4) Free Financial Guidance for Families in Ministry/Mission

John is a licensed financial services professional, who has served as a missionary for nearly 20 years. He understands the financial challenges of those in ministry and is passionate about showing families how to be better stewards of their money. He is offering a complimentary financial review to help you reach your goals and to maximize your financial investments. John and his team of advisors work for one of the most reputable financial services companies in North America and are happy to serve you. Learn more at…

Email John at
jharrilldotwfgatgmaildotcom to get started.

5) Does Your Org Believe in Kidnapping and Ransom Insurance?

Ours does not. In fact, we don’t allow our workers (nor their families) to carry it. But some orgs do. If you’d like to write anonymously, jot your reasons for doing so, if you don’t mind, in a comment after the web version of this item. Unfortunately, if one of our workers is kidnapped someday, I’m afraid the kidnapper is going to be very disappointed. But then… that’s part of our strategy. : ) Our workers (and their families) agree never to pay ransom as a condition for being part of our org. How about yours?

10) Where to get missionary insurance going overseas?

One of the biggest challenges new (and existing) missionaries face today is finding best companies and/or prices for insurance coverage. Doug at Good Neighbor Insurance has put together this helpful introductory video, “Rating the Best Insurance Companies For Missionary Insurance.” Why get a plan from a “b-rated” company on Standard and Poors, or a company that struggles with customer service/paying claims? To watch, go to

or see all of their videos at

If you have questions, you can also call them and reach a real person during regular hours at 866.636.9100 or skype them at “good neighbor insurance”.

8) Which Insurance Plans are Best for Cross-cultural Workers?

health insuranceThis past week, we had an inquiry from a Brigada participant wondering which insurance plan would be best for missionaries. My first stop was…

Check out “Reside,” “Liaison Majestic International,” “Global Navigator,” and others. But you might know of other vendors. The inquirer wondered what impact Obamacare has had on options. Either way, please click “Comment” — and share your best referral. Thanks in advance for any help you can give!

3) Traveling or Living Overseas and Need Insurance?

africa childLook no further than…

If you live overseas at least 6 months out of each year, check out the “Reside Worldwide Medical Plan.” Are you going to be traveling back and forth some, so you’re not sure about the 6-month deal? No problem. Just choose Liaison Majestic International Major Medical. It will cover you no matter where you are. Looking for a super-affordable plan? Try the Atlas International. It’s MADE for you. If you’re just TRAVELING overseas, grab “RoundTrip” for trip interruption and cancellation protection. That way, if you miss one of your connections due to weather (and the airline declines to provide you with housing because they say it isn’t their fault), you’ll be covered for every expense: a nice room, food, surface travel, and any additional costs involved in re-ticketing you to accommodate the schedule that YOU need to keep. (Disclaimer: It’s true that these folks send a gift to Brigada if you buy insurance from them, but they also have one of the best rates in the industry AND they deliver. So we’re not recommending an agency that we wouldn’t use ourselves – and in fact, we DO use them regularly ourselves as well.)

2) New ACA-compliant laws regarding missionary insurance

Many missionaries and workers overseas are asking about the impact of “Obamacare” and the Affordable Care Act on their health insurance and budgets. Doug at Good Neighbor Insurance has created a series of pages that address International Insurance in light of the new PPACA/ACA regulations that go into effect January 1, 2014. Included on their pages are links to the IRS, explanations and documentation for short-term workers, families living overseas, and groups regarding their health coverage. They can also answer your questions from home at (866) 636-9100, or from the field on Skype at goodneighborinsurance. Or, read more at …

7) New Resource for Non-profits/NGOs —

Good Neighbor Insurance, the travel and overseas insurance company owned and staffed by former missionaries, has created new online helps and resources for missionary and non-governmental groups with staff overseas, at

Helps include an honest look at what they like about each insurance carrier, specific ways to help make missionary healthcare more affordable, as well as helping home staff and HR personnel be more efficient. The site now has specific tips for those organizations without a group policy (missionaries carry their own insurance), missions groups who have group insurance elsewhere, and groups that are currently clients. This resource is especially helpful to smaller and/or newer mission groups.

1) Updated Insurance for Travelers & Short-termers —

ISA (Insurance Services of America) has recently reorganized their coverage for missionaries and cross-cultural travelers. The URL remains the same,


and they have included a few new plans for those who need international health and travel insurance.  All the brochures, application and quoting / application links have a unique code which identifies the customer as a Brigada customer. ISA appreciates your referrals and they are dedicated to providing Brigada readers with prompt and professional insurance services. Thanks ISA!!!

