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20040801 Brigada Today

  1. OUT OF THE GOODNESS OF THEIR HEART… — Two more sponsors helped this past week: Greg Fritz, Director of Caleb Project, sent $50 of his own personal funds, adding thanks for the mobilization ministry of Brigada. To learn more about Caleb Project and the multitude of resources they make available to churches worldwide, visit them at: By the way, I recently ordered a set of videos from them. They shipped out the same day, the tape arrived exactly as promised, and I looked very efficient to the church where I was guest speaker. :-) Caleb Project will keep their word.

    Thanks, too, to the anonymous donor who sent $10 again this month. He’s been faithfully sending $10/month for some 9 months now! Want to join these donors in making possible a real secretary for Brigada? Just log on to: then click “sponsor” in the top menu, or just send a check payable to Team Expansion to: Team Expansion (Brigada secretary), 13711 Willow Reed Dr., Louisville, KY 40299. Thanks! As always, be sure to let us know if you’d like us to promote any particular service or ministry, or if you’d prefer your gift by anonymous. Remember, your gifts and sponsorships are the only way we can pay our Brigada-sponsored secretary. Also, remember that once we reach our goal for the year, we’ll no longer seek partnership gifts or donations. So if you’d love to get rid of these ads at the beginning of each issue, give generously and enjoy the rest of 2004 ad-free! :-)

  2. TRY SKYPE AND ENJOY ENCRYPTED “VOICE OVER IP” — Thanks to Justin, who tipped us off to Skype on the very day we saw a news piece about it on CNN. For example, you can use Skype to call any phone # in Malaysia for $0.05euros (about $0.07 US – that’s 2 cents per minute). Call any of 22 Westernized countries for $0.02/minute. Call any Skype user for free, and have end-to-end encryption. According to Skype, “It’s VOIP, works over your computer, and has very good sound quality.” Click on at: (Thanks again, Justin!)

  3. LEARN CONVERSATIONAL ENGLISH — Do you know someone who wants to improve in English? Youth With A Mission in Lebanon, Pennsylvania, USA is offering a 12 week class, from January 10 until April 1, 2005. About 20 hours/week of classroom instruction, plus application opportunities during activity time, plus living in a community setting with native English speakers and others from around the world all contribute to provide a rich learning environment. Tuition is $2250 USD, which includes food and housing costs. See their website at or e-mail questions to ywampa(at)comcast(dot)net. [replace (at) with @ and (dot) with .]

  4. NEW MISSIONARY CARE RESOURCE NOW AVAILABLE — ERI is happy to announce that the long-awaited Spanish updated edition of “Serving As Senders” is now available. George Verwer’s comment on this book: “Estoy convencido que éste es uno de los libros misioneros de más impacto de esta década. Al paso que el pueblo de Dios responda a su mensaje, la obra de alcanzar a los no alcanzados avanzará en gran manera.” Details for ordering “Serviendo al enviar Obreros” may be obtained by emailing a request to Emmaus_Road(at)eri(dot)org [replace (at) with @ and (dot) with].

  5. A NEW QUESTION: THE NAMA/DAMARA PEOPLE of NAMIBIA — In the desert town of Warm Bad (pronounced “Var-um Bot”), which means “hot springs,” the Water of Eternal Life is now flowing. Two families found salvation through Jesus. When asked, none could explain what it means to have a personal relationship with Jesus. It was a question they had never heard before. Each family member was asked at different times and places, yet the answers were the same. None of them knew the true gospel. They were all grateful for finding their spiritual thirst forever satisfied in Jesus. Pray for the Lord to build prayer support for the Nama/Damara, an unengaged people. To adopt the Nama/Damara people for prayer or for more information, please visit or email swacsc(at)iafrica(dot)com [replace (at) with @ and (dot) with .]

