5) GPA Language Acquisition Training in Minneapolis

Professionals Global is partnering with Arrive Ministries to offer language acquisition training August 19-22 using the Growing Participator Approach. GPA is a very communicative approach to language learning that models first language acquisition that children use to successfully learn language. The approach uses cutting edge strategies to make language acquisition fun and exciting. To find out more and to register, visit:


3) What About an App for Real-time, Simultaneous Worship Times?

What’s your favorite Android or iOS app for assisting with a foreign language real-time translation, say, when an English-speaking pastor is visiting your church and you need the sermon to be understood by Zarma (Zerma) listeners? …or Somalis? …or you fill in the blank. Are there apps that, for example, allow a listener to use his own earbuds on his smartphone, while logged on to the wi-fi of the event or church? For example, could someone use a service like…


One would simply be broadcasting “live” at the back of the church, right? So people in the audience would log on to that live broadcast and it would be their current church service, except, someone would be contextualizing the message for the hearing crowd — in the language you need. Wouldn’t that be awesome? Are there apps to aid in such a thing?


12) SIL’s “Languages of the World” site is a Great Sourcebook

If you haven’t visited SIL’s “Languages of the World” page lately, you might want to stop by.

They not only show an infographic map with points featuring “robust” and “endangered” languages (7,106 languages in the world, they say), but they also list the links to their regional SIL bases. Many (most?) have their own specific site. For example, see SIL Ethiopia at…

3) International Congress on Language Learning

The place is Estes Park, CO. The date and time? April 17 5pm – 21 10am. It’s the International Congress on Language Learning. The theme will be “Spread the Word,” and the group will be looking at how the act of language learning demonstrates Christ and also talking about how to better advocate for and support language learning in missions. There will be academics, training programs, language schools and numerous agencies represented. Will yours be there? Learn more at…

3) Over 7,000 Languages in the World: Which One is the Most Popular?

HELLO in eight different languagesWith at least 7,102 known languages in the world, you might have been curious regarding which language is the most-widely spoken as the mother tongue. Did you assume English? Better check out the infographic at…

Also interesting here: Which language is spoken in the MOST countries? And which language is the SECOND-most spoken in the most countries? And finally, which countries have the MOST languages spoken (in that same country)? All this and more, for free, at the above URL. (Thanks Tim!)

7) TESOL Training in Chiang Mai

tesolNeed training in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages? The next course in Chiang Mai is November 9 – December 11. Asia’s Center for TESOL conducts these intensive, five-week courses leading to a TESOL certificate. For the first three weeks the classes are Monday-Friday, 8-4. For the last two weeks, the classes are 8-12, followed by a two-hour practicum in the afternoon or evening. This totals 120 hours in class and 20 hours of practicum (10 hours observing and 10 hours teaching). Contact Kathy for application forms or more information:
khenwoodatactesoldotcom or see

12) What’s the Best Online TESL Course?

teflOne teacher (from the Middle East) pointed us to…

He said the cost was the most reasonable for the instruction he received. You can get a 40-hour basic certificate for $260, or a 60-hour Educator certificate for $340. Of course, their 140-hour course (IDELT Online) is $997.50. Are these fairly competitive with courses you’ve taken? (or courses your institute offers?) Please click “Comment” after the web version of this item to help us find the best value for the best price. Thanks in advance for your help.

14) The BackPage: How to Learn Another Language — in 3 Easy Lessons:

I hear language learners say sometimes, “But the language I’m learning is so much harder!” We’re convinced that, when it comes to aural/oral language (leaving aside all script/reading), you can learn any language on earth equally well. That’s what Tom and Betty Sue Brewster taught us in their language acquisition course at Fuller back in the early 80’s. “It’s all mumbo-jumbo anyway.” They’re all equally hard. They’re all equally easy. Their rationale (and ours too) on that is simple: Around the world, most all babies learn to speak the BASICs of the language of their parents around the same time, without any big-time foreign language study curriculum. They mostly learn by listening — and mimicry. Of course, if you don’t want to take 2 years of listening before you sound like a two-year-old, you can speed things up quite a bit. For example, the GPA approach is really highly-respected these days:

(Do you have a better website for learning the GPA approach? What are the best books on this approach?)

Of course, the precursor of this approach, in many ways, was LAMP, by Tom and Betty Sue Brewster. You can still order LAMP and the other Brewster books (Bonding, Language Learning is Communication, Community is My Language Classroom) John at… Search4Wisdom, PO Box 17367, LA, CA. 90017, or email him at jtierwatatearthlinkdotnet . Read more about the LAMP method at…

We’ve written Betty Sue Brewster to see if she’d consider releasing LAMP as an ebook of some kind.

What’s YOUR most favorite book/resource of all time for language learning? Maybe you recommend a course? PILAT is no longer offered as a separate course at MTI, right? But you can still study language acquisition techniques at TRAIN International and similar locations, right?

