3) New Book Can Help You Understand Iraq, the Challenges & Future —

“IRAQ, Cradle of Errors” reveals the effects of current leadership models in a post-Saddam Iraq and what we can expect next. Dr. Smith conducted field research in Iraq spanning 5 1/2 years. It is a must read for anyone seeking to understand the Iraqi perspective of their government. Find it at…


(Thanks to the author, who has pledged love gifts to Brigada as books are purchased!)

1) Two Easy Reads Give Insights from SE Asia and Iraq

If you’re looking for good missions narrative for a class, an adult Bible Fellowship, or just good airplane reading, check out “Look Out for the Headhunters” and “Between Two Rivers” by C. Brandt Smith Jr. These books are 146 and 104 pages respectively, so they’re easy reads. There’s lots of white space and quite a few pictures scattered throughout the pages, some in color. The author has a way of drawing you into the narrative — and although the storyline is personal, you feel as if you’re there. You can imagine being there as Dr. Smith uses chronological story-telling, along with pictures drawn in the dirt, to share the simple Good News of Christ. And the “Between Two Rivers” book includes countless true stories from two years at the front lines. Order them today to travel there with the author. For more information, see

and you can even order the first of the two from Amazon

Great work, Brandt and Galia!

6) Between Two Rivers

Do you ever wonder what life is really like for Iraqis – and Westerners – living in Baghdad? Wonder no longer. “Between Two Rivers” released in May 2008 by Brandt Smith Publishing dispels the myths and brings readers face to face with the reality of life and death in this besieged city. The author, C. Brandt Smith, Jr., along with his wife and daughter, braved the danger and lived in the Red Zone of Baghdad for two of the bloodiest years on record. Their faith in Christ and commitment to serve the Iraqi people will encourage your walk with Jesus and challenge readers to say “yes” to a life of faith. “Between Two Rivers” is available for $11.95 plus shipping and handling by contacting the author

20070401 Brigada Today

In this issue…


  • NEW DVDS FOR THOSE REACHING OUT TO MUSLIMS — There are 2 new DVDs out there that should be of interest to people working with Muslim audiences: “More Than Dreams” and “Escape From Darkness”. “Dreams…”

    highlights the true stories of five different MBBs (Muslim Background Believers) from different parts of the Muslim world who came to become followers of Christ after having dreams of Jesus. The quality is top- notch and is produced in the original language (with English subtitles) of those telling their stories (in docudrama re-enactment). “Escape…”

    is the amazing testimony of Daniel Shayesteh, a former radical Muslim who was heavily involved in the Iranian fundamentalist revolution and was once committed to exterminating Jews, Christians, and other “infidels.” (Thanks Tim!!!)

  • CITYWIDE MISSION NETWORKING — Manned by three former Initiative360 staff, GO Connect is identifying mission activity and networking within America’s largest metro cities (over 240). To find your state and city go to:

    If God is stirring your heart to pray for mission networking & mobilization to either begin or move forward in your city, or you are sensing His leading to help birth a citywide network, email Go Connect at: networking(at)goconnect(dot)org [As a means of preventing spam for our contributors, in the preceding email address(es), please replace (at) with @ and (dot) with .]

  • FREE TENTMAKING QUARTERLY JOURNAL — Did you know that Global Opportunities publishes a free tentmaking journal called GO World? Eight pages of informative, challenging and thought provoking articles on the essence of tentmaking. To keep costs down, it is available only as a pdf via email or by downloading the current issue from their website. To subscribe simply visit their website

  • CHECK OUT NONPROFIT/CHURCH LAW — The latest issue of the Nonprofit and Church Legal Trends Memorandum is now online. Just go to

    for the issue. In this issue, catch info on small and medium nonprofit organizations, guidelines on per diem expense reimbursements, and more.

  • WHAT IN BAGHDAD IS WORTH DYING FOR? — When Mahmood, an educated young Sunni Muslim shopkeeper in Baghdad, reads a secret New Testament, amazing dreams and a curiosity about Jesus follow. But threats from his frightened wife and angry father build as relatives are beaten by religious fanatics. Mahmood must choose between pursuing his own peace or honoring his family and cultural traditions. His choice may surprise you! The new book, “Baghdad Believer”, shares the exciting adventure of one Iraqi’s struggle with new choices between truth and culture, self and family, risk and security. This first-person story paints a picture of the daily life of a Sunni Muslim living in Baghdad. The internal worlds of Muslims – the worlds of honor & shame, anger & fear – are the keys to understanding why Iraq is such a violent place, and always has been. But, this story gives hope that reconciliation and peace with God and with family can and does happen. This is the hope that readers will experience – that few Iraqis are always violent and that most Iraqis seek a better life where there is peace and trust. For additional information, see:

  • LOOKING FOR OLD RECORDED MESSAGES — Tom is looking for old recorded messages from missionaries and missions leaders in any format, especially on audiotape. Because the cassette is dying out as an audio recording medium, many of these recordings are in storage, probably to be disposed of one day and never heard again. (This would also apply to reel-to-reel recordings as well). If you or your mission organization has old audio recordings that need a new home, e-mail him at worldlysaint(at)myway(dot)com [As a means of preventing spam for our contributors, in the preceding email address(es), please replace (at) with @ and (dot) with .]

  • MISSIONARY TRAINING CAMP — Catch it June 20-24. Elijah Company is dedicated to the mentorship of workers for global harvest. Each year three training times are offered at Living Waters Farm in Virginia. Highlights include personal relationships, culture, spiritual strongholds, disciplines, partner team building, developing a prayer base, and evangelism. The instructors share the realities from personal life experience. The camps lay the groundwork for ongoing mentorship. See their web site for an outline of content, manifesto, testimonials and applications.

    or call (757) 226-3507 or email elijah(at)elijahcompany(dot)org [As a means of preventing spam for our contributors, in the preceding email address(es), please replace (at) with @ and (dot) with .]

  • THE SWORD (RELIEF AND DEVELOPMENT [R&D] TRAINING) — Take the SWORD (Strategic Seminar-Workshops in Relief & Development). The lecture phase begins April 4, 2008 and the field assignment begins June 30, 2008. The whole period of 12-week lecture is available, as well as weekly modules. The Field Assignment, which is optional, is spearheaded by the Beijing Olympic Outreach. Pre-requisites: God’s heart in you for R&D to reach the nations for Christ. DISCOUNTS: Tuition for the 12-week lecture phase would be US$3,500. (which covers the Beijing Olympic Outreach). Anyone who would register on or before May 15th 2007 with 50% of the tuition paid will have a 10% discount; full tuition paid on or before April 30th 2007 will have 15% discount on their tuition. Contact for registration:

    streams7(at)juno(dot)com [As a means of preventing spam for our contributors, in the preceding email address(es), please replace (at) with @ and (dot) with .]

  • THESE PARTNERS HAVE ENCOURAGED BRIGADA — Thanks to these volunteers who, with their encouraging gifts, have added fuel to our fire: A former ACMC member sent $50 this past week. Thanks!!! Our prayers are with your new role. A resident from Arizona sent *another* $50 just yesterday. We are *sooo* thankful!!! This helps us along on our financial need for 2007 of $17,150 for secretarial help as well as building partnerships to further the Brigada vision of mission organizations and churches working hand-in-hand worldwide. So far in 2007, we have $1276.86.

  • WILL YOUR CHURCH/GROUP/STATE/COUNTRY JOIN THE BUCKET BRIGADE? — So, based on the item immediately above, we only have $15,873.14 to go! The really amazing thing is — there are some people on this planet that could just write that out in one check. The gift is totally tax- deductible in the USA when the check is made out to Team Expansion, our “mother ship.” However, until someone like that steps forward, we have to do it bucket-brigade style. Will you pass the bucket from your church, mission, state, or country? When you send your gift via PayPal or check, we’ll gladly mention your state, country, organization, or church and you’ll be “passing the bucket” in the brigade. Just click on “Sponsor/Donate” in the top menu (to use PayPal or a credit card), or if you prefer, send a check payable to Team Expansion to: Team Expansion (Brigada secretary), 13711 Willow Reed Dr., Louisville, KY 40299. (Team Expansion is a 501(c)3 incorporation so for USA citizens, your checks made out to Team Expansion are tax-deductible.) As always, be sure to let us know if you’d like us to promote any particular service or ministry, or if you’d prefer your gift be anonymous. And thank you in advance for helping.