  6. INTERNET EVANGELISM FORUM SEPTEMBER 14 AND 15 — Lee Rainie, Director of the Pew Internet & American Life Project, will be one of the keynote speakers at the September 14 and 15 meeting of the Internet Evangelism Coalition in Chicago, Illinois (US). Many other speakers and authors will weigh in. The Internet Evangelism Coalition meeting provide a forum for individuals, churches and organizations interested in sharing ideas and information on using the Internet for outreach. For registration information go to or email iec(at)webevangelism(dot)com [replace (at) with @ and (dot) with .].

  7. FREE INTRODUCTORY PAGE ABOUT WEB EVANGELISM — The Web has enormous unused potential for outreach. You can add this page to your own website using a single line of Javascript code, in order to encourage Christians to take up this challenge. It is also designed for re- publication in print media.

  8. AN OPPORTUNITY TO MAKE A DIFFERENCE IN AFRICA — Do you have a heart for the Least Reached People groups of Southern Africa? Join the Live School 2005 hosted by World Mission Centre in Pretoria, South Africa, where Focus Teams will be trained specifically to reach out to some of the 100 Least Reached People groups of Southern Africa. Their main focus will be to enhance the process of a self-sufficient, self- governing and self-propagating church in each of the remaining 100 Least Reached People groups of Southern Africa. The entire training process including outreach will be a year long so don’t miss this unique opportunity to be selected for this rare event! For more information write liveschoolsa(at)worldmissioncentre(dot)com [replace (at) with @ and (dot) with .].

  9. FREE ONLINE CROSSWAY BIBLE GUIDE IN EASYENGLISH — Download in 7 sections Stephen Dray’s exciting guide to Matthew’s Gospel translated with the publisher’s permission into EasyEnglish level B. Find it at: EasyEnglish is a department of Wycliffe Associates UK. More information may be obtained from martin(@)easyenglish(dot)info [replace (at) with @ and (dot) with .].

  10. QUALITY PUBLISHING FOR OBSCURE SCRIPTS/LANGUAGES — Okay, so here’s one of those hard-to-publish items about MAC computers, so I’ve pushed it way down here at the bottom so that only the faithful few will see it. (Joking! :-) ) Truth is, it’s a pretty good deal. :-) Jonathan Kew of the Summer Institute of Linguistics has released XeTeX (pronounced: zeetek), a powerful Unicode-enabled desktop publishing tool that produces quality PDF output for (theoretically) any language/script in the world. Use it on Macintosh with complex fonts like Arabic, Hebraic, Indic, etc. And get this: XeTeX is free! or email nrsi(at)sil(dot)org [replace (at) with @ and (dot) with .]

    Users prejudiced against Macintoshes have a second option: UltraXML on Microsoft Windows that displays complex scripts via OpenType fonts. It costs 2,400 British Pounds (about US$4,400) per license: or email sales(at)webxsystems(dot)com [replace (at) with @ and (dot) with .]. (Instead, why not buy some Macs with the money saved by getting XeTeX?? :-) )


20030323 Brigada Today

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  1. PEOPLES OF THE WORLD CD STILL COMING — Sorry the Peoples of the World CD (the cool tool we’ve been mentioning) isn’t out yet. *Just* when they thought it would soon be out the door, a people group committee beefed up the list by 194 groups, creating 194 new profiles worth of work to do! As a result, they decided to stop the presses and make it *state of the art*! So hang tight… It’s coming soon!

  2. INSURANCE FOR TERRORISM, TRIP CANCELLATION, & EVACUATION –- Will your health insurance cover you if you are injured because of terrorism? Will your airline ticket be reimbursed if due to a political situation you cannot go on the trip you were planning? If, due to political reasons you are forced to evacuate, do you have coverage? Besides health insurance plans, Jeff now has coverage for all these contingencies. For information contact <jeffatgninsurancedotcom> or call 480/813-9100; Toll free in USA: 866/636-9100 or visit or . </jeffatgninsurancedotcom>

  3. TALKING BIBLE SUNDAYS — Audio Scriptures International in California is still praising God for the growing number of churches observing a “Talking Bible Sunday.” Visually impaired people love these Talking Bibles when reading has become difficult. In USA Talking Bibles are available in English, NIV and KJV and in Spanish. As we’ve mentioned previously, the cost of the Talking Bible is $49.95. (includes shipping). For more info., call 1-800-318-7262. (Note the tel. number listed previously was incorrect; this new number is the right one.)

