1) Renewal Weekend (Feb 24-28 2012) in Spain —

Grace 4 Life is a ministry of spiritual mentoring that leads participants to a deeper appreciation of and reliance on God’s love in the Gospel. Energized by grace, Grace 4 Life helps workers and supporters alike to joyfully give their lives in word and deed to see the Kingly reign of Jesus come into hearts, homes, and churches throughout the world. Their next event is Feb. 24-28 in Antequera, Ma’laga, Spain. It’s sponsored by World Harvest Mission. For registration information contact


(And by the way, thanks for the very-much-appreciated gift of $100 to help Brigada finish strong!)


Church Planting guru, George Patterson, and his co-workers answer pressing questions for those who mentor and coach shepherds of reproducing, new churches. See past issues at

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20060528 Brigada Today

In this issue…


  1. ENCOURAGEMENT FROM FELLOW-LABORERS — Every so often, we receive a note of encouragement that reads something like, “How do you do it? How do you keep those Brigada editions coming each week, after all these years?” I’ll be honest. Sometimes schedules go ballistic. This past week, I took a week of vacation to lead a new soccer clinic here in Louisville, Kentucky. The week was wacko. In the back of my mind, I find myself thinking, “How/When will I get time to assemble another Brigada?” And then it comes: a gift from someone like Andy at Dial Abroad ($74.18 this time). And I realize that in this special case, his gift is based on people who have signed up their long distance with him so that, in turn, he will help Brigada keep going. (Thanks Andy!) If long distance is a commodity item for you, would you consider switching to Dial Abroad? Maybe you have a cell phone these days and make almost no long distance calls. That’s still ok. Even if it’s only an occasional call, you still could switch over to Andy for the few times in the future when you *will* need it. His rate is probably better and I *know* the accompanying Brigada gift is appreciated. Learn more at:

  2. MEDIA SUPPORT FOR MISSIONARIES — MullinsMedia has been providing media support to missions and missionaries since 2001. Recognizing that a well-designed and regularly updated website is the best communication tool available today, they specialize in providing low-cost, easy-edit web spaces to missionaries (hosting, training and maintenance included). MullinsMedia also travels worldwide to produce documentary- style DVDs that mission organizations use to tell their story. Visit

    and click on “links” to see some of the sites they have developed. Special Offer: For each site built for a Brigada subscriber, MullinsMedia will make a $20 donation to support the great work of Brigada!

  3. FREE CALLS OVER VOIP — Call free to over 40 destinations. No catch, no setup fee, no special equipment needed, just a microphone -and headphones if possible – and your computer with broadband connection. (Dialup is possible too, but quality can be low.) Open an account with €10 and calls to landlines in over 40 destinations are free, and very low-rate calls to others. The same company operates under two names – with a few different free countries on each, so check each out before deciding which to go with.

  4. DISK DRIVE RESURRECTION SERVICE NEEDED — Here’s a Brigada participant named Mic from Operation Mobilization (OM) reporting that a disk drive on his office computer died that supposedly contained only “back-up data”, when in fact, it had some important files that were not stored anywhere else. He says his friendly technician took the drive out and put it another system and tried to read it but it just “clicks” and fails to read. He’s checked with some data recovery specialist who can take the “platter” out of this drive and install it in another drive and copy the data onto CDs – the cost? ($1200 – $2500 depending upon size, GULP!). He’s wondering if anyone knows of another way. Mic, all I can tell you is that, having suffered the same malady about 2 years ago, I paid to have an analysis done from my laptop drive, only to be told, in the end, that the data were unreadable anyway. So the sidebar comment for the rest of our Brigada family is — we have to learn to back up these drives. After my own failure, which temporarily set me back *months*, I purchased a Maxtor “one-touch” external hard drive and, I’m happy to tell you, having been a fellow-struggler, I now back up my entire hard drive every night. (‘Course, if my house burns down, I’m still out of luck if both units are stored in the same fire! :-( ) But enough of the prevention — can anyone help Mic with a cure? I don’t think there are any out there, but if you have an idea, write him directly at: mister_mic_323(at)hotmail(dot)com [As a means of preventing spam for our contributors, in the preceding email address(es), please replace (at) with @ and (dot) with .] Mic, if you come up with a solution, please drop us a line reporting how it worked. Best of luck. Now, suggestion: go order your external back-up for the next time.

  5. PEOPLE GROUP PRAYER BUTTON — working with the Joshua Project has come up with a cool way to mobilize prayer for the 6,900 Unreached People Groups listed under the Ethne to Ethne prayer movement. The UPG Prayer Button displays a different people group every hour, and when clicked, takes you to a 3 Minute on-line prayer session for that group. The goal is to pray through all 6,900 people groups over the next 10 months, as part of the Ethne prayer focus. By pasting a few lines of code into your website, you can mobilize prayer for thousands of Unreached People Groups. How cool is that? See it in action, and get the code for this button at:

    I did this prayer and it’s really well done. Hats off to those who are making it possible.

  6. FREE MP3 DOWNLOADS IN 3190 LANGUAGES — Global Recordings Network (Gospel Recordings) has placed 4326 evangelistic audio programs in 3190 languages and dialects on their web site. These can be downloaded free in MP3 format. Audio Cassettes and CD’s can also be obtained in many more languages through this site. Go to

    Look for “RESOURCES” on the sidebar and click on “Language List” or “Country List”. You can also order cassettes or CD’s in 5,500 speechforms by emailing the following address: orderdept(at)Globalrecordings(dot)com. [As a means of preventing spam for our contributors, in the preceding email address(es), please replace (at) with @ and (dot) with .]

  7. NEED A RESOURCE TO MENTOR OTHERS? — Mentoring thru Intentional Relationships by Phillip Jeske is a 250 page (8.5×11) manual to help you walk with someone in a mentoring relationship. Since it was first introduced to Brigada readers, it is now being used by missionaries, pastors, and Christian leaders around the world. While there are books about mentoring, this resource provides you with a tool to actually do it. The 12 Chapters cover issues relating to personal growth and leadership development, designed to guide someone through one-on-one discussions and small groups, so that they may most effectively make a contribution for the Kingdom. It is available as pdf file on CD ($12USD) or in printed form ($29USD) and can be purchased using PayPal or major credit card through the webpage: or by writing icmcanada(at)cs(dot)com [As a means of preventing spam for our contributors, in the preceding email address(es), please replace (at) with @ and (dot) with .] The Introduction can be downloaded for free from the Website. It is also available as pdf in German & Russian and later this year French and Spanish.

