2) Check Out The Glory Story

The Glory Story team have now launched The Chronological Bible academy, a three hour chronological Bible presentation. In the UK, on a Saturday between 11 am – 2.30 pm, they visit church groups and teach the whole Bible as one story! They use all of the books of the Bible in just three hours (plus a half hour break for lunch). Download the brochure for more information and a contact address:

3) Free Spanish Christian Videos For Use In Ministry

Here are hundreds of Spanish Christian videos (vhs only, no dvd’s) for use in ministry in Spanish speaking countries — and the best part is, they’re free! This offer is for Christians to use in Mexico or other Spanish speaking countries for ministry purposes only, not for personal use. There are around 50 children’s titles, 7 evangelistic titles and 15 Moody Science titles and some documentaries and biographies. They will be shipped for free to USA addresses. For more information, contact Brian at

7) Resource To Help Christians Connect With Muslims

The “Bridges Study” is a 6-session DVD Small Group Study helping Christians understand and connect with Muslims. Designed for communities of learners such as church small groups, Bridges clears up the confusion surrounding Islam and makes it easy to respond to Muslims in a way that honors Jesus. Bridges is based on this understanding: “Our job is not to make Muslims Christians. Our job is to show them the love of Christ.”
Go to the webite for more information and to watch a trailer:

5) Christian Light Foundation Provides Light For Philippines

We’re grateful to the work of CLF in Philippines, on the web at…

They give their all to provide child care, medivangelism, Bible Studies, church planting, film evangelism, and a tape lending library to the lovely people of the Philippines. Now, their partnership and vision have not only supplied the needs of people in the Pacific, but also on a global basis through their partnership with Brigada. Thank you!

3) Local Church Is Seeking Short Recruitment Videos

Ken recently asked for help with his local church missions campaign. They’d like to show several short mobilization & recruitment videos throughout their mission emphasis month. Can you take a moment to click on “Comment” under this item and share the best recruitment videos available today? Be sure to give source information (where to order them). Thanks!

2) Get Bundles Of Copyright-Free Pictures At Glory Story

The folks at The Glory Story are giving away sets of Bible pictures! Check this out!

To watch The 10 Minute Bible

To download free pictures and text to recreate The 10 Minute Bible

To download copyright-free pictures and text to tell the story of Job

To download copyright-free pictures and text to tell the story of Esther

We’re exceedingly grateful to the folks at Glory Story for their recent gift to Brigada.

3) Miraculous Ministry Among Muslims And Other Messages On Cd

One of the best ways to encourage other’s faith is to share stories about how God is working in peoples’ lives. If you would like to order CDs with amazing stories of how God is working in awesome ways in the Arab Muslim world just contact

for a list of talks and brief summaries (and pricing). These are great resources to give to those considering working in this part of the world as well as those who support workers.

7) Multicultural Artists Can Publish Via The OMSC

Justin wrote this past week to bring to our attention that each year, the Overseas Ministries Study Center has an artist in residence: a Christian believer in ministry who comes from another culture and creates beautiful artwork that they publish in a book. Two of the most recent art works highlighted are by Soichi Watanabe, and they are called The Intercession and the Return of the Son. The books are for sale on the website and through See them online at

Justin thought these books might make great gifts for major donors or churches. (Thanks Justin!!!)

5) Use Audio Bibles in Your TESL Lessons

Harvey, veteran retired missionary Bible translator is recommending that TESL folks incorporate using English language audio Bibles in their programs. To learn more about how a combination of a printed English language New Testament and an audio New Testament with the same text enables one to learn English and to speak it fluently more quickly go to his blogsite:

or go directly to

4) Premiere Of Breakthrough Docudrama

On September 12, 2008, OMF International will host the premiere showing of Breakthrough: The Story of James O. Fraser and the Lisu People, an inspiring half-hour docudrama which tells the story of James O. Fraser and the Lisu people reached for Christ. The event kicks-off at Grace Chapel in Englewood, Colorado, from 6:30-10 p.m. and includes an all-age private concert by Evangeline, Billboard’s #9 Indie artist of 2008. OMF International personnel in several countries worked together on this multi-language DVD which includes Mandarin, Cantonese, Spanish, German, Thai, Lisu as well as subtitle versions in English, Simplified Chinese, Dutch and Korean. Event details can be found at

