3) Read the Pew Report about the Growth of Global Christianity

mapI wish I could just memorize the whole page. The entire report summary at…

is chalked FULL of interesting facts and tidbits. It chronicles the Growth of Christianity by location, complete with maps, tables, interactive infographics, sortable data, and even a quiz! The complete report is available at right, along with several appendices. Most interesting is the zoom-in on regional distribution of Christianity both in 1910 and 2010. If I were still a missions prof in a Bible college, this would keep my students busy for at least two class periods! :-)

9) The All-Time Best Mapping App

google-map-logoGoogle Maps, hands-down. This is positively the best mapping application ever. Whether you’re walking, taking public transport, driving, flying, or just exploring, Google Maps deserves to be your map app of choice. Is it perfect? No. I wish it remembered places more effectively. But hey. For the price (free), it’s lovely.

3) On the Hunt for — the Web’s Best Maps

bangladeshThis past week, we were “on the hunt” for the web’s best maps. We liked the maps at…

They’re beautiful, versatile, custom-built according to your specs, and forever free. The downside, if it’s a downside for you, is that one can’t download high-res versions of them. We can EMBED them… just not PRINT them.

Have you found a better solution for both online and print versions? If so, please click “comment” after the web version of this edition of Brigada. Thanks!

3) USA Christian Workers Can see Most Common Languages by State

map with languageAre you a worker reading out to ethnic groups in the USA? If so, you might find the map at…

Quite interesting. It lists most common languages by state (excluding English and Spanish, of course). It might help you find pockets of the ethnolinguistic group(s) you’re seeking. (Thanks for the tip, Caleb!)

4) Check Out This Cool Map of All the People Groups in the World

Joshua Project MapThe elves at Joshua Project have been working overtime. Check it out…

You can use the drop-down box at the top to zoom in on a particular country, or just explore the world. If you zoom in on a country, click the “country profile” link at the top and see specific intro about that nation. And click on a particular dot to zoom in on info about that people group. The yellow groups are formative/nominal Christian groups. Green groups have established or significant church movements. But 42% of the dots are unreached. Gulp. The task remaining is significant. Three billion people. Yikes.

11) This Site Helps You Discover Ethnic Groups in Your Area

peoplegroups2If you live in the USA and you’re interested in ethnic diversity in your area, look no further than…

to discover a treasure trove of info about your world. For example, click “Map filters” near the bottom of the screen. In “Points of Interest” on the far right, click on “Ethnic Restaurants,” then in the “Nationalities” drop-down, select Ethiopian. Bam. Discover the Queen of Sheba Ethiopian Restaurant just 3 miles from your training location. Find hundreds of thousands of other facts, including the ethnic diversity of the real estate tract where you live, by exploring for hours more.

3) What’s the Best World Map for World Christians?

world-christian-map-image92922e7d00dc3392c7a5176268b04b6f(Notice we didn’t say “worldly” Christians. :-) ) Maybe you like one of the Peters Projections or a National Geographic Version? To me, it’s this one…

Laminated, rolled (so you won’t find wrinkles), this map is 24″x36″ and big enough to learn and discover detail throughout the planet. It’s heavily influenced by Patrick Johnstone, but brought to you by World Christian and others. Check it out for your dining room wall or conference room.

6) Where Do You Turn for the Best Simple Maps? —

Brigada participant, Peter, wrote this past week to ask, “Where do you go to find a simple map when you are putting together a presentation? You’re not looking for fancy topographical stuff or lots of stuff already communicated. You’re just communicating to an audience where to find this country or city. You’ve got to find something where you’re not stepping on copyright, but you don’t have time to photoshop out all of someone else’s arrows and notes before you put in your own material. Where are the simple maps kept?” Can you help Pete out? If you have a favorite mapping site, please click “Comment” under the web version of this item. Thanks!

6) If you’re from the USA, It will Help to Know WHICH USA

upinarms-mapIf you come from the USA, you might be interested in this article, which would hopefully help you break down which ‘version’ of the USA is your homeland.

This is a great case study for understanding the way regional variants shape a nation like the USA. Check it out for insight, not only about the USA, but perhaps as a case study for understanding your nation too. (Thanks Marina!!!)

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