3) New Video on Islam Will Unlock Secrets and Explore Trends

in_the_house_of_islamIs your church baffled by the mystery of Muslim growth and expansion? In this remarkable new video, you’ll discover how, where, and why more than 80% of all the Muslim movements to Christ in all of history are taking place right now! Join Dr. David Garrison and a host of renowned evangelical authorities as they “open each room” in the House of Islam. You’ll learn about the Qur’an, about the five pillars of Islam, about competing forces within the Muslim world, and meet ordinary Muslim men and women from West Africa to Indonesia. Learn more and/or order this new resource at…

14) The BackPage: “The Straight Path” — Jesus in the Qur’an?

straight_pathThis past week, I came across a chart showing how the Qur’an and the Bible both point toward the coming of Jesus as the Anointed one. I can’t find a LOT about this concept, but the best resource I’ve seen on it so far comes from…

along with a summary article at…

My sense is that this approach might be controversial for some (those who fear that prompting any Muslim to spend more time in the Qur’an is a mistake?), but what I’m looking for is — a) What kind of experience do you have with this approach? and b) How have Muslims responded to it, in your case studies? Finally, c) What additional resources have you used or have you heard about that can guide a person in understanding this approach?

If you would be so kind as to click “Comment” following the web version of this item, I’d love for us to explore the use of this approach with a view toward fashioning an understanding of it with our Muslim neighbors today. Thanks in advance for any time you can invest.

10) Get Your 30 Days Muslim Prayer Guides in March…

By preordering them now, will start shipping your order to you FIRST, in March 2016. Order now at…

Since 1993, this campaign has focused on helping you pray in an informed way about people who would, perhaps otherwise, only be feared or ignored. Get a 50+ page prayer guide for your church AND … don’t forget that if you’re a ministry with an initiative you’d like to promote, you can advertise in the prayer guide at…

13) Bridges Curriculum Will Introduce You to Islam

Bridges_DVD_Cvr-228x228Crescent Project, led by Fouad Masri, has produced a 6-session DVD small group study called “Bridges.” You get 2 DVD’s, a companion study book, and leader’s notes. Topics include “Islam Rising,” “Belief and Ritual,” “Attitudes of an Ambassador,” “Bridging the gospel,” “Tools for Reaching Muslims: Understanding the New Testament’s Credibility,” and “Tools for Reaching Muslims: Understanding Jesus’ Sacrifice.” Order the curriculum for $49.99 and/or learn more here…

1) Go Deeper In Your Ministry to Muslims with Engaging Islam Intensives

islamThese interactive and exciting week-long courses on Evangelism are scheduled for July 13-18 and (NEW) Discipleship July 20-25 in beautiful Boulder, Colorado. The Discipleship course features brand new material from Georges’ soon-to-be published book. Whether you are in full time ministry, or simply have a desire to learn more about ministry to Muslims, these courses are for you. Read what previous attendees had to say: “I thank God for your training which has made all the difference. We’ve had fewer teammates leave from discouragement and we’ve seen more fruit from our ministry.” Read more and register here:

7) Ministry to Muslims Conference

The theme is “Longing to Belong” and the conference takes place in Toronto, November 6-8, 2014. It’s organized by the Canadian Network of Ministry to Muslims. Plenaries and workshops will be aimed at different levels and interests. Learn more and/or register at

To get the best price please register before August 31st, 2014. Send more questions to


2) Garrison’s “A Wind In The House Of Islam” Now Available

House of Islam bookThousands of copies that have been pre-ordered are now on their way around the world. David Garrison’s new book will encourage, challenge, inspire, and teach. According to his website, for a short while you’ll still be able to get the book at deep discounts. The book will retail for $18.95, but you can still purchase it for as little as $9.00 each for a case of 40 (more than 52% discount) and $12.00 for single copies. Unfortunately, it’s not entirely clear where you can find these prices. If you click on Bookstore at Garrison’s own site, the price is already listed at the retail. At this point, we suggest you use the “Contact us” link at the website…

and explain you’d like to purchase at the lower price according to the landing page of the website. They’ll almost HAVE to honor the lower price until they change their own home page price discounts. However, act quickly if you want this reduced price. My hunch is, once they see this Brigada item, they might remove the discount plan at the home page.

8) Islamic Immersion: Incarnating the Gospel

Join a team of passionate laborers as they trust God for gospel movements of Kingdom communities among Muslims in a diverse community in a U.S. city. Their purpose is to incarnate the gospel by blessing their Muslim community through building relationships of trust, speaking of Jesus, and praying for and meeting their needs. Ministry track options are ESL, Kids’ Club, Language Intensive (Arabic, Bangla, or Bosnian), Sports & Recreation, and Construction. The program runs from May 27-July 2, 2014 and costs $1,500–$1,900. If you’re interested, apply immediately. For more info, visit…

or email

1) Learn Islam and the Middle East Online from Carl Medearis

Carl Medearis is one of the biggest names in Islamic studies. Imagine studying personally with him via special online courses. Now you can, via William Jessup University in Sacramento, CA? There are six courses all focused on the Middle East (although one is an “Intro to Islam” course which would be broader than the Middle East). Check it out

And enjoy learning from a famous dude. :-)

6) More Books/Resources on Understanding Islam

how-to-respond-muslimsI’m struck by the way Logos has created a learning system within its publishing platform. It’s a great way for missionaries to build a fantastic library at a decent price without buying those Rubbermaid “Tote” tubs. What’s more, one book that was $5 in print and $3.50 in Kindle edition (on Amazon) was just $2.25 in Logos’ marketplace. As always, it’s best to shop. About half the time, in my own comparisons, the Kindle edition would be cheaper, but Logos’ system was less expensive in other situations. See for yourself and do your own cost comparison at…

Either way, don’t forget that you can use coupon code BRIGADA5 at checkout to get 15% additional discount off the already-discounted price. (Disclaimer: They’ve said they’ll make a gift to Brigada as a result of these purchases. But what I don’t understand is — if they’re shaving off dollars from what Amazon charges, how will they have any money leftover to make a donation? Does this mean Amazon is becoming filthy rich? :-) Your choice as to whom you want to support. :-) )

9) Training in Evangelism Among Muslims

Immerse yourself in this intensive course in Islam, its people and culture. Then, use what you learn in daily guided outreach opportunities with seasoned mentors. Manarah combines classroom training with daily apprentice-like opportunities to share with Muslims in homes and nearby parks. Taste Arab hospitality while learning how to bring light to these least-reached people.

Sounds fantastic.

1) Mobilization Video about Unengaged Muslim Groups

Islam VideoI guess I’ve been asleep. I hadn’t presented, or even SEEN, the video at…

about unengaged Muslim Groups. It would be a great session-starter or “countdown” video before a special focus on Muslim peoples. Of course, who will be remaking these as we send new teams of witnesses to these people groups? :-) I ask because I’m assisting with one new team who has already been working in one of these [now previously-] unengaged groups for nearly two years. I guess Finishing the Task is helping with that question. Anyone else tracking this data?

12) Make a Connection with your Muslim Friend at the Connexion Conf.

If you’ve never attended a Muslim Connexion conference, featuring Dr. Don McCurry, it’s not too late. But you’ll need to scramble. We just heard about this literally this morning. It’s May 17-18 at Southwest Bible Church in Beaverton, OR. You could still catch the Early Bird Special registration price (until May 11) which is $40 for a single, $60 for a couple and $20 for a student. Learn more at

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