12) How to Verbally Share the Gospel in 90 Seconds

Christian workers and a translator talk with locals on the streets of Athens, Greece.

What is the grand picture the Bible presents? What is the core of the gospel? Check out how concisely and wonderfully this Australian evangelist shares the key points of the Bible:


Do you have a favorite concise gospel presentation? If so, just click Comment following the web version of this item. Thanks in advance for sharing.

8) Free Interactive Gospel App for Smartphones

It’s called “Gospel in 7” or simply, the ‘G7’ App. With it, designers say you can share a clear Gospel message in an interesting and loving way. It is said to be visually appealing, work well cross-culturally, has no jargon, is easy to use, is customizable and interactive. See this video for an overview of the App’s unique features here:


Search for G7 or Gospel in 7 in the Google Play or iTunes Stores to get it on your iPhone, iPad, Android Phone or Tablet today and revolutionize the way you communicate the Gospel!

3) StoryRunners Invites Participation in Outreach to Unreached

StoryRunners is seeking teachable, strategic-thinking and innovative problem solvers. They invite you to “Explore an opportunity that takes your passion to share the Gospel and matches it to people without an opportunity to hear it.” You can serve overseas in challenging places a few weeks each year coaching national Christians in using Bible storying as a way to take the Gospel to unreached people. For more info, browse to…


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