6) Missionary Marriage Issues: Free Download

Marriage is complicated enough! Then when you add a cross-cultural living situation and a cross-cultural ministry, things begin to get really confusing. The nineteen chapters in “Missionary Marriage Issues” will help you navigate your way through the confusion. The book is available to download free of charge as .doc, .pdf, or .zip files for your computer and as .mobi or .epub files for your Kindle or Nook. You can’t beat the price. Find it for free at…

2) Cross-Cultural Workers Marriage Issues

This book is for people serving in limited access countries. It is the basically the one written for missionaries, but with no mention of missionaries or missions. However, it does mention Christianity and quotes Scripture. If you know people serving in such places, you may want to send them the link or download the book and send it to them as an attachment. The book is available to download free of charge as .doc, .pdf, or .zip files for your computer and as .mobi or .epub files for your Kindle or Nook.

(second book down)

13) “Love Across the Latitudes” Just Released in its 6th Edition

love across latitudesThanks to Walter for noticing that “Love Across Latitudes: A Workbook on Cross-Cultural Marriage,” has just been released in its 6th edition:

It’s hard to find a better book on cross-cultural marriage. Designed to help you describe yourself, and to broaden your understanding about how individuals from differing backgrounds approach life, this book will assist in answering the questions, “Is this person right for me? Is this the will of God for me?” and, later perhaps, “How can we enrich our marriage?”

8) Upcoming Resource for Married Missioners

marriage-2Survey participants are needed for data collection in the creation of a handbook specifically for married couples discerning, engaging in, and processing their shared missionary experience. The author of this developing guide is seeking married couples who have served in a ministerial position (pastor, volunteer, spouse of either, etc.) for 9 months or longer in a country outside of their own. Persons within each marriage are asked to take the survey individually. This survey will close on Tuesday, January 27th, so better act quickly! The link below will take you directly to the beginning of the questionnaire:

8) Relationship Helps Free and Ready to Use

marriage helpsIntermin is full of helpful articles on Marriage, Parenting, Choosing a Life Partner and more.

All of it is translated into Simplified and Traditional Mandarin and much is also in Spanish. Mike developed these materials after many years living and working in Southeast Asia. Also see the free and downloadable resources. You can email Mike at

2) Missionary Marriage Issues: Free Download

Marriage is complicated enough! Then when you add a cross-cultural living situation and a cross-cultural ministry, things begin to get really confusing. The nineteen chapters in “Missionary Marriage Issues” will help you navigate your way through the confusion. The book is available to download free of charge as .doc, .pdf, or .zip files for your computer and as .mobi or .epub files for your Kindle or Nook. You can’t beat the price. Find it at…

4) Correction on that free ebook for Cross-culturally-wedded couples —

Back in the Sept. 26 edition, we featured an item that was supposed to be a  book about cross-cultural couples. However, the link apparently was garbled in the item. Today we’re publishing two items to make up for it. The first is a chapter from a larger book on marriage. This chapter, “I’m Marrying a National,” addresses the topic originally mentioned:

Next is a book, “In Love but Worlds Apart,” available at Amazon…

and another book, “Intercultural Marriage: Promises and Pitfalls”

and “Your Intercultural Marriage: A Guide to a Healthy, Happy Relationship…

There’s also…

“Cross-cultural marriages: Love across latitudes” by J Fraser-Smith,

But alas, I couldn’t find this one. Does it leap out to anyone else? (If so, please add it to the comments under this item on the web/below)

Please pardon any inconvenience!

To inquire or comment on this item…

7) Marriages and Muslims and Ministry

ringsThere doesn’t seem to be much research out there related to interfaith marriages between Muslims or former Muslims and Christians, particularly in regard to those serving in ministry. Know of any? If so, post those that are public domain by clicking “Comment” below. Forward your listings of books, journal articles, theses or dissertations to

src="http://wwwdotbrigadadotorg/wp-content/uploads/2009/06/KarendotHatleyatbgctdotbmp" alt="Karen.Hatley@bgct" />

No need to tell her that this would be a great dissertation topic. She’s heard it several times already.

4) Chinese and Spanish Marriage and Family Resources Added is completely rebuilt. Its many articles on marriage, parenting, choosing a life partner, and a chronological study of the Life of Jesus are available now in English, Simplified and Traditional Mandarin. The Marriage articles are also available in Spanish. These resources are easy to download and print for free distribution. Check out

Contact Mike at:

11) The Backpage: Affair-Proof Your Marriage

Here’s one worker’s approach to helping “affair-proof” his marriage, shared fresh from North Africa by encrypted email this past week. Apparently he got the idea from input received via Brigada, years ago. He has written himself a letter, republished below (with all personal information removed). He enters an appointment in his calendar to remind himself to re-read it on a regular basis. Perhaps it’s worth it for *all* of us to implement this approach! (Thanks to the anonymous contributor in N. Africa.)

What if I had an affair?