  4. MUSIC & MISSIONS CONSULTATION — The Global Consultation on Music & Missions will be held September 15-18 in Ft. Worth, TX. Organizers are calling together mission, music and worship leaders from around the world to 1) form personal friendships and organizational partnerships, 2) discuss resources, strategies and models, 3) identify current challenges and opportunities. The plenary speakers include John Piper & Dick Eastman. In addition, nearly 50 seminars will touch on many subjects. A special 1-day seminar will be held before GCoMM on Saturday, September 13: “Music & Cross-Cultural Communication.” For further information, visit or write <gcomm03atnetscapedotnet>. </gcomm03atnetscapedotnet>

  5. 2003 ANTIOCH ANNUAL GATHERING OF CHURCHES — Antioch Network and Adopt-A-People Clearinghouse will be hosting the 2003 Annual Gathering of Churches on June 18-21 in Tempe, Arizona. A specific track this year will be offered for those interested in the dynamics of people group- specific networks and partnerships. If you are interested in more information or to request a brochure contact Antioch Network at 602- 589-7777 or by email at <gatheringatantiochnetworkdotorg> . You can also view a brochure online or register on the Internet at . </gatheringatantiochnetworkdotorg>

  6. CASE STUDY FOR POLAND — A web evangelism team in Poland is using an integrated portfolio of websites with some very effective strategies. This case study presents many ideas which could be adapted for other languages and countries:

  7. OPERATION REVEILLE UPDATES WEBSITE — Operation Reveille has just updated its website, with articles on: 1.) Struggle between secularism and fundamentalist Islam 2.) Spiritual Landscape of North Korea 3.) News from Yemen, Indonesia, Afghanistan, and Jordan 4.) Review of a Book on Islam 5.) Notes on some resources and opportunities in ministry to Muslims. These may be viewed at: .

  8. LOWEST PRICE EVER FOR WORLD CHRISTIAN ENCYCLOPEDIA? — It just might be. If you have been waiting for a good sale price to buy your own copy of the two-volume World Christian Encyclopedia, second edition, the time is now. Up to now the best price has been through Gabriel Resources, at $234/set (vs. full retail of $295). Now Oxford University Press, the publisher, is itself offering the set at a sale price of $175. USA shipping adds only $5, and international shipping adds $35. Check it out at , or (for those in the USA) 800-230-3242, or fax (USA) 919-677-1303.

  9. SCREEN SAVERS FOR EVANGELISM — The monitor screen ‘real estate’ sitting on your desk is a valuable commodity. Meanwhile, screen savers have evolved in many directions, often to enliven the working environment, sometimes to advertise products. But can a screen saver be used for evangelism? Obviously non-Christians are unlikely to install an evangelistic screen saver themselves. But a new screen saver has been released which Christians can use at work, which rather than preaching, is designed to intrigue and be a conversation starter.

20030302 Brigada Today

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  1. CHECK OUT THE BRIGADA SPONSORS! — Thanks so much for our three Brigada Sponsors so far in 2003. These folks are helping us lay the groundwork for hiring a Brigada Secretary someday! We invite you to check out their respective gifts, skills, organizations, and/or passions. This week, add Nate and Mark at: Want to become a Brigada Sponsor? We’ve got a ways to go! So just use PayPal or some other means to send your check (the amount of your choosing), then send in a note about the passion or organization you’d like promoted in Brigada Today. (By the way, so far 4 people have bought Integrity Online or its software by clicking through a Brigada link. That’s going to help too! Check Integrity Online out at:
  2. [Note: As of Dec., 2003, only six people had subscribed to Integrity Online. As of that date, that still wasn’t even enough to produce the first sponsorship check. :-( Not a very fruitful way to fund a Brigada secretary, unfortunately.]