  8. MENTORING WORKSHOP — The author of the resource, Mentoring thru Intentional Relationships, is now available to present a workshop on mentoring. This workshop has been shared with groups such as the Campus Crusade staff in Germany, Church Planters Academy in Canada, and Russian Assemblies in Moscow. The author has years of missions and leadership experience with a focus on mentoring others. If you are a missions leader or pastor and see the need for mentoring but perhaps don’t know where to start in your church or missions organization, this workshop might just be the answer. To inquire regarding available bookings or for further information write: icmcanada(at)cs(dot)com [As a means of preventing spam for our contributors, in the preceding email address(es), please replace (at) with @ and (dot) with .] or through

  9. NEW RESOURCE ON BIBLE STORYING AMONG ORAL LEARNERS! — Check out the story4all podcast and website! “story4all” produces a free weekly 20 minute program of stories, discussion and interviews from the field about how Bible storytelling is changing nations and aiding church planting movements to occur in places once termed “hard”. 4 billion people in our world are oral learners (those who can’t, won’t or don’t read) and they need to hear the Gospel that is proclaimed. story4all is a weekly podcast (Internet show) and web site with resources to help you ­ whether you are working in remote fields, are in training or training others to go, or, whether you just know there’s more to sharing God’s Story. Explore and find more details at: or send your questions to:

    story(at)story4all(dot)com [As a means of preventing spam for our contributors, in the preceding email address(es), please replace (at) with @ and (dot) with .]

  10. THANKSGIVING FOR PARTNERS — Our hats go off to those who make our work possible, for example, the Fellowship of Believers in Sarasota, FL, who pitched in $30 this past week. Want to help Brigada spread the news about missions resources, unreached peoples, and outreach conferences all around the world? Just click on “sponsor” in the top menu (to use PayPal or a credit card), or if you prefer, send a check payable to Team Expansion to: Team Expansion (Brigada secretary), 13711 Willow Reed Dr., Louisville, KY 40299. As always, be sure to let us know if you’d like us to promote any particular service or ministry, or if you’d prefer your gift be anonymous. In any case, thanks for considering Brigada in your estate giving, your monthly church missions fund, and/or your own personal giving for this calendar year.

  11. THE BACKPAGE: GREAT TEAMS MAKE GOOD TEAMS LOOK BAD — Well if you’ve been monitoring World Cup news, you know that most commentators are saying some pretty hideous things about the USA’s opening game against Czech Republic. I heard one observer say the USA looked “flat”. That was probably the nicest way of saying it. Another said we looked “awful”, and others have used even dicier terms.

    But I’d just like to point out . . . Czech Republic is a great soccer team. Sometimes it’s important to see things in perspective. If we had been playing against a lesser side, maybe we would have come out on the field with more confidence, charisma, creativity, and success . . . and maybe our same tactics would have turned out to be more effective.

    The same thing happens in missions. The team in Latin America reports amazing success. Hundreds of baptisms, a dozen new church plants, and lots of great stories. Meanwhile the team in North Africa works for 30 years with only 2 converts. Before long, some church in Georgia is rethinking their support so they’ll get better “return on the investment” (ROI) of missions dollars. It’s beyond Receptivity/Resistance ratios. Sometimes it can’t even be charted in any tangible sense.

    So what do we do? Do we pull those workers home? … or transfer them to a different field? I don’t think so . . . any more than we would want our National Team to quit the World Cup. We keep on competing… adjusting our strategy wherever necessary, subbing players in and out to keep them fresh, and investing in better training & evaluation. But in the end, we realize — we can’t ask Landon Donovan to do better than his best. And if McBride doesn’t get the ball, there’s not a whole lot he can do. Likewise, in the world of missions, my take is — we keep investing energy in playing on tough turf. We don’t quit, just because the opponent is strong.

    I told my sons this morning, “I’m not so sure I would have said the things that Bruce Arena said. The critical question is — did these players give it their all.” If they did, I’m not sure *any* of us should be so quick to pass judgment.

    Unfortunately, their next game will be against Italy. Likewise, Italy will be a tough challenge too. Let’s hope the USA guys will put forth a better outing, but if they don’t, I’ll still be backing them just the same. Because hey… it’s not easy going up against tougher sides.

20040418 Brigada Today

In this issue…


  1. THANKS TO OUR PARTNERS! — This past week, several friends took a stand to say they appreciate the ministry of Brigada! David in the UK gave $50, an anonymous couple from Mali gave $25 more, $16 from an anonymous couple in Florida, $10 from an anonymous friend in Colorado Springs, $16 from a retired Wycliffe worker, $20 from a new friend in Georgia, and $25 from the director of Audio Scriptures Int’l ( ). We also received $25 from “Tim”, an attorney headed to Guinea for a nine-month missions assignment. He requested prayer for him and his wife, Shirley, as they labor there with SIM to help the Maninka people. In particular, please take a moment now to ask God to watch over his law practice and his wife’s ministry, “Healing Nations”, while they’re gone. Thanks!!! Would you be willing to help underwrite the cost of the Brigada secretary? If so, click “sponsor“, or just send a check payable to Team Expansion to: Team Expansion (Brigada secretary), 13711 Willow Reed Dr., Louisville, KY 40299. Thanks!

  2. A DRAMATIC INCREASE IN REQUESTS FOR TALKING BIBLES! — Audio Scriptures International (ASI) in California in partnership with Adopt- A-Village (AAV) and World Mission is reporting a dramatic increase in requests for Talking Bibles in additional languages. ASI is urging that thousands of additional churches and scores of mission agencies mobilize to participate in this great unfinished task. ASI is challenging church and mission leaders to recognize that to make and to distribute Talking Bibles in every language should be among our highest priorities in world mission. ASI currently has Talking Bibles available in Albanian, Amuzgo, English KJV, English NIV, Haitian (Creole), Hindi, Kannada, Khmer, Lao, Malayalam, Mandarin, Nepali, Sourashtra, Spanish, Swahili, Tamil, Telegu, Tigrinya and Vietnamese. Each Talking Bible is $30.00 plus shipping in quantities of two or more. ASI is a valuable resource center with Scripture in audio in some 350 languages. For more information visit ASI’s web site: (And thanks to for the $25 sponsorship this past week!!!)

