7) Fantastic Progress of Information Technology

didyouknowOur corporate Organizational Advancement guy shared this link with me last week on the eve of our annual planning retreat. Thanks a lot, Bob. Blow me away with this futuristic video:

But he was right to do so. His point? Those who fail to innovate will likely fail — period. He makes a good point. How ’bout your own organization or church? Are you creating an environment that encourages creative thinking and innovation? If not, why not?

8) Instant podcast? Share audio without ‘taking it with you’

simplifymediaTry it at…

It shares your itunes playlists via internet. Mac or PC, also iphone and itouch. Notes: no file downloading takes place. You can’t get copies of your friends’ music – just listening. And get this: it’s free – No hidden charges. No spyware. Easy – Set-up is fast. No need to upload files to a website. Integrated – Play music in iTunes, Front Row, Winamp, WMP 11 or Rhythmbox. Safe – Only your group can access what you are sharing, and no one can see your other files. Legal – Files are streamed only within your private group. Universal – Connect across PC, Mac and Linux desktops and the iPhone and iPod touch. (Thanks again, Bill!)

8) “The Harvest:” A Missions Video about Partnering for the Task

theharvestBecause it portrays a story in one man’s childhood, it really isn’t showing much age, even though it’s been around for awhile. At 17 minutes, it’s a bit on the long side, but it’s also extremely engaging. It’s the true story from the early childhood experience of a Campus Crusade Student Venture director.

It’s a powerful and moving analogy that vividly communicates the urgency to work together to bring in the spiritual harvest. Pick it up at…

9) Using Contact Cards for Outreach

contactcardsContact cards are an often-overlooked way to enhance a face-to-face interaction. As well as carrying your personal information, a card can invite people to visit a church website, and/or some recommended outreach sites that explain the Gospel clearly to outsiders. Internet Evangelism Day has a webpage explaining strategies for using contact cards, with a guide about using online design and print services to make your own cards quickly and easily. Pricing for 250 cards can be remarkably cheap – only a few pennies or cents each.

5) Named, Known, and Called

Ierikssonn this presentation, shares her journey as a missionary with mental health training and as a psychologist/professor working in mission/humanitarian assistance. Using the interaction of Jesus and Peter in John 21: 15-19, she encourages us to live in the freedom of who we are and the freedom of who we are called to be. Her healing words are especially addressed to those of us in leadership. Her devotional and the opening remarks to the Symposium are about 37 minutes, and available to download for free in audio/video formats at:

10) Courses For Editors To Be Offered In Manila

Christian magazine editors and writers are invited to attend a conference in Manila this fall featuring two intensive courses designed especially for them. Magazine Training International will offer a course on Editing the Magazine Sept. 29-Oct. 2, and a course on Writing Effective Magazine Articles Oct. 4-7. Two international teams comprised of three experienced magazine editors and writers will teach the courses. For more information, check out

Or, email Sharon at

or call 719-598-9743 or SKYPE

To comment on this item, simply click “Comment” below.

2) Train In Arts/Ethnomusicology Modules In England

If you are looking for a comprehensive approach to applying music and the arts to mission work anywhere in the world, why not consider 4 weeks at the beautiful SIL UK training centre, exploring ways of encouraging and developing indigenous forms of creative Biblical worship.
Module I: Research Methods for Performing Arts. Monday 31 August – Friday 11 September, 2009.
Module II: Applied Cultural Arts. Monday 14 – Friday 25 September, 2009. Learn about indigenous worship worldwide, including music, drama, dance, storytelling and visual arts. Basic field recording and audio editing skills is included. Although both modules are designed primarily for the mission-focused who desire to reach people through performing arts, they require no prior training in any aspect of performance. For more details, see

or write to

6) Helping The Church Be The Voice And Hands Of Jesus

HCJB Global is a media and healthcare ministry that integrates evangelism and mercy ministries around the world. The organization recently launched a series of resources for US households and churches to help encourage them in their life of service. People can send a prayer e-card, download a Voice and Hands Reader with 30 days of devotionals and inspirational stories and download worship music about being the Voice and Hands of Jesus. People can download these resources at:

7) Need Quality Video & Photographs?

… of minority people groups and general lifestyle in SE Asia? Check out the growing portfolio of media resources for SE Asian based missions at

This material is available at very reasonable royalty free rates. Purchasing it will not only enhance your next video, power point or brochure, but it will also help fund the work of Acts Multimedia in providing affordable custom services for missions. For more info send them an email

8) Free Online Conference Room

If you are looking for a convenient and inexpensive way of increasing collaboration in your organization with members separated by distances, you might find this free online conference room useful. Flash version / cross platform (PC, Mac, Linux), Audio/Visual, Power Point, Browser, Chat, Send Files to Participants, Secure (more secure than most banks require), Worldwide Access, Desktop Sharing (Coming). This operates at low & high speeds and is very user friendly. This free version has a limit of 10 participants. To get this online conference room, go to:

2) New Dvd Course For Magazine Publishers

Magazine Publishers has just released a 14-hour, seven disk DVD course for publishers of Christian magazines on the business of magazine publishing. The course, titled Managing the Magazine, is taught by two key publishing professionals and filmed before an international audience. For more information, check out their site…

Publishers of Christian magazines in the Developing World may contact them for a link to a special section of resources with vastly reduced prices. Contact

4) The Malatya Film: Chronicle Of A Martyr

Necati Aydin, Ugur Yuksel and Tilmann Geske were tied down, tortured and killed April 18, 2007 in Malatya, Turkey, for their testimonies that Jesus Christ is Lord. Two young filmmakers from Texas set out to capture the surrounding events that continue to shake the foundation of a nation less than 0.1% Christian. The result is a full length documentary film, Malatya.

You can watch the trailer now online there. Check out

The film was internationally released as this Brigada goes to press, on or around the 2-year anniversary date of the killings. Organizers are trying to mobilize churches and groups all over the world to show the film. Check the website for more information about how the airings are going.

2) Check Out The Glory Story

The Glory Story team have now launched The Chronological Bible academy, a three hour chronological Bible presentation. In the UK, on a Saturday between 11 am – 2.30 pm, they visit church groups and teach the whole Bible as one story! They use all of the books of the Bible in just three hours (plus a half hour break for lunch). Download the brochure for more information and a contact address:

3) Free Spanish Christian Videos For Use In Ministry

Here are hundreds of Spanish Christian videos (vhs only, no dvd’s) for use in ministry in Spanish speaking countries — and the best part is, they’re free! This offer is for Christians to use in Mexico or other Spanish speaking countries for ministry purposes only, not for personal use. There are around 50 children’s titles, 7 evangelistic titles and 15 Moody Science titles and some documentaries and biographies. They will be shipped for free to USA addresses. For more information, contact Brian at

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