  • THE BACKPAGE: MORE “COOL TOOLS” FOR TRAVEL & MISSIONS — In previous issues, we’ve listed these tools:

    #1: Beat jet lag (Sleep E., Party W., Gear up to sleep, Herd your kids)

    #2: Get your own mosquito tent (for malaria-infested areas)

    #3: Insist on AC adaptors that don’t require converters/transformers

    #4: Rent or buy a “worldphone”, satphone, and/or sat modem

    #5: Pack by checklist, pack light

    #6: Use roller bags

    #7: Bring a filtered water bottle

    #8: Carry a thin notebook & a pen, write everything down

    #9: Use a money belt

    #10: Try a photographer’s vest

    Today, we suggest you add to that list… #11: Stay healthy, but don’t become O.C. — I always tell my kids, “If you want Ferrari performance, you better power up your engine with high octane fuel.” How do you power up your own personal engine? You decide, but I’ll tell you what works for me. No matter where I am in the world, I make sure I have breakfast food with me. I never miss. Maybe it’s a granola bar from home and a banana from the local market. Or maybe it’s a bowl of some kind of bran cereal with “a box of milk.” Either way, I think it’s the most important meal of the day. If I miss breakfast, however, I roll with the flow and just pick up when I can. No worries. In general, when traveling, I like to avoid any food that hasn’t been peeled, washed in a safe way, and/or cooked. That means most leafy salads are off-limits for me. They just trap too many impurities in the crevices of all those leaves. In fact, I stay away from any foods with crevices. I also avoid sauces and dressings that might have picked up impurities from setting out too long. I carry a very small bottle of hand sanitizer with me to “wash up” before handling any foods with my hands or before I touch my eyes. I make sure I know how much sleep I need — then I get it as best I can. Know yourself and your limitations, then stick to them. You’ll do no good for anyone else in the world if you get amoebic dysentery. At the same time, I try not to become obsessive-compulsive (O.C.) about the whole thing. After all, we are in God’s service, we are in the work of making disciples of all nations, so he’s promised he’ll be *with* us. What safer place on earth can one imagine? :-)

    #12: Find a camera/kit you can truly *carry*, then *use* it — I was hauled into the back of a swat truck once in Uruguay because, unbeknownst to me, policemen were making a drug bust in the market I was photographing. I think they concluded I was working for some magazine or something because the camera I was using had one of those long telephoto lenses on the front. It was too high profile. My suggestion is – carry a camera that’s comfortable and practical for you, but beware of equipment that raises your profile unnecessarily. Right now, I’m using a Canon PowerShot G7. It’s one of those unique cameras that has essentially all the settings of a single-lense reflex, without the look of one; in fact, it carries reasonably well in my jacket or vest pocket, completely out of sight. But it’s probably too much camera if you’re not the type to study the owner’s manual. Again, the secret is to find something that works well. Read reviews online. When you notice that a friend or co- worker is producing great results, ask her what she uses, then see if that would work for you. And once you find something you like, stick with it — and *use* it. That means you’ll probably a little tripod to stick in your backpack or vest pocket. It’s the only way you’ll get shots with *you* in them (using the self-timer). My carry tripod is so light, I barely know it’s in one of my right vest pockets. It’s probably just 6″ long, but it’s generally all I need to capture a shot of a luncheon meeting or a time-exposure of a church building at night. I sacrifice a bit by carrying a rather powerful external flash. Those built-in on-board flashes are great if you’re only taking snapshots up to 11′ away. To capture all those new believers at 10pm, you’ll need something stronger. Get a flash attachment with a head that you can pivot upwards to “bounce” the flash off the ceiling so it illuminates the entire room. That’s the way to get a really pleasing picture at night without all the glare in your subject’s eyes.

    Catch more “cool tools” for mission and travel, next edition

20040620 Brigada Today

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  1. THANKS TO OUR SPONSORS! — Thanks to the worker in Sweden who gave $25 toward our Brigada-sponsored secretary this past week. He wrote, “It’s mid-summer here in Sweden and during this holiday time, we give thanks to God for you all there at Brigada. God bless you all and thanks for your labor of love.” Thanks, too, to the Chalmers Center of Covenant College, for their gift of $200! Whoa. Finally, our friends at Dial-Abroad sent for April totaling $164. The more I hear from them, the more I feel the need to say thanks to those who placed their phone service with Dial-Abroad!!! Check them out at Please! And if you’re using the service, please keep talking! :-)

    If you’d like to step up to the plate this coming week to help us underwrite the cost of our Brigada secretary and keep getting Brigada out the door each week, just log on at: and click “sponsor” in the top menu, or just send a check payable to Team Expansion to: Team Expansion (Brigada secretary), 13711 Willow Reed Dr., Louisville, KY 40299. Thanks! As always, be sure to let us know if you’d like us to promote any particular service or ministry, or if you’d prefer your gift by anonymous.

