2) Calling Any French Translators with Audio/Video Skills?

The Zúme Project has hit a wall on its 7th and 8th translations (French and Swahili). They need a team of French translators (minimum 2) as well as a couple of Swahili translators too, both of whom have video and audio skills. This translation team won’t get rich, but rest assured that this is a paid job. Native speakers are preferred. If you are French or native Swahili-speaking and you’d love to be paid for creating a quality translation for a VERY critical disciple-making movement (DMM) course, please contact

languageguyathushmaildotcom  (languageguyathushmaildotcom)  


with your name and location, along with email, a mobile phone number,

and a bit about how you learned about Zúme. In advance, thanks!


20020526 Brigada Today

In this issue…


  1. MISSIONS MAPS ON CD-ROM AVAILABLE NOW! — GMI has just released WorldVue: The Great Commission Map Collection, containing over 500 maps and graphs in popular digital graphics formats. All the missions themes from GMI’s overhead transparency sets are included, plus political maps of each country and region. View them on screen, print them, or copy and paste them into your electronic documents. No royalty fees are required to use the images for most Christian ministry purposes. For Windows and Mac, WorldVue sells for $39.95, but for Brigada Today subscribers we have negotiated the special price of *$29.95* (plus shipping and tax) for orders placed by June 22. To order, go to or contact Lorri at <infoatgmidotorg> or phone 719-531- 3599. </infoatgmidotorg>

  2. CATCH THE POTENTIAL OF THOSE MAPS — I hope you were able to imagine the potential of that map software in the item above. I’ll give you an example. My CD came on a Friday. I grabbed it and headed out the door for a weekend speaking engagement to a church of 2000. By Sunday morning, my presentation was practically *revolutionized* by the inclusion of richly-researched maps about the country I was highlighting in my message. It doesn’t really matter which part of the world you have to cover — this one’s got at least *something* on just about *everywhere*. There are GIFs, TIFs, and a ton of other formats… with all different pixel ratios and sizes, so it’ll adapt to the level of resolution and clarity you need. And the interface couldn’t be simpler. The maps aren’t locked into some kind of weird format that forces you to send royalty payments to the authors every time you turn around. Get this — there are *hundreds*, maybe *thousands* of maps on this CD — and they’re all available for this one $30 price. I bought a CD not long ago from a commercial vendor for $60… something like “Coolmaps” or whatever. I’ve barely used it. The maps weren’t as focused on missions… and frankly, it just wasn’t as easy to implement. If you’re a mobilizer — or if you’re a goer — either way, if you print brochures, newsletters, or flyers, get this CD. I guarantee you’ll find something useful within one month. If you don’t, send it back to GMI and I bet they’ll cheerfully refund your money. And in case you were wondering, I don’t work for them — and they’re not giving me any kind of benefit “cut” for this announcement. I’m just one beggar telling another where to find bread. :-)

  3. LEARN ABOUT HINDUS — A two-week Summer course entitled Christian Witness in the Hindu World will be held at Fuller Theological Seminary, 135 North Oakland, Pasadena, California, from June 24 to July 5, 2002. This course provides an overview of 1) the Hindu World, 2) Hinduism¹s globalization, 3) its relationship to Christianity in the Indian Sub- continent, 4) Christian evangelization attempts in the past, 5) various contextual questions arising, and 6) proposals for finding a new way forward. See the Fuller website for full details: . It is possible to register on-line. Any questions, please contact Christine Cervantes at the Fuller School of World Mission: <swm-acadprogdiratdeptdotfullerdotedu> </swm-acadprogdiratdeptdotfullerdotedu>

  4. BRAND NEW DONOR TACKING PROGRAM FROM PEOPLE RAISING — If your organization is like ours, one of the most common problems you face is training new staff people how to find ministry partners, then equipping them with tools that can help them succeed. Now you can reduce the time it takes to raise support as you use the People Raising Tracking Program. In one program are 5 reports. You can prioritize your prospects and donors, estimate donor capacity, develop a weekly strategic plan, measure your fundraising time and effort, track dollars raised, and follow your donors giving patterns. It is available at a special introductory price of only $9.99 or e-mail <billatpeopleraisingdotcom> . </billatpeopleraisingdotcom>

  5. MISSIONS TRAINING + FRENCH LANGUAGE LEARNING — Come experience French language learning and culture during a bilingual 5-month Discipleship Training School in Quebec. The three months of practical teaching (including modules on Relief & Development, Missions, Evangelism & Reconciliation) prepare you for two months of creative outreach in a foreign culture. You receive 20 credits from University of the Nations transferable to many other institutions. The school begins September 29. The cost is $2,200 U.S. plus travel expenses. For more information contact Jacques at YWAM Dunham <jemdunhamatendirectdotqcdotca> or check it out at: . </jemdunhamatendirectdotqcdotca>

