14) The Last Bit: What Can we Learn from the Islamic "Call to Prayer"

While traveling in Asia this past week, we were visiting a conference center and hotel with a view of ascertaining whether or not it might serve as a venue for an upcoming conference. More than once during our visit, the Muslim “Call to Prayer” broke into the calm of our meeting. It served as a grim reminder that we were never very far from our purpose (to multiply disciples and churches among the unreached). Of course, not very many passers-by seemed all that affected by it. And of course, in the business meetings we attended, not even one person asked to be excused so he/she could go to the mosque. It looked like this loud call to prayer was landing on deaf (or perhaps numb) ears, making little or no impact in most of the daily lives of those with whom we were interacting. It was, in the end, seemingly just a cultural practice rather than a calling-out of those who are faithful.


Does Christianity have any similar practices? We’re talking about the kind which remind us to do something, but, in some ways, fail to move us to action? What about church bells? …communion? and, in some ways, what about weekend worship services themselves. (When we scan the crowds, reading the faces, sometimes it appears that many are there just going through the motions.)


So our question is this: How can a time-honored tradition (like the Muslim “Call to Prayer” or the Christian “morning communion”) escape the curse of over-familiarity? And how do we keep over-familiarity from breeding contempt?


If you’ve got ideas please click Comment. Help us figure out how to escape from habits for habits sake — those which yield little, if any, fruit inside our soul or the soul of the one standing next to us — or even 12 time zones away on the other side of the globe. Maybe they aren’t so far away from us when it comes to keeping our heart in critical worship practices.


1) Join Others in Praying for Muslims during the Hajj

Hats off to the people at pray-ap (Praying Through the Arabian Peninsula, otherwise known as PTAP). They’ve developed a superb website for the upcoming time of Hajj to Mecca (Aug. 9-11). Of course, many Muslims are already traveling there to go on the spiritual journey of a lifetime. The idea behind the site is to pray that they would journey into the presence of the Lord Jesus Christ instead. They’re asking us to join in praying for the 2.5 million Muslims who will be performing the Hajj this year. Would you and your group consider praying? If so, learn more at…


They’ve placed videos and information there in 8 languages, including English, Korean, French, Portuguese, Arabic, Spanish, German, and Chinese. Oh — and by the way — Prayercast is reportedly preparing more for the Hajj as well. More on that soon.


14) The Last Bit: Please Help us Understand Madrasas

Have you ever studied these Madrasas or religious schools in Islam? We searched for a polite and fair explanation. Here’s one sample we found…


But even in this most cordial explanation, we still remain troubled. Notice how the article points to the fact that these Islamic religious schools tend to teach concepts such as holy war — and some even teach students to dislike (or hate) Western ideals. This prayercast helps bring critical issues into focus:


Would you pray with us that God will guide the religious leaders in these schools? Pray that Christians can better understand how to relate to this kind of teaching, offering positive alternatives that aren’t judgmental or biased but still bring openness to following Jesus as Lord.


What’s YOUR take on Madrasas? Feel free to write anonymously if you prefer. Thanks for your response.


9) Understanding the Strength of "Family" in Islam

Some say the strength of family is a downer for those who want to follow Jesus as Lord. Why? Because members of one’s family can actually be the most severe in persecuting those who want to accept Christ. They reportedly persecute because they feel the renegade believer is going to bring shame on their family name. Still others advocate that if we were to be able to figure out how to reach whole families, the strength of their decision for Christ might help them be lock-solid in following Him. What’s your take. For background, pray through this video on family from Prayercast:


Please click comment to share your take. Thanks in advance for giving input.


14) The Last Bit: What the BBC Found about Arabs Might Surprise You

At the end of last year through spring of 2019, the BBC interviewed more than 25,000 people in across 10 countries and the Palestinian territories. They asked some very interesting questions like, “Are you planning on leaving your homeland?” “What decisions would you entrust with a woman?” “Would you sanction an honor killing?” “Do you have a more positive view of Trump, Putin, or Erdogan?” Answers to these and other questions might surprise you. One of the most revealing and relevant set of questions dealt with the question, “Do you consider yourself religious or nonreligious?” Interestingly, in several countries, significantly more people considered themselves nonreligious today than in 2013. In Tunisia, for example, the number of nonreligious had tripled — in just 5 years. This is a remarkable change for a country that has historically been virtually a police state. What’s your take on these and other changes? For example, in the case of Tunisia, do you consider it a positive thing for acceptance of the Good News — or a negative thing — if triple the number of people say they’re non-religious? Check it out at…

Please click “Comment” following the web version of this item. Thanks in advance for any input you might give. (Thanks, Jeff, for your note about this survey!)