  2. STILL LOOKING FOR AN ANTI-SPAM SOLUTION? HERE’S ONE TO TRY! — Here’s one anti-spam service that has written in offering to underwrite the cost of our Brigada-sponsored secretary. Naturally, if this service can work for you, we’d love it. Visit them at: Sign up anytime within 30 days of visiting and they’ll donate a straight 20% of all proceeds to Brigada! If you have good luck with this service, please let us know so we can spread the word about it here in Brigada. Thanks for anyone willing to give it a try! By the way, if you’re also needing a good Internet Service Provider, they have a flat-rate (unlimited minutes) plan for $9.95/mo. (They call it the “Silver plan”.) As far as I’ve been able to tell, that’s probably the cheapest flat-rate cost of any. *Half* the price of Earthlink or AOL. Once again, they’ll give a gift to Brigada ($6 one-time gift) for everyone who signs up. For more information, check ’em out at (If you’d rather not sign up, you could always just send the $6 gift! :-) )

  3. RATS! MOVIELINK SITE ONLY GOOD IN THE USA — We heard back from several readers about the fact that the Movielink site only works in the USA. Sorry about that! We’ll eventually learn of other options and when we do, you’ll be the first to know!

  4. LEARN TO TEACH ENGLISH TO OTHERS! — On October 4-29, 2004, Youth With a Mission (at their “National Centre” (P.O. Box 43 120, Mangere, Auckland, New Zealand Att: TESOL Ph: 64-9- 255-1410 Fax: 64-9- 256 1323) will present A Trinity Certificate course offered in association with Edenz Colleges. The course is designed to give the necessary skills to teach Speakers of Other Languages. Edenz is the NZQA Registered Training Provider (est. 15 yrs.) Accommodation will be provided at the Youth With a Mission Campus in South Auckland. For more information email tesol(at)ywamauckland(dot)org (dot) nz [replace (at) with @ and (dot) with .]. (Thanks J.!)

  5. FEEDBACK ON “ARAB BIBLE SOFTWARE” — We received several notes about the Arab Bible software. One gentleman, who works with Muslims himself, wrote, “It’s probably worth mentioning that the “Arab Bible” software has taken the liberties of changing “Allah” to “al-Ilah”. Linguistically, I understand their point, but the net effect is to render yet *another* translation in a world of where soon the translation schemes might outnumber the believers. Some readers may not care, but this is an issue for many of us and IMHO it seriously impedes my ability benefit from the software because if I take on yet another “version” I’m going appear even less credible to my Muslim friends.”

  6. PLAN NOW FOR THE ASIA PACIFIC INSTITUTE OF BUDDHIST STUDIES — If you are interested in special training for ministering to people influenced by Buddhist worldviews, the Asia Pacific Institute of Buddhist Studies is offering 4 two week modules at the campus of Asia Pacific Theological Seminary (APTS) in Baguio, Philippines, April 4-May 27, 2005. Catch “Introduction to Buddhism and the History of Christian Mission to Buddhists”, “Contextualizing the Gospel for Buddhist Peoples”, “Church Planting in Buddhist Contexts”, or “Ministry to Tibetan Buddhists”. You can even get graduate credit. Request a pre- application form from Linda guestservices(at)apts(dot)edu [replace (at) with @ and (dot) with .].

  7. MK/TCK RE-ENTRY RETREATS — Missionary Resources of Columbia is holding two MK/TCK retreats for high school graduates and/or college students. These retreats will provide insight, activities, and seminars aimed at transitioning into life in the United States. There will be a variety of opportunities for social and spiritual interaction led by capable staff who have had years of experience relating to MKs and TCKs. The retreats will be held at Look-Up Lodge in upstate South Carolina, dates August 9-16, 2004 and August 18-25, 2004. Total cost is $275. E-mail MRC at info(at)mresourcescolumbia(dot)org [replace (at) with @ and (dot) with .], or visit the MRC web page at

  8. MISSIONARY R & R RETREAT — Missionary Resources of Columbia is holding a retreat for adult missionaries as a time to reflect on their experiences on the mission field. Participants will have the opportunity to focus on refreshment and restoration during their time together. MRC Missionary Training and Transitions Consultant Rich Benson is the coordinator for this retreat, which will be held August 18-22, 2004 at Quiet Waters on Lake Norman in North Carolina. For father information, E-mail MRC info(at)mresourcescolumbia(dot)org [replace (at) with @ and (dot) with .], or visit the MRC web page at