  3. CHRISTIAN COMICS SEMINAR IN RUSSIA — COMIX35/ROX35 will be holding a 1-day introductory seminar on Writing and Drawing Comics at the Russian Baptist Center in Moscow on Saturday, April 5, 2003. All writers and artists are welcome. The instructors will be internationally known cartoonist/writer Nate Butler and local cartoonists Igor Kolgarev and Sasha Galkin. The course will be taught in English and Russian, with translation. Seating will be limited. Please contact Igor Kolgarev for more information, either by telephone: 358-15-11 (in Russian only) or by email at <kolgaratmaildotru  (kolgaratmaildotru)  >. To learn more about the COMIX35/ROX35 training ministry, visit their web site at or email them <COMIX35atcomix35dotorg  (COMIX35atcomix35dotorg)  >.

  4. WE GET MAIL… — Listen to this satisfied Brigada Today participant: “Thank you ever so much for accepting my submission for The Soul Winner’s Devotional. Because of your willingness to further the Kingdom of God, I have received more than 100 new subscribers (with I’m sure more coming)! I am now able to encourage missionaries and brothers and sisters in Christ from almost every continent of the world! Thank you again and may God continue to bless you and your ministry.” J.M.

  5. CATCH YOUR TESOL COURSE NOW — Here’s a TESOL (Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages) course to be offered through Youth With a Mission of Montana. The intensive 4-week course will be offered from July 27 thru August 23, 2003. Cost including books, tuition, and room & board is US $1,000. They will also connect you with full-time missionaries overseas for possible teaching positions. To download an application go to: or if you have questions, please email <tesolatywammtdotorg  (tesolatywammtdotorg)  >.

  6. SUMMER MISSIONARY TRAINING SCHOOL IN COSTA RICA — Emercy and Palmas de Mamre are partnering this summer to offer their 4th annual Missionary Training School. The school dates are June 3rd – August 3rd and the cost is $550, which covers everything except airfare. Students at the school will learn how to teach, preach, perform drama and mime, coordinate children’s ministry, administer medical treatment, and more. Additional information on the school is available at . If you wish to apply, please visit the website to download an application or call toll free from the US at 877-875-4483. International callers may call 205-657-5674 or e-mail <trainingatmissionarytrainingdotnet  (trainingatmissionarytrainingdotnet)  >.

  7. AQUAPONICS COURSE — Aquaponics interest is increasing globally in response to more emphasis on resource management and wholesome food production. It involves combining of aquaculture and hydro-ponics. These versatile systems are ideal for “helps ministries” in almost any geographical area. A practical course in Aquaponics will be held in Bryson City, NC,USA, June 16-20. For more information, contact Aquaculture International <cwjohnsonatgrahamdotmaindotncdotus  (cwjohnsonatgrahamdotmaindotncdotus)  > or 828-479-6294 (phone or fax). Specify if you are a missionary. Website: http// . Aquaculture International is a nonprofit organization that honors Jesus Christ as Lord.

  8. INTERNET EVANGELISTS NEEDED FOR WORLDWIDE INTERNET OUTREACH — If you enjoy sharing your faith with others and helping people find a personal relationship with Jesus Christ, then Internet needs you. Over the Easter season the Gospel is going to be shared to over 10 million people. No experience necessary! They train everyone. For more information check out the Internet website at or email Pastor Todd <discussatinternetpastorsdotcom  (discussatinternetpastorsdotcom)  > by 3/10/2003.

  9. HINDUISM TRAINING INSTITUTE — The Hinduism Training Institute is designed to equip missionaries, campus workers and others with a vision for the Hindu world. The five day institute include such sessions as Understanding the Hindu Worldview, Strategies for effectively communicating the Gospel, Nurturing and discipleship of Hindu Believers,Contextualization of the Gospel for the Hindus and Finding resources on Hinduism. The Institute is offered at the premises of Mission Training International, Palmer Lake, Colorado, three times this year: May 4-9, August 24-29 and Sept 7-12..For further information log on to or call MTI at 1 800 896-3710 or reach Natun <Natun1219atmsndotcom  (Natun1219atmsndotcom)  > or tel. 719 963-3573.