Dear friend,

At this peaceful moment the idea of having an affair may seem impossible to you. I still am compelled to write you because, honestly, many men greater than you have let themselves be defeated in this battle. Most of them, too, at one time thought the idea “impossible.”

Perhaps they didn’t understand how ruthless their enemy is. Perhaps they weren’t honest with their weakness. Perhaps they just didn’t understand how much pain would result from ONE lost battle — pain for themselves and pain for their loved ones. Or perhaps they didn’t understand the power that God has offered them. Why don’t we document the truth about all of these things?

Enemy Satan is your enemy. John 10:10 say he’s a thief who, “comes only to steal and kill and destroy.” 1 Peter 5:8 says, “Your enemy the devil prowls around like a roaring lion looking for someone to devour.”

Satan’s tactic is to convince you that God’s not going to make you as happy as he would or that somehow you are owed more in life. He’s been using it since the creation of the world. Do you remember? Genesis 3:1 documents the first of many times he’s used this strategy: He said to the woman, “Did God really say, ‘You must not eat from any tree in the garden’?” Friend, don’t fall for this trick, please!

All humanity has suffered from the decision that was made on that day. Satan knew who to target and there’s no doubt you’re a target, too! Wouldn’t it be great in his eyes to tear down a missionary family? Think of all the people that would suffer.

It seems good to me to mention what all is at stake in your decision. Let’s start with your loved ones-Mom, Dad, nieces and nephews, dear friends, hundreds of people who have partnered with you. And more than any of these people, your own spouse and kids would be devastated. Their faith is tied in with yours. Wow. You are a target. Be careful.

As long as you’re abiding in the Vine, avoiding temptation shouldn’t be as difficult. The problem is that sometimes it is hard to trust in the dark what we’ve seen in the light. In those moments, even if it is completely contrary to all you feel, you have to cling to the Truth of God’s word. Believe it! Don’t let Satan trick you into letting go of what you’ve got a hold of! God will sustain you. James 4:7 — “Submit yourselves, then, to God. Resist the devil, and he will flee from you.”

Seems like good advice to me.


20060115 Brigada Today

In this issue…


  1. WANT HELP DELIVERING TRAINING? — Ever had someone say, “You’re good at that, you should train”? More and more Christian workers find themselves called on to share their skills with others. The International Communication Training Institute has announced plans for two more of its Training of Trainers workshops. These courses have previously been held in Europe, Africa and Latin America and offer you the opportunity to improve your training and teaching skills so you can not only to train more effectively, but also assess and revise your own training methods. Bookings are being taken for a two week course in Accra, Ghana (20-31 March 2006) and a six day course in Leeds, UK (15- 20 May 2006). For full details including cost and online booking visit: or contact Andrew or Iris by Email at icti(at)icmc(dot)org [As a means of preventing spam for our contributors, in the preceding email address(es), please replace (at) with @ and (dot) with .]

  2. CONFLICT IN ISLAM SHOW NOW HAS SOUND — The revised 12:50 minute show includes narration and a music score. Here are the URLs for downloads with the respective file sizes. (10.9 meg) (5.9 meg) (2.8 meg) The silent unrevised PowerPoint version is at (3 meg) This show by Operation Reveille details the nature and implications of conflict between modernist and fundamentalist Muslims by comparing and contrasting the conflict with differences between liberal and evangelical Christians. You may request the presentation on DVD from bside(at)oprev(dot)org [As a means of preventing spam for our contributors, in the preceding email address(es), please replace (at) with @ and (dot) with .]

  3. RESOURCE TO ENCOURAGE MISSIONARIES — A Bible study guide called, “Finding Strength for the Journey,” provides a tool for member care or personal encouragement. Author Janice Lemke drew from experiences as a missionary when writing this series of thirty studies that explores topics such as perseverance in hardship, dealing with depression, handling conflict, and benefit from trials. For Brigada readers, they’ve discounted the price to $5.00, plus shipping. There’s a bigger discount ($4.00 each) for orders of 20 or more. For more information contact cjlemke(at)cs(dot)com [As a means of preventing spam for our contributors, in the preceding email address(es), please replace (at) with @ and (dot) with .]

  4. SIXTH WORLD CHRISTIAN GATHERING ON INDIGENOUS PEOPLE — This September 11-17, 2006 the sixth WCGIP will be hosted by the tribal people of the Philippines in Davao City on the Island of Mindanao. These are remarkable times of teaching, worship, fellowship and networking as Indigenous believers gather together from around the world. Since 1996 they have been hosted by the Maori in New Zealand, Aborigines in Australia, Hawaiians in Hawaii, First Nations in North America, and Saami in Sweden. Richard Twiss is one or the founding members from North American. He extends an invitation to any and all (not exclusive of non-Native-tribal people) to attend this great time of celebration as the cultural gifts of music, dance, ritual and protocol are shared with one another as well as networking to extend the work of “mission from the margins” back to the church in the West. For more information call Wiconi International in the U.S. at 360-546- 1867 or visit the website at

  5. GMAIL NOT SO ENCRYPTED AFTER ALL? — Thanks to David for discovering this past week (by analyzing port traffic on his computer) that *attachments* fly through Gmail unencrypted, regardless of how one logs on at the Google Mail website. Your best bet, perhaps: Lot on to it using POP3 access. Or, if you need real privacy in the country where you’re working, avoid the whole question by using a mail service like Remember to secure your local hard drive using something like PGP or equivalent — or buy one of the new laptops (like the Thinkpads) with built-in fingerprint sign-on and encryption-on-the-chip built in.

