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12) Is There An Organization That Sells Books For Missions?

Not that they sell missions-related books, but they resell used books in order to raise money for missions. Mert’s parents already take Christian books for distribution in developing countries to

But now they are wanting to find a place that will sell other books in order to raise funds for missions. If you know of any, please click “Comment” below the web version of this item.

4) GoFundMe is “Slick and Easy,” Though Not Tax-Deductible —

A faithful friend in North Africa wrote last week to tell us about


It’s radically easy-to-use, drop-dead gorgeous, and for real (they really do exactly what they promise to do). Of course, since they don’t require any sort of documentation or status, few, if any, of your gifts would be tax-deductible. But it looks as if people could care less. They’re being generous anyway. Give it some thought. It’s a clean example of the fact that people will find you if you create compelling and beautifully clean platforms, regardless of whether it makes always sense financially to give to your cause.

7) In Search of Fundraising Guidelines —

This past week, a friend asked if we had any documented fund raising guidelines for either churches in general or for mission trips in particular. This particular church is sending out a medical mission team in the Spring. In addition to normal supplies and funds to raise they are raising funds for expensive medical equipment and supplies.  So this is more than what the typical mission trip does, according to my friend.  He wrote, “We keep getting questions about selling things and donating funds to buy equipment, but some of these folks are getting more creative than our guidelines.” So — would anyone happen to have anything already written up or documented that would also address some of these sticky ethical wickets?

6) Underfunded faith missionaries can be a thing of the past —

A missionary recently wrote, “Two new partners last week! We have really enjoyed meeting with individuals using what we have learned at Kingdom Come Training…” The goal of Kingdom Come Training is to prepare faith ministry workers with effective training in partnership ministry and then coach them to full funding within a few weeks or months.  The initial training is done in their own location over live, interactive videoconferencing and the weekly coaching and accountability over Skype. Check out their website:


or contact


4) Turbo-charge your fundraising with Recoup —

New company Recoup has a fantastic new–completely free–platform to help nonprofit organizations: (1) Generate substantial donations (purchase-linked and voluntary/tax-deductible); (2) Leverage corporate partner matching; (3) Increase social media presence; (4) Recruit new supporters; and (4) Turn current non-donating supporters into donors.


When it launches, Recoup will be available at:


Until then, learn how your organization can benefit by e-mailing Chief Relationship Officer Tim Clinton at


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