13) Media Seminars to Enhance Your Outreach (Slated for Perth)

Youth With Mission Perth and Create International are running three consecutive Media Seminars this year starting in August for anyone who wants to develop their communication skills in order to enhance their mission or outreach. Each seminar is full-time for four weeks.

*** Documentary Filmmaking Seminar–starts August 4


*** Contextual Filmmaking Seminar–starts September 1


*** Photo Storytelling Seminar–starts September 29



createatywamperthdotorgdotau  (createatywamperthdotorgdotau)   for more information.


5) How Do You Get Practical Training for a Media-Driven World?

Just watching videos does not give the experience and feedback that are crucial to learning a new skill. Mission Media U offers live online courses for church leaders and missionaries around the world. Foundations of New Media Strategy will help you develop a media strategy for expanding your reach to your target audience. This course starts on May 2. Find out more and register at:

2) How Does Your Ministry Keep Up With Social Media Changes?

New apps and changes in Facebook come nearly daily. How do you keep up? If you can invest 3 hours a week for 5 weeks, you could learn the new media options and how to establish meaningful communication with your ministry audience. Mission Media U is an online mentored learning platform and their Foundations of New Media Strategy course starts May 2. For more information and to register:

2) Check Out this Tiny Data Projector and Powerful Speaker

These Anker people are over-the-top impressive. Check out their projector at…


and their speaker at…


I heard the speaker while visiting our team in West Africa this past week. It was super-impressive. Though I didn’t personally observe the projector, our team said they were top-notch.

9) Imagine One Billion People Inhabiting Virtual Worlds

Join D.J. Soto and LMichelle Salvant in AltSpace VR on Friday, March 29, 2019, at 8:00 a.m. Pacific (UTC -7.0) to learn how to use Virtual Reality in your ministry. View technology applications and hear discussions from a ministry application perspective. D.J. started the world’s first virtual reality church and L.Michelle founded, a company focused on helping Christian Faith & Educational Organizations. Register for this free online event:


2) Course on Using New Media to Engage the Unreached

“This course helped my team and me develop our digital media strategy by looking at how people make meaningful faith decisions and ways our websites and social media can encourage that.”

Sign your team up for this mentored online course, offered through Mission Media U, that runs from February 14 to March 14. Group discounts are available.


4) How to Use New Media to Engage the Unreached

Mission Media U (MMU) is an online learning platform designed to train Christians to be more effective in making disciples and establishing churches. Their course, “Foundations of Media Strategy,” is starting Feb. 15 and running through March 15. Each week in the 5-week course requires 3 hours of work per week including a one-hour live instruction session. For more information, go to:

3) Be More Effective Making Disciples and Establishing Churches

Mission Media U (MMU) is an online learning platform designed to train Christians to be more effective in making disciples and establishing churches. Their course, “Foundations of Media Strategy,” is starting Sept. 14 and running through Oct. 12. Each week in the 5-week course requires 3 hours of work per week including a one-hour live instruction session. For more information, go to…

3) If you Love Developing Media and Want to Help Unreached Peoples…

filmakingConsider participating in an upcoming Frontier Filmmaking Seminar (FFS). They’re currently accepting applications for a training program scheduled for April 19 to May 23, 2015. This five-week seminar is designed to give you an experience of what it is like to be a production assistant on a cross-cultural film crew producing a dramatic evangelistic film for an unreached mega (1 million or more) people group on the 20/20 Vision list in India. They cover basic training in a variety of filmmaking disciplines and expose you to the unique cross-cultural methods they use to communicate the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

5) RightNow Ministries Fills Crucial Gap for Tomorrow

rightnowWow. Hats off to the leaders at

who are putting together a great site, along with a great set of resources, for all of us. They talk about a “Trader” from a biblical standpoint. ” A Trader is a new kind of missionary, not defined by geography, but defined by a resolve to do four things: choose daily, hate injustice, work as worship, and act swiftly.”

Regardless of whether you’re looking for media, teaching videos, conferences, or workshops, RightNow has something for everyone. Learn about their mission and purposes at…

1) Create International Taiwan Makes Movies to Reach the Unreached

createCreate International makes animated short films that share the gospel contextually to the world’s least reached peoples. They are also part of a greater initiative called the 20/20 Vision to use media to reach the remaining unreached people groups with the gospel. Learn more at…
or at the 20/20 Vision site,
(Thanks to Create International Taiwan for helping get Brigada out the door and onto your screen today.)

5) Downloadable Media Resources for Training and Mobilization

Looking for tools to train workers to share the Gospel to other cultures and languages or enhance your mobilization and prayer efforts? Create International has done the hard work by producing ready-to-go, culturally-appropriate evangelism and missions resource packages to equip workers wanting to share the Good News and train others to multiply their witness among Unreached Peoples. Now, thanks to new digital technology there is no more waiting for your product. As soon as you place your order and make your payment, you can immediately download your files. Once your media is on your computer, you can reformat it to play on all of your desk and mobile devices. Get equipped for 21st century missions. Check out their online store at

9) The School of Frontier Media Thailand

ThailandThe School of Frontier Media is a six-month, second-level YWAM school, devoted to training individuals in using various media forms to communicate the Gospel in ways that are both innovative and culturally relevant. Whether you are new to media or a skilled professional, if you want to use media for missions then the SFM is for you! It runs from the 30th June till the 12th December. If you have questions contact Keegan
sfmatcreatethailanddotcom for more info, or check out their website…

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