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3) Missionary Training with Professionals Global

Professionals Global is an agile training organization that comes alongside other missions agencies for one-week training courses. Those courses are offered in Tentmaking, GPA Language Acquisition, and DMM. Professionals Global is led by David & Cheryl Cross who bring over 15 years of missions experience from service with Pioneers in the Arabian Gulf. You can find out more information about training opportunities at




4) There’s a 50/50 Chance Your Millennial Friends Won’t Share Christ

Why? Because it would just… be… WRONG to do so. At least that’s what a new Barna poll found. In spite of feeling equipped to do so, nearly half of them won’t – because they think it’s wrong to share one’s personal beliefs with someone of a different faith in hopes that they will one day share the same faith. Sounds like they grew up watching Star Trek re-runs and they’re afraid of violating the “Prime Directive” or something. See the Barna summary here…


Not sure how we fix this. Somehow, though, if we’re going to win the world with the help of the upcoming generations, we’ll have to remind them that Jesus gave a prime directive too. And that He’s the one who made them. (Thanks for pointing us to a new story about this, Tim!)


11) Capturing Urgency for Finishing the Great Commission

Those who take seriously the Great Commission end up making it a priority. That’s the essence of a new 4-minute free video at…

A Sense of Urgency from Team Expansion on Vimeo.

Jon observes that “the opportunity of a lifetime must be seized within the lifetime of the opportunity.” Don’t miss the opportunity to show Jon’s video whenever you can. The need is urgent. Recover that sense of urgency in your own life today.

11) In Search of Great Statistics about the World

people group severalPeople are motivated by stories. But at times, it helps to put those stories into a global perspective. That’s why pages like…

are so gripping to the global audience. They help us set our stories into the world stage. Have you posted other stats at your page? … or have you found other sites like the JP site, helping you convey to our audiences the task remaining? If so, please click comment after the web version of this item… and let’s get the stage set… so our audiences can understand just how much of the world still needs to hear.

7) New Course Offers Six-session Study on the Great Commission

Find it at…
It’s a six-session study on the Great Commission. For hundreds of years, committed Christians have gone to the ends of the earth in response to our Lord’s command to take the Gospel to everyone… everywhere! Organizers of this course hope that you will be captured by the vision of a world that is increasingly being reached with the Message of the love and forgiveness of Jesus. They pray that you will become men and women of Issachar. More than 3,000 years ago, God raised up a cadre of 200 men and their families, from the tribe of Issachar, to give leadership to His people because they “Understood the times and knew what Israel should do.” Now you can become like they were.

5) Free Count for Zero Small Group Curriculum

This 6-week study on fulfilling the Great Commission is created by the Issachar Initiative, and available for free download and streaming, or for hard copy purchase at Outreach, Inc. It includes 6 video sessions, participant/leader guide, sermon outlines and more. Download it at…

You can purchase the Small Group and/or Pastor Kit at..

Watch the Count for Zero Introduction video here

(Awesome, Pat. Thanks!)

5) Online: Study God’s Heart for the Nations, and a Suffering World

It’s up and running!

Register and, within minutes, you’ll be taking the 12-lesson “Basic Course” on God’s worldview. I’m just one lesson in, but it promises to be really interesting — and it’s free.

What if this could be the tool to change your church for the Great Commission???

Coram Deo Promo Video from Disciple Nations Alliance on Vimeo.

10) “Half-filling” the Great Commission? —

Do you feel like you are only half-filling the Great Commission? You have gone across the room, across the street or across the sea to make and baptize disciples, but now you are trying to fulfill the rest of Christ’s command . . . “teaching them to obey everything I have commanded you.”

Entrust is offering its intensive discipleship training courses (developed in Eastern Europe) on U.S. soil this June and September in Colorado. These are ideal for people who want to fulfill (not half-fill) the Great Commission in the States and around the world. Find out more at…

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