5) Zero in on Missions from a Journalist’s Point of View —

The Missionary Journalist website provides a wealth of news and feature articles about what the Lord is doing in missions with particular emphasis on Latin America. In addition, the site provides articles on International Churches (Union Churches), Christian communications, missiology and children at risk. The site is updated with new material frequently. Check it out at

2) Rethinking Hindu Ministry 2

The Rethinking Forum has recently released the second in a series of journals called Rethinking Hindu Ministry. This issue is for those with an interest in contextualization in Hindu contexts and ministry among immigrant Hindus and students in the U.S.A. To receive your complimentary copy within the U.S.A., just contact


Learn more about the Rethinking Forum at…

5) Make a Memory

Remember those journals at…

Shawn churns out these one-of-a-kind aged books, as journals. Use them for diaries, record books, or write a new novel! Use them for scrap books… or custom order the book (cover) you want. Back in November, she sold at least 4 books in as many days, just from Brigada readers who saw her site here. They’re fun! … and they’re retro. Like Indiana Jones journals. :-)

1) Journals, Made By Hand, Like Indiana Jones Would Use

You’ve *got* to see these to appreciate them…

Here’s an artist (“Shawn”) who has the coolest moonlighting hobby. Shawn hunts down one-of-a-kind aged books, removes most of the original pages, then replaces them with parchment pages upon which you can write your journal – or take notes — or make plans — or draw sketches — or dream — or write about the grandkids — or whatever it is you need to say. And instead of being locked up inside of a hard drive (which you then might forget to back up), these priceless pages are “always on”, “0% down time” records of your thoughts. What’s more, your journaled notes now become somehow… like a priceless work of poetry or part of an ancient scrawl that Indiana Jones would carry into a previously-undiscovered cave in Ecuador. Imagine what great Christmas gifts these babies would make.

Now here’s the really cool part: For the next 7 days (beginning today, real-time, November 8th), Shawn pledges to give 1/2 of all sales to Brigada. Get this — not just *your* purchases, but instead, 1/2 of *all* sales! So send your friends, write up this guy on your facebook page, and tell your supporters. May we buy him out, lock, stock, and barrel. :-)

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