5) Lash Up A New Mp3 Player With A Gospel Presentation

Now you can pick up a new MP3 player from Global Recordings Network (GRN) which enables hi-tech performance in low-tech areas. It is designed to work where electricity and batteries are not available. The “Saber” is rugged and can be played to a large group at a high volume with crystal clear sound. GRN can load evangelistic programs in any of 5,800 languages and dialects into the player for you, or you can load your own via a USB port.

For more information, go to

or send an email to:

Breakthrough: the Movie

About 100 years ago a young English college graduate gave up a potential career and fame to serve as a missionary in the remote regions of China. But after six years there was little response and the mission needed him elsewhere. Produced by OMF International, Breakthrough is an inspiring half-hour docudrama which tells the story of James O. Fraser and the Lisu people reached for Christ. The premiere showing will be in Denver, Colorado on September 12, but you can order your own copy of this inspiring new resource at the introductory price of about US$9.99 at

Questions? Contact

Why Do We Use Ascii Text For Brigada’s Emailed Edition?

When we tried the switch (to HTML formatted email), the outcry was pronounced. And no wonder. Of the 1,173,109,925 Internet subscribers at the end of 2007, only 349,980,000 were said to connect via broadband. That means that the vast majority of the world is still looking at the Internet through a small pipe (dial-up).
(this last source will wrap; please reassemble it in your browser’s “To:” box.)

What’s more, many of these dial-up users have HTML disabled by default, which means — when they receive emails laced with http: links within them, the http: links complicate and confuse normal text like nobody’s business. Beyond that, many of the world’s broadband users have “download pictures in email” turned off by default, as well. (They’ve been taught to do so because of virus- and trojan-laced emails.)

What’s more, in an in-depth survey by Jupiter Research in 2006, some 1166 users asserted that they were more likely to open and read/respond to an email if it contained a) products or features that were interesting to them (54%), or b) written copy that attracted them (40%), or a subject line that caught their eye (35%) or a compelling offer (33%). Less than one-fourth even paid any attention to pictures.
(The source for these stats was: )

But what about using hot links to skip down to the individual items from the table of contents in the top-line summary? Wouldn’t that save time for all readers? Well if they have HTML functionality turned on, yes – probably. (I for one don’t; by default, I look at mail in ASCII text mode.) But why wouldn’t those users be able to click over to the web, then, and just use the corresponding web version to leap from link to link to their heart’s content? In this way, if they’ve decided to look at text-only email, they’ll like Brigada. Otherwise, they can always click to the web version for pictures, links, special features and lots more.

So our conclusion, after lots of consideration, was to preserve Brigada’s original ascii formatting by email, but continue to focus on sprucing it up some for those who are able to use the web. That’s all we have to say about that.

Seeking Sources for Audio/Video Discipleship Material

Tony recently wrote, on behalf of a friend, asking for possible sources for discipleship material — especially audio or video material — in French and/or Arabic. Apparently the friend was trying to help a new immigrant from Burkina Faso. She had spent her teenage years in Saudi Arabia as a virtual slave. She is now free, is married to an American, and is eager to learn more about her newfound Savior. Unfortunately, she has received little formal education, and is virtually illiterate. She speaks English well (and also speaks French, and a bit of Arabic) but cannot read or write beyond her letters and basic sounds. In particular, the church is seeking material that would help her understand and bridge the gap between her indoctrination as a Muslim and her new life as a Christian. Are there downloadables (MP3s) that might help her? I was thinking of all the “storying” stuff that’s being developed. If you have an idea, just click to this item on the web and leave a comment. (Feel free to leave it anonymously if you wish.) Thanks!

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