2) Facts, Fear and Faith in a Migrant Crisis

migrant crisisOur response as believers to the historic migrant crisis the world faces will be either a testimony to coming generations of God’s love being lived out through us or a rebuke on our generation for our lack of compassion. We each get to decide. But how can we help those who are struggling with fear? This GMI Digital Single addresses that issue. It is part of a larger book “Serving God in a Migrant Crisis” by Patrick Johnstone and Dean Merrill that will be released in Spring 2016. If you are helping those around you to develop a compassionate response to the Migrant Crisis, this short resource will be a help. See it at…


14) The BackPage: What was the Biggest Story in 2015? Your Opinion?

In your opinion, what was the biggest story for the past year? … the one that impacted your work and those around you the most? The story that holds the greatest potential for making the world different… or leaving it in a different place?

Many will probably point to the migrant/refugee crisis, especially in Europe. BBC recently did a summary catch-up story at…


They say that on Dec. 21st, the world saw a major milestone pass: 1 million migrants had come to Europe in 2015 by land or sea. See their helpful maps and text for full explanation of which countries received the most — and the least. You can also see which countries received the most applications for asylum. The results might surprise you. Also presented: Top-ten countries of origin. You won’t be surprised at the number one homeland (Syria), but you might be surprised at the number two.

But what story is bigger than this for you? Just click on “Comment” after the web version of this item and share your idea (anonymously if you wish).

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