8) Hope For Global Mentors Facing Generations & Gender Differences

Having trouble with cross-cultural mentoring? Not sure if you’re getting across to someone from a different age range or gender? Now you can try “3G mentoring.” The 3G’s are the three primary interpersonal differences that often lead to unproductive conflict and under-realized potential: generational distinctions, global diversity and gender differences. Learn more at..

Get the book at…

(Thanks to my fellow CEO’s at the retreat I’ve just attended! :-) )

7) Mentoring Intelligence —

Do you have what it takes? Several years ago Brigada readers were introduced to the 12 chapter manual, Mentoring thru Intentional Relationships, which was designed to help guide a mentoring relationship. It has since been translated into five languages and is being used by leaders on four continents. The author of the manual has recently written a new book dealing with this issue, titled Mentoring Intelligence. From his research and missionary experience, Dr. Phil discusses how generational differences, a lack of servant leadership, and faulty educational models, all affect a leader’s ineffectiveness as a mentor. He also deals with organizational issues such as how to create a culture that fosters mentoring types of relationships. Mentoring Intelligence can be ordered from


When ordering, mention “Brigada” and 10% of every purchase will be donated to Brigada for their ongoing work.


(From Brigada, Thanks!!!)

1) Renewal Weekend (Feb 24-28 2012) in Spain —

Grace 4 Life is a ministry of spiritual mentoring that leads participants to a deeper appreciation of and reliance on God’s love in the Gospel. Energized by grace, Grace 4 Life helps workers and supporters alike to joyfully give their lives in word and deed to see the Kingly reign of Jesus come into hearts, homes, and churches throughout the world. Their next event is Feb. 24-28 in Antequera, Ma’laga, Spain. It’s sponsored by World Harvest Mission. For registration information contact


(And by the way, thanks for the very-much-appreciated gift of $100 to help Brigada finish strong!)

6) Church Planting + Leadership Development + Mentoring —

That’s what you get from these sites:

We’ve mentioned them before in Brigada, but it’s been a while. Allan, one of the guys in our Equipping Dept. at Team Expansion, sent out a note to our staff about them this past week and it reminded me it had been too long since we mentioned them here. Last we heard, the Paul-timothy materials are free and available in English, Chinese, Spanish, and various languages of India. Train & Multiply comes with a fee and, in Allan’s words, “is also in a bazillion languages.” (That must be a scientific number/term because, if I recall, he has his Ph.D. in Chemistry or Physics. :-) Thanks Allan.)

1) Advance Global Coaching (AGC)

advancedcoachingAGC is now offering professional life coaching for missionaries all over the globe, regardless of nation or organization. All of their coaches are professionally trained and have cross-cultural experience. Coaching topics include anything that relates to life such as cross-cultural adjustment, vision/ministry clarification, marriage, team, leadership as well as partnership development. They even coach parents of missionaries, mission pastors and anyone considering becoming a missionary! Costs are shared between the person being coached and a sponsor (church, agency or financial partner). For more information go to…

and thanks for their efforts to help a hurting world… by folks like Linda.

10) The Backpage: True Coaching

Our organization (Team Expansion) is in the midst of a deep study that, among other things, is seeking to learn more about mentoring. In particular, one of the factors we’re trying to discern is how to teach our leaders to truly *coach*, as opposed to merely reacting or, worse yet, just watching. We have some theories already… like…

a) Coaching seems to happen best when it’s *empowered* by the team member, even though, truth be told, probably could *many* of our team members (and we ourselves, too?) could profit from some degree of mentoring. But the really weird truth is that sometimes the folks that *don’t* empower others to coach them are the very ones who need to be coached the *most*!

b) Coaching typically seems to function best when there’s a lot of personal interaction, lots of relationship, and lots of history. Unfortunately, in today’s hurried-up, online, drive-through world, some of today’s newest mission workers are being programmed by their money-conscious supporters to value “ROI” (“return on investment”), which works against personal interactions with coaches. However, I’m noticing there is indeed a growing “remnant” of folks who are willing to invest (in time & money) in proper training and gearing-up time. That’s encouraging. Now, we who are part of the missions community had better make sure there are sufficient learning & experiential opportunities to match the opportunities for engaging them. Gulp.

c) Many leaders fail to take initiative to “speak up” because they fear it will be seen as presumptuous or self-aggrandizing. In other words, in spite of their greater experience, many leaders are afraid they’ll be viewed as “know-it-alls” or prideful, so instead, they keep quiet and allow flock members to learn through the school of hard knocks. The good news is, many team members eventually figure it out anyway. The bad news is, they also eventually decide to opt out of the coaching relationship because they become *aware* that they’re being left to figure it out solo. Sigh. Sobering.