  9. MISSIONARY RESOURCES OF COLUMBIA — offers ongoing activities and resources for missionaries living or visiting in the Southeastern U.S. MRC sponsors and directs MK/TCK Re-entry Retreats, Missionary R&R Retreats, SYIS seminars, Bible studies for Missionary Women, and specific programs for Families in Transition and Parents of Missionaries at their Columbia, SC headquarters and other regional sites. For information on any of the many MRC opportunities or to find out how you might be part of the MRC team, contact them at (803) 254- 3313, E-mail info(at)mresourcescolumbia(dot)org [replace (at) with @ and (dot) with .], or visit the MRC web page at

  10. INTERNATIONAL CHURCHES GET MISSIONAL — Facilitators from the one year-old Missional International Church Network (MICN) announced the 2nd MICN Conference to be held in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) March 2-6, 2005. For more information on the Missional International Church Network and the 2005 MICN Conference visit

  11. OPERATION REVEILLE FEATURES OUTREACH TOOLS FOR IRAQ — Among the items featured in this month’s Operation Reveille are: * 3 Reasons Why a Good Testimony by Service Christians is Imperative * Spiritual Profile on Pakistan * Eternal Perspective on Abu Ghraib Prisoner Treatment * A University Prof’s Perspective on Rising Non-Western Christianity * The Ambitions of Chinese Missionaries * Church/State Developments in India * Outreach Tools for Iraq * Reception of the Gibson Passion Film in the Mid-East * Opportunity to Help Iraqi Kids and Military Christian Fellowships These articles are newly posted at (Thanks for your work, Bruce!)

  12. CATCH THIS CONFERENCE ON TELLING YOUR STORY — It’s coming up soon — July 6-9th, and it will focus on how to share the passion and vision of your ministry through story. The first two days of the conference you will learn how to see the stories in your ministry and how to write about those stories effectively. You will learn to share more than just information but share the heart of your ministry. You may continue for an additional two days and get hand-on video training with video coaches who are cutting edge professionals in their field. Whether you’re a beginner or advanced you can benefit from these second two days. Learn more at

20040613 Brigada Today

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  1. SPONSORS MAKE OUR DAY! — Yes, we’ll be honest… When it comes time to paying our Brigada-sponsored secretary, sponsors make our day! Thanks to Paul from Chicago for his $24 sponsorship this past week. We appreciate you Paul! Is there another Brigada participant who would pick up the torch from Paul for this coming week? If so, just click “sponsor“, or just send a check payable to Team Expansion to: Team Expansion (Brigada secretary), 13711 Willow Reed Dr., Louisville, KY 40299. Thanks! As always, be sure to let us know if you’d like us to promote any particular service or ministry, or if you’d prefer your gift by anonymous.

  2. ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT TRAINING COMING TO GEORGIA — The Chalmers Center for Economic Development at Covenant College, in partnership with Food for the Hungry International, World Vision US and World Relief, is offering training in Lookout Mountain, GA USA from August 2 – 11. This training focuses on innovative, best practice economic development strategies and methodologies that can be used in holistic, Christ-centered programs. Specific training is offered in Business Development Services, Promoting Church-centered Savings and Credit Associations and How to Partner Effectively with Large Providers. For information on this event or their email-based distance learning visit http// or email CEDI(at)covenant(dot)edu [replace (at) with @ and (dot) with .]

  3. MAKE YOUR CELL PHONE DOLLARS COUNT — Cellular contract ending soon? Or new to cellular and wonder where to start? Want access to all the major providers in your area? Now you can get a great plan *and* benefit Brigada with your sign up! With a wide variety of plans available nationwide (in most areas), you should be able to find what you are looking for through Blessed Hope Communications. Plus most plans have free phones, some have cash back and many have free accessories to boot. For every sign-up processed through Brigada’s link, Brigada will earn a $50 bonus ($20 with the prepaid plans) toward the cost of our Brigada-sponsored secretary. Let your cell dollars count! Visit and click on the cellular graphic. (You might want to also check out the long distance rates in your area while you’re there).

  4. AGRICULTURAL WORKSHOP ALREADY STARTED — Just learned that Aquaculture International is conducting a comprehensive course in Integrated Agricultural Systems, throughout the remainder of this week in Bryson City, NC, USA. There are concurrent sessions for: Farmers, Missionaries, Vocational Agricultural Teachers and Youth. Each attendee constructs a small scale system from barrels, with which they will produce fish and a large variety of vegetables, greens & herbs. After the course, youth and others interested will have the opportunity to be involved in construction of integrated agricultural systems at fish farms in the area which will be used as training facilities for those interested in “helps ministries”. This is in preparation to serve on one of the many teams that Aquaculture International plans to send to construct facilities at orphanages throughout the world. There is no registration fee & inexpensive lodging is available. The theme of the course is “The Restoration of the Garden of Eden”. For more information, go to: .

