2) Free Social Media Online Course —

The objective of this 8-week course is to provide students with an overview and understanding of how secular advertisers market products and ideas using social media. This course examines the ways that ideas can be communicated. Students will post comments on the spiritual applications each week and write a ministry proposal as a final project that synthesis the information learned in the course with spiritual communication objectives. Better act fast though. You’ll need to sign up before Sept 10th. Visit

to enroll. Questions email Dan Henrich at

href="http://wwwdotbrigadadotorg/wp-content/uploads/2010/09/criatpoboxdotcom_.jpg">title="criatpoboxdotcom" src="http://wwwdotbrigadadotorg/wp-content/uploads/2010/09/criatpoboxdotcom_.jpg" alt="" width="117" height="20" />

1) Create with Create

Got graphics? Wish you did? Either way, it’s worth a visit to Create International’s website at…

They’re based in Chiang Mai and are a ministry of YWAM that produces evangelistic, mobilization, and church-planting media resources for unreached peoples. Each summer, they run a School of Cartooning and Animation for Missions to train missionary cartoonists. It’s not too early to sign up for 2011. Learn more at their site. (We’re thankful for their partnership with Brigada.)

5) Best Free Software to Resize Your Digital Pictures —

Here it is, quite possibly the best free software to resize your digital pictures, for example, to web-appropriate size. Let’s face it: Maybe 80% of the public are getting this wrong. Cameras keep offering more and more megapixels because the public has come to equate higher megapixel counts with higher quality (not always the case, by the way). So we now regularly snap pictures 4 megabytes and larger, even when we intend to use them on a website for which, truth be told, they would load much more quickly if they were 80k or less in size. So here’s the solution: Image Resizer:

Mac users will want to try DroPic:

Get started today, resizing your photos to produce snappier online experiences (100kb per image max).

2) What’s the best simulcast to multiple sites?

I’ve tried using TokBox

I like Tokbox. It’s kinda like the classical “BradyBunch” view of participants (“Hollywood Squares” sort of). It’s medium inexpensive.

To do a simulcast video conference. Once I get to 6 or 7 participants, seems like it’s already maxing out. There’s some latency, some dropped connections, etc. But it’s still the best I can find so far. It doesn’t let me broadcast my desktop though, like a classical webinar provider. For that, I’ve relied on…

It doesn’t simulcast the video, though. Just desktop — which, don’t get me wrong, is still great. It’s medium expensive.

Also have tried using uStream…

I like it… but again, it’s just video and audio… and there are periods of latency and some drop-outs. No desktop-sharing. But the number of participants is through the roof. *Lots*. It’s very inexpensive.

Do you have a favorite service that fits in with these? A Brigada participant in North Africa is extremely interested. What’s your best recommendation?

If you have an option, just click “Comment” under this item. Thanks in advance for your help! Doug

1) One of the Most Unique (and Engaging) Movies Ever Made

“Yai Wanonabalewa (The Enemy God)” has to be one of the most unique movies ever produced… and it’s now been released on DVD. Originally conceived of by 2 Yanomamo leaders some 15 years ago, it is a dramatic feature (not a documentary). Yet – nearly every scene is based on actual historical events. Because the government of Venezuela prevented the filming of the movie in that land, where the events occurred, the producers (10X Productions, led by a batch of former Caleb Project media specialists) enlisted the help of some 300 Kekchi tribesmen from southern Belize (many of whom have never before seen a movie — ever). This is a real-honest-to-goodness movie, shot on 35mm and Super16mm film (none of that fake digital stuff :-) ). To keep things real, the producers asked the Yanomamo leaders to be present during the entire filming — to ensure accuracy. It took 47 days of filming. A significant portion of the proceeds from the film (50% in fact) will directly benefit Yanomamo communities in Amazonas, Venezuela. Producers faced a ton of challenges, including government opposition, local resistance, and even poisonous snakes, but still overcame all odds to bring us a story of spiritual warfare, animistic practices, and the dominance of native religion among South and Central American tribespeople.