  6. EASY ENGLISH ROLLS COMMENTARY ON LUKE THROUGH CHECKING — Hilda Bright’s commentary and text for Luke are often downloaded. So too, are her similar works on Mark, Titus, Jude & 2 Peter. But LUKE joins her Philippians in finishing Advanced Checking. Level B EasyEnglish has a lexicon of 2,800 words. It is for pastors and Bible Study leaders, who do not have English as their mother-tongue. Download Luke and over 50 other commentaries and translators helps from Wycliffe Associates (UK) at . This service is free of charge. And so is supplying our materials by email or on CDs. More information from <martinateasyenglishdotinfo>. </martinateasyenglishdotinfo>

  7. GET INVOLVED AT KOREAN LANGUAGE CAMPS — Mission to Unreached Peoples is looking for servant hearts to lead Korean Language Camps. Participants must be strong in their walk with the Lord so they can be good witnesses to students. Students and teachers will have opportunities to develop relationships outside of class time. Housing and food will be provided by the school. They’d love to find Koreans who speak English, but they’ll take *anyone*. If you have a heart to see the lost won in Mongolia for Jesus, don’t wait! Inquire now at Mission to Unreached Peoples! Contact Jeff at 1-888-847-6950 or (206) 781-3151 or check us out at Our email address is <mupinfoatmupdotorg> </mupinfoatmupdotorg>

  8. “OSCAR” INFORMATION SERVICE LAUNCHES NEW SECTION — OSCAR, the UK Information Service for World Mission, this month launches a new section of the OSCAR website called the ‘Supporter Index’.

    This section is specifically for those who are, or wish to be, involved in supporting or facilitating world mission. You’ll be amazed at what you can do without even leaving your home! There is information on the different ways you can assist and support mission work including a comprehensive listing of UK world mission events. A sub-section on communications includes advice and links for using the Internet, email, telephone and post for keeping in touch with folk around the world.

    The launch of this new section comes one month after the successful launch of OSCAR’s Mission Mobilisers Forum that has been buzzing with activity ever since. To access the OSCAR website, go to

  9. NEED POWER FOR THAT LAPTOP? TRY SOLAR! — Now you can — somewhat affordably. Check out the Portable Solar Charger, which can power a broad range of 6- and 12-volt devices. It even comes with a variety of male and female plug adaptors for laptops and cell phones. All for just $80. For more information, see

20010513 Brigada Today

In this issue….



books Bill Berry is pulling out the stops to offer some partially dated stock at rock bottom pricing. Get “Send Me! Your Journey to the Nations”, by Steve Hoke and Bill Taylor, for half-price in case lots of 38 copies for just $4.00/copy + shipping charges. “The Short-Term Mission Handbook” (288 pages, 1992 edition, $10 cover price) has dropped to $1/copy, plus UPS charges (same as above). Get Into All The World, 2001 Edition in case lots of 50 copies for $25/case (includes UPS charges). For more information, write Bill Bberry4215ataoldotcom  (Bberry4215ataoldotcom)   or call 626-798-8582 or fax 626-798-2712.


“What Color Is Jesus? How Can We Present Jesus to a New Culture without Bringing Our Own?” is a key article from David Learner, published in Mission Frontiers: (Thanks Tony!)


praying hands On June 15 and 16, 2001 in the Twin Cities (MN) South Asian Resources will host its first Prayer Conference for South Asian Hindus and Muslims in North America and the unreached peoples of South Asia. All believers burdened for these peoples are welcome. With increasingly large numbers of South Asian professionals, immigrants, students and tourists coming to North America we need to pray for the Lord to open their minds to His light and to open the hearts of the North American church to welcome them. No registration fee but please register with PrayeratSouthAsianResourcesdotcom  (PrayeratSouthAsianResourcesdotcom)  . For details call 651-426-4687 (Central Time).


If you speak standard native English, you are already equipped with the skills needed to teach English all over the world. All you need in addition to those skills is a love for people of other cultures, a little appetite for adventure, a measure of flexibility, and a short, six-week course to train you in teaching methodology. Then you can effectively help others learn English or improve their English ability. Try out the Tesol School from June 15- July 27th, 2001, Henan Province, China. Click to: or email tesol2001athotmaildotcom  (tesol2001athotmaildotcom)  .