  5. ONFOLIO: NEW WAY TO COLLECT YOUR WEB RESEARCH — Do you often find yourself having to go to the web to collect information on a particular unreached people group, country, or new product your agency/church is considering? Try Onfolio for your research needs. There’s even a free version available, but the paid version adds quite a bit on the information-sharing side. You can gather, organize, and sort all your links, quotes, websites, etc., then print, email, or file-share them with a friend. The program installs as a kind of add-in menu tool to Internet Explorer 5.5 or greater (like a Google Toolbar). Try it! You’ll like it.

  6. SHARPEN YOUR INTERPERSONAL SKILLS — International Training Partners offers Sharpening Your Interpersonal Skills Workshops in different parts of the world. These five-day, highly interactive workshops focus on biblical application of skills in relating to one another and to the host people. A workshop hosted jointly by Alongside and Project Stephanas will be held near Grand Rapids, Michigan October 3-8, 2004. Contact Steve Maybee stevem(at)alongsidecares(dot)org for information. [replace (at) with @ and (dot) with .] Go to for details on all of the workshops and information on ITP. If your mission is interested in sponsoring a SYIS workshop, contact Paul plere at itpartners dot org

  7. CHURCH GROWTH OR DECLINE? BOOK REVIEW — Thanks to Tony for this great review of Growth By Accident, Death By Planning: How Not to Kill a Growing Congregation Bob Whitesel (Abingdon Press, ISBN 0-687-08325- 7). Those who have read Whitesel’s previous two books (A House Divided: Bridging the Generation Gaps in Your Church, and Staying Power: Why People Leave the Church Over Change and What You Can Do About It) will rejoice to hear of his new book published this month. There are very few people with his sort of ministry – a church doctor/consultant. Most of us see things happening, for good or bad, in the lives of our churches, and have no idea what is driving these events, or how to change them. Whitesel has the insight to see the causes, explain them clearly, and propose solutions. This latest book covers the issue of churches which grow, plateau, or decline. It is packed with common- sense spiritual wisdom and practical steps that churches can take. Only church leadership teams which have no interest in growing, don’t care if they decline, lose members or have generational gaps, should avoid buying Whitesel’s books.

  8. TOOLS FOR TEACHING ENGLISH NOW AVAILABLE — For those praying that God will initiate an English language outreach in their church, Don Edic announces the completion of the fourth edition: English Language Ministry Handbook for Christian Tutors. This is a guide for volunteer English tutors needing a brief orientation to this important outreach ministry. Also, English tutors who are currently using Literacy and Evangelism International’s standard textbook series, PASSPORT TO THE WORLD OF ENGLISH may now purchase separately the new Tutor’s Guide for Level One, “Let’s Get Started!” Don services those in an ESL ministry through Literacy & Evangelism International. For other ESL materials available for individuals and churches, contact Don at his new website: or email Edic4Lei(at)aol(dot)com [replace (at) with @ and (dot) with .]. or click to

  9. NEW DEVOTIONAL FOR REPEAT SHORT-TERMERS — Many have used “Fishers Of Men” (recently retitled “Coming Home”) as a 14 day reentry devotional (sequenced for Reentry Stress issues) with great success and feedback. If you and/or your team have already used the above, and are returning to your home culture for a 2nd or 3rd time, “Coming Home Again” is now available. New devotionals are helpful and the focused reentry questions really help returnee process the experience. Quite a few organizations are having Deeper Roots Publications do “customized” editions of “Coming Home” with their logo and personal messages. Either book is $5.95 each. USA shipping is $1.85 media mail each, overseas shipping is about $5.00 each for airmail or air packet. Other devotionals for individuals or team members (sequenced for the culture shock curve) also available. For more information, click to or email DeeperRoots(at)aol(dot)com [replace (at) with @ and (dot) with .] for discounts on larger orders.

  10. INSIDER SAYS IRAQ IS SAFER THAN IT LOOKS — Acorn is a mercy ministry working with local authorities developing services for disabled children in Kurdistan, which they consider a very safe area in Iraq. Did you know that Kirkuk, regularly in the news because of violent incidents, statistically seen, is safer than San Jose (same size, with a similar mix of people groups), which claims to be “the safest big city in America”?. As Iraq has the name of being extremely dangerous, Acorn has an acute need for skilled staff like managers, physiotherapists, special needs educators, etc. Check out their website for more vacancies and details or contact info(at)acorn(dot)nl [replace (at) with @ and (dot) with .]