Hear me well: This is an intense film. You will want to watch it first, before showing it to your junior church. In fact — you might want to watch it first before showing it anywhere. It is sometimes graphic, sometimes heart-wrenching, but always engaging. My advice for professors of seminary classes looking for something related to spiritual warfare, anthropology, world religions, and Cross-cultural communications: Run, don’t walk, to order a copy. To anyone working in folk religions, you finally have an inside view to what goes on “inside their heads.” I can’t even put into words the “point of view” from which the story is told… because it seems to be totally Yanomamo… cross-cultural. I felt as if I was living inside the body of a Yanomamo tribesman. I spent much of my time fearing what might come next. Honest — this movie is stirring. If you have a missionary working among tribal peoples, this will give you a new perspective on prayer and its potential to make a difference. Don’t expect a heart-warming, feel-good story like something from a Disney kids’ film. Expect to be sobered. Expect to experience a perspective you’ve never felt before.

Sold complete with a companion study guide and 53 key questions to rock your world, The Enemy God is available from the companion website…

(Of all things, after everything they faced during production, makers of the film sent a gift to Brigada to encourage us onward. Thank you. Sobering.)

4) Links to Great Jesus Videos

We evidently weren’t the only one trying to figure out how to save YouTube videos for offline use. An anonymous user wrote this past week, thanking us, and also pointing us to four great Jesus videos worthy of downloading offline:

(Revelation Song – Kari Jobe)

(Revelation Song – Phillips,Craig,&Dean)

(That’s My King – Dr. S.M. Lockridge)

(That’s My King – Rock Mix)

He wrote, “The DVDVideoSoft program for downloading YouTube to my XP laptop worked great, and I’ve now got the 3 videos above on my computer after only a few minutes.” God be praised, brother! Glad we could share a lesson learned from our own quest!

9) Print-on-Demand Services are a Great Innovation

Lately, our staff here has been exploring the use of so-called “print-on-demand” publishers. We identified one in a previous item on Feb. 7 at…

And our good friends at Innovation In Mission delved even further into Snowfall on Feb. 17th at…

(Note: This URL will ‘wrap.’ If you have trouble reassembling it, just go to the online version of this item and click on the link there.)

No matter how you slice it, these “print-while-you-don’t-have-to-wait” services are revolutionizing our ability to provide resources for students, co-workers, and constituencies.

(Tony, thanks for drawing attention to the Innovation in Mission write-up.)

1) Can’t put This Trip Report Video Trailer into Words

How many of us have made videos from our mission trips? (Hands raise all over the room.) How many of us, while on a mission trip, have been bumped from a flight? (Almost as many hands go up.) How many of us have witnessed those flights (that bumped us) going down and killing every passenger on board, sobering us with the realization that we were scheduled to have been on that flight? (The room is motionless… except for the makers of this video.)

Journey to Everest is the video of that group’s experience in the Himilayas. They are a group from Nashville that recently completed an expedition to Everest Base Camp. They became participants in a story that made world-wide news when the plane that was scheduled to fly them into the Himalayas crashed on its way into the mountains, killing the 18 passengers on board. Their team was bumped from Yeti Airlines flight 103 just before it took off, sparing our lives.

Eventually, they made it into the Himalayan mountains and experienced an adventure that changed their lives and challenged their faith. Ultimately, they were exposed to mission work in Nepal that compelled them into action once they returned home. They documented their story in this film. It tells their story as it unfolded, from the plane crash, the expedition to Everest, and the mission work of which they were a part. Since completing the film, they have used it as a tool to spread the Gospel. To date, they have raised over $60,000 for mission work. They have also used the film to raise support for over 300 Nepali refugees that were brought to our city by the United Nations.

View the trailer at…

See the film’s website at…

Buy a copy for $19.95 at…

The trailer is spectacular. This is the way mission films should be. This is the way I want to shoot movies when I grow up. :-)

6) Interested in minority languages in the Eurasia region?

