7) We Get Mail…

Occasionally, someone will write to say thanks to Brigada for including a resource or item. This past week, one Brigada participant wrote to say, “After you put a note in Brigada about the wellness assessments for MKs on Feb. 12 I received about 1000 page views and even during the past week they are still finding it through Brigada and from 10 countries. One person has offered to do some more statistical analysis to help improve the research on the adult version through this as well. Thanks for your help!” God be praised, brother! Thank you for creating the resource!

2) What are Cool Tools for Travelers?

TravelOver the years, certain Brigada “travel-related” items seemed to generate a lot of feedback. Sometimes, the feedback even bordered on excitement. So, over time, we have watched feedback on those items and collected them into a kind of “all-star” cast of items. Today’s edition features an update on some of those all-star “Cool Tools for Christian Travelers and Those who Serve Them.”


5) Counseling Major Requests Your Input on Repatriation Adjustment —

Here’s an educational psych and counseling student at the Univ. of Oklahoma (in the USA) who would love to get your input on a survey. You only need to be over 18, have served overseas at least once and have returned to the United States at least once. Mission trip experiences are AOK too. The study reportedly can be completed entirely online in approximately 15-20 minutes. All information provided will be kept completely confidential. To take part, go to:

8) From the Mail Bag, Just in Time for New Year’s Eve —

Hats off to long-time Brigada reader, Stan Nussbaum, for writing this past week, “Here’s a possible item for your New Years issue of Brigada — some new words to Auld Lang Syne. For more details see


or join the Facebook group, ‘Celebrating the Messianic Year.’ New Years is a blown opportunity in most churches, hiding in the shadow of Christmas and slipping by us.”


(Note: That URL above will likely ‘wrap.’ If you have trouble reassembling it, just navigate, using the link below, to this item in Brigada Today. We’ll make sure it works there.)


Let This be the Year!

(Stan Nussbaum, based on Rev. 22:17. Tune: “Auld Lang Syne”)


Let all our false hopes be forgot

And never brought to mind.

The messianic age has dawned

And this is its sure sign—


Messiah reigns in us, my friends,

His Spirit lives in here. [hands over heart]

So come, Lord Jesus, reign on earth, [arms open]

And let this be the year!


Yes, let this be the year, O Lord,

The Messianic Year.

Your kingdom come, your will be done. [arms raised]

Please, let this be the year!


(copyright 2010 Stan Nussbaum. Non-profit reproduction permitted.)


How ’bout that! Stan, thanks a bundle for sharing from your storehouse of words, research, and meaning!

9) We Got Mail — about Last Week’s “BackPage” on Unreached Peoples —

You’ll recall that we posed some questions about a people group ‘count’ in a recent BackPage Editorial. Interestingly, several top-notch researchers took to heart what we said and began tracing various strains of that particular people group. We’ll leave the details secure, but suffice it to say that it turned out, for the opinion of these researchers anyway, that the unreached people group lists were correct, according to the best data we have. The bottom line is — when you see those numbers on those lists, remember that they’ve been carefully gathered by many volunteer and paid workers, all of whom care about the Great Commission (or else they’d be selling insurance instead). Frankly, I’m deeply impacted that these researchers cared enough to do the due diligence to verify and monitor. I’m grateful they’re helping us all get closer to understanding the challenge that remains. May God bless them, meet their needs, and give them a great new year in 2012!

9) What kind of Brigada Articles do *you* Like to see? —

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