Are you forming conclusions like these about coaching/mentoring? If so, would you take a moment and add to the fray? Just click “Comments” below and have at it. Feel free to add your comment anonymously. Thanks for your participation in building a body of knowledge that we can *all* use to coach more effectively!


20050605 Brigada Today

In this issue…


1. MISSION NANNYS IS OFFERING TO HELP YOU — Mission Nannys, an organization created to glorify God by sending volunteer women overseas to help missionary families, is in need of Opportunities of Service from missionaries. They seek free room and board in the home and tender loving care for the volunteer. They love children, helping with homeschooling, cooking, cleaning or whatever is needed. If interested, just write bettysullins(at)juno(dot)com [As a means of preventing spam for our contributors, in the preceding email address(es), please replace (at) with @ and (dot) with .] or see their website at (Thanks, Mission Nannys, for the $100 sponsorship for Brigada! We appreciate your help in getting Brigada out the door and onto the screens of the 10,000+ members across the globe.
2. NEW BOOK OFFERS WOMAN’S PERSPECTIVE ON MISSIONS — Here’s a new book by Caleb Project that provides an engaging inside look at the lives of women on the mission field. In an effort to support and encourage women entering or already in missions, Through Her Eyes, by Caleb Project author Marti Smith (published by Authentic Media) shares the personal experiences of women living and ministering in the Muslim world. After seven years as a mission mobilizer with Caleb Project, Marti Smith had the opportunity to get a closer look when she spent a year in a Muslim country with a church-planting team, shortly after the events of September 11, 2001. The result of this experience, the book Through Her Eyes, shares the stories of two dozen women – some single, some married – as they reveal the nuances of their everyday lives as missionaries overseas: dealing with loneliness, learning a new language, helping children adjust to the new culture, maintaining healthy marriages, and balancing ministry and family roles. Purchase this book at (If you get a chance, let them know you heard about it here. No referral fees or sponsorships involved — just fun when they write and tell me they received 30 new orders during the 48 hours after Brigada released the information.)
3. TEFL COURSE IN THE SOUTHEAST — From July 18nd to 29th, Columbia International University will be offering an introductory course on the Techniques of Teaching English as a Foreign Language: Speaking, Listening, and Reading (LNG 6740). This three semester hour graduate level course introduces students to communicative language teaching, lesson planning, and practical techniques for the classroom. The course may be taken as part of Columbia’s MA in TEFL or as a stand-alone introduction to English language teaching. For more information, please see CIU’s Summer Studies website or contact Dr. Kay kherbert(at)ciu(dot)edu [As a means of preventing spam for our contributors, in the preceding email address(es), please replace (at) with @ and (dot) with .] You can also call: 1-803-754-4100, ext. 3316, or toll-free in the U.S. or via Net2Phone from elsewhere at 1-800-777-2227.
4. MISSIONARY MENTORSHIP NETWORK — This network is offered by the Elijah Company and designed to give practical instruction and encouragement. This bimonthly e-mail has been helpful to some already on the field and others planning to go. To subscribe send an empty e- mail addressed to elijahcompany-mentorshipnetwork-subscribe(at)strategicnetwork(dot)org [As a means of preventing spam for our contributors, in the preceding email address(es), please replace (at) with @ and (dot) with .] Go to for information on other Elijah Company services.
5. 2005 FULLER HEALTHCARE MISSIONS CONFERENCE — Fuller Theological Seminary in Pasadena, CA will be hosting its second annual Healthcare Missions Conference on June 24th and 25th. It will be a wonderful time for those who serve the Lord in healthcare missions, both domestically and abroad. Continuing Education for physicians, nurses and other health-care professionals will be available. Visit the conference website
6. MUSLIM STUDIES — The Zwemer Center for Muslim Studies at Columbia International University has a significant number of scholarships ($300 each) available. Four weekly subjects (July 4-29) include: Introduction to Islam; Folk Islam, Approaches to Islam; Revelation, Qur’an and Muslim Traditions. (They are also offering Arabic, June 13- July 8.) If interested, contact them ASAP muslimstudies(at)ciu(dot)edu [As a means of preventing spam for our contributors, in the preceding email address(es), please replace (at) with @ and (dot) with .] or by phone: 800-777-2227, ext. 3325. Register online:
7. TEACH ENGLISH IN TSUNAMI IMPACTED THAILAND — You can be involved for two weeks up to a semester. The Khao Lak Community Computer Center offers English classes to those impacted directly and indirectly by the Tsunami. People are hungry to learn English and this is an avenue for them to learn about you. You would fly into Bangkok for a cultural and teaching orientation at one of the premier Christian English training schools in Thailand, the Baptist Student Centre. Then fly into Phuket and be taken by road to Khao Lak, the area most impacted by the Tsunami. You will stay in a local, clean hotel within walking distance of the center and would fit right into an existing program. Term example: Two weeks: $1990; One month: $2540; 15 week semester: $4550. For more information, visit and Click on the Volunteer Coordinator on the right bottom. Opportunities start July 30th!
8. DID YOU HEAR THE ONE ABOUT THE EMAIL EXTORTION RING? — If so, it wasn’t a joke. One of the latest virus attacks, known as PGPcoder, literally encrypts your hard drive then demands “ransom” money to get the key to unlock it. Talk about dirty pool. It leaves a text file instructing users to send a payment for $200 in return for the decryption instructions. What are they thinking? In the first place, couldn’t someone just look up the address where they’re supposed to send the money? Duh. In the second place, wouldn’t one hope that Symantec and everybody else will write preventative measures for this kind of vandalism/extortion? Honestly… the imagination of the “dark side” sometimes astounds me. So… bottom line… keep those antivirus programs up to date and hope for the best. We can’t afford to be without them any more.
9. SEND BRIGADA FORWARD — If you’d like to help make Brigada a reality for next week and beyond, just click “sponsor” in the top menu (to use PayPal or a credit card), or just send a check payable to Team Expansion to: Team Expansion (Brigada secretary), 13711 Willow Reed Dr., Louisville, KY 40299. Thanks! As always, be sure to let us know if you’d like us to promote any particular service or ministry, or if you’d prefer your gift be anonymous. These gifts help us cover costs like webspace, part-time secretarial help, and a small amount of advertising.
10. HELP FURTHER UNDERSTANDING OF FOLLOWERSHIP — Will you take 5′ to help further our understanding of followership style and how it impacts team performance and personal job satisfaction? (You’ll also be helping Doug finish his doctorate?) It’s free — and I give you my word you won’t be added to any marketing list! (You have 10+ years of being on Brigada today as evidence. We never sell your identity.) :-) Just click here to get started: We could really use your help on this. Please ask whomever you can. We need about 500 participants and so far we have just a couple of hundred.
11. THE BACK PAGE: HOW TO LEVEL A REALLY BIG CISTERN — Over the past week, some of our office staff have been participating in a kind of “job enrichment” program. :-) You see, the big-shot contractors wanted thousands of dollars in labor costs to tear down this mice-infested house on the new piece of property we’ve purchased. So a couple of us thought… Hey… if we chip away and even remove a *few* pieces, at least it’ll be farther along than we were before. (See the initial sequence at: by clicking on the link in the upper left entitled, “6/14 Mice-infested House Toppled”. By the way, that’s me in the driver’s seat in… and Well the next thing you know, I was sitting in the seat of a Cat 953C “High Lift” bulldozer. Well everything was going peachy until we encountered this old cistern at the back corner of the house. See it: Yikes that thing was tough. We tried everything imaginable, even digging it out. But not even this big 953C could penetrate the walls (which were 8″ of concrete with rebar reinforcement). As everybody else went home (around 5:30), I told them I might kind of hang around and putter at it. So I climbed on the D6. See it at: (That’s me brainstorming with my buddy, Bob, who serves as our Outreach Director at Team Expansion.) Well true – this D6 is a big dozer and it’s got a lot of power. But honest… it just couldn’t make a dent (literally) in this cistern. So I began to just try to chip away one corner. I would drive over it. Then I’d tap it, and pick at it, then drive over it some more. After more than an *hour* of patient picking, I experienced a breakthrough: One small 3″ chip of the concrete cap gave way. 30″ later, most of the top was peeled off like the lid of a sardine can. I called a friend with a water pump and, as darkness closed in, we pumped out all the water. The next day, our Ass’t Operations Director, Aaron, finished it off in an hour or so. See the “after” look at: So what did I learn from this whole experience? I learned that even with a big tool, sometimes it still takes a very long time to crack through a strong challenge. Sometimes, in fact, it’s more about the operator’s patience and determination than it is about even the size of the tool. And … ok… I admit it. I also learned that driving a D6 is a rush.