  3. MICROENTERPRISE DEVELOPMENT AND MICROFINANCE TRAINING — No experience necessary. Training is available through email and at live events! The Chalmers Center for Economic Development at Covenant College, in partnership with World Relief and Food for the Hungry International, offers training in innovative, best practice microenterprise development and microfinance strategies and methodologies that have been field tested with our partners in their own learning labs. Travel to Bangkok, Thailand on May 24 – June 2 or to Lookout Mountain, GA USA from August 2 – 11. Take the first course in their learning tracks by email starting in June! For more information visit or email CEDI at
  4. (replace the “at” with a “@” and remove the spaces)

  5. EPIC STORYING — Epic Partners is a global partnership involving Campus Crusade; International Mission Board, SBC; Wycliffe Bible Translators & The Seed Company; and Youth with a Mission (YWAM)–using chronological Bible storying among unreached people groups (UPGs). In recent years a growing number of individuals and agencies have periodically gathered for consultations on orality, and have begun working cooperatively on issues like chronological Bible storying and the beginnings of an “Oral Bible” among UPGs. Table 71, a regular gathering of msn-agency leaders arising out of the Amsterdam 2000 conference, has also adopted a cooperative strategy centered on orality and chronological Bible storying. The intersection of the Oral Bible Network and Table 71 has resulted in a partnership of the four largest organizations involved in both gatherings. These four agencies have common motivation, goals and focus in reaching UPG with the Word, yet each brings unique strengths particularly relevant to a Bible-storying partnership. The primary outcome of the partnership is a three-part, introductory set of 40 to 50 storying sessions aimed at supporting evangelism and initial church-planting. Stories are to be pulled from the Old Testament, New Testament, and Acts/Epistles. Read more at:

  6. CRISIS CONSULTING INT’L ANNOUNCES NEW TRAINING DATES — To serve the international Christian community, CCI will be conducting the following training courses during the remainder of 2004: CCI’s core 4-Day Crisis Management Seminar (June 28-July 1, Colorado Springs, CO and Dec. 6-9, Orlando, FL) and the specialized 6-Day Hostage Event Management, Negotiation & Resolution Course (Aug. 1-6, 2004, in Oahu, Hawaii). For more information on these courses, go to:

  7. HOW TO COMMUNICATE? — is now online. Just when we announced it, the site went dark for two weeks. Talk about unfortunate timing! Feel free to sign up for the new newsletter when you visit, too.

  8. UPDATE ON LIFEWAY MUSIC — By the way, LifeWay’s Christian digital music downloading (mentioned last week) is only licensed to work through American-based Internet Service Providers. This is due to the copyright restrictions by the music holders. Also, Windows Media files apparently don’t play on an Apple Ipod. You’d have to export them, then re-import them. (Thanks Mark, Steve & Theresa!)

  9. MISSIONS MOBILIZATION TRAINING — Accelerating International Mission Strategies (AIMS) presents, “Multiplying Missions through the Local Church,” June 21-25 at Regent University in Virginia Beach. Join dozens of pastors, missionaries, church leaders and students to learn about AIMS training materials and how to network with believers from the United States and other countries to fulfill the Great Commission. All participants will have the opportunity to be certified as an associate and use AIMS materials to mobilize churches in the United States and on the mission field. Registration is $159 before June 1st and $199 after June 1st. Special pricing is available for returning associates and for groups over three. For more information, call the AIMS home office at (757) 226-5850 or email aims at (replace the “at” with @ and remove the spaces) and or log on at

  10. HYMNS IN SIMPLE ENGLISH — Keith Simons has written a series of new hymns in simple English. They use traditional hymn tunes, so that they are easy to learn. Suggested applications include churches with lower literacy levels or where English is a second language. Permission is given to copy them free of charge, provided that they are not sold. Click on the “new bible songs and poems” link from:

  11. MISSIONARY MENTORSHIP CONFERENCE CALL — Elijah Company’s next recruits’ conference call is slated for April 29, 8:30 PM est. This conference will discuss further how to prepare for and to survive as a missionary overseas. They will feature a guest who was instrumental to start 24 churches among an unreached people group in western Africa. To get the call number and access code write to mentorship at (replace the “at” with @ and remove the spaces) or log on at

  12. WYCLIFFE DINNER THEATRE: NEW WAY TO BLESS YOUR CHURCH — Wycliffe Bible translators sponsors a professional dinner theatre touring group to help inform and mobilize churches across the U.S. for outreach to Bibleless people groups. The talented team of 13 people brings it all: stage, lights, sound, ethnic décor, dishes, tables and kitchen trailer. They present a high-impact story of cross-cultural ministry along with a delicious cultural meal. A free-will offering covers the cost. Call (800)269-2007 or (503) 653-1662 for the touring schedule. E-mail: theatre_booking at (replace the “at” with @ and remove the spaces). Log on at

  13. THE BACKPAGE: MORE ON THE DISCIPLINE OF BACKING UP — We received a number of empathetic replies regarding last week’s “BackPage” editorial about backing up. One Brigada participant, Dottie (who is involved in the adoption of a very strategic unreached people, by the way), drew a comparison between backing up our hard drives and daily devotions, Bible reading and prayer. Without that daily discipline, our data would become corrupt! :-) Several folks thanked us for the reminder to back up more regularly. Perhaps the easiest fix we found was to buy one of the portable hard drives.. like the Maxtor “OneTouch”… 160GB for $250 or so. Hooks up through FireWire or USB either one. Or do like Dan the IT guy in our own office here… who has fixed up “Personal Drive”
  14. space on our team’s workgroup server, which he then faithfully backs up every night. Then users with laptops can save those drives as “offline files” in Windows XP (or “briefcase” in earlier versions). Works pretty well… and his backup routine is faithful each evening, seven nights sequential, so as long as the problem becomes known within a week, the user has a clean trail of 7 earlier backups from which to choose. As for my own drive, I ended up sending it to a data retrieval service. Not fun — but I’ve lost about 30% of the work I’ve been doing on my Ph.D. dissertation. Again… lesson learned… hardware failure is inevitable. It’ll eventually catch up with us. It had been years since any of my hardware had failed. Bottom line: I was due. :-) Don’t wait. Spend the $250 on the front end so you don’t have to spend twice that — or more — on the back end! It’s too big of a hassle to put it off another day!

