2) MAF to Release Educational Tool for Isolated Christians

luminThere’s a rumor on the street: On May 14th, 2014, Mission Aviation Fellowship (MAF) is planning to launch a new software package called Lumin. It’s rumored to be a Windows™ based program that makes it easy for isolated educators to create and deliver digital curriculum, presentations, eBooks, exams and more. The software and the exported project (called a ‘Pak’) can be viewed in most modern web browsers, and both work without the need for Internet connectivity. This means that a Pak created in Lumin can be viewed on almost any mobile device, laptop, or desktop computer.

Rumors are swirling that MAF will release Lumin for free at:

In addition to the product, the word on the street is that MAF will be staging a contest for those who want to create a project with the new software. The top software, as chosen by MAF, will apparently win a new tablet computer. If you’re interested in this kind of technology, we suggest you run, not walk, to this URL above on the morning of May 14th. Hats off to MAF for addressing this important and strategic need. Just remember, you heard about it first on Brigada. :-)

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