So either way, keep chipping away at that big problem. Maybe just take one single 2-hour class toward your Masters degree. Get started. Putter. Meander. Enjoy the journey. It’s ok if something takes a long time. What’s the hurry anyway. :-)


20031221 Brigada Today

In this issue…


  1. YAY! SPONSORS! — Thanks loads for the anonymous sponsor who gave $100 this past week. In addition, Dial-Abroad sent $60 for November’s phone use via Andy Gray. So those phone calls are working well! Keep dialing long distance!!! The total use for Brigada talkers via his service in November was $599.45. (So he “rounded up” and gave a $60 sponsorship gift! Thanks!!!)

  2. IF YOU USE CLIPBOARD, TRY CLIPMATE; HELP BRIGADA — Since 1994, we’ve been using a little utility called “Clipmate” to help us prepare each edition of Brigada Today. Now, the author of Clipmate has offered to give Brigada 1/3 of the proceeds from any sale he sees come in as a result of this ministry. You can try the program for free — for 30 days — then decide for yourself. Like I say, we’ve been using this program for 9 years and we depend on it *daily*. For $25, it’s the best deal on the planet… and $8.33 will go to Brigada to help us try to make our goal for 2003 to underwrite the cost of our new Brigada secretary. So… let’s see… we’re just $2820 short of reaching her salary goal for 2003… so if only 338 people would buy Clipmate by Dec. 31st, we’d make it!!! Lacking that, if even 338 would go to our website and use PayPal to send $8.33 directly to us — that works too! But by buying Clipmate, you get a utility that you can use *daily*. Give it a try. See the details on how we use it by going to: or just click on the Clipmate link at the top of the front page of Thanks for giving it a look … and thanks for making it possible for us to keep Brigada on-time and on your screen! Want to learn still more? Read the personal letter to Doug from the author of Clipmate:

  3. COULD DIALPAD HELP YOU CALL HOME? — If you haven’t heard about DialPad, then maybe you’ll want to take a listen! If you’re overseas, it might be better than the connection you get by phone! :-) Check it out. It might give you free long distance to the USA from anywhere in the world. Also, if you’re going to sign up, sign up by going to sending email to Russell if caopscenteratpactecdotnet He’s promised to support Brigada with 5% of his income, once he starts to turn a profit.

  4. DID YOU HEAR THE ONE ABOUT THE EVANGELICALS GROWING? — Guess what: it wasn’t a joke! :-) According to the Religion Journal evangelicals have now grown to include some 400 million people in 123 countries, with the fastest growth now coming from Latin America and Asia. In fact, according to the article, evangelicals in Kazakhstan have increased from 40 to 12,000 in 12 years. Whoa. Similar things have happened in Kyrgyzstan, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Russia and Ukraine — and yes, even in Algeria! Pray for Indonesia, Afghanistan and Pakistan, where Islamic extremists are trying to take over the country. Again, according to the article, Hindus, Buddhists and animists aren’t too far behind. See the entire source at:

  5. TRY THESE PAGES FOR FLAGS, MAPS, AND MORE! — Thanks to Brigada participant, “Mert”, for referring us to these two websites, with city populations, basic political maps, and even flags from around the world:
    (Thanks Mert!)

  6. MISSIONARY MENTORSHIP CONFERENCE CALL – Elijah Company Missionary Mentorship’s third FREE missionary mentorship conference call is scheduled for January 8, 2004, 8:30 est. These monthly calls allow seasoned missionaries to impart needed practical advice for all those planning on missions involvement. This month the call will focus on building a support team. For call number, access code and content outline write to mentorshipatelijahcompanydotorg or call (757) 639-2906. See website for other services.

  7. “CALLING IT A CRUSADE ISN’T HELPFUL” — Thanks to the reader (name withheld for sensitivity’s sake), who wrote us about last week’s item, “13) THE CHINESE CHRISTIAN CRUSADE”. He reasoned, “Here in [our land] we’ve had perhaps more exposure to this vision than Christian circles in the West. I very much doubt that the leaders would be pleased with the label ‘crusade’. That is a word we’re trying to ‘ban’ as much as possible, sandwiched as we are between two neighbors [less positive about that term].” Thanks for the feedback! We’ll hope that the campaign’s organizers can hear your heart!

