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13) Feel Left Behind on the Hong Kong Protests? Here’s an Explainer

Some have been honest enough to admit that the Hong Kong protests have passed them by. And… now that they’re a thing, maybe it’s too humiliating to admit — some of us don’t know why they’re happening exactly? If that’s you, here’s a great explainer to catch up — in one single landing page:




When you’re done, comment here if you feel like you have a better orientation now — and don’t be ashamed to ask additional questions. Some of our Brigada participants are *experts* on China — and, using Brigada, they can answer anonymously.


14) The Last Bit: Help us Figure Out Hong Kong Please

You know, to me, one of the hardest geographical challenges in the world is figuring out the mystery that is Hong Kong. How could a piece of China be a British colony — then not so much. And what happens when all these citizens fight so hard to become so Western, then they suddenly are reattached to mainland China, so mainland China pretends to let them remain as a special economic zone, but then, not. And then, most recently, the CEO of Hong Kong (appointed by mainland China) sets about to pass a new set of laws that would extradite Hong Kong citizens who were activists, advocates and even foreign nationals into mainland China — so as many as 1/4 of the entire population took to the streets in protest. So finally the CEO drops the proposed law (for now), but people keep demonstrating. And one of the main “unofficial anthems” of the entire protest is the song, “Sing Hallelujah to the Lord.” How can all this be? Would somebody please explain Hong Kong to us? Do you know of an article or book that makes this easy? If so, please click comment after this items on the web and help us out here. Because at first glance, to me, Hong Kong is an enigma.


Learn more about the protest (and the anthem) here:




You can pray for Hong Kong with greater insight at your church or group using this Prayercast video…




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