14) The Last Bit: Bob asks, "What about UPGs Losing Their Identity?"

This past week, we received a great question from a great friend of Brigada working in a sensitive area. We’ll call him Bob (not his real name) to protect his identity. He asked, “Hey Doug, Thanks for this week’s edition of Brigada. I’ve got a question I’d like to pose to the Great Commission community. I haven’t really seen this addressed anywhere. The question is, ‘How should we perceive and deal with people groups that are losing (have lost) their ethnic identity?’ For example, in my country of service, many of the UPGs that are on Joshua Project and other lists have become quite assimilated to the national culture. Does that mean they cease to be a UPG? If so, to what degree do they need to be assimilated in order to no longer receive a specific focus? Also, if a people group no longer speaks a unique language (or a language has become extinct), what does that mean in terms of every people, nation, TONGUE, and tribe? By the way, I’m not as interested in the linguistic side of this question as I am the question of prioritization… Should we keep such groups on the unreached lists? What is God’s heart in this matter? Does anyone have case studies or has anyone thought through this? If you post this somewhere, please remove my real name since I’m in a sensitive area. [Done!]”


So how would you answer Bob? If you would, please click “Comment” following the web version of this item. We’ll all look forward to hearing your response (and Bob, in particular, will be glad to see it).


13) We’re Grateful…

…for help from Angela, a True Fan of Brigada, who sent a $100 gift this past week, along with this encouraging note, “Thanks for all you do, Brigada. I love the fresh, new logo and I love the updates. Always a great resource! Keep up the great work.” God bless you!
…for help from another True Fan of Brigada, who also sent a $100 gift, just to empower and undergird our global ministry to unreached peoples in Jesus’ name. Thank you brother!
…for the ministry of We asked them this past week for special help in filtering and refining unreached people group data. They delivered in record time — and when we asked for the precise mailing address so we could send them a gift for their help, they insisted that we instead give the gift to Brigada. Learn more about their work (and please… somebody… help them pay the bills) at…

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