  8. BATTERY POWERED PROJECTOR SOUGHT — Normally the _Jesus film_ is projected using a 16mm projector, powered by a small generator. But when you add the projector, gas container, generator, film reels, screen, and etc., you have accumulated well into the hundreds of pounds. Some missionaries would like to find someone to help locate or invent a battery powered, inexpensive (video) projector in order to project the Jesus film in remote village settings where carrying a 16mm projector and an electric generator is unduly burdensome. If you have a lead, email Allen PierceinEGatjunodotcom

  9. NEED SPANISH MATERIALS? — Equipping the Saints offers Spanish books, Bibles, videos, curricula and tracts. Discount pricing up to 85% on some items is available. A 32-page Spanish resource list is on the ETS web site. Check out In the USA call 1-540-234-6222 or email etsatricadotnet for more information.

  10. MISSIONARY TRAINING CAMP — The next Elijah Company training camp is scheduled for February 5-8, 2004 in Virginia. These intensive times have helped solidify and energize individual missionary calls. For information regarding the camps see their website at or call (757) 639-2906 or write to infoatelijahcompanydotorg

  11. NEED INEXPENSIVE MINISTRY MATERIAL OR EQUIPMENT? — Since 1991, Equipping the Saints has served evangelical Christian ministries worldwide by providing information and inexpensive new and used ministry materials and equipment. Equipping the Saints can help your school, church, medical clinic, orphanage or camp with a wide variety of new or used items, at a fraction of what these would cost on the open market. Check the ETS web site at You may also email etsatricadotnet or call in the USA 1-540-234-6222 for more information.

  12. TEACH ENGLISH IN CHINA — And be paid for it. A university in China near Fuzhou, is offering around 5000 RMB a month to a holder of a master or doctoral degree level instructor who will teach Oral – Aural and Business writing in English this spring semester Feb. 9 – July 7, 2004. Free accommodations. A R/T air ticket will be given with a year contract. For more information contact Rod at rodpa1atearthlinkdotnet

  13. HOW TO PROJECT JESUS FILM WITH LEAST HASSLE — Normally the Jesus film is projected using a 16mm projector, powered by a small generator. But when you add the projector, gas container, generator, film reels, screen, and etc., you have accumulated well into the hundreds of pounds. Allen would love to find someone to help locating or inventing a battery powered, inexpensive (video) projector in order to project the Jesus film in remote village settings where carrying a 16mm projector and an electric generator is unduly burdensome. Anyone know of how he might get started — or if there is one already? If so, please write to Allen at PierceinEGatjunodotcom . He’ll let us know whatever he can come up with. Thanks!

