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3) This Guy Will Teach You and Your Family French, Spanish, Latin

Are you sick of having to pay $500 every semester for a simple class in Spanish or French or Latin, whether for you or for your home-schooled kids? Would you just love to learn another language at an affordable price? Well finally, somebody has thought of a practical, affordable paradigm. This guy — Dwane Thomas — is funny, practical and effective in this teaching/training. He has some super language training gifts that can help you overcome your fear of learning to speak another language. But one of the best parts is — you and your family become “members” of his training by paying one simple fee per month ($25). For that price, everybody in your family can participate (in whichever language you want) as much as you like! There are both live classes (to give you that structure you need so you don’t put off the training) as well as recorded videos (so you can train any time you want). Check out the entire system at…


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