20040229 Brigada Today

In this issue…


  1. HOW TO SAVE ON INTERNATIONAL CALLS — Learn how other missionaries save on international phone calls at
  2. A portion of your long distance bill will help keep Brigada going out the door and onto your screen! The phone company will be “in your corner,” helping you be all the more effective at an all-the-more-reasonable price!

  3. HOW TO HELP SPONSOR OUR BRIGADA SECRETARY — Maybe your church could pitch in… or your organization, if you’ve ever benefited from any item in Brigada? Your partnership gift of $10, $100, or $1000 or more would help sponsor our Brigada secretary for 2004. So far, we have $1673.60 toward the total needed for 2004, which is $16,021 — to completely underwrite the cost of all administrative help for Brigada. (Doug’s compiling is donated free. Brigada participants are asked only to help by covering the cost of his secretary at: Choose to make a one-time gift, or use the “subscribe” button to be reminded each month of a smaller gift of $10, for instance. Your call. Thanks for your partnership to keep Brigada going out the door and onto your screen!!!

  4. NEW WEBSITE HAS GOOD NEWS AUDIO LINKS FOR 1,000 PEOPLE GROUPS — We are good at using the web to TALK ABOUT people groups. Now a new website has been launched with the goal of TALKING TO members of every language group on earth. Visit and link to this great new site: – EveryTongue Good News Recordings – Over 1000 links to on-line Good News recordings to which you can click and listen. 72% of the world can find Good News at this site in a language they can understand. On this site, you will also find a list of hundreds of recordings that are on cassette but not yet on the web. If you can help get these languages onto the Internet, go to the site and volunteer. Take a look at the site’s focus country of the month where Good News web pages are being made for every people group in one country — a great model that could be done for any country. The makers of this site have met members of very obscure people groups via the Internet and believe they can get Good News to members of almost every language group on earth.

  5. UNREACHED PEOPLES CONSULTATION — This is your last chance to register for “Transformations,” an Unreached Peoples Consultation sponsored by AFMA in partnership with AIMS, CBN, and Regent University March 15-18, 2004 at Regent University in Virginia Beach, VA. Learn how to create functional strategies for unreached people groups and plan short-term trips that will have a long-term impact from ministry professionals working in China, East Africa, Ethiopia, India, and Indonesia. Don’t miss your opportunity to hear how you can reach the thousands of people who die every day without ever hearing the name of Jesus Christ. The cost is only $169. Register today by calling AIMS at (757) 226-5850. You may also e-mail aimsataimsdotusa-org or log on at

  6. SHORT TERM MISSIONS RESOURCES ON THE WEB — is a website devoted to equipping people for short term missions. Over 1 million North Americans will be part of a short-term missions trip this year. If you are looking for resources, a trip database or general STM help check out North American callers can dial toll-free: 1-866-999-1STM. International callers can dial (403)813-5765.

  7. MK SCHOOL IN ALMATY, KAZAKHSTAN IS RECRUITING TEACHERS — Tien Shan Educational Center (TESC) is receiving applications for the upcoming school year beginning August 26, 2004. TESC – K – grade 12 is an English speaking school, meeting the needs of missionary children from nine countries. Presently they are seeking staff for the following positions: Primary teachers for Grades 1-6; Secondary Science teacher (JH Science and HS Chemistry & Physics); Secondary Math teacher (Algebra 1 & 2, Pre-Calculus, Calculus); Secondary Language Arts teacher (HS English); Primary & Secondary School Physical Education teacher. For more information or an application please write Craig tienshanatpactecdotkz or Joahna tssecondaryatpactecdotkz

  8. MULTICULTURAL TEAMS COURSES AND WORKSHOPS — These are offered by the author of “Building Credible Multicultural Teams,” Dr. Lianne Roembke, and have been significant in charting or correcting the course of many teams, leaders and members. The following workshops and accredited courses (*) are being offered in 2004 (facilitator training available): Fuller School of Intercultural Studies – Pasadena, CA* – August 2-13 contact: sis-acadprogdiratdeptdotfullerdotedu Columbia Int’l Univ – Korntal, Germany* June 28 – July 9 (in German) contact: CCrouseataemdotde Workshop in Korntal, Germany (in German) – Dec. 13-17 contact: smfataemdotde Inquiries on Facilitator Training: LRoembkeataoldotcom  (LRoembkeataoldotcom)

  9. DETAILED MISSION OPPORTUNITY INFORMATION — You likely know a few people who are considering going on a summer mission, or longer. A great resource to refer them to is The website offers *complete details* on 1,000 one week to three year opportunities from 50 organizations. Quickly find a match with a search by country, length, date, and keyword. Note: Most of the opportunities are with US mission agencies.

  10. ABSTINENCE EDUCATION FOR DEVELOPING WORLD BELIEVERS — Equipping Leaders Internationally is pleased to announce the launch of an abstinence education materials Internet website at The target audience for this website is youth workers, church leaders, and parents in the developing world, who have few printed resources, but want field-tested educational materials which will address sexuality and other areas of potential risk for youth. Now these materials will be available to them through this “virtual library” free of charge. More materials which are written by and for the developing world, as well as additional materials from premier organizations in the developed world, will continually be added. For more information or to submit materials please contact vnurtmiateliprojectsdotorg.

  11. MORE OPTIONS TO FILTER SPAM — We continue to battle spam, don’t we. With some PC experts beginning to talk about email being “broken”, we’d *better* get to work fixing it! :-) Have you noticed two good solutions sound nearly alike? and They appear to be unrelated, but very similar products and both are said to be working great. I use Norton Antispam right now, but kind of regret buying it, when I compare to these two solutions. Don’t sit around deleting 100 emails a day, most of which are trying to sell you on enlarging certain things and energizing others. Get a good antispam solution and start feeling some relief from the stress! :-) (Thanks to all who give input on these kinds of things, like Scot, Sheryl & Corrie!)