  14. THE BACKPAGE: 2003 IN REVIEW — This evening I took a few minutes (several, actually :-) ) to page back through all the Brigada Today’s of 2003 (1 for each Friday in 2003). As I did, I saw some trends… so [drum roll], here are Doug’s “Picks & Pans, Tops & Trends” for 2003:
    *** EASIEST SERVICE TO HATE — After being bombarded by “Plaxo-pings”, we concluded that the only good Plaxo message was one which didn’t happen.
    *** MOST OPINIONATED ITEMS OF THE YEAR — Hands down… got to be those recovering “BackPage editorials”. I mean… What’s up with a guy that rants and raves so much about an online service called Plaxo? :-)
    *** TOUGHEST TRADITION TO DIE — After Netscape users complained they ate up characters, we broke an 8-year tradition and stopped enclosing email addresses in pointy braces. <> :-)
    *** BIGGEST LOSS OF THE YEAR — We mourned the loss of Interdev. :-( Time will tell how God will replace them. For now, I’m clueless.
    *** MOST OUTSTANDING NON-MICROSOFT FILE FORMAT — Without a doubt: the PDF file, which really came into its own in 2003.
    *** BIGGEST STORY THAT WASN’T? — Probably the urban legend that Fuller Theological Seminary was turning Muslim. (Dec. 19th issue, “Here’s the skinny”) :-) The rumors of its conversion were greatly exaggerated. :-)
    *** MOST EFFECTIVE BAD TOOL OF THE YEAR? — Who would have imagined a Minnesota teen could accomplish so much with so little. You guessed it: the winner of this award? Worms and trojans, which ate some of our Brigada family members for lunch. They… *we* … all learned to be skeptical.
    *** WORST OMEN FOR THE INTERNET — You probably thought I was going to say viruses. Not so. The worst omen is: spam.
    *** MOST UNDERRATED MISSIONS TRAINING — Here’s some training you can really sink your teeth into: Dental Training for missions All dentist jokes aside… :-) … we believe this training holds tons of potential for zillions of fields, in spite of the fact that it’s woefully under-promoted.
    *** BEST NEW MISSIONS SUPPORTER: SOCIAL SECURITY ADMINISTRATION — During 2003, it became all the more obvious that early & active retirees were fulfilling an all-the-more valuable role around the globe, thanks, in no small way to efforts like the “Finishers Conferences”
    *** MOST OUTSTANDING DEATH THAT DIDN’T HAPPEN — Thank to the Lord, due in no small way to the faithfulness of some of its original staff, the Joshua Project research not only lives, it’s becoming more and more useful all the time!
    *** MOST EXPENSIVE INFORMATION NOW MADE AVAILABLE FOR FREE — We would have to hand that award to the World Christian Database online: Originally published in the form of the World Christian Encyclopedia, this information set us back a couple of hundred bucks. Today, you can get it… and so much more… for free.
    *** BEST REDISCOVERY OF THE YEAR — Has to be the Bethany Prayer Profiles, which we originally thought had been sucked into the vacuum of space, but were really resurrected at
    *** “BEST CD TOOL OF THE YEAR” — That honor goes to the “Countries and Peoples of the World” CD, first reported in a Brigada exclusive on Jan 17th, promised in March, released on Aug. 8th. We dedicated an entire issue to this awesome tool.
    *** BEST-MADE TOTEM POLE OF THE YEAR — Fortunately for networking’s sake, continued to grow. To a great extent, they enliven much of what Brigada’s email conferences always wanted to be. Three cheers for peopleteams!
    *** MOST VALUABLE NEW STAFF ADDED? — That’s easy. She was the *only* new staff added! :-) During 2003, after establishing a regular habit of falling behind week after week for the past couple of years, we finally gave up and asked for help. The Brigada family responded by pitching in to help us afford a part-time Brigada secretary. The result? We caught back up the month after she started and we haven’t missed a weekend since! Yahooo! Three cheers for sponsors and kind-hearted people! :-) *Four* cheers for our Brigada Secretary!!! :-)
    *** MOST VALUABLE PLAYERS OF 2003 — The gifts ranged from $10 all the way up to a one-time gift of $5000! We’re talking about Brigada sponsors, of course! The total, as of today, is $12,780… just $2820 short of our goal of $15,600 for the Brigada Secretary. Only $2820 to go! What a success story! Just a few hundred Clipmate purchases and we’re a big success. Goodness. Even if we run short, it’s still a huge success!!!

    *** SO FROM ALL OUR BRIGADA STAFF (both of us! :-) ) to ALL OF YOU, have a blessed, safe, and Happy New Year!!! Doug

20031130 Brigada Today

Sign up for long distance via a Brigada sponsor today! Save money, help Brigada instead of some big corporation, & get clear signals!

In this issue…


  1. RESOURCE TO ENCOURAGE MISSIONARIES [THANKS!] — A Bible study guide called, “Finding Strength for the Journey,” provides a tool for member care or personal encouragement. Author Janice Lemke drew from experiences as a missionary when writing this series of thirty studies that explores topics such as perseverance in hardship, dealing with depression, handling conflict, and benefit from trials. For Brigada readers, they’ve discounted the price to $5.00, plus shipping. There’s a bigger discount ($4.00 each) for orders of 20 or more. For more information contact cjlemkeatcsdotcom  (cjlemkeatcsdotcom)   (And thanks to the author for sending a personal check to Brigada for $100, just to say thanks for previous times we’ve mentioned her book!)

