11) The All-Time Best eBook App

kindleWas there any question? Gotta be Kindle. Can anything challenge Amazon’s Kindle app for playability, ease of use, and price? (free!) Whatever you download onto your Kindle is also available in your Kindle app on Windows, Mac, iPhone, android and/or all of the above. It’s genius.

10) Kindle App Speaks both Windows and Mac

Many apologies to all our Mac friends. Last week, when we reminded readers that one can read Kindle books without buying a Kindle, we unintentionally provided a URL which provided the install for Windows users only. Thanks to Brigada reader, Bob (Thanks Bob!), who pointed us to the more diplomatic Amazon site…

which speaks multiple operating systems. Armed with the RIGHT version of the Kindle book-reader, not only can you start reading the book you want in minutes rather than days (or weeks), but in addition, you can carry your library with you on your laptop instead of in crates, regardless of which operating system you use.

3) Kindle Downloads Blocked Because of your Location? Try this

This past week, Robby wrote, “A friend of mine works in a country with restricted access to certain titles through Amazon. He wanted Any-3, so I tried buying the Kindle version here and sending him a gift certificate, but he couldn’t download it. I contacted Amazon support and they provided the solution below. My friend was then able to download the book I purchased for him AND shop Amazon without restriction.” Here’s the solution Amazon provided:

Kindle features and content availability may vary by your country or region. You can view and change your country settings from the Manage your Kindle page on your computer or from the Store Settings screen on your Kindle. From your computer:

1. Visit Manage Your Kindle (
2. From the left navigation, click Country Settings.
3. Under Current Country, click Change to select an existing address or enter a new address.

Note: If you live in a region that has multiple available sites to shop on, you can also change your preferred marketplace from your Kindle. From the Store Settings screen, select Change next to Where would you
like to shop? Follow the on-screen instructions to change your preferred marketplace.

(Thanks Robby!)

14) Kindle and the Game-Changers —

When my wife and I first started with Team Expansion, we served in Montevideo, Uruguay, South America. We took one afternoon and evening per week as a Sabbath. We’d ride the bus into the center of the city and visit the USA/Uruguayan Alliance Library, where we could read 2- and 3-day old newspapers shipped down via passenger planes from the states. And when the new edition of Popular Photography came, it was glorious.

That was 1982.

This is 2012.

Times have changed — and Amazon’s Kindle is a game-changer. Until this past week, I hadn’t quite digested exactly what a sea-change it is. Imagine a worker in an outlying town in Afghanistan. Prior to departing her homeland, she subscribes to the print form of a leading newspaper — like USA Today, for instance. She can have it mailed anywhere: her parents’ house, her church, her favorite dentist’s office… it really doesn’t matter. Because with the data from that print subscription, she can now use her Kindle in Afghanistan to download the Kindle edition (the entire newspaper, re-flowed in a format to fit the screen of her Kindle e-reader). And it doesn’t cost her a dime extra! All she has to do is walk to a coffee shop or internet café. Her Kindle only has to see Wi-Fi for about 2 minutes max. During that 2 minutes, it will download the entire newspaper, and then she can walk home and read today’s news in the privacy of her own back yard (if she has grass).

And it’s not just ONE newspaper: There are zillions of choices. Entire BOOKS! Tons of them. And when she reads, she highlights them on her Kindle, and later, she can export the highlighted quotes into text form for her note files on her laptop.

What’s more, although these devices originally were expensive, they’ve dropped significantly in price now. If you’re willing to go with a SLIGHTLY dated model (that is, something with a color screen from 6 months ago), you’re looking at something under $150. There are lower prices if you’ll settle for black and white. And the word on the street is that Apple will soon release its own competition for the Kindle, which might help lower prices even more.

So if you’ve ever wanted to end your back/shoulder pain (and stop carrying around all those heavy books), now is a really good time.

And don’t forget, you can still bump up to a iPad or ultrabook (though you might have to spend $400 or more to do so, depending on your tastes), then download the Kindle app — and you get the best of both worlds!

My wife and I never imagined, as we sat in that library in 1982, that just 30 years later, today’s workers would have everything so IMMEDIATELY. Now let’s hope it helps us all share the Good News of Jesus more quickly too. :-)

So what about you? What do you like about your Kindle (or other e-reader)? And … upon which e-Reader did you settle and why? Just click “comment” below and share your own testimony about how your e-reader changed YOUR life. Feel free to do so anonymously if you prefer. And thanks in advance for sharing your story!

7) Would you read Brigada if it came via Kindle Format? —

We’re considering it… but it’s yet another publishing step… and it’s not like we need the extra work. Still, if it somehow made the content more effective, enjoyable, and efficient, we’d try to make it happen. If that would help you, please jot something in the “Comment” box under the web version of this item. Thanks!

7) Free Books via Kindle —

For a short period, there are two mission-related books as free Kindle downloads: The Final Assault: A Novel about Finishing the Task by Steve Smith, highly recommended on church planting. And a second — Speaking of Jesus: The Art of Not-Evangelism by Carl Medearis. Another highly-recommended title. This page also explains the incredible system for putting free cloud ebooks for Africa onto dumb phones and making them virtually smart phones!


The latest news about Internet Evangelism Day on 29 April is available at

6) Ten Reasons You Should Consider a Kindle —

The Amazon Kindle is a popular electronic reading device, but is it a tool for missionaries? Brigada participant, Jonathan, says yes. He recently wrote, “If you want to travel light and save some money, take a look at the Kindle.  In comparison to the popular Apple and Android tablets, the Kindle is a “poor man’s tablet.” While it cannot do everything a tablet can do, it can do several important things for less money.  With a long battery life, e-ink display, Wifi and free 3G, and the ability to read your PDF and Word documents, it is worthy of your consideration.”  Read more from Jonathan at…


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