  6. FEEDBACK ON GOOGLE EXPERIEMENT — We received some good feedback on the Google experiment relating to the new website, (Jan 13th edition, “14) THE BACKPAGE — CHASING GOOGLE: TRY THIS EXPERIMENT”. You’ll recall that this site shares news and information about the new missions center where Brigada will be based, hopefully about a year from now.) One Brigada participant pointed out that Google uses very sophisticated routines that aren’t so quickly affected. Another reader referred us to an alternative search engine, (note that that’s “dogpile” and not “dougpile” :-) ) which, when we put in two simple words, “Emerald Hills” (without quotes) a ranking of 14 out of 88 top searches. Don’t ask me how the programmers at could read my mind and know that I wanted the retreat center and not the golf course or town in California. But bless their hearts for programming the search engine in this way.

  7. N. AM. INSTITUTE OF INDIGENOUS THEOLOGICAL STUDIES — This institute will convene its fourth, “First Nations Missiological Symposium,” June 22nd – 24th, 2006 at Asbury Theological Seminary in Wilmore, Kentucky. Organizers have invited submissions of papers. Tite Ti-nou, Darrell Whiteman, Douglas Hayward, Miriam Adeney, as well as key North American Native men and women have been past presenters. This is a time to learn, rethink and dialogue with others about the changing focus of missions from a Western ecclesiological focus, to a broader global focus with its emerging reorientation of missions from south to north and east to west. Papers should focus around the theme “Historical Efforts to Contextualize the Gospel: Perspectives and Practices,” in particular, as it applies to the North American Native context. For more information contact Richard at Wiconi International at 360-546- 1867.

  8. MARRIAGE & SINGLES RETREAT FOR MISSIONARIES IN AFR/MIDDLE EAST — Tumaini Counseling Centre of Nairobi, Kenya announces their annual coast retreats for missionaries which will held at the Voyager Hotel just north of Mombasa, Kenya from April 9-13, 2006. The retreat is open to missionaries of all mission agencies. The marriage and singles retreats will share some of their sessions together. The morning sessions will include talks, small groups, private talk times for couples, and break out sessions and additional worship for singles. Afternoons and evenings are free for relaxation and vacation at the all inclusive coast hotel location. Organized childcare is provided during the morning sessions. Initial registration is due by February 10; 50% deposit is due by Feb 20; and balance due March 15. To receive an Email registration form and further information contact Tumaini Counseling Centre at [As a means of preventing spam for our contributors, in the preceding email address(es), please replace (at) with @ and (dot) with .]

  9. CHECK OUT YOUR ANTISPYWARE SOFTWARE BEFORE INSTALLING — How do you know that a particular antispyware software is legitimate? Nick wrote this past week to say, “Be on the lookout for another new supposed anti-spyware program. This one is called PestTrap and it’s a clone of SpySheriff. SpySheriff was one of the top 10 rogue anti-spyware apps of 2005, coming in at number 2. You can see a screenshot of the PestTrap website at SunbeltBLOG and a screenshot of the app itself, along with the false positives in the scan results here. You’ll see that SpySheriff, SpyTrooper, SpyDemolisher, SpywareNo! and Spyware-Stop are almost identical. Check out the full article with links to pictures here: So… good idea number 349: By major name-brand antispyware applications like Norton/Symantec, PC Tools, etc. Your mom was right all along: “Don’t get in the car wit a stranger.” :-)

  10. WOMEN OF THE HARVEST — Women of the Harvest is a ministry of support and encouragement for women serving cross-culturally. Visit for current international retreat information and all their free online publications, including a bi- monthly electronic publication (an OnlineMagazine), a Bible study (The Weekly Word Study), and a quarterly e-newsletter that is distributed to parents of people who live overseas (Harvest Legacy).

  11. REENTRY SCHOCK — Study about “Re-Entry Transition and Life-long Care (Re-Entry)” from March 12-16, 2006 in Toronto. Missionaries returning from overseas often experience “Reverse Culture Shock” upon re-entry into their home culture. To assist missionaries in navigating the deep waters of re-entry transition in a healthy way, MissionPrep, in collaboration with other skilled facilitators, offers this four day re-entry workshop. Re-TLC seeks to provide support and encouragement to the entire family. A children’s program will provide age appropriate activities which will assist every member of the family to process and explore the sensitive issues of transitioning into you’re their new culture. Please contact info(at)missionprep(dot)ca for more information or visit to register on-line.

