6) GMI’s Christmas Page Was Worth the Look

If you haven’t stopped by the Global Mapping Christmas page, it’s worth the look. From what we can see, the offers there still look ‘active.’ Hear a powerful story that pulls together the entire Bible into 3-4 minutes in a narrative you can share with your family, friends and those who don’t know Jesus. Take a moment to listen to the audio of this story or view the entire script and share it generously with those you seek to bless. You can also take a gander at their special Missiographic that shows the global Gospel witness represented on a Christmas Tree. There are even some stocking stuffer books (digital or e-books) to check out as well. Find their Christmas page at…

14) The BackPage: Here’s a Mapping Idea So Fascinating, it’s Insane

This past week, one of our contributors (Dan, from YWAM in Lebanon, Pennsylvania) shared a new approach to mapping that still has me reeling. The idea is so radical, it’s insane. Yet it’s so simple that it’s elegant. To get started understanding the concept, watch the video at…

3 words to address the world from what3words on Vimeo.

Then look up the exact point at ” prestige refurbish readjust ” using the app at…

Just type in those 3 words in the blank. That’s all you need to find the exact location of the base from which we publish Brigada!

In fact, three words are all ANYONE needs to find any address in the world. Isn’t that crazy? So let’s say you’re trying to explain the exact place you camped. You could write out a page of instructions, or you could simply say, “I was baptized at what3words: significant.engravings.publication when I was 14.” Now, anyone who wants to know can look at the exact lake where I was baptized. They just go to and paste in those 3 words and — bam — there you are in the exact hole of water. No more long geocoding. No more highway names and street numbers. Imagine. to the exact footprint — instantly, and in 9 languages (so far). (Thanks for the heads-up, Dan!)

12) The Best Mapping Apps —

world_cubeWe received some great feedback on our question about mapping. One user still recommended Encarta. Read about its legacy at…

Then (thanks Belinda) there’s the YWAM group right here in Louisville…

Maps of all sizes and current info. Charles recommended the CIA sites…

(Thanks Charles!) And Jon, who happens to lead Global Mapping, wrote, “If you go to our site

the links at the bottom provide many free maps. You can also generate your own maps on

and then print them out. Another amazing tool is

all of Patrick Johnstone’s graphics, power points and maps available if you purchase the digital collection. If you contact us at
infoatgmidotorg we can also help you brainstorm some of the best tools for mapping.” (Thanks Jon!) Like always, we appreciate the Brigada family getting involved — synergy at its best!

6) My Topo Map Might Help You with a Hike

In your work, do you, at times, end up having to take a hike? If so, check out My Topo Map and Trimble Outdoors Navigator to see if there are maps available for your home area. They’re available for both Android and iOS (iphone) from Trimble Outdoors

They have several cool features including topographical maps, hiking maps, street maps, aerial shots and hybrid maps, supposedly for pretty much everywhere in the world. Maps are downloadable to phones with the paid versions. The Navigator app includes waypoint tracking and video/photo tagging as well as map packs – customized map setup pre trip. Looks like fun, can’t wait to try it out.

4) What’s the Best Offline, customizable map app?

Not only is it a fun phrase to say (“What’s your map app?”), but in addition, it’s an important question for at least one cross-cultural worker who wrote in to Brigada this past week. What we’re seeking is the ability to make a custom map, like with Google Maps, but with the easy ability to download it onto an iPhone/iPad with zooming capability. So how ’bout it, mapmakers? What are the options for this cross-cultural worker? (Thanks in advance for any help you can give by giving your best advice in the comment box following this question in the web version of Brigada.)

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