  12. USE “THE PASSION OF CHRIST” AS A MEANS OF OUTREACH — We recently reported a dearth of resources for cross-cultural outreach relative to the movie, “The Passion of The Christ.” Well thanks to “Wes” who pointed us to these… – for use with non-Christians – full of ideas for Christians to use So there *are* some resources out there! In fact, thanks to Ken who recently compiled a whole *listing* of such links for us!

  13. TRAINING FOR OUTREACH TO DEVELOPING POOR — Do you minister to the poor in the developing world? If so, training that you need is available now via email-based distance courses. Learn the basics of microfinance and microenterprise development as tools to help the poor and build the local church. Certification is offered for those who complete these courses, their live training and a ministry plan. See for details about the courses, costs and schedule.

  14. COMPILED: INFO ON FUND-RAISING FOR “REPEAT” SHORT-TERMERS — Remember out guy, Kevin, who was going to compile information on repeating short-termers? Well he did! (Thanks Kevin!) Here’s his expanded report:

    + Fund raising for “Repeater short term mission trips”
    – The question asked was, “HOW DO YOU FUND REPEAT TRIPS? — Southway Community Church now has several small short term mission teams (Music development and TEFL) that minister out of country several times each per year. Because these teams involve the same people each time and therefore the same donors, they are finding that the funding tends to drop off. Does your church have this kind of repeat mission trip? How do you fund them?”
    – The following responses are given without attribution because I didn’t ask for permission to use names. None of the following ideas are mine, I only edited and arranged them.
    Kevin Paszalek Southway
    Community Church
    Houston, Texas USA
    pastor at (replace the word “at” with the @ sign and remove the space on either side)

    + Cost cutting
    – Have you considered having fewer trips per year, but each trip be longer duration? I’m sure a majority of the cost is airfares.

    + Participants pay some proportion
    – If a person wants to go on a Short Term Mission trip he (or she) must be approved by the missionary committee and is responsible to pay 25% of his (or her) cost for the trip. The STM person making the trip will receive a tax deductible receipt for this portion of the money contributed as well the other donors If a person wants to take a second STM trip, no matter if it is to the same country or to another country, the person is now responsible to pay 50% of his costs. If a person wants to go on a third trip he must pay 75% of the costs himself. If a person takes 4 or more trips he will be responsible for paying his own expenses and donations from others is neither encouraged nor discouraged, however, the person is not allowed to “solicit” funds through the church.

    + Fund raising events
    – I do a Thai Chicken Curry Lunch right after church at other churches in the area as a fund raiser. I split the money raised with them to support their youth missions. I can talk about the mission I’m doing, give a door prize, and support their youth missions program at the same time. I give private small group Thai cooking lessons-this is my best fund raiser aside from straight donations. So far I’m netting about $250.00 on each class (about 6 hours of time), plus there are a lot of happy people eating Thai food. They aren’t even “church” people…they come from the health club, friends, the beauty salon, etc. to take the class.

    + Don’t do yearly trips with the same people to the same location.
    – Go somewhere else. I know that a mission agency opened up into Africa, from being exclusively central American focussed, since a donor wanted to give to the type of work, (microenterprise) but wanted to influence Africa) Who’s to turn [down] $250,000? Off to Africa they went.
    – 2. Get new people on board. Bring in fresh blood, and their new donor team. You expand the number of committed people to your particular overseas ministry. Fund the team as a team rather than as individuals, so that the pot for all pays for everyone.
    – My suggestion is to consider not doing several repeat trips a year but maybe only one and look for other opportunities.
    – Google “donor fatigue”

    + Add new people to the team
    – Our church does have one trip that we have done three consecutive years and it has worked very well by adding and dropping people but always having a few that are repeats to form a core.

  15. EXPLORING YOUR MISSIONS OPTIONS — Are you sensing God’s call to commit your life to cross-cultural missions, but you have more questions than answers? TEAM’s “Explore” Workshop may be just what you need! “Explore” is a three-day opportunity to gather good data on your spiritual life, life experience, education, health, values, and calling. It concludes with a personalized debrief in which you set personal goals. They also create a personalized written report for you and your church. Experienced missionaries guide the sessions, and most workshops are sponsored by local churches. Find out more and check the schedule for your area by calling 1-800-343-3144 (North America) or checking at

  16. ONLINE EASYENGLISH BIBLE PORTIONS FOR LEARNING DISABLED PEOPLE — Download freely 10 Biblical items (Psalms & Gospels; prayers from the Bible and Drama scripts) in their growing and popular Accessible EasyEnglish series. Just click on ‘AEE’ on their home page Many people also use these materials for beginners learning English. More details of AEE and our other products from Martin Lloyd at martinateasyenglishdotinfo

  17. MISSIONARY MENTORSHIP CONFERENCE CALL – On March 18 at 8:30 PM EST Elijah Company will have a unique conference drawing principles from the life and work of Amy Carmichael, one of the greatest missionaries of the 20th century. Her soldierly commitment and unwavering faith has set the course for many in missions. For call number, access code and content outline write to mentorshipatelijahcompanydotorg or call (757) 639-2906. To get to know other Elijah Company services see

  18. THE BACK PAGE: EXECUTE THE LONG PROJECTS TOO — I’m really enjoying the opportunity to work on my doctoral dissertation these days. I’m trying to invest each Tuesday and Thursday toward that end, but I’ll confess it’s often difficult to put aside the urgent for the important. Someone needs a report on this or that, deadlines calling, phones ringing, people visiting… And in the thick of the battle, sometimes I put off the really big stuff, partly because it’s more rewarding to finish something smaller.

    But have you noticed that many of the most rewarding things in life come only after a zillion substeps… incremental improvements or subgoals on the way toward completing a major project. Imagine trying to build a nuclear submarine, the Washington Monument, or even learn to play the soprano saxophone (something else I’m attempting these days in my “spare” after-work time). It happens because we take tons of little “baby steps” (watch an edited version of “What About Bob” for a good laugh on that :-) ).