  12. BLOGGING FOR EVANGELISM — Almost all Christian blogs are written for other Christians. But it is possible to reach non-Christians with blogs, if you use the right strategy. And anyone can do blogging – no technical knowledge is needed at all.

  13. COPE WITH IT — MissionPrep is planning a “Cultural Orientation for Personal Endurance & Enjoyment (COPE) seminar” in Toronto, Feb 12-24, 2006. It’s designed for Christian workers intending to serve for more than one year overseas. This intensive two-week program equips missionaries to live the paradox of the enjoyment/endurance challenge of the cross-cultural experience. Spiritual, personal, language, interpersonal and cultural aspects of the missionary experience are taught through a unique combination of experiential and formal instruction. To register on-line or more information go to:

  14. HOW DO YOU LEND TO THE POOR? — Check out The TentMaker Project! The TentMaker Project is a model of micro-enterprise development in Africa which works through the local church. It provides an efficient way for Christians to help the poor without creating dependence, alleviates poverty to answer family needs, ministers mercy through the church, and equips impoverished Christians and churches for Gospel ministry. For more information about this project and to watch a video interview with a pastor in Uganda, go to or email Nate at nathan.wilson(at)att(dot)net . [As a means of preventing spam for our contributors, in the preceding email address(es), please replace (at) with @ and (dot) with .]

  15. M.A. IN ORG. LEADERSHIP — Take your Master’s in Organizational Leadership from Azusa Pacific University, while living in the Philippines. Start with classes May 29-June 9 in Quezon City. Two courses are taught each week, for a total of 4 courses in one summer. You complete the reading and coursework during the year. One can also can take on-line courses, transfer in courses, and self-study courses if you want to accelerate your program. Check it out online at Look for the Operation Impact Program. This summer’s courses are: 1. Servant Leadership 2. Mentoring and Developing Leaders for the Future 3. Understanding Vocation in a Changing World 4. Organizational Behavior and Development. Prices are 1/2 of on- campus prices for U.S. Citizens, and 1/4 U.S. prices for the rest of the world. Contact Melody Kuka at kzkuka(at)i-manila(dot) for more information, or email graduatecenter(at)apudot)edu

  16. THANKS TO INSURANCE SERVICES OF AMERICA — Thanks to Mark Sneed and the folks at Insurance Services of America, who have just reported they’ve already insured their first customer as a result of the item in last week’s item, “1) NEED INSURANCE? WANT TO HELP BRIGADA?” So Mark wrote yesterday, “Hi Doug, I just wanted to let you know that we got our first case through Brigada! The premium was $180, so that’s $18 to Brigada! Not a lot, but it’s a start! I look forward to many more!” (Whoa. Mentioning items in Brigada gets results!) So once again, if you’ve considered changing insurance or opening up a new life, health, or any other policy, check them out at: Thanks for being concerned for your health costs and Brigada too! :-) Want to join ISA in helping underwrite the next issue of Brigada? Just go to and click on “sponsor” in the top menu (to use PayPal or a credit card), or just send a check payable to Team Expansion to: Team Expansion (Brigada secretary), 13711 Willow Reed Dr., Louisville, KY 40299. As always, be sure to let us know if you’d like us to promote any particular service or ministry, or if you’d prefer your gift be anonymous.

  17. THE BACKPAGE: CAN THE INTERNET BE A LENSE TO THE SOUL? — It’s funny, isn’t it, that early software authors and personal computer manufacturers thought PCs (and MACs too) would be all about productivity and utility. And that’s the way it looked at first, too. Back in the early 80’s, I was an early user of those original spreadsheets, word processors, and database applications. They fueled the first wave of computers. But no one imagined what would fuel this next wave. Now it’s practically impossible to imagine that the PC revolution was fueled by a spreadsheet program called Visicalc. My 16- year-old has studied everything from falconry to the correct way to hold a pistol for target-shooting, all on the Internet. The truth is, the PC isn’t really so much of a “*personal* computer” any more, at least according to the early intent of the word “personal.” Instead, it’s a node to a great cloud of users that are all working (and playing) on line simultaneously — virtually.

    You see, any more, it doesn’t have to be all about spreadsheets, data, bits and bytes. Here’s an example. Just as he and his family were poised to leave for Southeast Asia as new missionary recruits with our mission org., Mark Trotter learned last Monday that he has malignant brain cancer. His family gave up a successful dental practice to prepare for the mission field. Now, with his departure imminent, he and his wife, Lyla, learned Monday that the fast-growing tumors in his head are inoperable, incurable, and, barring a miracle from God, will inevitably take his life. Within a few hours of hearing about this calamity, our mission created a page on our website where friends and family can “virtually pray” for him. (Please log on at: then click on “Caring for Mark” in the right-hand “main menu.” Check out the responses of others. Leave a short prayer yourself. You don’t have to register or sign in. But imagine how a word of encouragement from a dozen or two Brigada readers would help his wife and 10 children [yes, you read correctly; 10 children] make it through the surgery Tuesday (designed, we’re told, to aid his quality of life, but not save his life).]

