computer software subscriber, or order directly from Adobe at .

  7. FAMILY-ORIENTED SHORT-TERM TRIP — Southern Nazarene University is organizing a family-oriented missions trip to Monterrey, Mexico over the New Year’s holiday (Dec. 27 to Jan. 3). Cost is just $489 US from McAllen, TX. It’s billed as a short-term “missions adventure for all ages.” Ministries will include church construction, Vacation Bible school type ministries and medical work. For more info log on at: or e-mail <mexicoatsnudotedu>. </mexicoatsnudotedu>

  8. SEMESTER MISSIONARIES NEEDED — CrossCampus International is looking for a few godly men and women to serve in East Asia as a semester missionary on various college and university campuses. The assignment will be to evangelize and disciple university students. For more info., contact CrossCampus International <cciatcrosscampusdotnet> or 817-861-1770 in the USA. All approved applicants will be responsible for 100% of the cost of the trip. For further information visit CCI’s website at . </cciatcrosscampusdotnet>

  9. TRAIN IN TESL & TEACH ENGLISH IN CHINA — Learn to Teach English by taking a TESOL course in Shanghai China. The course is both academic and practical in content and will prepare you to be a professional teacher of English. The course has a two week practicum which gives you the opportunity to put into practice what you have learned in the course. Come to China, take the course, learn the culture and stay and teach OR go to any other location in the world to teach. Course dates are Feb. 14-March 28, 2003 and July 4-August 15, 2003. Go to for more information on the school. Please note that emails are received in china and can be read!! Please think before you write.

20020901 Brigada Today

In this issue…


  1. INCREDIBLE UP-TO-DATE NEWS AT YOUR FINGERTIPS — This is one of those discoveries you’ll want to add to your “links” bar at the top of your browser. (Thanks loads to Tony for the tip!!!) Google has launched a news searching service. Although still in beta form, it pools over 4000 news source, ranking them for freshness, credibility and popularity. Because ordinary webpages don’t get into any search engine database very fast, this sort of ability to search for fresh news is highly useful. It may help mission personnel evaluate crisis situations quickly. As I was compiling this issue of Brigada Today, for example, I quickly searched for news on Hurricane Lili. This new “news” engine gave me articles that were less than 2 hours old from VOA! Try it! Great find.

  2. MENTAL HEALTH AND MISSIONS CONFERENCE — The theme is “Organizational Dynamics in the World of Missions.” It will be on the ethos and organizational dynamics of mission agencies with special emphasis on how leadership styles, organizational communication, financial policies, and the missions culture impact our effectiveness in fulfilling the mandate to “go into all the world and make disciples.” Presenters will integrate the concepts of family systems theory, organizational and industrial psychology, human resource paradigms and other concepts with Scriptural principles to provide guidance for mission leaders and mental health professionals who work with them. This annual conference will be held November 21-24, 2002 at the Potawatomi Inn located in Indiana. Hurry — registration ends October 15, 2002. For more information call 800-896-3710 or 719-487-0111, or register online at in the Workshops section.

  3. CHILDREN AT RISK — Do you know of cases where helping children has also helped to plant or expand the Church? Viva Network is starting a Forum around this issue and would love to learn where this has taken place, especially within the 10/40 window but not exclusively. For more information on this new Initiative please contact Natasha at <ncarrilloatvivadotorg>. </ncarrilloatvivadotorg>

  4. VISION TRIP FOR LEADERS IN CHILDREN’S MINISTRY — World Servants, World Vision, and Through the Bible Publishers are teaming up to equip leaders in children’s ministry to mobilize the children they lead for missions. You are invited to apply for the Honduras Vision Trip coming February 20 – March 2, 2003. A $600 stipend is available to help reduce, but not eliminate, the cost of participation. If interested, please inquire quickly. For more information, contact <visiontripatthroughthebibledotcom>. You may read an article about the last Vision Trip at: . You may view the Vision Trip brochure at: . </visiontripatthroughthebibledotcom>

  5. SEMESTER MISSIONARIES NEEDED — Two thousand international students from India, China, Thailand, Japan, South Korea and many other Asian and European nations are going to school at the University of Texas at Arlington. Many often ask questions about Christianity. CrossCampus International (CCI) is in need of two single Christian young men who are willing to give up their 2003 Spring Semester to tell these students about the love of Jesus Christ. The dates of this project are January 14, 2003 until the end of May 2003. You will also be given the option of serving overseas with one of CCI’s short-term summer teams at the end of the Spring Semester. The cost of this project is $2600 plus your insurance and transportation to and from the Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport (DFW). Housing is provided. (The applicant is responsible for 100% of the cost of the trip.) For further information visit CCI’s website at or email <cciatcrosscampusdotnet>, or call 817-861-1770. </cciatcrosscampusdotnet>

  6. MISSION CONFERENCE FOR ENTIRE FAMILY — Here’s a missions conference in Budapest, January 8-12, 2003, billed as a great conference for a great price, designed for the entire family, where you don’t have to give presentations :-) . Moody Bible Institute is providing programming for children. The conference speakers include Dr. Joseph Stowell, Alistair Begg, Ravi Zacharias, Jerry Jenkins, Gary Chapman & Kathy Koch. Worship will be led by Graham Kendrick and guest musician will be Michael Card. To register for this conference, go to .

  7. INTERNET BIBLE COLLEGE FOR ASIAN CHRISTIANS — The Asian Internet Bible Institute (AIBI) seeks to provide free in-service bible and ministry training for Asian pastors, missionaries and lay leaders, especially those in remote areas. The Harvestime church-planting course has 21 modules and takes about two years. There are also 11 shorter courses on diverse topics, plus hundreds of articles, resources and downloads. All courses are free and are designed to be quickly downloaded even on slow connections in icafes. The URL is: or write <johnedateomtcdotcom>, the Australian who heads the program. (Remember to check first to make sure the doctrine and teaching will match that of your particular faith. Brigada Today can’t check out all these courses in advance to tell you which ones match your particular beliefs.) </johnedateomtcdotcom>

  8. BIBLICAL STORYING CD-ROM’S — Here’s a great “biblical storying” CD by a talented teller-actor, Robert Delafield. The price is right: FREE!! (They charge “shipping & handling” of $7.50 a disk, but will throw in a free one if you order four.) A NT and an OT CD is available. These videos could be a course in how to use gesture, voice and expression to tell the story. They are for anyone wanting to become a really great biblical storyteller. In stock now, but not sure for how long. For more information, log on to: .

  9. TRAINING FOR ABORIGINAL MISSIONS WORK — Wilcannia River of Life is hosting its annual Effective Aboriginal Ministry Seminar from the 27th November through to 1st December 2002. This Seminar teaches how to effectively minister to one of the hardest Cross Cultural groups in the world, Australian Aborigines. Guest Speakers include Dr. Max Wiltshire (20 years experience), Pastor Victor Minniecon, Pastor Scott Lamshed (Scott has been in the small river town of Wilcannia for almost 5 years and seen an amazing turnaround in the community). For further details log onto or contact <sklamshedatbigponddotcom>. </sklamshedatbigponddotcom>
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