    So what about your work? How do you manage to accomplish the really long-term objectives? Here’s a suggestion that’s as obvious as the nose on your face: break it up in bitesized chunks. For my dissertation, that means, “I’ll try to get 5 more pages done today.” (If I get 2 between emails or phone calls, then sobeit; at least it’s forward motion!) For the sax, it’s even simpler: 30 minutes, 3 times a week. That’s about all I can usually eek out. But hey… why do we humans get in such a hurry, anyway? :-)

    How ’bout your projects? What do you have that’s really big … that you can break up into chunks… and just view it “one line at a time?” I bet once you did, you’d find it energizing to know you’re making progress again. And hey… one line at a time is okay. Just “enjoy the journey, as much as you would the destination,” and suddenly, that big project isn’t as bad as it once was, right?

20040125 Brigada Today

In this issue…


  1. DIAL-ABROAD REALLY WORKS! — Thanks to Dial-Abroad for the $72 donation to cover last month’s phone use. If you have to make int’l long distance calls anyway, please sign up with Dial-Abroad so you can a) save money and b) help Brigada! See their stuff at:

  2. NEED TO SEND CASH? WE NEED SOME BRAVE EXPERIMENTERS — Have you tried out Ikobo? Somebody needs to. Evidently, it’s kind of like Western Union, except the recipient of your cash gets an Ikobo cash card that looks sort of like a credit card. There are tons of banks involved. But we need some “taste-testers” to check this service out. Sending cash is free through February. After that, they promise rates that are less than Western Union. Would somebody try them out? Click here: (or cut and paste the URL above into your web-browser). If you’re already sending cash somewhere else in the world, this should at least save you money through February. Send $200 for free — anywhere in the world. They have Verisign and “Trust-E” approval… so it seems legitimate. Please let us know what you learn. Thanks! (Note: If this works, there is a referring bonus available for recruiting new Ikobo users.. $10/new referral, so if possible, please click through the above link and you’ll likely be helping us sponsor a Brigada secretary. Keep in mind: this is a new service that we’re trying out.)

  3. APOLOGETICS BOOK SPARKS PLAN TO HELP BRIGADA — Mark Kelly, editor of the “Advance!” prayer newsletter, has a new book out and he’s offering up to $5 US to Brigada for each purchase by a member of the Brigada family (depending on the quantity of purchasers). “Proof Beyond Reasonable Doubt” shows how only Christians can stop the world’s slide into moral chaos, anarchy and tyranny — but they actually are part of the problem! The book comes to you in a great new e-book format — that means it is delivered via web download. Preview “Proof Beyond Reasonable Doubt” at After you purchase it online, send an e-mail to brigada- familyatkainospressdotcom and tell him you want a check cut for your friends at Brigada. Don’t delay — this offer expires March 1!

  4. FREE WEB-BASED TIME CALCULATOR — Just select the cities/time zones that your key colleagues are working in. Bookmark the results page. Voilá, a Personal World Clock just for you. No need to look at everyone’s time zones, you’ll immediately see the time zones that matter most to you.

    The service is free. And here’s a bonus: It includes a cool meeting planner that helps sort out time zones if you need to make a conference call to different cities around the world.

  5. MISSIONS CANDIDATE TRAINING AT SOUTHERN NAZARENE UNIVERSITY — Interested in knowing how to become a missionary with the Church of the Nazarene? Attend the free “Global Candidate Orientation” seminar at Southern Nazarene University in Bethany Oklahoma on Thursday March 4 from 7 to 9 p.m. For more information, email hculbertatsnudotedu

  6. MISSIONARY MENTORSHIP CONFERENCE CALL — Catch the next conference call… February 12, 2004, 8:30 PM est. The calls are 55 minutes long. This is a free service. Hosts and guests have a broad range of experience in missions. These monthly calls allow seasoned missionaries to impart needed practical advice for all those planning on missions involvement. This month the call will focus on personal preparation for missions. For call number, access code and content outline write to mentorshipatelijahcompanydotorg or call (757) 639-2906. See website for other services.

  7. UNREACHED PEOPLES CONSULTATION — Don’t just hear about what others are doing around the world. Discover what YOU can do to reach the unreached. AFMA in partnership with AIMS, CBN, and Regent University will hold an Unreached Peoples Consultation entitled “Transformations,” March 15-18, 2004 at Regent University in Virginia Beach, VA. Learn how to create functional strategies for unreached people groups and plan short-term trips that will have a long-term impact from ministry professionals working in China, East Africa, Ethiopia, India, and Indonesia. Register early and save money — $149 for registrations received by March 1st. After March 1st, the registration fee will be $169. For more information or to request a brochure, call AIMS at (757) 226-5850 or e-mail aimsataims-usadotorg or log on at

  8. COMMUNITIES ARE BEING TRANSFORMED WORLDWIDE — Jump in on the next Foundations in Community Development school (FCD) in beautiful northwestern Montana and learn more on how to bring about God’s intentions in a community. It all takes place March 29 – June 18, 2004 followed by an overseas outreach. For more info, write FCDatywammtdotorg Phone: 406 844 2645 or 2221 USA/Canada 1 800 658 6815 (Can/USA)

  9. NEW SCHOOL SLATED FOR GUINEA: VOLUNTEERS NEEDED — An Elementary Christian Boarding School is opening up in September 2004. They are looking for godly men and women who would volunteer to serve for 10 months of their time to raise future leaders of the unreached peoples in Guinea. First, they will experience the rural village life and minister to the Muslim population. Second, they will concentrate on discipling 12 children. Third, they will be joining the pioneer mission work. The dates are August – June, 2004 Please send your resume to TMAmericaatTeachusMissiondotOrg.

  10. BACKING UP? — So… stop and think… if your PC fried today (or was stolen, or was in a fire, or you forgot/lost your briefcase in the rest room while traveling), what information would you have to recreate? Then why not back it up? Nowadays, backing up is a ton easier than in the old days. Maybe you already have access to a network and can simply copy your files to the other PC. (Maybe somebody already backs up all or part of those files as a part of his or her work responsibilities anyway.) Or, use a CD-burner to back up just the highest-priority information. If nothing else, at least pick up one of those USB memory cache gizmos and backup the absolute minimum 128 meg that you’d value the most (your Quickbooks or Quicken files, for instance?). The events of Sept. 11th should have taught us how vulnerable we all are. Let’s don’t be caught off-guard, if we can at all avoid it. Back up your data today … or tonight.

