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This Past Week, We Discovered Tableau and

While visiting with a Ph.D. grad student at a major university this past week, we discovered…


Both sites are redefining a user’s ability to display data in graphical form. Next time you’re looking for a way to visualize data, you might want to give one or both of these sites a try. They can help you build stunning graphs — to display compelling messages in visual form. Both have free or nearly free options. (Thanks Caleb!)

2) On-The-Fly Prayer Card Prep at

Are you planning a special emphasis on a particular country, region, or other special group within the Joshua Project list of unreached peoples? Well now you can print handy-dandy prayer cards focused on the particular select set you’re trying to feature. Just start here…

Arrange the filters at the top of the page then click “list” at the bottom of the box. Once you get your list the way you like it (with a manageable number… say… a few hundred?), click “prayer cards.” Bam. The new sub-routine will automatically prepare a PDF printable document with handy prayer cards focused on your select set. Thank you Dan and all the folks at! (I recently decided I’d send them a $100 gift because they’re making available all this stuff for free, as a labor of love. They were GREATLY appreciative. Please consider doing the same if you have some extra pesos. And that’s completely unsolicited. They’re just great people doing a great work.)

3) Get the Skinny on What to Pray at Joshua Project

joshuaproject2As Roger pointed out (thanks for a third time, Roger), you might WANT to pray, but maybe you wouldn’t know for WHAT to pray. That’s where Joshua Project comes in. They bring definition to the unfinished task, and by doing so, give us a tangible focus for prayer. Visit them at…

See their “Hot spots” (People Groups in the News). Here’s an example (Boko Haram)…

See their page of prayer resources at…

…and additional prayer ideas at…

4) Get the Latest Stats on Unreached Peoples

joshuaprojectHave you been asked to speak about unreached peoples? Someone wants to know about the ‘task remaining?’ Get all the latest facts and figures at…

There you’ll find the total number of people groups across all countries, and the same total if people groups are counted separately when they occur in more than one country. Get the current world population, total number of UNreached peoples, the percentage of the world unreached, and a lot more. Thanks Joshua Project!

4) Check Out This Cool Map of All the People Groups in the World

Joshua Project MapThe elves at Joshua Project have been working overtime. Check it out…

You can use the drop-down box at the top to zoom in on a particular country, or just explore the world. If you zoom in on a country, click the “country profile” link at the top and see specific intro about that nation. And click on a particular dot to zoom in on info about that people group. The yellow groups are formative/nominal Christian groups. Green groups have established or significant church movements. But 42% of the dots are unreached. Gulp. The task remaining is significant. Three billion people. Yikes.

11) In Search of Great Statistics about the World

people group severalPeople are motivated by stories. But at times, it helps to put those stories into a global perspective. That’s why pages like…

are so gripping to the global audience. They help us set our stories into the world stage. Have you posted other stats at your page? … or have you found other sites like the JP site, helping you convey to our audiences the task remaining? If so, please click comment after the web version of this item… and let’s get the stage set… so our audiences can understand just how much of the world still needs to hear.

5) Joshua Project Offers Maps in Conjunction with People Selector

It’s a perfect map-match: Just navigate to…

Choose the criteria needed for your own project. In my case, I wanted to find totally unreached people groups with populations of 100,000 or more. The People Selector responded almost instantly with 1,587 groups, plotted on a world map. This is a great tool and one for which we’ve dreamed since we began this ministry back in 1995. Great stuff.

3) Help Get Even Better

The good friends at are in the process of surveying as many of their website users as possible to determine what they might do differently to better serve the missions and the greater unreached peoples community.  They are gathering feedback through a 3 minute survey at

They’d greatly appreciate your participation there. Thanks in advance.

7) Refresh Your Mind about Joshua Project Definitions

Every once and awhile, it’s probably a good idea to refresh your mind on all those definitions at Joshua…

I’ve found that audiences benefit from clarifying, for example, the difference between unreached and unengaged, as well as parameters constituting threshold measurements (such as 2% evangelical and 5% adherents). In fact, many audiences benefit from being reminded as to what constitutes an “evangelical.” Rumors that “everybody knows all this stuff,” are greatly overstated. Many are still newbies — and they don’t mind telling you so.

1) Got an iPhone, iPod Touch, or an iPad? Get JoshuaProject

Imagine being able to access information on thousands of people groups, see data on hundreds of countries, flick through amazing photos, learn about famous missionaries or even share the gospel. I hate to say it, but — there’s an app for that. You can see it all on your portable Apple device. With just the touch of a finger. Anywhere. Anytime. For Free! See the new JPMobile web application built for your iPhone, iPod Touch, or iPad. Learn more at…

1) Got an iPhone, iPod Touch, or an iPad? Get JoshuaProject

2) Joshua Project Releases Three-color “Reached” Scale

This past week, Dan and the guys at Joshua Project released a revised progress scale.  They wrote, “For simplicity and clarity we have moved from a four-color to a three-color scale.  The new colors are

  • Red = Unreached / Least-Reached
  • Yellow = Nominal / Formative church
  • Green = Established / Significant church

A summary of these progress levels is available at:

4) Unreached People of the Day in your Inbox

prayforunreachedIt is hard to miss Joshua Project’s “Unreached of the Day” widgets on websites and Facebook profiles. But perhaps you are unaware there is an email version of these. Fuel your prayer for the unreached by getting these daily or weekly prayer reminders in your inbox. The email features a profile of a different unreached people group each day–complete with picture, map, and prayer ideas. Currently a “Double the Prayer Challenge” is underway to put the number of people who receive these daily reminders to pray for the unreached up over a thousand. For more information about the challenge and how to subscribe to the “Unreached of the Day” emails go to:

(Thanks for reminding us of this cool feature, Peter, of Mission Data Int’l!)

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