7) With the Close of Ramadan, I’m Already Missing Daily PrayerCasts

I’ll be honest: Ramadan was a spoiler for me. I looked forward to getting up every morning and catching the latest new PrayerCast video from the folks at OneWay Ministries. Once again, we’re all grateful for their work. But you can show their videos any time. By God’s grace, they assembled them in such a way that their use will be timeless. See the entire set at…


by scrolling all the way to the bottom of the long page.


7) Seeking DMM & Other Resources in Arabic

24:14 is currently compiling resources from teams, churches & organizations to share with the broader network to help launch disciple-making-movements and training hubs across the globe! As they do this, they have received a specific request for resources sharing about DMM principles specifically in Arabic, & they’d love to see if any Brigada subscribers have any! If so, please click comment, if those are publicly available on the web, and share the URL. If they’re not publicly available, please email

morganat2414nowdotnet  (morganat2414nowdotnet)   with those Arabic materials/resources or connections to translators.


9) What Kind of Drama Sets Off Your Embarrassment-Sensor?

Over the past few days, we’ve heard from multiple individuals that there are certain kinds of drama that set off a kind of “embarrassment-on-behalf-of-the-Body sensor.” For example, if a video presents Islamic immigration as something horribly wrong — whereas you’re happy to have Muslims moving nearby because you can’t wait for them to encounter Jesus as the one who can take away their sins. But when you hear that drama in a video about Islamic immigration, you’re just … a little… embarrassed on behalf of Christendom? Does that happen to you? And what sets it off in your own life?


8) Serious Training for Hard Places

Registrations are being accepted for the Fall cohort of Studio Internship. Studio is a 3-month training experience for cross-cultural workers headed to the Muslim world. Emphasizing both hands-on outreach and practical training, Studio is for those eager for preparation in resilience and fruitfulness. Veteran field workers will coach and mentor you as you apply your learning in our community of practice. For information go to…


or write:

infoatstudioteamdotorg  (infoatstudioteamdotorg)   


3) “Love Muslims” Launches May 5th: 130 New “Pray for Muslims” Videos!

The folks at PrayerCast are asking you to take part in the most comprehensive and compelling Muslim-focused prayer resource the world has ever seen. Over the month of Ramadan, they plan to release over 130 new 4-5 minute videos, all designed to lead the Body of Christ in focused, strategic, passionate prayer for the Muslim world. Each video is led by a former Muslim who now follows Jesus! They’re rallying the Church around the world to join them in prayer each day during Ramadan. Take a look…

Invite, share and sign up. Here’s a sneak peak:

6) Want to Teach English Overseas? Want to be Paid for it?

First, you have to be a native English speaker in your 20’s – early 30’s. AND you have to have a certificate to teach English such as: TELF, TESL, ESL, TESOL, CELTA. You’ll receive $1000/mo, paid cash in dollars each month (living expenses & health insurance total half this amount). The opportunity is for this Sept 1 – May 31 and you’ll receive free flights to & from Makhachkala, Dagestan, Russia. You’ll also receive a furnished apartment with utilities (absolutely free!). But better apply soon. The deadline is April 30. For more information, contact Khabib Nagaev, the School Director, via email at…

KhabibdotNagaevatgmaildotcom  (KhabibdotNagaevatgmaildotcom)  

See images of the school at…


Looks fun! : )

10) Number of Muslim children in UK doubles in a decade

The numbers don’t lie. One in 12 school pupils in the UK is now brought up in the Islamic faith. The 2011 Census there suggests that the Muslim population in England has risen by 75%. Some 30% of all Muslims in England and Wales are aged 15 and under. In at least one city, 80% of school pupils were described as being Muslim. London is being described as 34.5% Muslim, with large populations of Sylhetis and Somalis. See the origin of these stats at …


Our suggestion is — greet these stats with hearts that are prepared, open, and ready to share the person of Jesus. One way to learn how — see the next item (Item #11).

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