7) Ministry to Muslims Conference

The theme is “Longing to Belong” and the conference takes place in Toronto, November 6-8, 2014. It’s organized by the Canadian Network of Ministry to Muslims. Plenaries and workshops will be aimed at different levels and interests. Learn more and/or register at

To get the best price please register before August 31st, 2014. Send more questions to


2) Garrison’s “A Wind In The House Of Islam” Now Available

House of Islam bookThousands of copies that have been pre-ordered are now on their way around the world. David Garrison’s new book will encourage, challenge, inspire, and teach. According to his website, for a short while you’ll still be able to get the book at deep discounts. The book will retail for $18.95, but you can still purchase it for as little as $9.00 each for a case of 40 (more than 52% discount) and $12.00 for single copies. Unfortunately, it’s not entirely clear where you can find these prices. If you click on Bookstore at Garrison’s own site, the price is already listed at the retail. At this point, we suggest you use the “Contact us” link at the website…

and explain you’d like to purchase at the lower price according to the landing page of the website. They’ll almost HAVE to honor the lower price until they change their own home page price discounts. However, act quickly if you want this reduced price. My hunch is, once they see this Brigada item, they might remove the discount plan at the home page.

8) Islamic Immersion: Incarnating the Gospel

Join a team of passionate laborers as they trust God for gospel movements of Kingdom communities among Muslims in a diverse community in a U.S. city. Their purpose is to incarnate the gospel by blessing their Muslim community through building relationships of trust, speaking of Jesus, and praying for and meeting their needs. Ministry track options are ESL, Kids’ Club, Language Intensive (Arabic, Bangla, or Bosnian), Sports & Recreation, and Construction. The program runs from May 27-July 2, 2014 and costs $1,500–$1,900. If you’re interested, apply immediately. For more info, visit…

or email

1) Learn Islam and the Middle East Online from Carl Medearis

Carl Medearis is one of the biggest names in Islamic studies. Imagine studying personally with him via special online courses. Now you can, via William Jessup University in Sacramento, CA? There are six courses all focused on the Middle East (although one is an “Intro to Islam” course which would be broader than the Middle East). Check it out

And enjoy learning from a famous dude. :-)

6) More Books/Resources on Understanding Islam

how-to-respond-muslimsI’m struck by the way Logos has created a learning system within its publishing platform. It’s a great way for missionaries to build a fantastic library at a decent price without buying those Rubbermaid “Tote” tubs. What’s more, one book that was $5 in print and $3.50 in Kindle edition (on Amazon) was just $2.25 in Logos’ marketplace. As always, it’s best to shop. About half the time, in my own comparisons, the Kindle edition would be cheaper, but Logos’ system was less expensive in other situations. See for yourself and do your own cost comparison at…

Either way, don’t forget that you can use coupon code BRIGADA5 at checkout to get 15% additional discount off the already-discounted price. (Disclaimer: They’ve said they’ll make a gift to Brigada as a result of these purchases. But what I don’t understand is — if they’re shaving off dollars from what Amazon charges, how will they have any money leftover to make a donation? Does this mean Amazon is becoming filthy rich? :-) Your choice as to whom you want to support. :-) )

9) Training in Evangelism Among Muslims

Immerse yourself in this intensive course in Islam, its people and culture. Then, use what you learn in daily guided outreach opportunities with seasoned mentors. Manarah combines classroom training with daily apprentice-like opportunities to share with Muslims in homes and nearby parks. Taste Arab hospitality while learning how to bring light to these least-reached people.

Sounds fantastic.

1) Mobilization Video about Unengaged Muslim Groups

Islam VideoI guess I’ve been asleep. I hadn’t presented, or even SEEN, the video at…

about unengaged Muslim Groups. It would be a great session-starter or “countdown” video before a special focus on Muslim peoples. Of course, who will be remaking these as we send new teams of witnesses to these people groups? :-) I ask because I’m assisting with one new team who has already been working in one of these [now previously-] unengaged groups for nearly two years. I guess Finishing the Task is helping with that question. Anyone else tracking this data?

12) Make a Connection with your Muslim Friend at the Connexion Conf.

If you’ve never attended a Muslim Connexion conference, featuring Dr. Don McCurry, it’s not too late. But you’ll need to scramble. We just heard about this literally this morning. It’s May 17-18 at Southwest Bible Church in Beaverton, OR. You could still catch the Early Bird Special registration price (until May 11) which is $40 for a single, $60 for a couple and $20 for a student. Learn more at

2) What’s the Best Guide to Arab Culture & Islam?

One of our Brigada participants wrote this past week wondering what might be the best guide to Arab culture and Islam. One of the churches with whom he is partnering is looking for something less on how to evangelize and more on how to get know, how to connect, and how to avoid insulting. What resource would you recommend? If you have an idea, please click “comment” below the online version of this item. Thanks in advance for any help you can render.