  11. TRENDS & ISSUES IN 21ST CENTURY MISSION — Harvest Bible College is excited to offer this new course in its MA program – 20 – 24th Sept, 2004. This course is taught by experienced missiologists, Les Henson (PhD) & Ian Grant (PhD Cand) in Melbourne, Australia, and includes on- line and intensive components. This, and other courses in Intercultural Ministry can be taken either for: (1) professional development, or (2) academic credit toward an MA. For more information see the website – or write mtaylor(at)harvestbc(dot)com(dot)au [replace (at) with @ and (dot) with .].

  12. NEED INPUT ON GETTING WELL OR STAYING WELL? — Try clicking over to Christian Wellness Association at Their site is loaded with ideas that you might be able to contextualize for your particular target people group or culture.

  13. GREEK SAILING SCHOONER NEEDS COOK AND CREW — The Genevieve Challenge, a 90-foot sailing schooner based in eastern Greece, has an urgent need for a cook and a crewmember on board the boat for the remainder of the 2004 sailing season. Each will ideally have prior cooking or crewing experience (although not mandatory) and can be male or female or a couple. The boat’s manager, KingFisher Project (part of Torchbearers International) runs Christian sailaway weeks through the end of October 2004, with destinations being the Greek islands of the north Aegean. The current cook and crew have had to leave unexpectedly, thus the urgent need from 1 July 2004. KingFisher will provide food and accommodation aboard Genevieve Challenge and, if one stays for the whole season, $50 per month pocket money. Flights, train from the airport to the boat’s base in eastern Greece and back, insurance and personal expenses must be borne by the individual. Interested parties, even if they can’t stay for the whole of the season, should contact Theo or Marita at KingFisher Project by logging on at or by phone +30 235 203 1876 or by emailing theodore(at)spark(dot)net(dot)gr [replace (at) with @ and (dot) with .].

  14. SUMMER ENGLISH TEACHERS NEEDED — Here’s a school in Kazakhstan that needs English teachers immediately, or for the 2004/2005 school year. Specifically, they’re looking for 2 English teachers/conversational English partners for a 3 to 4 week teaching assignment in Astana, Kazakhstan to provide conversational training for two groups of 16 students. Housing, Food, and Curriculum are provided. If you are interested, please contact Kurt caopscenter(at)pactec(dot)net [replace (at) with @ and (dot) with .]. They also need 2 English teachers for the fall 2004 and spring 2005 semesters in a similar program. They’ll provide training; the only prerequisite is that you must be a native speaker of English.

  15. SERVING OVERSEAS WITH BROADBAND? CATCH A MOVIE — Are you one of the growing number of folks serving cross-culturally, far from your homeland, with broadband Internet? Maybe you’d like to catch a movie now and then, but everything’s in the local language. Need an occasional getaway from the hustle and bustle? Try clicking to: Where you can download a 500 meg movie file and watch it legally and easily (if you have broadband). Costs are low (e.g., $3 for a first-run movie). As always, maintain your vigilance regarding what you download. The Internet is loaded with trash… Be smart.

  16. TECHNOLOGY SOLUTIONS FOR THE THIRD WORLD — The (secular) P3 Project site is packed with innovative ideas which could be helpful to any mission involved in development work: (Thanks for the tip, Tony! You’re great!)

20021103 Brigada Today

In this issue…


  1. DRAMA ANYONE? — Here are some of the world’s best collections of quality Christian drama materials. Ask for their catalogs!
    * Baker’s Plays ( Costs a small royalty fee to produce them. Includes plays and how-to books.
    * Contemporary Drama Service (http://www.contemporaryd Publishers of plays, interpretive movement, clowning, multi-media and also how-to books. They offer “play kits” which have scripts, director instructions and royalty fees all for one price.
    * Creative Resource Group ( Newest & freshest scripts–plays divided by subject. Plays are real-to-life situations from two minutes to full-length. Also includes resources for doing creative arts in worship.
    * Lillenas Publishing Company ( Extensive drama catalogue of those in this list. They handle books of plays, single plays and many are royalty-free. Includes some how-to books.
    * LifeWay Christian Resources ( Books on dramas, monologues and other helpful resources in church drama. Their “National Drama Service” offers a quarterly book of scripts for all occasions. Convention Press also publishes, “The Complete Guide to Church Play Production.” It is considered “the book” for church drama directors–includes choosing a play to closing the production and striking the set.
    * CrossPoint Scripts ( Quarterly drama ministry newsletter with many good scripts for all occasions and fun four to six minutes on average. Each of the scripts has a director’s notes sidebar, along with musical suggestions to accompany the script during production.
    (Source: Thanks to Mark, of newWway newsletter, for sharing these resources assembled by Tom Smoot, Western Recorder 11/12/02, p. 8.)