  2. SAVE ON YOUR PHONE BILL, HELP BRIGADA INSTEAD OF BIG BUSINESS — When you pick up the phone and make a long distance call, you’re definitely helping *somebody*. Unless you have personal friends at MCI, would you consider teaming up to help provide for a Brigada secretary? Check out our options at: (Thanks to Andy and the folks at Dial-Abroad for a $40 sponsorship check representing Brigada folks dialing long distance through October. So to those Brigada folks who have signed up with Dial-Abroad, thanks *loads*, and please be all the more talkative in the future!!! :-) )

  3. TRUE-LIFE TESTIMONY: PORNOGRAPHY FILTERS BLOCK BUT DON’T PROVIDE — Perhaps those living on Mars haven’t heard that we’re trying to raise funds for a Brigada secretary. Everybody else probably knows by now, I guess. :-) Actually, the project has gone okay, with only a few “bumps in the road” so far. One of those is our attempt to offer a pornography filter to the Brigada world, and thereby subsidize a portion of her salary. Literally hundreds of you went and looked (Thanks!). A few dozen opted to try it (We appreciate it!). Only 6 people bought it. (We love you — you noble 6 people you! Oops… I’m one of the six. :-) ) Bottom line: After 10 months promoting Integrity Online, we’ve still not received a single sponsorship check… not even for $25. All of this can be interpreted several ways. a) If you’re someday tempted to believe you can sponsor a secretary via proceeds from a pornography filter, perhaps you should have a look at the latest bridges for sale in New York. :-) b) Maybe there are other options God has in store. c) Lots of people realize the *need* for filtering pornography, but either they don’t care enough to buy a filter or they handle it in other ways. You’ll have to form your own opinions. For now, we’ve pulled the banner from the Brigada site, just so there’s no illusion that our secretary can even eat *lunch* once riding on Integrity Online. :-) Just FYI…

  4. HAVE YOU SEEN THE “UPDATED” JOSHUA PROJECT SITE? — If not, you’ve *got* to have a look. Log on at…
    *** Get a complete picture of the unreached peoples.
    *** View all people groups for any country.
    *** View all countries for any specific people group.
    *** View Patrick Johnstone’s Affinity Bloc and People Clusters.
    *** Download free of charge a complete MS Access application and data for viewing data from numerous perspectives. (Note: You have to install Access on your own PC for this to work though.)
    *** Download Joshua Project data in various formats or an up-to-date Powerpoint presentation on the status of World Evangelization.
    *** View a people profile for any people group on the planet.
    *** Find specific ministry tool availability by unique linking into other sites to see Language, Scripture, Jesus Film, Audio Recordings and God’s Story resources direct from their producers.
    *** Submit updates But that’s not all. Read on!

  5. MORE INFO AT JOSHUAPROJECT.NET — But wait… there’s more!
    *** See a global summary and interesting people group facts.
    *** Try various unreached peoples queries such as the 100 largest unreached people groups, the Adopt-A-People UPG153 groups or all groups smaller than 10,000 and many more.
    *** View Patrick Johnstone’s Church Planting Progress Indicator (6- level) and his Agency Progress Indicator (6-level) for most people groups.
    *** Get answers to frequently asked questions such as “Why the jump from 1,600 to 6,400 unreached peoples?”, “Why are there so many different people group numbers in the mission community?” and “Where else on the web can I find unreached peoples data?”

    The [top-notch] compilers welcome feedback from anyone regarding the site and its content. In beta-testing these features over the past couple of weeks, I’ve found them to be responsive, passionate about the unreached, and *sensitive* to my questions and input. In fact, one of the key compilers is working totally as a volunteer!!! Another leader there has been with the project since its inception at AD2000. *Very* helpful information. Let’s *use* it!


  7. EXPLORE YOUR OPTIONS AT THE USCWM — If you ever thought of working “behind-the-scenes” in missions mobilization, training, strategy or services, then perhaps “Explore” is for you. Designed for people who wish to learn more about the U.S. Center for World Mission in Pasadena, CA, this 4-day seminar covers the history, impact and mission of the USCWM, with a focus on how you might use your gifts here to reach unreached people groups out there. The next Explore Seminar is scheduled for February 4 – 7, 2004. Space is limited, so register early. For more information, please visit the USCWM website or email DaviddotFlynnatuscwmdotorg

  8. EUROTRAIN: AN INNOVATIVE EXPERIENCE FOR YOUNG LEADERS — Top Flight Leadership is taking nominations for EuroTrain 2004, an innovative training experience for young leaders. EuroTrain (for leaders age 16- 22) is a completely unique experience and an answer to the new paradigms needed to develop new generations of leaders. For three weeks next summer, EuroTrain participants will travel through four countries in Europe learning leadership, developing ministry skills, getting a grasp of their destiny, building key relationships, and creating a plan for long-term personal and leadership growth. Get the details and nominate a young leader (or request to be nominated) at or contact Top Flight Leadership at <infoateurotrain2004dotcom>, 866-9- LEADER, or 817-447-1100. </infoateurotrain2004dotcom>