9) Crescent Project Offers Training in Islam

Don’t forget about Crescent Project’s Sahara Challenge…

The training is non-confrontational, uses much scripture, is informed by Islam itself, and is well-regarded by many. Also, you can actually see online videos of the training at…

Cool idea. There must be some way to register so you can watch the videos online (and not have to wait for DVD’s to come in the mail). This would be really helpful to overseas customers, living in sensitive situations. Although it didn’t look like the page was protected by SSL technology, one could use a VPN to address security and, presumably, view the entire training program via a distance-learning approach. Awesome.

9) Frontline Conference: Open the Door to the Muslim World

Frontline Conference is a weekend gathering (July 5-7, 2013) where you can join workers from the Muslim world in discussing current strategies for reaching Muslims for Christ. Columbia International University (CIU) will host the conference in Columbia, South Carolina, USA. The Zwemer Center’s Summer Institute bookends the conference, offering one-week intensive courses which can be taken for undergraduate or graduate credit or as a non-credit seminar ($250): Addressing Muslim Concerns (July 1-5) and Islam in the 21st Century (July 8-12). For more information visit

1) Train in Islamics — with Horizons International

From May 26 – 31, get “From Cubs to Lions.” This is a discipleship course for new and maturing converts from Islam, taught in Boulder, Colorado.


From June 17 – 21, catch Engaging Islam in Dearborn, Michigan, focused on how to share the Good News with Muslims, with outreach every afternoon.

From July 8 – August 2, attend the Strategic Institute for Muslim Studies, again in Boulder, Colorado, focused on four intensive weeks of teaching which include teaching, interaction and role play.

Get all the details at…


7) Do you want to be better at loving Muslims?

“Good News for Muslims” is A gathering Hosted by Carl and Chris Medearis. It’s all about loving Jesus and helping others love him too.  Anyone who serves Muslim friends, or is hoping to, is welcome.  Spend time with Carl and others to be encouraged and empowered to love openly. The dates are July 11-12 at MountainView Community Church in Highlands Ranch, CO. The space is limited. Registration and more information are at this link – pay through PayPal (which is your registration):

Registration is $100 per person or $150 for a married couple.  No childcare, so please no kids – unless they’re old enough to be involved.  This price includes one meal all together. The rest of our meals will be at nearby restaurants.

3) Pastor Needed in Egypt

Heliopolis Community Church

Heliopolis Community Church

In the midst of many changes in the country of Egypt, there is a steadfast, dynamic group of believing internationals living in the Heliopolis area of Cairo.  They are in need of a full time pastor. Heliopolis Community Church is an English speaking, interdenominational church where any given worship service may have 20 to 25 nationalities represented. It is an exciting body of Christ to be a part of.

Additional information can be found at

or by emailing pastor_searchathcccairodotcom

1) Sharing Your Faith with Muslim Friends: Camel Method Makes Sense

Camel Workshop and book

Camel Workshop and book

This past week, I attended a conference about sharing the Good News of Jesus, the Messiah, with our Muslim friends. I’m not saying I was disappointed, but I will say that it left me interested in finding a more tangible approach. And I wondered if others had wondered the same thing. I remembered hearing, a few years back, about an approach that had proven extremely successful in real-live situations. I did some research, ordered a copy for myself, and — I’ve got to say — it seems extremely impressive. “The Camel Workshop DVD” and the companion book, “The Camel Rider’s Journal,” are edited by David Garrison. I also ordered the book that goes along with the workshop, “The Camel: How Muslims are Coming to Faith in Christ,” by Kevin Greeson. I’m looking forward to doing this as a lunch book study in our office — and I’m determined to memorize all the steps. I’ll keep you informed along the way but, on the surface, so far, this seems like the best thing going if you’d like a plan or tangible outline. Am I the only one who wondered, “What do I say to stay on track without offending my Muslim friend?” Can’t wait to learn it through and through. Learn more at…

8) Muslim Connexion is Coming to Beaverton, Oregon

Increasing parcels of land in the Beaverton area are being purchased to build Mosques. Muslims are coming to America with the intent to share their Islamic faith with their neighbors and friends. Do you know how to share your faith with them? Mission ConneXion Northwest 2012 plenary speaker Fouad Masri is coming to Beaverton to teach you how. As founder of Crescent Project, a ministry whose mission is to inspire, equip and serve the church to reach Muslims with the gospel of Christ for the glory of God, Fouad will give you the tools you need to feel confident in sharing your faith through their Bridges One-Day seminar. The event starts on Friday, October 26 from 5:00 9:00 PM, and again Saturday October 27 from 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM. For more information, go to…

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