  10. PRAYER JOURNEY OR TEACH YOUR SKILL AMONG UNREACHED PEOPLE GROUPS — Join short-term teams who are serving long-term missionaries working among unreached people groups in restricted-access nations of the 10/40 Window. Central Asia, the Silk Road, Turkey, & N. Africa are ready to be impacted by your on-site prayers and practical help. The earliest application deadline is March 21, 2003. Email <shareatpaulbunyandotnet> or visit . </shareatpaulbunyandotnet>

  11. MUSIC TO REACH UNREACHED PEOPLE GROUPS — Would you like to help a group develop indigenous Christian songs? Consider taking a week-long course at CIT in N. Carolina (May 19-23). The focus is on empowering a community to make culturally-appropriate Christian music, and to use it effectively in evangelism, worship, and church planting. You do not need to be a musician to benefit from this course, taught by Paul Neeley, ethnomusicology consultant for numerous mission agencies and schools. Some attention will be given to music of each student’s geographical interest. See <> or write <paulneeleyatjunodotcom> for information. </paulneeleyatjunodotcom>

  12. WEB SITE FOR PREGNANT TRAVELERS –- Now there is a web site for pregnant travelers and expatriates. Remember the people who were doing research a couple of years ago on pregnant expatriates? That data is still being collated and prepared for publication. But meanwhile, they have opened a website devoted entirely to the subject of pregnancy and living/working/traveling overseas. It is The Pregnant Traveler at (Note the American spelling; “traveler: has only one: “l”.) There’s tons of free advice, a forum to express your opinions, medical data for your doctor to browse, and they even (for a fee) will do personal consultation regarding your pregnancy. If you can’t access them via the Internet, their e-mail is <pregnantattravdocdotcom  (pregnantattravdocdotcom)  >.

  13. MISSIONARY TRAINING CAMPS WITH ELIJAH COMPANY — The Camps are a jump start for those called to missions whether short term or career. The tools offered are also helpful for senders, including church missions leaders, helping them to understand how to help those who are going. Topics cover a range of pertinent issues, alerting an individual of what they will need, be and do. The end result is a solid plan for pursuing the call and motivation for the same. Applications are now being accepted for the next three camps. The places and dates are: Virginia, April 3-6, 2003. Pennsylvania, April 24-27, 2003. Spain May 30-June 12, 2003. For more information write <infoatelijahcompanydotorg  (infoatelijahcompanydotorg)  > or call (757) 639-2906. Also see their web site at

20010204 Brigada Today

In this issue….



movie camera According to the Joshua Project 2000 all peoples on the unreached peoples list are represented within a dozen or so affinity blocs. This new video covers 12 affinity blocs and pictures the state of world evangelization at the end of the year 2000. A joint effort of the following agencies, AD 2000 and Beyond, Caleb Project, China Source, Christian and Missionary Alliance, Cooperative Baptist Fellowship, International Mission Board-SBC, IRRTV-Finland, Jan Karnis, Productions, Operation Mobilization, Presbyterian Church-USA and Procla-Media Productions this new resource covers the 12 affinity blocs in 5-6 minute segments. The peoples covered are: Arab World, Cushitic Peoples, Eurasian Peoples, Indo-Iranians of SW Asia, Indo-Iranians of South Asia, Jewish Peoples, Malay Peoples, Sinitic Peoples, Sub-Saharan Africa, Thai/Dai Peoples, Tibetan Peoples and Turkic Peoples. The cost is $19.95 plus shipping and tax if applicable. (20 % discount to any ministry). NTSC copies can be ordered from OM Literature at 800-733- 5907 or 770-554-5827. PAL copies can be ordered from OM USA at 800- 899-0432 or e-mail randyatusadotomdotorg  (randyatusadotomdotorg)  .