  9. THE NAMA/DAMARA PEOPLE — They’re a people of central and southern Namibia in Africa. A Nama woman in Keetmanshoop, Namibia was open to hearing the Gospel, but she said, “Belonging to a church is enough to get you into heaven.” She would not pray to receive Jesus as Lord and Savior. Like most Nama/Damara people she believed that joining a church gets you into Heaven. It was confusing to her and the five others with her to grasp that they aren’t saved by joining a church. In times past, her people have been told that they could not work without first having a “baptismal certificate” (joining a church). Because of that, many claim to be Christians, but the true Gospel has never been preached to them. Pray for the Lord to build prayer support for the Nama/Damara, an unengaged people group. To get more information or partner with the IMB in adopting the Nama/Damara People or for more information, check out their site or email swacscatiafricadotcom

  10. STANDARDS OF EXCELLENCE IN SHORT-TERM MISSION — A group of U.S. mission agencies and short-term practitioners have developed nationally-derived Standards of Excellence in Short-Term Mission (SOE) at (e-mail: rpetersonatSTEMmindotorg; phone: 952-996-1385). The seven standards were developed on the heels of similar codes in the UK and Canada. The need for such standards is growing as each year more than one million U.S. volunteers are sent out as short-term missionaries. Churches, agencies and schools can use these standards as a training and assessment tool and can choose to adopt the standards as a way of demonstrating a commitment to excellence in their outreaches. Membership brings professionally structured guidance for achieving goals and an impressive network of organizations offering opportunities for resource sharing, improved training, minimized risk, and mentoring. Members of the steering committee come from Campus Crusade for Christ, YWAM, InterVarsity Christian Fellowship, Reign Ministries, Teenmania, STEM Int’l, Adventures in Missions, Perimeter Church (Atlanta), Taylor University, Northwestern College and many other groups.

  11. THE HERERO PEOPLE — They’re from central and eastern Namibia in Africa. Godhard Kahuure, a Herero and a police officer in the small town of Okakarara, Namibia, was standing outside a fence watching three Christians telling people about Jesus. He asked them what they were doing. When the translator explained it, he invited them to his home just a few steps behind the jail. All four sat under a tree on old metal chairs in his sand yard. He heard the Gospel and prayed to receive Christ. Afterward he explained that he has been “waiting for someone to come and tell him God’s Word.” Pray for the Lord to build prayer support for the Herero, an unengaged people group. To get more information or partner with the IMB in adopting the Herero people, visit or email swacscatiafricadotcom

  12. TRAINING FOR SHORT-TERM MISSIONS LEADERS — Don’t forget about the training for short-term missions trip leaders. It’s a Boot Camp in San Diego, CA Jan. 7-9 or in Dallas, TX Feb. 2-4, 2004. This training is conducted by Global Missions Fellowship. For more information about these Boot Camps, email jenniferdotbankheadatgmfdotorg To learn more about the ministry of GMF, click over to

  13. SYNERGY SUMMIT FOR CHURCH MISSIONS MOBILIZERS — Specifically designed for mission agency staff involved in church mobilization, the two-day “Synergy Summit” program includes training, networking, encouragement and resources. Sponsored by DualReach, the Summit will be held January 15-16, 2004, in San Juan Capistrano, California (south of Los Angeles). Seminars will focus on topics for beginner and experienced church representatives, and special sessions will address the interests and needs of mobilization directors. The registration cost is only $150. For a complete schedule, go to or send an email to infoatdualreachdotorg.

  14. MISSIONARY MENTORSHIP CONFERENCE CALL — Elijah Company Missionary Mentorship will host a FREE one hour conference call for anyone seeking missions involvement. The call will be on Thursday, December 11 at 8:30 P.M. E.S.T.. The aim of the conference is to provide coaching. Veteran missionaries will share followed by a time of questions and answers. The conference is a lead-in to other training options. Reply to mentorshipatelijahcompanydotorg for the dial-in phone number, access code and outline of contents. See their new website at http// for bio¹s and other related info.
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