    Now here’s my point: See how the “personal computer” begins to become *personal* in ways that original creators never imagined. One could say that the machine has become bigger than its creators, in fact. The truth is, the machine *enables* personal ministry to Lyla Trotter and her children… and to Mark as well. Previously, how would we have gotten this news out. There are 10,000 people who read Brigada every week. How could we have asked 10,000 people to pray for Mark Trotter on Tuesday. It would have been impossible. Maybe at times like these, the *personal* computer finally becomes … *really*… ***personal***.

20031116 Brigada Today

In this issue…

  2. URBANA 03

  1. THANKS TO OUR SPONSORS — This week, we owe a deep debt of gratitude to an anonymous donor from Louisville, KY ($100 — Whoa… thanks!!!) and to Bill Berry (of Berry Publishing), Pasadena, CA, ($135). Bill was standing good for his special “Brigada offer” of “SEND ME!” books. (Thanks Bill!) About $3500 to go!

  2. URBANA 03 — Register now and receive a $50 scholarship! Urbana 03 is InterVarsity Christian Fellowship’s 20th Student Mission Convention. From Dec. 27 – 31, 2003, over 20,000 students, missionaries, and campus leaders will converge on the campus of the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign for five days of seeking their place in God’s mission. The convention consists of general sessions that incorporate worship, theater, and missionary testimonies, as well as small groups, 300 seminar options, various special tracks, and more than 350 mission agency and seminary exhibits. Since the first Urbana in 1946, more than 200,000 people have heard the challenge to participate in God’s global mission. Register now and receive a $50 scholarship! For details, visit If you have questions, call (608) 274-7995 or email urbana03ativcfdotorg

  3. SHARPEN YOUR INTERPERSONAL SKILLS — International Training Partners offers Sharpening Your Interpersonal Skills Workshops in different parts of the world. These five-day, highly interactive workshops focus on biblical application of skills in relating to one another and to the host people. An workshop hosted by The Evangelical Free Church International Mission will be held near Minneapolis, Minnesota February 8-13, 2004. Contact Gloria Van Den Bosch at gdvandenboschatefcadotorg for information. Go to for details on all of the workshops and information on ITP. If your mission is interested in sponsoring a SYIS workshop, contact Paul Lere at itpartnersatearthlinkdotnet

  4. ONLINE VISION CASTING TOOL AVAILABLE TO MISSIONARIES — is a new tool that allows ministry leaders to present their ministry vision online, using only their browser. Easily create impressive presentations, add your own images, and even update your content as often as you like – from anywhere in the world. Visit http://www.CastYourVision.net Or contact infoatcastyourvisiondotnet to learn more Receive 50% OFF between now and January 1st, 2004. USE Coupon Code: Brigada.

  5. GREAT TEACHING ON MARRIAGE AND PARENTING — Intermin is an excellent, free source of lessons on marriage and family issues especially written for the international audience. The Intermin Community includes a monthly newsletter with stimulating ideas for improving relationships and a discussion board to interact with others about the topic. Visit Intermin and Intermin Community at: Request the newsletter by emailing subscribeICNatintermindotorg

  6. INTERNATIONAL CHRISTIAN SCHOOL TEACHING OPPORTUNITY — Crossroads Christian Academy, Panama City, Panama, needs elementary and secondary teachers at their K3 – 12th grade international school. CCA educates international, Panamanian and MK children. It is a great opportunity to serve. For more information contact Crossroads Christian Academy at cca_panamaathotmaildotcom

  7. LOW COST CROSS CULTURAL MISSIONARY TRAINING — WEC International offer a one year or a two year training programme in English in the Netherlands. The college, which is called Cornerstone, has a holistic approach to training. Students from different countries live in community, putting into practice their theoretical knowledge. There are facilities to accommodate families. Check them out at http:// Or e-mail administrationatcornerstone-mtcdotcom

  8. WANT TO GIVE A NEW TRAVEL AGENT A TRY? — Try Ted at 800-337-6658, or email him at infoatrivertravdotcom. He’s pledged to be very competitive, and to work hard to meet your needs. He’s a former missionary with Youth for Christ, Int’l.

  9. TESOL SCHOOL IN HAWAII — The next TESOL Course ( Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages ) at The University of The Nations in Kona, Hawaii, will begin February 16, 2004. This course will equip you to teach English & open doors for you anywhere in the world you may be led to go. This is a four week academic curriculum with a two week practicum following immediately. The exact schedule is from February 16, 2004 thru March 26, 2004. For more information & application forms contact admissionsatuofnkonadotedu