Have you heard about the new “Harvest Information System” (HIS) being birthed as a follow-up to AD2000 & Beyond’s data on unreached peoples? As it turns out, the HIS “Registry of Peoples” (ROP) list may well be one of the most complete lists of the world’s peoples publicly available. The People/Country table presently contains 16,391 records. By contrast, the new edition of the World Christian Encyclopedia contains 12,582 entries. As the HIS Peoples list has been built, the attempt has been made to err on the side of inclusiveness, not wanting any peoples to be inadvertently omitted. Stay tuned to future editions of Brigada Today for further developments on this project.


calendar “Sharpening Your Interpersonal Skills” will be offered April 22 – 27, 2001, for missionaries and church personnel in Idyllwild, CA. This interactive workshop is designed to increase your knowledge, attitudes and skills as you relate to family, co-workers, and those in other cultures. Topics covered include: Biblical Foundations, Loving Listening, Managing Conflicts Well, Building Trust, Managing Stress, Managing Grief, Being an Encourager. Tahquitz Pines Conference Center is the location. Register by March 22 for early fees – total in single room is $422 or shared room $352. If flying, Ontario airport is closest. Map and other details will be given after registration. Visit Mission Training International’s web site for details (see under “Workshops”) or contact them at Minternataoldotcom  (Minternataoldotcom)   or tel. toll-free in the USA or via Net2Phone 800-896-3710 or 719-594-0687.


graduation capBeginning this fall/winter, CIU is opening a Budapest Extension Center (BEC) as an extension of their graduate school in cooperation with Pioneers for those seeking to work on an accredited MA or MDiv with:

  • intensive one/two week modular courses up to 3 times each school year
  • up to 50% of non-residential course work in Budapest
  • a minimum of 50% of residential courses to be completed at CBS in Korntal, Germany or CIU in Columbia, South Carolina
  • significant tuition savings

This will be graduate level education taught by visiting professors from CIU for nationals and expats in Europe and the former Soviet Union. For more information, write ciu-budatpioneersdotorg  (ciu-budatpioneersdotorg)  .



graduation cap Teach in China! A TESOL training school will be held at SIAS University in XinZheng City of Henan Province, China from June 1-July 14, 2001. The school is geared to train English teachers for placement at SIAS University or other Chinese Universities or for service almost anywhere in the world. The students will learn to live in China, love the people, eat their food, and speak some of their language. For more information, visit the corresponding site on the web at: or email tesol2001athotmaildotcom  (tesol2001athotmaildotcom)  .


Would you be interested in teaching English for 3-4 months in this needy post-Soviet country which is trying to rebuild its economy? You can also study Persian, Tajik or Russian language, and this short-term work will be set up by an ex-pat who’s been through the experience and understands the needs of a newcomer. Semesters run Feb-May and Sept-Dec (it’s not too late for this semester!). Accommodation and food provided. Salary $25-50 per month, depending on the number of hours taught. No qualifications required (only some patience and cultural flexibility), but experience of teaching English preferable, since you will have to design your own teaching program. Write to dhj-genatinamedotcom  (dhj-genatinamedotcom)   or phone +992 372 336715.


calendar The theme of the 4th TIE Congress has evolved to the TIE Asian Regional Conference. The congress starts March 18th thru the 22nd. The various staff of TIE will be facilitating the workshops. The registration fee of $240 includes transportation from the airport, meals and lodging at the Lumban Caliraya Re-Creation Center. For more information contact Ken tieatgatidotwadotcom  (tieatgatidotwadotcom)   or Joy pmamdatpacificdotnstdotph  (pma%3Cb%3E%3Ci%3Emdatpacificdotnstdotph)  .


calendar This year’s “TIE” congress is to take place in Manila, March 18 to 22 at the Caliraya Re-Creation Center south of the city. This is for practicing tentmakers and will concentrate on Asian operations, of training, the Information Technology Center at the Asia Center for World Missions and Business operations. There is a $25 non-refundable registration fee and a full board conference cost of $240. For more information contact Joy at pmamdatpacificdotnetdotph  (pma%3Cb%3E%3Ci%3Emdatpacificdotnetdotph)   or tieatgatidotwadotcom  (tieatgatidotwadotcom)  .


