2) Free Missions Webinar Series by the International Missions Board

Now you can participate in live missions training webinars on key, fundamental missions concepts. Webinars are free and each week the sessions is being led by a different field missionary. The series covers nine different topics: Lostness, Worldview, Indigenous/Non-Dependent/Reproducible, Spiritual Warfare, Ministry vs Missions, Community Transformation Training, Orality, Prayer as Strategy, and Urban Church Planting. You may register for the whole series or pick individual weeks that peak your interest, Thursday nights, now through Oct. 29, 2015, starting at 8 p.m. EDT. Register at…

We had a little trouble registering, myself. Seemed like the blanks didn’t format properly for me on the form when I was signing up. But I assume that’s just a momentary blip. Either way, for more information, contact

7) IMB Announces Plan to Reduce its Missionary Force by 600-800

David Platt-SRead David Platt’s open letter here…

But the bottom line is — cutbacks. Brother Platt pointed out that, over the past 5 years, the IMB had spent $210 million dollars more than it had taken in. He emphasized that they just couldn’t go on spending like that. What’s your thinking on this move by the world’s largest missionary-sending agency? After reading the rather lengthy letter, do you have advice you would offer Dr. Platt? If so, click “Comment” after the online version of this item. How would you have done things the same or differently if you were in David Platt’s seat as the new Exec. Director? And here’s a companion question: Could this turn of events indicate that the centralized “salary” model of hiring missionaries doesn’t generate a personal “stake” in each missionary family’s funding? … so maybe the “deputized fundraising” used by faith missions throughout the globe might be a more effective model after all? Or is that conclusion completely irrelevant?

3) List of Urban Centers from the IMB Research Division

china_urban-cities-crowdsIMB now offers a list of the world’s cities via a web service, and it is available on our Open Data site at:

They’ve developed this to make sure that every unreached urban center of the world is engaged by an urban strategist who can see, segment, mobilize and engage the people groups and population segments found in these centers. Codes to help portray urban information are shared in the download, and these help to visualize urban center data in a KML (for GoogleEarth), Shapefile (for ArcGIS), and API (for GeoJSON / GeoService). What we have here is the beginning of an urban “to do list,” not unlike the list of unreached peoples first offered by MARC (World Vision) back in the early 80’s and improved-upon by Joshua Project in the 90’s. (Great work, Jim!)

2) David Platt is the New President of the IMB

David_Platt_RGB_1The trustees of the IMB made it official this past week: David Platt is the new Prez. See the announcement at…

This is genius. Not only does Platt have the name recognition and the persona, but in addition, his rootedness as pastor’s pastor first, with a missions heart on top of everything else — it’s just brilliant. And we’ll all be better because of it. Hats off IMB! Another great decision.

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