2) Be Prepared for Whatever Satan Throws At You: Insurance options —

I’ve now come to the conclusion that it’s an extremely small price to pay, compared to the peace of mind and ‘safety net’ you build under you. For every international trip I take, I now purchase trip interruption insurance… and it actually offers a ton of additional benefits beyond merely reimbursing me for flights that I miss and/or have to rebook while traveling. Check out the coverage at…


Be sure to check out the new policy for missionaries serving overseas (The Global Navigator). You now get coverage while in and out of  the US with no country restrictions, no waiting periods for wellness and preventative care benefits, pre-existing conditions waived with prior credible coverage, and it’s annually renewable, even if you relocate back to the US.

10) Get “Round Trip:” Top-level Training for your Short-term Team —

I’ve been hearing great feedback on the training course at…

(Note: That link will likely wrap. You might have to reassemble it in the “To:” box of your browser. If you have trouble, just use the link immediately below to click to this item in the online version of Brigada, and click it there.)

This video curriculum is for individuals who are considering a short-term mission trip, churches who are sending short-term teams, the teams themselves as they prepare to go, and anyone who wants to do short-term missions with excellence, integrity, and real partnership with the church around the world. They even give you permission to make up to 1,000 copies of the participant’s and leader’s guides to be distributed in a church or educational setting. All this for $20. How in the world? I love it when somebody produces something then doesn’t charge $200 for it. Hopefully, they do well because of economy of scale. God bless them.

3) Repeat Traveler’s International Insurance Coverage —

Now you can avoid the need to apply for a short-term insurance every time you travel internationally and, if you make at least two trips a year, these new multi-trip plans are cost-effective. Depending on your age and the coverage you choose, you might be looking at between $89 and $109/year for a full-tilt coverage that even includes $250,000 medical evacuation coverage. Note that these plans are for USA residents leaving from the USA with USA domestic insurance coverage. You can apply for this plan online at…

If you get the chance, be sure to tell them you heard about it on Brigada.

2) Traveling Overseas on a Regular Basis? —

You might want to get a repeat traveler’s international insurance coverage. That way, you’ll avoid the need to apply for a short-term insurance plan every time you travel internationally. By applying for a multi-trip plan, you will be covered for an unlimited number of trips for a whole year. If you make at least two trips a year, a multi-trip plan will be very cost-effective and your best option. Good Neighbor Insurance has such a plan. The best one is priced at $89 a year for a person under age 50. (If you are between 51-84 it will be $109.) This plan provides $250,000 of medical evacuation coverage. It also includes medical coverage and a whole range of other benefits. Minimal medical coverage is also included for all trips within the USA that are at least 200 miles from your home. The company provides an upgraded multi-trip plan for those interested in even more coverage. Requirements: You must be a U.S. resident leaving from the USA and must have U.S. domestic insurance coverage. Learn more at…

3) Int’l Short-Term Team Insurance With Trip Cancellation -–

Since the Iceland volcano eruption earlier in the year, many short-term teams have asked for a short-term team overseas insurance plan that includes trip cancellation coverage as an option.  Jeff now has a team plan that provides trip cancellation coverage.  For more information contact

href="http://wwwdotbrigadadotorg/wp-content/uploads/2010/08/jeffatgninsurancedotcom_.bmp">title="jeffatgninsurancedotcom" src="http://wwwdotbrigadadotorg/wp-content/uploads/2010/08/jeffatgninsurancedotcom_.bmp" alt="" /> or call 480/813-9100. Toll free in USA: 866/636-9100.

1) Short-Term Health Insurance Coverage in the USA

Are you having a hard time finding affordable health insurance here in the US? Have you recently become unemployed? Have you just recently returned to the US from overseas and without insurance?

If so, be sure to contact Insurance Services of America and ask for their short-term major medical plan. ISA is a Christian organization that specializes in helping individuals and groups find affordable health insurance options.  In the past you have seen listings on Brigada for their fantastic international plans – now they can help you while you are inside the US as well!

For complete details, rates and to apply for coverage online go to

or email them at

href="http://wwwdotbrigadadotorg/wp-content/uploads/2010/07/brigadaatmissionaryhealthdotnet_.bmp">title="brigadaatmissionaryhealthdotnet" src="http://wwwdotbrigadadotorg/wp-content/uploads/2010/07/brigadaatmissionaryhealthdotnet_.bmp" alt="" />

or call them at 1-800-647-4589 (1-480-821-9052 outside of North America) and ask for Mark.  Not only will you be able to get affordable short-term medical coverage, but ISA has agreed to help support Brigada from sales that are made on this link.

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