1) Discipleship Tools for Hindus

Survey-Small1What discipleship resources or tools have been helpful as you work with Hindu background believers? Do you need discipleship resources for new followers of Jesus? How does media fit into your strategy? What types of media are you using for discipleship?

GNPI (Good News Productions, International) works with media and technology to provide tools for evangelism and discipleship. They want to produce discipleship apps for former Hindus. Please share your experiences and suggestions by filling out the following 10-minute survey:


8) Learn More About Reaching Buddhists and Hindus

hindu brideWe asked recently for input on reaching Hindus and one of the greatest resources we found was Chela, which provides mentoring and coaching for those called to serve Hindus. Learn more by writing them at…


Find other sources at…




(Thanks to Marie, at the US Center for World Mission, for providing these pointers!)

9) Know anyone with a heart to move to North India?

North India has some of the densest populations of unreached people groups and some of the poorest as well. YWAM is hosting a special 12 week training School of Frontier Missions (SOFM starting Sept. 1st 2014) that focuses on giving workers the practical skills to develop long-term culturally-sensitive ministry in this region. The teachers and staff are both nationals and foreigners who are presently living and serving effectively in North India. For $999 this training can save someone years of mistakes as well as learning how to enjoy serving fruitfully in this region. Students will be living with selected Hindu or Muslim families during the training to maximize first-hand cultural exposure. Fluency in English or Korean is required. For more information, or to see a video about this training, or to apply for discounts click on


or write to korengsofmathotmaildotcom .

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