  10. WINTER MISSIONARY TRAINING SCHOOL IN COSTA RICA — Emercy and Palmas de Mamre are partnering again this winter to offer their 5th semi-annual Missionary Training School. The school dates are January 12 – March 21 and the cost is $800, which covers everything except airfare. Students at the school will learn how to teach, preach, perform drama and mime, coordinate children’s ministry, administer medical treatment, and more. The focus of this missions training is tuned toward going into unreached areas and first hand experience is a part of the curriculum. Additional information on the school is available at If you wish to apply, please visit the website to download an application or call toll free from the US at 877-875-4483. International callers may reach Emercy’s HQ at 205-391-9867 or e-mail infoatmissionarytrainingdotnet . For more information on how Emercy supports missionaries, you can visit their website at

  11. TRAINING FOR SHORT-TERM MISSIONS LEADERS — Leading a short-term missions trip? Want to help your team have a long-term impact? Attend Boot Camp for Short Term Missions Leaders in San Diego, CA Jan. 7-9 or in Dallas, TX Feb. 2-4, 2004. This training is conducted by Global Missions Fellowship. GMF has helped thousands of North Americans work with tens of thousands of national believers around the globe doing evangelism and discipleship to plant new churches. For more information about these Boot Camps, email jenniferdotbankheadatgmfdotorg To learn more about the ministry of GMF, click over to

  12. GUIDE TO UNDERSTANDING AND WITNESSING TO BUDDHISTS — Based on first-hand experience, “Sharing Your Faith With A Buddhist” offers clarity and culturally-sensitive pointers to believers seeking to better understand and reach out to the more than 360 million Buddhists around the world. More information and an excerpt is available at To order, email ordersatbakerbooksdotcom or call 1-800-877-2665 or (616) 676-9185

20030413 Brigada Today

In this issue…


  1. CHECK OUT THE LINKS AT “MISLINKS” — Get some good leads at: It’s maintained by Scott Moreau of Wheaton College and Mike O’Rear of Global Mapping, International — guys who know their stuff and want to share it with others out of the goodness of their hearts! Well done Scott and Mike!

  2. TIPS FOR THOSE DOING POWERPOINTS — And who *isn’t* these days! The good folks at InFocus have made their popular 15-Minute Guide to Winning Presentations available to Brigada Today participants absolutely FREE! Download your copy today — g9hgJLiml . In the end, you should see an InFocus form to fill out for the free guide.) You can also visit the Presenters University web site for tons of great presentation information including over 150 FREE PowerPoint templates and Presentation masters. (Note — if you don’t want to get new emails from them, unclick the “send me news” checkboxes.

  3. RADIO TRAINING FOR DEVELOPING NATIONS — Jan <jan2gedgeatyahoodotcom> wants to know what radio training is available for people in developing nations: nationals who work in missionary organizations or with small local stations. Please contact Jan if you provide training like this, and let her know what resources you have that people she knows might be able to use. Jan is happy to compile a list of your responses and let us all know what’s out there, so if you know of any help in this area of radio training, do get in touch with her. </jan2gedgeatyahoodotcom>

  4. TRAVELING TO A SARS-INFECTED LAND? TRY THIS PURIFIER — So says Eddie, with the U.S. Prayer Center. He says we should go to… and order something like the 150B (if it were still available) or whatever they’re selling in its place. (Thanks Eddie… and thanks to your doc for recommending it to all of us!)

  5. THINKING OF TEACHING OVERSEAS? — Want to find out if you have what it takes to teach overseas? Wycliffe Bible Translators is hosting a 5 day course called TOTAL Education (Taste Overseas Teaching And Literacy) which focuses on teaching missionary kids in a cross-cultural context, teaching literacy to nationals, and issues faced in living in different cultures. Daily devotions, interactive classes, ethnic dinners, videos, and challenging speakers will build meaningful relationships. All instructors have years of experience living and teaching overseas. The course will be held near Waxhaw, NC at Wycliffe’s JAARS center, June 22-27. The cost is $150, which includes food, a shared room, and course materials for the week. Check out: for more info, or write <ray_gonzalezatwycliffedotorg>. Class size is limited to 30, and the deadline for registration is like… today. So just tell them you only saw it in Brigada Today *today*… and maybe they’ll have mercy on you? </ray_gonzalezatwycliffedotorg>

  6. CROSS-CULTURAL MARRIAGE AND FAMILY RESOURCES ON THE WEB — has just come out with “Growing a Great Marriage,” by Mike Constantine. Download the lessons to use in small groups for marriage enrichment or premarriage counseling. Also great for your marriage. Positive Parenting is a series of articles providing a sound biblical basis for parenting. Visit from time to time to see additional resources as they become available. For additional information email <mhcatintermindotorg>. </mhcatintermindotorg>

  7. ACCESSIBLE EASYENGLISH – 19 STORIES FROM MARK’S GOSPEL — Get these new materials, designed for people with learning disabilities (but also used for new learners of English) from . The level A (1200 word lexicon) version of Revelation, now through Advanced Checking is also newly on the same site. This site now averages over 1000 hits each day.