20040104 Brigada Today

In this issue…


  • SPONSORS PAVE THE WAY FOR A NEW YEAR — Thanks to the sponsors that have paved the way into the new Brigada year! The anonymous sponsor that gives $10/month regularly, using the new “Subscribe” feature that he asked for, was back at it again this past week. (Thanks!) Thanks, too, to Info. & Learning Systems Int’l, producers of the “Countries & Peoples of the World” CD, who sent $461.25 more to express their appreciation for Brigada readers who have purchased the product. Yahooo! :-) And hats off to the anonymous couple in N. IN ($50!), the Irving Bible Church (also $50), the anonymous couple with Young Life Europe ($100)!!! We appreciate your help! Please consider joining these and others sponsors at: You’ll see one button for “Donate” (any amount, one-time), and another for “Subscribe” ($10/mo). These great sponsors help us get Brigada out the door and to your screen each weekend! (If you help the new Brigada Secretary, then she’ll help keep me on time. :-) Also, please remember, once we make our goal for the year [$16,021], we will no longer ask for sponsors.)

  • OPTIONS FOR SIMPLE MISSIONS DISPLAYS — Remember Mark, the guy that wanted to track down some options for creating simple missions displays? Well guess what: he followed through! To view his full report, click here. (Thanks Mark!)

  • RETREATS FOR PROSPECTIVE MISSIONARIES — “The Journey Deepens” is a weekend retreat to help prospects explore, discover and connect with how they could become a missionary in another culture. These weekends are for college students, professionals, and high school seniors who are willing to become a missionary but not sure if that is God’s will or how that could unfold. Each retreat of 100 participants and 10 experienced missionaries from multiple agencies is highly relationship with extended worship, small group discussions, personal reflection and much prayer. Discussions include the missionary call, support-raising, singles/families, etc. The next retreat will be April 2-4, 2004 in Davis, Oklahoma (between Dallas and Oklahoma City). The Journey Deepens is presented by MissionsFocus Int’l and co-sponsored by ACMC, Caleb Project, Perspectives and the U.S. Center for World Mission. Browse or email missionsfocusataskamissionarydotcom or phone 1-800-366-6641.

  • RESULTS OF THEIR DEMISE GREATLY EXAGERATED — It turns out that Interdev might not totally disappear after all. I heard this past week from a former Interdev Central Asia Team member that maybe she wouldn’t end up being a “former”! :-) She wrote, “The ministry will carry on, even though some formal office spaces have closed in USA, UK, and India. We still have offices—they’re just … in our homes, garages, or church corners. … The functions needed by Interdev Partnership Associates will inform the structure, and we will begin as a decentralized group, committed by covenant with one another, founded on our relationships, connected through a facilitation team! Rather than one central INTERDEV organization, INTERDEV Partnership Associates connects 16 Partnership Advisors, basing from 10 organizations, dispersed regionally across India, Indonesia, Africa, Philippines, USA, Canada, and UK!” Sounds great! Bravo to those forging on!

  • WHO ENCOURAGES MISSIONARIES? — Here’s a Brigada reader desperate to learn more about organizations and missions that minister and encourage missionaries around the world and in their home country. Would you write Felicia feliciabucatearthlinkdotnet with information on the group, what they do and offer, how long they have been ministering and any links that would prove helpful? She wrote, “Many churches and individuals are interested in ‘ministering to the ministers’, so they’d like to know who is already doing it and how well they are doing it. Individual organizations and groups within missions or any other ideas are welcome.”

  • NEED INFO ON UNREACHED PEOPLES? — Check out You can do all the following:
  • Get a complete picture of the unreached peoples and the unfinished task of the Great Commission.
  • View all people groups for any country.
  • View all countries for any specific people group.
  • View a people profile for any people group on the planet.
  • View Patrick Johnstone’s Affinity Blocs and People Clusters
  • Download free of charge a complete MS Access application and data for viewing data from numerous perspectives.
  • Download Joshua Project data in various formats or an up-to-date Powerpoint presentation on the status of World Evangelization.
  • Find specific ministry tool availability by unique linking into other sites
  • Submit updates such as: your ministry activity commitments, statistical updates (they want to hear about the errors!), URLs of other people profiles and more.
  • See a global summary and interesting people group facts.
  • Try various unreached peoples queries
  • View Patrick Johnstone’s Church Planting Progress Indicator
  • Get answers to frequently asked questions such as “Why the jump from 1,600 to 6,300 unreached peoples?”, “Why are there so many different people group numbers in the mission community?” and “Where else on the web can I find unreached peoples data?”

    Get it all at Joshua!

  • MASTERS DEGREE IN PHILIPPINES — Azusa Pacific University offers a Masters in Social Science (with an emphasis in Servant Leadership) in the Philippines! The cost is 1/3 of on-campus prices. Fly to the Philippines and pay less for your flight and your courses than you would pay on campus for the same courses! 4 courses are taught each summer (June). For more information contact Melody kzkukaatjmfdotorgdotph, Box 1415 QCCPO, Quezon City, 1154, Philippines. 632-658-3807

  • FLY IN THE MICROSOFT MISSIONARY-LICENSING OINTMENT? — A recent Brigada item recommended purchasing licenses for Microsoft software through They are one source for the open charity licenses from Microsoft. A contact from one mission agency, however, has stated that their licenses can be used in the home office but not by their missionaries serving around the world. (They cited a Microsoft policy says that a license cannot be used by affiliates outside of North American. See ) The same mission would love to know if Microsoft has indicated that missionaries working out from a USA office may use these licenses in spite of the policy wording. If you have info. on this, write Lester semdeanataiiasdotedu and he’ll report back to us in 2 weeks. (Thanks Lester!)