Media, Communications, and IT experts, as well as linguists, translators, and ethnomusicologists, will meet near Frankfurt, Germany 21 September to 01 October, 2010, for the Eurasia Media and Distribution Consultation. For information contact

href="http://wwwdotbrigadadotorg/wp-content/uploads/2010/02/infodotEMDC2010atgooglemaildotcom_.jpg">title="infodotEMDC2010atgooglemaildotcom" src="http://wwwdotbrigadadotorg/wp-content/uploads/2010/02/infodotEMDC2010atgooglemaildotcom_.jpg" alt="" width="237" height="20" />

10) The Father Loves China —

This is a set of multiple-user online tools to produce a small video project for each of the 490 minority language groups in China that will introduce them to God as their loving Heavenly Father with indigenous pictures, indigenous music and voice — over of 55 scriptures. The organizers invite you to participate. They’re looking for indigenous pictures, music and translators and they’ll be glad to train you. Results will be posted on the web at

They’ll also supply, at the same site, free downloads in video, audio and print formats. For details and to join the Googlegroup, go to

6) Learn Cartooning and Animation in Thailand

This is one “scam” you’ll want to know about. Next July, Youth With A Mission (YWAM)’s Create International will present the School of Cartooning and Animation for Missions (abbreviated, “scam” :-) ) in Chiang Mai, Thailand. It will be a 6-month (5 July – 17 December), 2nd-level school (YWAM Discipleship Training School is a prerequisite). The course will be devoted to training students in using cartoons, comics, anime, and animated media to communicate the Gospel in culturally relevant ways. “Cartoons and animation can be powerful tools, especially in Asia where people line up to buy comic books,” says cartoonist and missionary Dave, the school organizer. “Cartoons have a special way of opening doors that would otherwise be closed.” Following a 3-month lecture phase, students will have a 4-week field assignment researching an unreached people group in their environment and developing evangelistic cartoon and animation materials for them. The remaining 2 months will be used to complete the materials and explore methods of publication and distribution. For more information, visit the website:

2) Mobile Media Evangelism tools

indigitechNow you can share your faith while traveling cross-culturally in the languages of unreached people groups. Create International has developed “Gospel Gadgets” with all of their evangelistic films loaded ready to be shown to the target groups that you or your teams are reaching. These “Godpods” are specially designed for today’s “Mobile Media Evangelists” equipped with video and audio playback, ebook software to share the Bible in different languages, voice recording, and many more features. The best part about it is that they are one tenth the price of an ipod. For those of you working where electricity is rare or non-existent they have the answer for you: their portable solar charging unit. Find all of their Gospel Gadgets at:

(Thanks again to Create Int’l for that $50 gift they sent, acknowledged in last week’s Brigada.)

3) Free Downloadable Evangelistic Films

indigitech2Create International’s resource website at:

is focused on resourcing Christians around the world with a variety of evangelistic tools. Aiming to enhance one’s personal witness and provide effective cross-cultural tools in multiple languages, this website tool box is full of options, with more than 10,000 external links to resources and informative articles for helping you be as effective as possible in your witness to people of other cultures and languages. They now have a searchable database of hundreds of people groups with links to audio, video, and literature tools for evangelism and mission mobilization. Create International has just completed a new section of “FREELY downloadable evangelistic films” for more than 45 of the largest and least reached people groups! They are available in both Apple and PC compatible formats which are playable on any desktop, laptop, or portable media player. Please visit their “Indigitech” website and get equipped to reach the nations!

4) New Video Resources for Home Gatherings, etc., all Online

createinternationalCheck out Create International’s cool new DVD resources at their online store:

They have finished the first ever Contextual Home Gathering video for people from a Thai Buddhist background. Indigenous instruments, dance, symbols and appropriate word choices all came together for a lively presentation that will reach millions of Thais. Other new resources include “Contextualization in Action” and “Contextual Gathering Showreel”, which shows six examples of home group gatherings among Hindi, Kurds, Turks, Indonesian, Urdu, and now Thais. Subtitled in English, this is a great tool for showing believers who may worship in different cultural styles, but who are all united in their love for God.

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