  8. CIU COURSE ON FOLK RELIGION IN BUDAPEST –- September 29 – October 3, 2003, Columbia International University is offering Folk Religion taught by Dr. Phil Steyne. If you are interested in earning a Master’s Degree in Europe or in supplementing your study and professional development with grad level courses, CIU is offering a degree program at reduced rates that may be completed by attending intensive courses in Budapest and Germany. Write <ciubudapestathotmaildotcom> for more information. </ciubudapestathotmaildotcom>

  9. CLOUDBURST POETRY PUTS RHYME AT GOSPEL’S SERVICE — For print media, time and space are critical. Many seekers are not moved by long arguments, and skimmers skip heavy treatments. Poetry is an excellent medium for tapping the nonchurched on the shoulder. With short poems of rhyme and meter that paint life with a positive spiritual brush, missionary author Randal uses a light touch with serious style. Intended especially for print publications, the email list is open to all. A weekly 7-14 line poem is published every Thursday. Anyone can subscribe by sending an email to <cloudburst-subscribeattopicadotcom>. For more information see . </cloudburst-subscribeattopicadotcom>

20010708 Brigada Today

In this issue….



graduation cap A TESOL (Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages) training program will be held in Jerusalem this September. This one-month training course could give you the tools you need for TESL worldwide. When: September 3th – 28th, 2001, Where: Jerusalem, Israel, For more information contact Porter TESOLatwmmedotorg  (TESOLatwmmedotorg)  


WebWatch Former missionaries with Marriage Ministries International, Bill and Carol O’Hara have developed a website Missions And Marriages aimed at encouraging the marriage relationship of missionaries.Topics include dealing with financial pressure, having to “look good”, the pressure to produce results, being open and transparent with nationals, being accountable to someone, and forgiveness issues. They’re also willing to send you a free copy of their booklet “Eyes of Faith”, available in English and Spanish (whiles supplies last). Check out their site at or email them at infoatmissionsandmarriagesdotorg  (infoatmissionsandmarriagesdotorg)   And by the way, your suggestions are welcome!


WebWatch Missionaries face unique pressures in their marriage. Former missionaries with Marriage Ministries International, Bill and Carol O’Hara have developed a website Missions And Marriages aimed at encouraging the marriage relationship of missionaries.Topics include dealing with financial pressure, having to “look good”, the pressure to produce results, being open and transparent with nationals, being accountable to someone, and forgiveness issues. They’re also willing to send you a free copy of their booklet “Eyes of Faith”, available in English and Spanish (whiles supplies last). Check out their site at or email them at infoatmissionsandmarriagesdotorg  (infoatmissionsandmarriagesdotorg)   And by the way, your suggestions are welcome!


calendar Christian researchers from many countries and denominations are planning to gather in Chiang Mai, Thailand, September 4-8, 2001. The Third Lausanne International Researchers Conference will focus on the application of research for strengthening the church and for better strategic planning by church leaders. For more information contact: Christian Research Association, Vision Building, 4 Footscray Road, Eltham, London SE9 2TZ, United Kingdom e-mail adminatchristian-researchdotorgdotuk  (adminatchristian-researchdotorgdotuk)  , website


Download the new “Macedonian Call Interactive” and have fresh, up-to-date mission news and screensaver photos delivered directly to your personal computer for free! The next time you log on to the Internet and a report matching your specified interests is available, you will notify you with a flashing icon at the bottom of your screen! Simply click on the icon and view the report . . . hot off the press! Visit the Macedonian Call Interactive download site and begin the installation process.


graduation cap Have you wanted to go to a Discipleship Training School with your family, but were not able to find a place where there was room and a program you desired? YWAM, Lebanon, PA is the place for you. School begins October 25, 2001 to January 11, 2002. An 8 week outreach follows the lecture phase. For costs of singles and families, contact YWAM, 1275 Birch Rd, Lebanon, PA 17046 or e-mail davidbbaumanatcsdotcom  (davidbbaumanatcsdotcom)  .


“TEE” stands for… Theological Education by Extension. Based at All Nations Christian College, their main aim is to collect and maintain a database of information about TEE providers and TEE courses worldwide. They can be a source for researchers, and facilitate an exchange of ideas for people setting up or modifying such courses. No need to “re-invent the wheel”! They currently have information on some 100 TEE providers and over 1,000 courses listed. If you can help enlarge the database, or would like more information about TEE courses (be specific) please email for further details on teeatallnationsdotacdotuk  (teeatallnationsdotacdotuk)  .


Brigada Logo Got a missions opportunity? Want one? Have we got the spot for you! And best of all… it’s free! For example, suppose you’re like David and Vicky and you need 8 English Teachers in China. Here’s what I’ll tell them: Just email the note to brigada-opportunitiesatyahoogroupsdotcom  (brigada-opportunitiesatyahoogroupsdotcom)  . You don’t even have to join. Your email will automatically float into the conference even though you’re not subscribed! That way, you get to place your notice and those who are searching for the opportunity get to read the options! When the prospective applicant hits reply to ask for information, the reply goes straight to the person who sent the message (not to the whole conference). Those who want to see these opportunities need only send a note to brigada-opportunities-subscribeatyahoogroupsdotcom  (brigada-opportunities-subscribeatyahoogroupsdotcom)  . Then sit back and read the mail… and maybe see your future! :-) Oh… and by the way, if you’re interested in teaching in China, no experience needed, September 1, 2001-June 30, 2001 (with full airfare reimbursed for 9 month commitment, medical, room, meals, internet, holidays and travel bonus, plus a stipend of the equivalent of $200 USD per month) see the webpage at To learn more about this and other options, have a look at Brigada-Opportunities!


graduation cap A three-week CEED seminar is being planned for November 2001 in Israel! The goal of the CEED Seminar is to equip persons who are called to serve through the vehicle of business.