  2. CHRISTIAN ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT INSTITUTE — Here’s a chance to hear Dr. Ray Bakke (Exec. Dir. of Urban International Associates) at the second annual Christian Economic Development Institute running from May 19-30, 2003, and sponsored by the Chalmers Center for Economic Development at Covenant College, Lookout Mountain, Georgia, USA (10 minutes from Chattanooga, TN). Learn to minister effectively among the poor urban areas. Apply now as space is limited. Learn more at , or e-mail <cediatcovenantdotedu>, or call (706)419-1805. </cediatcovenantdotedu>

  3. NEW “INTO ALL THE WORLD” MAGAZINE — The brand-new, 2003/4 Edition of Into All the World Magazine is now available. This issue has a special feature (80 pages out of the 132 page issue) on “Short-Term Missions Today.” (You can go to to see a complete editorial outline of the 28 important articles.)

    Copies are available for just $2/copy for the first 20 copies ordered, and just $1/copy for all copies over twenty. Plus modest S&H charges. An invoice will be enclosed with your shipment. Request all the copies you can use. Send an e-mail to Bill Berry, Publisher, at <intomorecopiesataoldotcom  (intomorecopiesataoldotcom)  >.

  4. SPIRITUAL LANDSCAPE IN IRAQ — Check out . (An Acrobat Reader pdf file version is downloadable from that site.) Editor Bruce Sidebotham has done a great job assembling some very challenging information on this needy land.

  5. TESOL SCHOOL IN HAWAII — The University of the Nations in Kona, Hawaii, has their next TESOL Course (Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages), Feb. 17th to Mar. 28th, 2003. It’s a four week academic curriculum with a two week practicum following immediately. For more information & application forms contact <admissionsatuofnkonadotedu  (admissionsatuofnkonadotedu)  >.

  6. WORLD CONVENTION STREAMING VIDEO AVAILABLE — The family of churches known as Christian Churches, Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) and Churches of Christ grew out of an early 19th Century movement with origins in both the United Kingdom and the United States of America. Today there are congregations related to this Christian World Communion in more than 165 countries. Every four years a World Convention is held in a different part of the world. The next will be July 28-August 1, 2004 in Brighton, England, UK. Information is available for any interested parties at Ed Dodds

  7. ENTERTAINING STOCKING STUFFER BOOKS — Want to stuff someone’s stockings with a funny missions book? Try “Siberian Shivers”, a collection of true anecdotes told by Bill Harris, a missionary serving in Russia. Each story is humorously told, then wrapped up with insights of practical use to newcomers to the foreign scene, whether or not they are headed for cold climates. Or ask for “The Great Siberian Rail Adventure,” the story of the Harris family’s journey by car, ship, and rail across Russia. You’ll find a dragon, an axe-wielding conductor, a supersonic clothes washer, and a van with a death wish! Combine good humor with cultural insights. Order either one for $8 each by writing to <sleepydickatbigfootdotcom  (sleepydickatbigfootdotcom)  >.

  8. RESCUE AND RESTORING STREETCHILDREN (BRASIL) — A Rescue And Restore Training Course (Children In Need) is being staged by Youth With A Mission and The University Of The Nations, in Camaragibe-Recife, Brazil (April 7th – June 27th). It consists of 3 months of theoretical teaching and then 2 months practical. Held in both English and Portuguese, it will cover the Biblical basis, inner healing, working with adolescents, discipline, planning and tons more. The goal is to train Christians, giving them tools for more effective work among families in need, while simultaneously helping the work in Recife. For more info write <jocumatnlinkdotcomdotbr> or log on (in Portuguese) at: </jocumatnlinkdotcomdotbr>
  9. .

  10. PRACTICAL MISSIONS HELP FOR YOUR CHURCH — “Stuff You Need to Know about Doing Missions in Your Church” is a 90-page encyclopedia-on- diskette of one-page lists, outlines, forms, and resources covering everything from Bible Verses on Missions to Missions Pastor Job Descriptions. A second volume which includes entirely different information, “More Stuff You Need to Know,” is also available. To see sample pages, go to , click on “book notes” and scroll down. To purchase either diskette, send $12 in U.S. funds (includes shipping and handling) to ACMC, Box 221, Brownsburg, IN 46112, USA. Request “Stuff” or “More Stuff” and include your shipping address.
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