Would you be willing to share your experiences so that other church planters can learn from you? According to its authors, this twenty-minute survey will help to identify the common characteristics of a successful church plant. If you’re interested, just send an email to lestonatxsinetdotcodotza  (lestonatxsinetdotcodotza)   and he will gladly forward the survey to you. Thank you for your assistance!

note Note: Brigada does not endorse this survey; we haven’t seen it.



A “Surfers For Mission” team in Noosa Australia are committed to using surfing as a strategy for reaching the unreached. Targeting 10/40 window nations like Indonesia where the ‘mega unreached’ coincide with a prolific surfing industry this team hopes to harness the adventurous spirit of surfers for the unfinished task. Their next training school starts March 18th in Noosa. For more info contact Merv ywamnoosaatbigfootdotcom  (ywamnoosaatbigfootdotcom)   or visit


A survey studying the effectiveness of Cyber Evangelism as part of a bible college course is being undertaken by Mick in the UK. If anyone is involved with cyber- evangelism, of whatever kind (web based, chat room, e-mail etc), then it would be a great help if you could complete a web-based questionnaire on the topic. The URL is: (the last letter is a lower case Q for questionnaire). The deadline for completions is 28th February, and the results will be posted back to the web in June/July 2001. Any participants will be emailed when the results are available. Further information is available from ieqhelpatmission-itdotorg  (ieqhelpatmission-itdotorg)  .


books and pen So far, in our series on how to good teams become great teams, we’ve covered these four key components:

  1. A clear sense of purpose
  2. Motivated team members
  3. Determination
  4. Gifted team members

Last week, after presenting the “gifted team members” item, we received an email from a prospective missionary who wrote:

“Sure, I know that I should wait until next week and see what you are going to offer as the ‘other issues’, but I can’t wait. I found what you wrote this week to be a little discouraging. I mean, I’m not all that gifted. I have my strengths, and I think God can use them somewhere, but I don’t come close to the kind of giftedness you describe. So, I don’t think I would qualify as a member of a great team… Maybe I should just stay home? Just for argument’s sake, of course. I love what you write, and getting Brigada each week! Keep it up!”

I replied… “I hear you, brother. Just remember… Suppose our “game” was basketball. The greatness of Michael Jordan would make us all want to stay home. I’m not suggesting that we hold out only for the ideal. But what I am saying is that as we not be satisfied with slouchy performance on something like, say, a skill issue… take language for instance. One of our workers is currently leaving for a field saying, “I can get by with the language level I already have.” I’m saying he should go to language school for six months first. Because I want him to shine. So… whatever it is you’re called to do, I’m saying become as skilled in it as you can. Work as hard at it as you can possibly work. Make sense? Did you know that, as a freshman, Michael Jordan didn’t make the cut on his high school basketball team? Needless to say, he practiced that entire year — probably harder than any senior did in the entire high school. By the way, as a sophomore, he made it. :-)

More on “great teams” next week.


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*Global Glimpses: John Hanna, Caleb Project, jhannaatcprojectdotcom  (jhannaatcprojectdotcom)  
*Brigada Website: Bob Mayhew, WebServantatbrigadadotorg  (WebServantatbrigadadotorg)  
*Brigada Customer Service Manager: helpatbrigadadotorg  (helpatbrigadadotorg)  
*Brigada Coordinator: Doug Lucas, Team Expansion & Brigada, DLucasatteamexpansiondotorg  (DLucasatteamexpansiondotorg)  
*and many other occasional contributors too numerous to mention!
But thanks for working together! That’s the dream of Brigada!
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