For More Information: Web:
E-Mail: infoatceed-middleeastdotorg  (infoatceed-middleeastdotorg)  



Efforts are well underway to launch Arise Shine Morocco (ASM), an International Year of Prayer for Morocco and Its Peoples in 2002. Volunteer coordinators and translators are still needed. A website is now up and running. Full-color English-language brochures are available for mass distribution. A nearly hour-long ASM Resource Video containing seven short videos about Morocco and its peoples including one for children has been produced in both NTSC and PAL formats. A “52 Weeks of Prayer for Morocco and Its Peoples” prayer guide will be published this fall. Bulk orders should be placed as soon as possible. For more information or to order materials please go to the ASM website at: or email ASM at: ASMatinterumdotorg  (ASMatinterumdotorg)  .

TRACKIN’ THE TREK is Trackin’ the Trek. The Global Urban Trek is an InterVarsity Christian Fellowship sponsored urban mission to various megacities around the world. Students are applying their fields of study to urban transformation as they share the Gospel with the poorest of the poor and consider a lifelong calling to urban ministry. Several times a week, from June 1 through the end of July, is providing up-to-date student journal entries, photos, prayer requests, and articles. Viewers can see life in the garbage heaps of Manila, the slums of Nairobi, and the streets of Cairo through the eyes of students. They can learn about labor practices in Calcutta, micro-enterprise development in Bangkok, and ministry to street kids in Mexico City. Log on to to Track The Trek.


A team of North American leaders in children’s ministry will journey to Honduras in February of 2002. You might be one of them! The purpose of the vision trip is to ignite or refresh children’s ministry leaders’ vision for the world and equip them to impart that vision to others, especially the kids they lead. Honduras has been identified as the location for the vision trip because of pronounced needs of children and families in the wake of Hurricane Mitch. If you are interested in knowing more about Christian education and service in a cross-cultural context, please send an email to VisionTripatThroughtheBibledotcom  (VisionTripatThroughtheBibledotcom)  . Details of this ministry opportunity will then be sent to you by the end of July. This vision trip is being sponsored by World Concern, World Servants, Through the Bible Publishers, and Restoration Evangelical Church in Honduras. Please inquire or forward this announcement to leaders in children’s ministry that you know.


The FusionPage product makes it easy for anyone to have a great way to communicate, keep supporters up-to-date, and have a private web presence. The FusionPage integrated solution features: Public Web Page Presence, Secure Encrypted Web 2 Web Email, Secure Intranet and Private Web Page, Built-in HTML Editor to build pages, FusionPage Store/E Commerce and donation, News and announcements, Interactive Calendaring, Photograph Galleries, Streaming Video and Audio, Maps area, Virtual File Cabinet (store files or documents for quick access), Discussion Forums and collaborative group interaction, Collaborative interactive mail for projects, all encrypted. Get more information here


Many churches are looking for a way to expand their ministry beyond their doorstep, their community, even their country. On a Vision trip with Wycliffe, a group from a church can reach people around the world with the hope of God’s Word. Each trip is an in-depth cultural experience including visits with local churches and believers, ministry opportunities such as Scripture distribution or assisting translators at work, and a short orientation to linguistics, local culture and overseas living. Participants’ worldview will be changed as they play a part in providing God’s Word to those without it. For more information look at, ,call 407-852-3600 or e-mail kyle_fairclothatwycliffedotorg  (kyle_fairclothatwycliffedotorg)  .


Robert and his daughter, Heidi, recently graduated from Russian Language Ministries housed at Columbia International University in the sunny palmetto state. They attended partially on the recommendation from an earlier edition of Brigada Today! He writes that “they have 50/50 balance of native speakers and American teachers: the first group so you speak correctly, and the second so you can understand how to speak correctly! There is an excellent cultural component to the training.” He served for two years in the former Soviet Union actively studying language, and because the folks at R.L.M. understand how English-speakers think, they were able to surpass all he learned in the first six weeks. He writes, “Russian grammar is incredibly complex, and the folks at R.L.M. make it accessible. I can return to the Russian-speaking world with both linguistic and cultural confidence that I didn’t have before.” Hail the good folks at R.L.M. at 800-799-7976 or 803-333-9119 or rlmofficeatjunodotcom  (rlmofficeatjunodotcom)   or on the web at: Before going to Russia, go to R.L.M.!!

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