10) Number of Muslim children in UK doubles in a decade

The numbers don’t lie. One in 12 school pupils in the UK is now brought up in the Islamic faith. The 2011 Census there suggests that the Muslim population in England has risen by 75%. Some 30% of all Muslims in England and Wales are aged 15 and under. In at least one city, 80% of school pupils were described as being Muslim. London is being described as 34.5% Muslim, with large populations of Sylhetis and Somalis. See the origin of these stats at …


Our suggestion is — greet these stats with hearts that are prepared, open, and ready to share the person of Jesus. One way to learn how — see the next item (Item #11).

13) New Online Chart Helps Shape Attitudes Toward Evangelicals

evangelical-immigration-tableThe Evangelical Immigration Table (EIT)

will show you how God is at work through immigration. Organizers hope these data will ultimately help shape US immigration policies to reflect biblical values of human dignity and family unity as well as inspire North American Christians to be more ready to engage in ministry to and with immigrants.
The EIT is actively looking for Volunteers. Learn how you can get involved at

The online application is at

LDongatwrdotorg with any questions.

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