7) Free Books via Kindle —

For a short period, there are two mission-related books as free Kindle downloads: The Final Assault: A Novel about Finishing the Task by Steve Smith, highly recommended on church planting. And a second — Speaking of Jesus: The Art of Not-Evangelism by Carl Medearis. Another highly-recommended title. This page also explains the incredible system for putting free cloud ebooks for Africa onto dumb phones and making them virtually smart phones!


The latest news about Internet Evangelism Day on 29 April is available at

2) Free Download: “Preparing for Reentry” —

This short book, “Before You Get ‘Home’: Preparing for Reentry,”  is for people intending to reenter their passport culture after service in another culture. It will help missionaries through the months preceding their return. It is now available to download free of charge as .doc, .pdf, or .zip files for your computer and as .mobi or .epub files for your Kindle or Nook. You can’t beat the price. Find it at…


(Thanks to Go International for your help in getting Brigada out! $30)

3) Free Sign-up Page Might Help you at your Next Function —

I’m checking into this sign-up page…


As it already stands, you might be able to use it for your next function. Say, you’re a missionary headed to a particular local church to report back on your last term of service. You do a sign-up page for your local churches to sign up for which Sunday(s) they want you to come to their church to report. Possibilities, right? I’ve also got a request into their developers to see if they can design a “vigil mode.” Folks would use it to set up an all-night prayer vigil… or maybe a 24/7 all-week prayer vigil like you see discussed at:


Once they did the general tool, I have a hunch a lot of us would use it. “If they build it, we will come,” kind of thing. I’ll let you know if they take us up on it.

7) VSee Continues to Impress (Completely Free of Charge) —

We’ve talked previously about VSee, an alternative to Skype that seemed, at least in my informal testing, to be superior in call quality when you need to do multi-person video conferences. See our original discussion at…


I was particular interested in one Brigada reader’s take. He wrote,

“Here’s the biggest carrot for VSee, from their blog:

“VSee uses end-to-end encryption where no server, including VSee servers, has the decryption key. VSee uses public/private RSA keys to exchange a 256-bit AES session key with the property that only the endpoints have the AES session key. VSee uses FIPS 140-2 certified 256-bit AES encryption.” He went on to test their service at some length and, at the end of the day, in several international video-conference tests, he, too, liked the outcome. About the security topic that he mentioned above, he added, “This is very significant. To my knowledge, no other video collaboration package offers this level of security. VSee looks like it might even be easy to use, which would be fantastic as well. I’m giving it a shot. The great thing is — it won’t set you back that much to try it. Though there are a few premium pieces you could choose to add for a price, the basic VSee service is free.

8) Free Studies using Bible Storying for Church Plants —

Are you planting among those with a Western worldview, particularly Americans and Canadians? Several Bible Study options are now available at no cost for church planters. The Spiritual Transformation Series is a 35-session series for relational small groups that use Bible Storying. “Catching Fire” is a 12-session study for new believers based on an oral T4T. “Church Ministries” and “Multiplying Disciples” are 8-session studies that establish the new plant. Just email your name, church name, location, and launch date. The curriculum is offered free to plants one year or younger. They’ll email you the studies in PDF files. Not a new church plant? These same resources and many others are available for purchase. Ask for a Storying Resource Guide by emailing Mark Snowden at



Mark has been a Bible Storying trainer for 15 years and co-authored Truth That Sticks (NavPress) with the late Avery Willis.

4) Consider this Alternative for Skype Video —

Is it just me — or have you noticed lately that Skype video conferences seem to be dropping somewhat in quality? If you feel the same, would you be willing to try out this alternative service and give your feedback? The service is


We heard about it last week courtesy a very kind Mission Aviation Fellowship staffer. It’s completely free, allows peer to peer screen sharing and even webinar-like features such as screen sharing — so you can even allow someone remotely to work on your laptop, while you discuss it. Should be a great “poor man’s GoToMeeting.” Did I mention it’s completely free? :-) There are add-on premium services, but it looks as if they’re most relevant in enterprise settings. Granted, for larger webinars in which you want a special speaker to be able to address a group, Vsee doesn’t seem as appropriate (there’s no way to hush all the group members; they have to mute themselves). But for smaller get-togethers and prayer sessions, it seems like an answered prayer!

8) First Session of Online Counseling is Free —

Struggling with an issue? Need some unbiased input? Give it a try for free before deciding to continue. Care Port Counseling provides online video counseling to people working abroad. After the first session, fees are still minimal (and negotiable). All you need is fairly high speed internet (for video streaming), Skype and a webcam. Services are provided by a licensed counselor with 10 years’ experience counseling missionaries. For questions or more info check out

9) Top Three Risks When Traveling Overseas —

Are you a short-term team leader or know someone going overseas? It’s common to hear Short-term missions participants ask about airline safety or terrorism yet be completely unprepared for those everyday risks which are hundreds of times more likely to happen to them. The new book, “The Top Three Risks When Traveling Overseas” is being offered free of charge courtesy of the folks at Good Neighbor Insurance. It was written to help prepare people for their overseas trip. Additional info can be found at


Feel free to share the link with others.  For more information contact

jeffatgninsurancedotcom or call 480/813-9100. Toll free in USA: 866/636-9100.

7) “Mission Field at Your Doorstep” —

OMF International has designed this seminar to “Unlock the East Asian Diaspora.” Hear Carolyn Kemp and David Sorteberg  (OMF International Directors of Diaspora Ministries) on February 4, 2012 (9:00 am-4:00 pm) at Granville Chapel (5901 Granville St, Vancouver, BC) at a free seminar with light lunch provided. For more information, email…


or call 604-278-1208 in Canada.

4) Esl Resources On DVD —

‘The Hope’ ESL version 3 includes extensive beginners’, intermediate and advanced sections, users’ handbook, updates and has instructions in English, Mandarin and Indonesian. To purchase the ‘The Hope ESL” version 3 DVD ROM, it is available from the following link:


(That link might wrap. If you have trouble reassembling it, just go to the link below, immediately following this item, then use the link we place there.)


To download for free click on: (800MB ZIP file)

If you live in the USA or South America it may be cheaper to purchase version 3 from Mars Hill at:

3) Free Sherwood Lingenfelter lectures Now on iTunes —

That’s right. In the spirit of giving away education to the nations, Fuller Theological Seminary has now released the entire “Culture & Transformation” course online via iTunes. Yes, if you’re not an iTunes user already, you’ll have to download and install iTunes to listen, but it’s a free install and you can always uninstall it after you’re done, if you prefer. There are 22 lectures and, the truth is, this is really good stuff — especially for the price. (free) Check it out at:


(That link will ‘wrap’ to the next line. If you have trouble reassembling it and pasting it into your browser, just click to the link immediately below to find this item on the web at We’ll make sure it works there.) Chris, of the Halbert Institute for Missions at Abilene Christian University, thanks so much for this tip!

3) Scheduling driving you Ballistic? Try ScheduleOnce (free!) —

Catch that word, “Free,” but even their paid plans are fairly affordable. Either way, ScheduleOnce recently released a major upgrade to the ScheduleOnce service that turns ScheduleOnce into your go to application for all personal scheduling needs. With this new release, every user gets their own MeetMe page where people can see their availability and easily schedule time with them. The MeetMe page can be used to schedule Appointments, One on one meetings, Activities and Group meetings.  Watch this quick video to learn more:


To get started, go to


and signup with your Google or Facebook ID – ScheduleOnce has a great entry-level free plan and no registration is required!

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