  • A RESOURCE FOR MENTORING — Most leaders want to mentor others but often don’t know where to begin. “Mentoring thru Intentional Relationships,” by Phillip Jeske, is a model that is designed to help someone intentionally mentor others. This 12 chapter, 250-page manual (printed or as PDF) is not only has an introduction to mentoring but also a tool with which to walk through key personal and leadership issues with someone else. Partnerships are also possible to translate the materials into other languages (currently English & German). For more info check out or contact International Christian Ministries ICMcanadaatcsdotcom

  • VANCOUVER MISSIONS CONFERENCE — Catch it Jan 30 – Feb 1, 2004, in Vancouver, BC, Canada. Hundreds of agencies and tens of thousands of participants take part in the weekend. For more info check out

  • CLOSEUP ON THE UNREACHED: THE NAMA/DAMARA PEOPLE — These unreached people can be found in central and southern Namibia in Africa. Among them is a young Nama mother who welcomed a presentation of the Gospel. She indicated a desire to have a personal relationship with Jesus. However, while surrounded by older Nama ladies who were unwilling to pray to receive Christ, she put off the decision. As she held her baby she explained that she is an unwed mother living with the father. In her mind she needs to “clean up” her life before accepting Christ. Pray for the Lord to build prayer support for the Nama/Damara, an unengaged people group. To adopt the Nama/Damara people for prayer or for more information, please visit or email swacscatiafricadotcom

  • TESOL TRAINING IN THE PHILIPPINES — If you feel the Lord calling you into missions and would like to use TESOL as a tool, check out these two intensive classes of five weeks each this spring. April 19- May 21 is in Manila, and April 12 to May 14 is in Davao with a practicum to an unreached people group. For more information and applications contact Melody at kzkukaatjmfdotorgdotph or Box 1415 Quezon City 1154, Philippines, tel. 632-658-3807.

  • CLOSEUP ON THE UNREACHED: THE HERERO PEOPLE — Among this African group (in central and eastern Namibia) is a 50-year-old man who has lived in the small village of Okatjoruu, Namibia all his life was open to hearing the Gospel. He follows the tribal religion of the Herero in ancestor worship. When asked about going to heaven when he dies, he said that the “ancestors will keep” him. He resisted accepting Christ. He said that he was too old to change and preferred to go the same way as his ancestors in death – wherever that is. Pray for the Lord to build prayer support for the Herero, an unengaged people group. To adopt the Herero people for prayer or for more information, please visit or email swacscatiafricadotcom

  • MISSION INTERNSHIPS AVAILABLE — Mission to Unreached Peoples is looking for kingdom-minded people aged 18-30 who are interested in experiencing life on the mission field while being supervised by a long-term missionary. Placements are available in Eastern Europe and Asia, and last 3-9 months. Check out or email Pete PeteEatgatiwadotcom, or call(888) 895-4657 or (509) 483-4792

  • NEW DISCIPLESHIP GUIDE — Winkie Pratney & Trevor Yaxley have teamed up their years of experience in evangelism and discipleship to produce “Ultimate Core”, an in-depth approach to discipleship designed for teens and twenty-somethings who want to experience and radiate the core of heart commitment to Christ. Covering topics from purity to spiritual gifts and evangelism, this is a great life manual for missions training centers. You’ll find more information and an excerpt at To order, write ordersatbakerbooksdotcom or call 1-800-877-2665 or dial (616) 676-9185.

  • SHARPENING YOUR INTERPERSONAL SKILLS (SYIS) — Catch this workshop in Toronto, March 22-26, 2004. It’s designed especially for missionaries and those in the local church who relate to missionaries on Home Assignments. This interactive workshop will increase your knowledge, attitudes and skills in relating to others. A 216-page work book is provided covering such topics as: Loving Listening; Confronting effectively, Building Trust; Helping others Grieve Well; Managing Stress and much more. For more information contact Robert at missionprepatsympaticodotca

  • ARE YOU CATCHING THE INTEREST IN ORALITY? — It’s swelling. For example, in about a week or so, Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary In Fort Worth, TX, will host the “2004 Consultation on Orality, Literacy & the Oral Bible.” It’s very significant here that this conference is being co-sponsored, so to speak, by Wycliffe, Campus Crusade, YWAM, and the Int’l Mission Board. (In sheer numbers, those 4 organizations probably represent the geocenter of evangelical mission outreach.) As I interviewed personnel from the Jesus Film and Wycliffe this past week, I couldn’t help but take note of the fact that interest in the Oral Bible is at an all-time high. See this page… for more information. The idea is that many of the world’s remaining unreached peoples value *oral* tradition, as much or more than written. As a result, these organizations (and now a dozen others, as well) are setting bold goals to produce and utilize recorded *stories*. (They’re using the IMB’s term: “Chronological Bible Storying.”) Watch this trend… and the growing interest in addressing it. For example, the 4- way partnership above has now embraced a common strategy and sending approach, as can be seen at

  • THE BACKPAGE: LAUSANNE III? — Will it become Lausanne III? Only time will tell. You’ll probably recall the now-famous missions conference held in Lausanne, Switzerland in 1974. There, Ralph Winter announced his outlandish suspicion that there were *thousands* of groups of people “hidden” from the gospel. Out of that consultation came a movement of people that later came to bear the name of the consultation’s venue: The Lausanne Movement for World Evangelization. I was just a junior in high school, so I didn’t make that one. But I definitely enjoyed Lausanne II in Manila, in 1989. At that conference, Ed Dayton made sure every participant understood our changing world, the complexities of reaching out to urban masses, and the hazards of modernity. Now I’m wondering how this fall’s conference in Thailand will shape up. Billed not as “Lausanne III”, but rather as 30 smaller conferences running simultaneously, I’m curious about how things will play out. See for a timeline chart of the “big picture” of Lausanne’s various meetings. See for a breakdown of the 30 issues. And is a summary brochure. On behalf of Brigada, I’m supposed to participate in Issue #6, “Those who have never heard the name of Jesus.” Would you begin praying today for this conference, slated for Sept. 29 – Oct. 5, 2004 (in Thailand)? Let’s ask God to act in this way:
    *** To reawaken His global forces to bold new steps for those who remain untold
    *** To speak in a resounding way through veteran leaders, so that younger generation leaders will gain a clearer sense of purpose
    *** To stoke the fires of passion for today’s churches and agencies, so the fire of world evangelism won’t die down until we completely finish the task of world evangelism! Thanks!!! Doug
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