9) Children’s Lessons on the Persecuted Church

Sunday, November 4 is International Day of Prayer for the Persecuted Church. Stand4Kids created two lessons to involve children and youth in learning about persecution of believers. These can be used this coming weekend — or really anytime — to educate, inspire, and prompt to action.

*** Persecution: What Can I Do? (grades 1-3) provides examples of persecution and introduces our God-given responsibility towards suffering believers as well as perpetrators.

*** Persecution: What and Why? (grades 5-8) delves deeper, exploring how God uses ill-treatment of believers to expand his kingdom. These are sold as PDF downloads. Check it out at…


3) Missions Moments For Families

Want easy ideas to help parents and children’s leaders teach a missional worldview? Missions Moments and Missions Moments 2 each include 52 weeks of missions learning activities designed for 5-minute children’s sermons, 15-minute hands-on missions learning activities, or 25-minute family devotions. To order, visit

http://wmustore.com/ or call 1-800-968-7301 (USA callers can dial toll-free; others can call via Skype-out). Or email

for more information.

11) Missions In Sunday School?

Long-time Brigada participant ‘Ed’ was wondering if anyone had any good books or manuals which can be used for an adult SS Class on missions. Ideally, this should be a course that’s fairly self-programmed (i.e., didn’t require outside speakers to fulfill it). Any ideas? If so, please click “Comment” below this item on the web at…

To comment on this item, simply click “Comment” below the item at …


Need some ideas for your next sermon, Sunday School lesson or communion meditation? Download whatever you need at


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