Where is YOUR favorite course in language acquisition?

And what’s your favorite website to learn about all these options?

Thanks in advance for your help in gathering these resources.

8) Language Acquisition Training with TRAIN International

languageTRAIN International’s language acquisition training, ACQUIRE, is coming up in Joplin, MO, from May 25 – June 4, 2015. Dwight Gradin, known the world over for his “PILAT” language learning methods, leads this two-week intensive training to equip cross-cultural workers with effective strategies and tools based on proven research. At ACQUIRE, you will:
*** Learn proven and effective principles and techniques of language acquisition
*** Understand the impact language learning will have on your entire overseas experience
*** Improve your ability to discern and generate new phonetic sounds
*** Gain insight into working with language helpers on the field
*** Invest time with language helpers putting into immediate practice the phonetic training and methods of language learning
*** Gain the confidence that you CAN learn your target language
Learn more and register at:

5) Amused by adverts saying, “Learn Spanish in Seconds”?

Spanish / English classObservation clearly indicates that very few Spanish learners who’ve tried to learn simply by immersion or by language helpers learn to communicate deeply. Many come to the school after months or years of frustration, still misunderstanding and being misunderstood! Why go the “what I need to get by” route when it’s the inimitable person of Jesus Christ that we’re wanting our friends to learn of and His yoke to bear!

The Roca Blanca Spanish Language School is located in a coastal fishing village in Oaxaca, Mexico, where students often live with a host family or in a rented furnished house. You get the benefits of both immersion and of a classroom environment. Missionaries and cross cultural Christians need enabling to communicate clearly and profoundly to Hispanic peoples. We can’t imagine settling for anything less. Can you?

Find out more at

They would love to be a part of your Spanish learning for the Kingdom’s sake.

8) 5fish will give you tools and Resources: For free!

5fishThis past week, the developers of 5fish introduced me to some of their latest improvements at the site. If you haven’t been there in a while, it’s worth going back.

The page is a great testimony to what one gets when one crosses high-tech types with caring, hopeful, and courageous global witnesses. In the opinion of this writer, note that on some of these websites, the template of yesterday’s website no longer satisfies a culture who used to read the newspaper on the back port porch>.

3) USA Christian Workers Can see Most Common Languages by State

map with languageAre you a worker reading out to ethnic groups in the USA? If so, you might find the map at…

Quite interesting. It lists most common languages by state (excluding English and Spanish, of course). It might help you find pockets of the ethnolinguistic group(s) you’re seeking. (Thanks for the tip, Caleb!)

13) We’re Grateful… —

Thank-you-2We’re always thankful when Brigada participants pitch in toward expenses. This past week, we’re grateful for a $20 gift from Ontario, Canada. God bless you!
We also received $30 from Lingua House, Vancouver, WA (creators of the well-known “LAMP” technique, which is what our team used in Uruguay back in 1982. It worked in an amazing way for me personally and I’m extremely grateful to Betty Sue Brewster for carrying on their work that she and Tom started back in the late 70’s). See their website at…

to learn more about their resources, which help you learn language as a social experience rather than solely as an academic activity.

Would you like to join Ontario in supporting Brigada? Undergird an entire week’s worth of Brigada for just $340! That covers expenses to pay our assistant, along with marketing, server, domain, and web-hosting costs. To chip in, just click “Donate” in the upper right corner, or, mail a check made payable to Team Expansion (Brigada), 13711 Willow Reed Drive, Louisville, KY 40299. Team Expansion is a 501(c)3 incorporation so, for USA citizens, your gift to Christ through Team Expansion is tax-deductible. We’ll quickly send a thank-you note and receipt. We won’t add you to any mailing list unless you request it. Thanks for your prayers, your partnership, and your participation in the Brigada family!

2) What Are the Best Language Schools? —

I was thinking… with the pool of experience we have here in the Brigada audience (about 10,000 people), what if we tried to list some of the best language schools for some of the major languages we’ve learned. For example, I’m hearing that French-speaking workers have really liked Les Cedres…

But maybe you had a different/better French language learning experience? Obviously, we could cite the “LAMP” method (utilizing local language helpers, a la the Brewsters’ approach) in each new language, but for those preferring a school approach, it’s probably not a bad idea to cite some well-liked options. Which schools (in which languages) did you appreciate? Just click “Comment” in the box below — and by doing so, maybe help future workers with future options. Thanks in advance for any help you can give.

6) Bible Story “Thanka” Art Available for Reaching Out to Tibetan Buddhists —

All Nations has produced a complete set of Bible stories ‘written’ in the Tibetan heart-language of Thanka Art. It is the only complete Bible Thanka ‘translation’ known to exist in the world today and has resulted in many conversions among Tibetan Buddhists. If you are doing any outreach with Tibetan Buddhists and would like to make use of electronic or print copies of the Thanka Art, email asimonatallnationsdotus or call 816-216-1353.

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