Just as a surfer needs to learn to read the waves, we need to learn to read the ‘waves’ God sends our way. In the providence of God, we are in the midst of a huge technology wave that may come roaring down on top of us if we are not prepared. Bob L has prepared and article about “Globalization and Its Challenges for Christian Media” You can read it now on or download it to read on your PalmOs platform! (There are also three more free books for your PDA on


Traveling overseas seems to “up the odds” that you’ll be pick-pocketed. What do you do if your wallet is stolen? As everyone always advises, cancel your credit cards immediately. To do that, you’ll need all those toll free numbers and your card numbers. So write them down somewhere in advance — and not just in your wallet, silly. :-) File a police report immediately in the jurisdiction where it was stolen, so you can prove to credit providers that you were diligent. If you’re from the USA, call (or have someone in the USA call) the three national credit reporting organizations immediately to place a fraud alert on your name and SS# — to keep your credit clean. The numbers for the credit bureaus are: Equifax 800-525-6285; Experian (formerly TRW) 888-397-3742; Trans Union 800-680-7289. Again, if you’re from the USA, you might also call the Social Security Administration at 800-269-0271. (Thanks Alan!)


graduation cap A two-month full-time missions school will be conducted from July 9th-August 31st in Hampton, Virginia. USA. The sixteen courses include Cross-Cultural Communications & Church Planting; Urban Missions; Animism; Missions Strategy; Cultural Anthropology; Servant Evangelism and World Religions. Learn from experienced missionaries and leaders how to fulfill your mission call both around the block and around the world. For more information phone Greg Baust at Global Ministry Teams on 757-868-1269 or by e-mail at gregbaustathotmaildotcom  (gregbaustathotmaildotcom)  .


graduation cap A bilingual French English Discipleship Training School is being offered September 23rd 2001 to February 22nd 2002 by Youth With a Mission in Dunham, Quebec. Experience French culture and language during the 3-month intensive lecture phase followed by two months of international outreach. You will be exposed to French language speakers from a variety of backgrounds — Europe, Quebec and Africa. Experience ‘missionary’ meals too! Cost is $3000 Cdn, not including airfare. (Approximately $2000US depending on current rate of exchange). For more information contact jemdunhamatendirectdotqcdotca  (jemdunhamatendirectdotqcdotca)   or check it out on the web at:


“Worldscope from the field” offers a free monthly e-zine dedicated to showing people “a window into the church around the world.” Don’t miss this month’s coverage of MAF is Lesotho. Visit Worldscope’s web site at to subscribe and to find out how to contribute articles and/or photos to share a story from your corner of the globe. You may also subscribe by sending an e-mail entitled “subscribe” to wsfromthefieldataoldotcom  (wsfromthefieldataoldotcom)  . Please note that you will receive the free monthly e-zine as an attachment of about 0.9 M.


Bible Now the Spanish NT is available for free on the internet! An audio recording of the Spanish New Testament has been released on the internet at in the popular mp3 audio format. The narration was recorded and donated to the net by Bethel Temple Assembly of God in Hampton, Virginia. The audio files of the Reina Valera edicion 2000 can be freely copied and distributed for non-commercial use. The site plans to offer the entire Spanish Bible in mp3 audio and windows media formats by early next year.


Dan is doing a doctoral project on ministry to English-speaking expatriates living abroad. He is also the pastor of the International Christian Fellowship of Caracas. It seems that little has been written about this strategic ministry in the mega cities of the world. If you have any leads on books or articles on the subject, contact him at icfmissionatcantvdotnet  (icfmissionatcantvdotnet)  . He’ll put together a report to distribute as an autoresponder from Brigada.


books and pen Is it just my imagination, or is the silence beginning to roar? Maybe I’m not as “plugged in” as I need to be. (That’s hard to imagine with the quantity of emails I receive.) Maybe this is just a “lull” before more storms. Either way, it just doesn’t seem that there is as much mobilization for missions going on these days. Where are the big prayer pushes, … the big promotions, … the new books on unreached peoples. Yes… there’s an occasional CD, and… Operation World is coming… but for now,… if I’m not mistaken, we seem to be in a strange kind of muted silence, don’t we? Maybe that’s okay. Maybe 1995 – 2000 was actually too much glitz and glamour. Maybe the better part of valor is the discretion of pulling together new mission teams through patient and intentional step-by-step efforts. Time will tell. As for our own mission, I’ll have to admit — we have the biggest response ever to our summer internship program (80 summer interns compared to a previous “high” of 50 or so annually since 1984). So … I shouldn’t complain. Still… it’s silent enough to make me wonder… Was it just the new millennium… or did we just experience a ripple in the mobilization sine wave?

What’s happening where you sit? Send us your opinion. Write DLucasatTeamExpansiondotorg  (DLucasatTeamExpansiondotorg)   — with subject line: ” SILENT SPRING


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