4) Summer Linguistics Program at CanIL —

Intrigued by languages? Take advantage of a summer of linguistics training for roles in Bible translation, literacy, survey, or Scripture use at the Canada Institute of Linguistics in beautiful British Columbia, Canada. At Summer@CanIL, you can complete prerequisite courses to enter a graduate program, try out linguistics with a small investment of time and money, try out CanIL to see if you want to pursue further linguistics training, earn university credit to transfer back to a degree program at another school, or complete training for a specific role on the mission field. The 2012 Summer@CanIL semester is offered from June 10 to Aug 11 at a greatly reduced tuition rate. This is a full semester of linguistics training and university credit in half the time and at half the cost! CanIL offers on-campus housing, a great community atmosphere, and a very generous financial aid package. For more information:

7) Linguistics for Bible translation or language learning —

Are you interested in Bible translation or other missionary work? Your best tool in training will be to learn how to understand and learn the language. SIL at the University of North Dakota, Grand Forks, ND, has the courses you need. June 2 – Aug 4 could be a wonderful summer for you alongside others with similar interests. Apply by May 1 to avoid a late fee, or by March 15 if you want to apply for financial aid. The summer package costs $2680-$3125. For more details:

2) Let Wycliffe give you a Taste Of Translation And Linguistics

You like the idea of missions but you’re not sure about learning another language… Or you like languages and you’ve wondered about Bible translation, language survey, literacy or other language related ministries… Or you think you know what Bible translation is all about… Let Wycliffe show you how to learn language the linguistic way. You will also learn about the many options in Wycliffe. Your stereotypes will disappear as you are actively involved in the latest paradigms of translation that are propelling the Bible translation movement off the charts. TOTAL Vision is a one-week experience in what it’s really like to be involved in a vernacular approach to mission. In one week you’ll know if God is leading you into a language-related ministry. It is offered twice this summer; June 21-26 and July 25-30, 2010, on the campus of Azusa Pacific University, in Azusa, California. The cost is $225 for room and board and all your materials. For more information call 951-775-7505, email

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